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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 06: [Complicit]

06 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Communication

Blue Case #1 - Staying Informed

This is a simple case to achieve. Simply make sure you look at all the files that say "NEW" next to them. You don't have to unlock the password-protected files, but if you want to, the password is "1125".

Chapter 2 - Chase

Red Case #1 - Criminal Pursuit

Head to the north end and you'll find Carlos, the same cop you found in File 04. He'll want you to tail a suspected insurgent. To do this, keep a good distance from the guy as he walks away, but not too far. When he turns around, hide behind something. He'll turn around twice during the tailing, once near the bus station, and once near the alley. When he goes into the alley, follow him and you'll meet his boss, who will leave via drone, but you'll have to fight his three goons. If you can take them down quickly, the S+ shouldn't be difficult. If you're having difficulty, try to get "In Plain Sight" reward by not using any of the official hiding spots; just stay about 22m away from him at all times to be out of sight range.

Red Case #2 - Shooting 201

Go to the roof of the building in the north section, where "Stop the Bomb" was in File 04. You'll find Joey and Sarah up here. Joey's got another shooting challenge for you. This one's a little tougher than the last one, naturally. Watch out for the red X's. Those will deduct from your score. Also, watch out for the orange "burst" targets, as they will blow up all the targets around them. You'll need to hit all the good targets and none of the bad targets to get an S+ on this, so don't be afraid to use your focus to slow things down. Also don't be afraid to hit the burst targets in this one: they all hit good targets.

Blue Case #2 - Graffiti Bust

This is inside the basketball court at the north end. Get close to the guy tagging on the wall and he'll run off through the passage and off to the left. Send your Legion at him to slow him down, then tie him up.

Blue Case #3 - The Lost Balloon

On the east side of the promenade is a child with a balloon up in a tree. Look at the balloon and tap ZL and your Legion will snag it.

Blue Case #4 - We All Scream

A kid on the promenade dropped their ice cream. Head down the stairs to the north and to the center part of the crosswalk to find Rastner's ice cream. Buy whatever you like. Just be ready for the walk back, which will require you to balance your carrying with your controller or the Right Stick. You have to have a minimum of one scoop on your cone to deliver to the kid to get credit for this.

Blue Case #5 - Lost Child

This case is found north of the western stairs. The poor kid will be missing her mom, so offer your assistance. She'll tell you about the route she took to get here, so retrace it back. The mother is on the east side of the promenade, just up the stairs.

Blue Case #6 - A Valuable Lesson

This case is found north of the eastern stairs up to the promenade. Speak to the lady and she'll mention having lost her cash chip. She'll give you something to smell, so use it on your Beast Legion to track it to a spot further northeast.

Chapter 3 - Wall

Red Case #3 - Going Beyond the Wall

The way to an S+ in the sneaking cases is wrapping up everyone. Start with the two guards near the beginning that don't turn, then go for the two further up; the one on the left patrolling alone in a square, and the one looking around on the right side. Tie up the last two either at once or one at a time, hopefully when they're out of eyesight of each other. Use the floating platforms to move under the last guy and climb up to the spot behind him and you can have this done inside a couple minutes easy.

Red Case #4 - Through the Dragnet

Just the four guards in this sneaking case. First one should be easy, just bind him when he walks away. Second one on the lower level can only be tied after going down the ladder near him on the right. While still out of sight, you should be able to get your Legion around him. The last two don't stop facing each other. Climb up the stairs on the left and try to wrap up both at once.

Chapter 4 - Search

Red Case #5 - The Missing Guard

As soon as you step out onto the open area, look for the red marker on your map that points to this case. It will lead you to a drone. Examine the drone, then use ZL to send your Legion to hack its camera data. Watch as the drone and guard's path leaves yellow images. Check each of these images. Once you check the last one, send your Legion straight out from the gap in the fence and you'll uncover a Gate. Enter the Gate and you'll fight. First you'll go up against a Beast Shell and three Infantry. Next is three Fire Frogs and a Zeus. Lastly will be two Infantry, two Fire Frogs, a Beast Shell, and an Arrow Shell. It's a lot of enemies, so it shouldn't be hard to rack up a lot of variety to get the S+.

Red Case #6 - Officer Under Attack

The marker is easy to spot on the map. Get there by keeping low on the walkways and you'll pretty much stumble past it. You've got an officer being accosted by a bunch of Hermits. Get close and attack them. To get S+, it's best to not get hit and earn "Unscathed", but it's also possible to get the points if you beat them all really quick. As they're just five humans, they won't last long in a fight.

Blue Case #8 - Out to Dry

Near the gate to Sector V, you'll find an "Exiled Man" out of breath. Speak to him multiple times and he'll attack you. Subdue him.

Blue Case #7 - The Injured Lookout

To get to this guy, start from "Out to Dry", then look for a thin path that walks to the watchtower and the man's marker. Speak to him and give him any Medicine.

Red Case #7 - Asking Around

This is the Investigation case, and you're very unlikely to get "Just the Facts" for this, given how easy it is to get useless info. So, in addition to the required info, you should also get every other keyword you can possibly want. Here they are:

  • "purifier" - Speak to the "Troubled Man" in the junk district area near the gate.
  • "junk district" - Speak to the kid named "Junk Maniac" in the junk district area near the gate.
  • "Hermitonic" - Speak to the "Tipsy Woman" near the vending machines.
  • "storm" - Further down from the vending machines, find "Delicate Man" and speak to him.
  • "Gaspar" - Speak to "Younger Brother", a kid among three people near the "Delicate Man".
  • "vicious gang" - Just up the street from the Congee Seller is a "Wary Woman" to speak to.
  • "eavesdrop" - Speak to the Congee Seller and choose "Talk", then either choice.
  • "congee shop" - Near the Congee Seller is a "Man on the Stairs". Speak to him.
  • "tunnel" - Complete the Blue Case "Child's Play".
  • "drunks" - Complete the Blue Case "Child's Play".
  • "secret passage" - Complete the Blue Case "Sector V Specialty".
  • "info dealer" - Complete the Blue Case "Sector V Specialty".

Remember the answers are "Hermits", "stop redshift", "use a drug", "liquid", "thin man". Once you learn about the "ventilation ducts", then the case ends.

Blue Case #9 - Missing Dog

There's a boy on the rooftops of the camp looking for his dog. The dog will avoid you if it can, so get behind it to get it in the direction you need it to go; back towards the boy.

Blue Case #10 - Lunchbox Delivery

Near the Congee Seller is a "Shivering Woman" near a fire barrel. Speak to her and she'll give you her husband's lunch. Go all the way back to the gate to the camp and speak to the guy to give him the lunch.

Blue Case #11 - Berserk Drone

Climb up to the rooftops of the camp (there's a ladder near the Congee Seller) and go to the southwest corner to find a guy's drone out of control. Use the Sword Legion's Slash to sever the drone's connection to drop it. You'll get five Missile Drones for this, so it's quite worth it.

Blue Case #12 - Child's Play

These three kids will only appear to play with once you give Hal the keywords. They show up near the Congee Seller. Speak to them and agree to play hide-and-seek. Note that they each drop a soda can. Pick up each and you can use the Beast Legion to track to their locations, or I could just tell you. One of the kids is further down the path to the exit of the village, pressed against the wall. The second kid is hanging out with the three siblings just up the street, posing as a "fourth" sibling. The last one is further up in the junk district, partially concealed among the trash.

Blue Case #13 - Buried Treasure

This case will appear once you give Hal the keywords. It's on the rooftops, just south of the ladder near the Congee Seller. Speak to the man and he'll ask you to find his forged gate pass. Go to the ladder and dig in the pile of dirt nearby with the Beast Legion to find the pass, then return it to him.

Blue Case #14 - Sector V Specialty

Speak to the drunks near the three kids and one will ask for Hermitonic. To be able to get that, you'll need to complete "Lunchbox Delivery", which will get you a Hermit Card. Go to the Vendor-0 vending machine and purchase the Hermitonic, then give it to the drunk.

Blue Case #15 - Rerouting Power

To do this Blue Case, you'll first need to complete "Sector V Specialty" so you can learn about the "secret passage". Speak to the man he directs you to, the info dealer, and tell him "secret passage" to learn he has the info, but needs you to give him some more power first. With the IRIS on, search for three spots to shoot with the Arrow Legion. The first is right near the info dealer. The second is near the trio of siblings further up the street. The last is on the rooftop, near the exit of the ladder, and you'll have to fight a couple of dudes. That should complete the case.

Red Case #8 - Protecting the Meek

Once you're outside the back of the camp near the Hermit's base, head in the direction of the red marker to find a guy being harassed. Get close to them and fight the bad guys. Do your best not to get hit and get "Unscathed", because it's real tough getting an S+ through variety or speed. If you want an easy method, I suggest using the Axe Legion's Blue Shield before you even start the fight, then perform an Auto-bind once the fight starts to get as many bad guys out of the way as you can quickly.

Chapter 5 - Break-In

Red Case #9 - Proving Your Strength

This is the fight against the Hermits and Kyle. Remember that you won't be finishing enemies to restore your health or energy, so watch your limiter especially. Focusing on the Hermit Burner and the Hermit Pilot will help against long-range attacks. Once Kyle joins the fun, do your best to pop him up to keep juggling him so he can't retaliate. If you finish in two minutes, you'll get full credit on time alone.

Chapter 6 - Cooperation

Red Case #10 - Hermit Training

This is an optional case on your way out of the Hermit base. Speak to their instructor (the one marked) and he'll challenge you to a fight with no item use. You have more than enough enemies for good variety. Just remember to Finish enemies to get the health restore The enemies are as follows:

  1. A Laius and an Infantry
  2. A Wolf and a Beast Shell
  3. A series of about ten Fire Frogs
  4. Two Hermit Slashers, a Hermit Slugger, and a Hermit Pilot.
  5. A Briareos
Blue Case #16 - Smells Like Trouble

Required by the Story.

Chapter 7 - Rescue

Red Case #11 - Chimera Takedown

This is the single Hestia fight in the Astral Plane. The only way to assure an S+ is to take no damage. Immediately use the Beast Legion and hammer on the chimera. It's not super durable, so as long as you can get the first hit out, you should be good.

Red Case #12 - Rescuing Douglas

There should be more than enough enemies for variety in the fight against the Claws and Tartarus. You can get a good multi Chain Bind and some good multi-hit attacks on the Claws, particularly.

Chapter 8 - Chaos

Red Case #13 - Hermit Aberration

Kyle's here, and counts as someone to defend, so keep the Abs off him. It's probably best that you deal with the small fries first, then with the big one with the gladius, if you want to keep them off Kyle for those extra bonus points.

Red Case #14 - Rooftop Rescue

Here's a fun secret case. So, you start this chapter on top of one of four buildings in the area. You're currently on Building Four (and your map will explain this). The building you came from before going to the Astral Plane is Building One. Your destination is Building Two, the one out in the northeast. To get there, go east across the bridge and you'll be on the roof of Building One. Between the Gates and the lightning strikes, it's dangerous up here. You can close the Gates if you want to, and note that there's a ladder near one of them. Climb down and chain jump onto the moving platform. Have the Arm Legion move it further to the building in the distance, then chain jump the last bit of distance there.

Once on the rooftop, you'll face two chimera: Astraeus and Capaneus. The green one controls wind, while the silver one controls lightning. They alternate between punches and kicks and elemental attacks, but aren't too complicated of fighters. Once you take down a full health bar total from the two of them collectively, they will fuse to create Astraeus-Capaneus, the ultimate team-up. In addition to stronger strikes, you now have to deal with a green laser blast that really hurts. Open up the massive damage on it. The good news is that you get a lot of points on time for this one, so either you'll get an S+ on time easily, or you'll drag it out and will get enough variety to make up for it.

Red Case #15 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight against two Hawks up the ruined Building Three. For this one, you pretty much have to not get hit and deal with them quickly. Try to stun them with a Howl if you can.

Blue Case #17 - Rubble Rescue

While not required, you walk right past this during the tension prior to the Diomedes fight. Use your Arm Legion to lift the rubble off the lady who falls.

Red Case #16 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight against Diomedes. There's no real tricks to getting S+ other than deal with him quick and try to get as much variety in as you can. Don't get close if he starts spinning, or else you'll waste time getting beat down by it.

Chapter 9 - Deceit

Red Case #17 - Neuron in Need

What you do while fighting the Aberrations counts for score (and time) here, so try to get Multi Chain Binds and some stylish attacks while things are still easy. While fighting the Homunculus Beta, try your best to get deal heavy damage. Since he doesn't move too fast, you may want to focus on heavy Gladius attacks. At high levels, you can sometimes cause enough damage to skip certain parts of the fight. Remember once it climbs on the wall and goes nuts with its laser, grab the giant sign as quick as you can to throw it. Then, when it's running around all the walls, make sure you Chain Counter it as it runs along the ground to finish the fight.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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