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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 06: [Complicit]

06 - Collection

Chapter 1 - Communication

  • Dropped Item #1 - B2, on the table in the Break Room.
  • Dropped Item #2 - B3, near the elevators.
  • Dropped Item #3 - B3, in the Training Room, look above the Training Terminal and shoot the blue sparkle.
  • Dropped Item #4 - Garage, near the emergency exit
  • Dropped Item #5 - Roof, as you exit the elevator area, take a hard right before the stairs to find this item next to the wall.

Chapter 2 - Chase

First, let's cover the north end of the Harmony Square, prior to the stairs up to the promenade:

  • Dropped Item #6 - From the starting point, look northward to the red "Harmony Square Media Center" signs high on the wall. The far left sign has a blue sparkle in its "O" to shoot.
  • Supply Crate #1 - Go to the basketball court area (where the Graffiti case is) and look behind the two short buildings to find a crate.
  • Dropped Item #7 - Next to Supply Crate #1, shoot the red light on the ladder to lower it, then climb up, chain jump across to the other building, and collect the item.
  • Buried Item #1 - This is right in the very middle of the basketball court. Sniff around there to reveal the blue circle.
  • Supply Crate #2 - Starting from the alley of the "Criminal Pursuit" case, go towards the street and you'll find a crate right next to a taxi cab.
  • Supply Crate #3 - This crate is right near Joey and Sarah and the "Shooting 201" case, just behind the metal structure.
  • Dropped Item #8 - From "Shooting 201", go south past the subway stairs, then turn east (left) and you'll find this item next to the bus station.
  • Supply Crate #4 - This crate is on the middle crosswalk area near Rastner's, the ice cream stand. Go all the way south to find the crate.
  • Supply Crate #5- This crate is at the bottom of the western stairs up to the promenade,

Next, we'll move to the southern area: the promenade walkway and points nearby.

  • Supply Crate #6 - As you go up the eastern stairs, turn around and go north along the short walkway to the little area where the robots are working to find a crate.
  • Supply Crate #7 - This crate is just south of the "Lost Balloon" case, near the southeast building.
  • Dropped Item #9 - Just inside the southeast building from the promenade are two vertical holo displays. The item is on one of those.
  • Dropped Item #10 - Down the southwestern stairs off the promenade is a big truck that says "GOL". There's a blue sparkle on the truck that you can shoot to get the item.
  • Supply Crate #8 - This crate can be found south of the vending machine on the promenade.
  • Supply Crate #9 - This crate is found west of the vending machine on the promenade, near an "Unlucky Man".
  • Supply Crate #10 - This crate and the next can be found in the Harmony Square Hermit's Hideout, the same one from File 04. Go down the west stairs on the south side and move around the left side of "Larger Burger" to pass through a hologram wall and enter the hideout.
  • Supply Crate #11 - This crate is also in the Hermit's Hideout.
  • Supply Crate #12 - This crate can be found on the path to Hal. Before dropping down the hatch at the end to leave this area, there's a crate on the way.

Chapter 3 - Wall

This first set of items is in the first sneaking case.

  • Dropped Item #11 - This item is up in the rafters, in the south corner of the area. Best way to get there is to climb the ladder from the guard who only looks behind him but otherwise doesn't move. Once up the ladder, look to the south to see the item, then chain jump over to it.
  • Supply Crate #13 - Climb up either of the ladders along the southeast wall and you'll find this crate southward across a gap.
  • Supply Crate #14 - Climb up the long ladder near the western guard (the one that doesn't move) and you should see this crate on a thin rafter across from you.
  • Supply Crate #15 - From the previous crate, drop down to the left and you'll land on a platform that contains another crate.
  • Supply Crate #16 - This crate is easily found in the area with the guard that patrols in a square.
  • Supply Crate #17 - Once you get to the floating platform, chain jump to the other floating platform and then to the ledge out in the north direction to find this crate.
  • Supply Crate #18 - This crate is found on the walkway underneath the last guard. Get there using the floating platform or just take the ladder down next to him.

These items are in the second sneaking case.

  • Supply Crate #19 - This crate is right near the second guard on the lower level.
  • Supply Crate #20 - Once you reach the far end of the area on the lower level, go down the short flight of stairs on the left to find a crate.
  • Supply Crate #21 - After the guards, take a left before the vending machine to find a small platform with another crate.

Chapter 4 - Search

This first set is what's outside the Uppers Camp of Sector V.

  • Supply Crate #22 - This is one of the only collectibles you'll actually need a "Chain Boost" ability to get. From "Officer Under Attack", go forwards east and up a ladder. Look out to the south and you'll see a crate on a raised structure. The only way to get that crate (that I've found) is to attach at least a 3.0m Chain Boost to your Legion, and even then you'll have to dodge after the chain jump to make the last few feet.
  • Dropped Item #12 - After you complete "Officer Under Attack", if you continue forward and up a ladder, you'll cross a makeshift bridge. From that bridge, look down between the two buildings and you'll see an item below you. You can either drop down to it, or from where "The Missing Guard" is, you can find a small path behind some cones that will lead you to it.
  • Dropped Item #13 - From the previous Dropped Item, go north along the lower path and you'll see a blue sparkle ahead of you. Shoot it.
  • Supply Crate #23 - Before crossing to where "Asking Around" starts, head back south, then east and back around west to the end of a path to find a crate.
  • Dropped Item #14 - From the bridge that leads you to "Asking Around", look down and to the right to find a side bridge you can chain jump to. At end of this walkway is an item.
  • Supply Crate #24 - From the "Injured Lookout", go back to the thin path, and look over past the ducts to see a platform beyond it. You can make it with a chain jump, so go there and follow this walkway which ends at a crate.
  • Supply Crate #25 - This crate is pretty much right beneath the "Injured Lookout".

All these items are either inside the Uppers Camp, or further along on the way to the Hermit Base.

  • Photo Order - Take a picture of the Congee Seller, the guy with the pot of food.
  • Supply Crate #26 - Right next to the Congee Seller, the guy with the pot of food.
  • Dropped Item #15 - Climb up the ladder in the camp near the Congee Seller and head forward (west) to find a Sketchy Woman and an item near her.
  • Dropped Item #16 - On the rooftops, go past the "Missing Dog" kid to find this item to find this item near the end of the path.
  • Dropped Item #17 - This item is in the southeast part of the rooftops, near the "Lonely Girl".
  • Dropped Item #18 - This item is in the southwest part of the rooftops, near the "Berserk Drone" case.
  • Supply Crate #27 - From the "Missing Dog" kid, look down off the rooftops to see a railway car. Chain jump onto the cloth awning near the car, then from there chain jump to the open door of the car. The crate's inside.
  • Supply Crate #28 - This crate is just outside the aforementioned railway car that has Supply Crate #27. Just hop out onto the ground and it's easy to get to.

Chapter 5 - Break-In

  • Dropped Item #19 - From the moment you enter the vents, turn left and push against the grating on your left. Push against it three separate times and it will fall over and you can take the item.
  • Toilet - Immediately after the previous item, use the prompt to look down into the bathroom.
  • Dropped Item #20 - As you progress along the vent, once you reach a T-junction, turn right and take the item at the end.

Chapter 6 - Cooperation

  • Supply Crate #29 - The moment you enter Kyle's office, on your right.
  • Supply Crate #30 - In Kyle's office, near his desk.
  • Buried Item #2 - Once you're outside, send the Beast into the middle of the circle of Red Matter to find the dig spot.
  • Supply Crate #31 - Instead of following the scent through the train car, go the opposite way. On the far side of the abandoned train car is a crate.
  • Slime - Go to the back corner of the the area with the previous crate to make the Slime appear.

For these next three, refer to the picture below in Chapter 8. You'll be here twice and there are items to get both times.

  • Dropped Item #21 - Continue on with the case until you drop a ramp and make the roof above you collapse. Go up to the second level and as you cross the bridge to the door that needs the Arm Legion, look off the bridge to the left to find a blue sparkle to shoot.
  • Supply Crate #32 - After the second fight with Aberrations, go to the stairs leading up and turn around. Enter the small alcove off to your right to find a crate.
  • Supply Crate #33 - Instead of going up those stairs, go around them to the left to find a passage leading under and to another crate.

Chapter 7 - Rescue

This first set of items is before the Hestia fight.

  • Buried Item #3 - Follow the path down to the vending machine and use the Beast Legion to dig up in the center of the circle of Red Matter nearby.
  • Supply Crate #34 - After getting the Buried Item, go back up the slope and you should be able to see across from you a gap in the wall. Chain jump across to it and walk the path to find a crate out across the distance. To get there, send your Legion out to the right to find some blue platforms to use. There are three sets that will get you across to the crate.
  • Supply Crate #35 - This is on a platform below the one with Crate #34. You can drop down using a chain jump, or walk down the normal way and find some blue platforms to get you across.
  • Supply Crate #36 - This is not far from #35. If you're standing near the crate, looking back at the main path, the next crate is on your left on a ledge. Easy to chain jump to.
  • Supply Crate #37 - Instead of going to the platform with the fight with Hestia after you move the big red cube, look for blue platforms off to the right to find an alcove with this crate. Alternatively, after you fight Hestia, you can backtrack.

This set of items is after the Hestia fight.

  • Supply Crate #38 - Once you go up the elevator, instead of moving forward past the moving red cubes, turn around and send your Legion out to find blue platforms behind you. You'll be able to reach the vertically moving red blocks in the back and ride up to a crate.
  • Supply Crate #39 - Once you go up a slope and find red walls moving towards you, go around the left side to find a block that will elevate you up. You can now chain jump across the tops of those moving walls and reach the far side where a crate is.
  • Supply Crate #40 - This one's pretty obvious. When you're at the point with multiple Astral Matter you need to hit to move an elevator, you'll see a crate just beyond that elevator.
  • Supply Crate #41 - Once you get off that elevator, you'll move up slopes and find another crate on the left.
  • Supply Crate #42 - Once you get #41, chain jump out to the big red cube moving up and down nearby, then across to the big red cube moving horizontally, then to the small square platform it touches. From that platform, look out in the general direction of the yellow marker and you should just be able to see a glowing red Astral Matter peeking around a wall. Shoot it and you'll ride the platform you're on down to a crate.

Chapter 8 - Chaos

For this section, I'll often be referring to "Building" numbers. You can look at your map to confirm this, but Building One is where you entered this area back in Chapter 6. Building Four is where you start this chapter on. Building Two is off to the northeast and there's a special fight there. Building Three is where the story leads you and you can't come back from it once you go there.

  • Supply Crate #43 - Once you're back and finish the Hermit fight, instead of following Douglas, go across the bridge to your right back to Building One. Watch out for the lightning and Gates on the roof and find a ladder in the back to drop to one floor down. Head inside the building you're on and you'll find a crate in the center.
  • Supply Crate #44 - This one's a little challenging to get to. From the previous crate, go out towards Building Four to the west. You'll see a metal panel hanging over the edge of the platform. From that panel, chain jump over to Building Four. You'll find a crate in this patio area.
  • Supply Crate #45 - You'll need the Axe Legion. From #44, go up the stairs in the back and bust up the red dome cover this crate.
  • Supply Crate #46 - This is near the fight with Astraeus and Capaneus. Before going back to Building One, find a ramp leading down into the building to this crate.
  • Supply Crate #47 - After fighting Astraeus and Capaneus, use the floating platforms to make your way back to Building One. Instead of chain jumping into the obvious opening, look to the right to see a wire enclosure and chain jump into that. Go down the ladder and you'll find a crate at the end of the passage.
  • Dropped Item #22 - This one's tricky in that you have to go to an old area. Once you finish up on Building One with the crates, go back to the first floor of the building (where you fought the first set of Aberrations way back) and you'll find an item sitting on the ground near some furniture.
  • Supply Crate #48 - Once you reach the roof of Building Four, where the vending machine is, make your way around the southwest corner of the building and you'll find a crate here.
  • Cat Rescue - Also on the roof of Building Four, before you cross over into Building Three take a right and you'll find a little alcove with some garbage. Smash the garbage to find the cat underneath.

Chapter 9 - Deceit

  • Supply Crate #49 - As you run along the outer balcony, you'll see your first civilians running towards you. The last crate is visible right behind them.
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