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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 05: [Accord]

05 - Walkthrough

At the Aegis Research Institute, Akira is being cared for by Calvert and Brenda. Back at HQ, Olive is consoling you. Eventually, Brenda shows up and tells you that you can visit Akira at the ARI.

Chapter 1 - Gifts

Your destination is the heliport. You can do a Blue Case here if you want to improve your Lappy life.

Chapter 2 - Rest

Once you arrive at the ARI, follow Brenda inside. Once there, wait for her to finish getting you a guest pass, then continue following her to where Akira is, wearing a medical costume that looks a lot more odd on the male variant, but who am I to judge? Once you check in, you're free to explore the area or leave via the heliport. There are three Blue Cases here. At some point (either as you leave or complete Blue Cases), Olive will call you and let you know an explosion happened at the subway station in Harmony Square and that you've been called to investigate. Head to the heliport once you're done at the ARI.

Chapter 3 - Uproar

You'll land in a blocked off area of Harmony Square. There are two Blue Cases up here, but the case is down in the subway station. Wow, we're cruising through these chapters, aren't we?

Chapter 4 - Explosion

You'll enter the station. Walk up to Alicia and she'll tell you to head down to the platform. Follow her down. You'll get a Gas Mask, which you can choose to wear or not (makes no difference).

Blue Case: Out from the Smoke

Your objective here is to rescue civilians trapped in the wrecked subway platform. The first is down the stairs into the lower area. Go around the corner to the right to find a man. Hobble him back upstairs. For the second person, instead head forward along the platform down the sloping rubble, then make your way around the left. You'll get a note from Alicia to turn on your IRIS. If you do so, you'll see the person you're looking for inside the train immediately to your left. To get there, use the Arm Legion to pry open the doors further along the train. Some lasers block your way to the civilian, so shoot the generator behind them. As you carry the civilian out, you'll be attacked by Aberrations. You can't put down the person on command, but getting attacked will drop them.

Once you drop off the second person, you'll get the cue from Alicia to move further along the scene to find more people. Move forward along the platform, and stay on this upper level instead of going down. You'll pass a small group of officers, then head to the back left to find the civilian in question. Before you can collect them...

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

These guys are new. Fire Frogs and a Zeus. These Gel-types bounce around spitting out globs of fiery mess. The little ones go down quickly, so focus on them to make things easier. The Zeus is more difficult, as it also can whip out its tongue or perform a hand-clap attack. As you beat Fire Frogs, more will appear, but nothing big.

With the chimera down, grab the civilian. An Infantry will show up, so send your Legion after it while you hobble back to the cops on the upper level (nice you don't have to go all the way, huh?) With the third person saved, this Case is complete.

Alicia calls again, this time because she kinda got herself mixed up in some trouble. To get to her, first head to the back right of the platform and enter the train. Make your way carefully past the lasers to the open door near the wall of lasers. Go out to the platform. You can blast the pod here if you like to stop the lasers, but your destination is forward. Use the Arm Legion to wrench open the subway car, then look for the door to the adjacent subway car ahead and to the right, and then another door straight ahead.

Red Case: Backup Plan

Alicia can only do so much against the pair of Wolves here. Watch out if either howls to summon Mutts. Clean them up to finish the Case.

Chapter 5 - Flame

Alicia will walk with you up the stairs to the next platform, reminiscing about the Captain. As you reach the top of the second escalator, an explosion will engulf the stairs, and you'll meet Deimos, and Elemental-type chimera that will immediately scoot off, blowing things up along the way. Head down the only non-engulfed passage and down the stairs. Hop across the gap and you'll have to deal with Aberrations as you move down this passage. The path you need to go down is basically the path where things aren't on fire. Once you reach an area with turnstiles, head down the escalators in the middle, then continue past the vending machine.

Red Case: Ground Zero

This is the Deimos fight. Elemental-types are tricky, because they spend so much time spewing flames and bombs at you. Deimos will charge into you and also create craters of fire under you that spew flames. Basically, hang back when it's on fire, and get in there and strike it melee when the fire abates. It's going to be a hectic fight no matter how you slice it. Even without the fire, it can still spew bullets at you.

Once Deimos is down, there will be a cutscene where more Beast-types show up and it culminates in the entrance of the Beast Nemesis, which will grab you and drag you into the Astral Plane.

Chapter 6 - Beast

Red Case: Taming the Beast

You'll face not only the Beast Nemesis, but also four Mutts. You have two potential strategies here: focus on the Nemesis and use the Mutts for healing from Finishing Moves, or focus on the Mutts to clear up the battlefield. Either is valid. Compared to other Beast-types, the Nemesis is more aggressive, with multiple-hit attacks.

Once you knock down about a third to a half of its health, the Nemesis will hop back to distant platforms. It will then howl, which will drop a bunch of crystals on the main arena. These crystals give off a field that shocks you if you step into it. The good news is that you can pick up the crystals with the Arm Legion, meaning you can remove the danger, and chuck them at the Nemesis. While it's on the outer platforms, the Nemesis will also spit large bullets at you, so don't focus too much on the crystals that you ignore the real threat.

When the Nemesis hops back to the main platform, try your best to clean up enough of the crystals to create some fighting space. The Nemesis will also add dashes to its moveset, which can be Chain Countered. You'll have to dodge its attacks and additional howls which alternately drop more crystals and blast the ones already in place. It's not an easy fight the first time.

With the Beast Legion by your side, you'll now have a whole new world of options. To start with, you can press L to mount up and ride it. Head up the slope and follow the path. Note that there are some large square platforms that seem different. These disappear after a second of standing on them, and they're meant to be motivation to ride the Beast Legion over them. You'll note that the Beast is a little wild to control while riding on it, so you have to pay attention you don't walk yourself off a ledge, but this section basically forces you to get good.

Ride across the first disappearing platform, then make a right into the enclosed area. You'll enter a section with several platforms. Ride straight ahead to find the path to progress: an elevator leading up. There are some side paths here, but this part of the guide will focus on progress to the end. Once at the top of the elevator, go straight ahead up the slope and you'll get into a fight with a pair of Claws (who you haven't seen since File 01) and an Arrow Shell for support (so look up to tag it).

With those enemies down, head across the bridge of disappearing platforms, avoiding the bullets spilling out of the Gates. Step on the two buttons at the end with player and Legion to drop some walls. Head down to the left to find a combat area with more disappearing platforms. Also an Aello and two Hawks will appear, so stand your ground instead of rushing towards them, otherwise you'll fall.

The minute you complete the fight, you'll get a call on your radio from that drone from two Files ago. Head down the slope and cross the bridges of disappearing platforms while riding, and avoiding the blocks that are clearly meant to stymie you. Note the gaps between the platforms. The Beast Legion can totally clear those gaps by tapping B, BUT given its relative difficulty to control, you may want to play it safe and Chain Jump across those. I won't judge.

Red Case: Odd Drone, Again

As you approach the drone, you'll learn that it's busted once again. The drone will note that you have the Beast Legion, which can make it easier to find the parts necessary to fix it up. Continue along the path and summon the Beast. Holding ZL and moving it initiates its "nose", essentially. The two little tabs in the middle get closer as you're pointed in the right direction, and the bars above and below the tabs grow longer as you actually get closer to the object in question.

The place you need to find is essentially up the slope on the right, then straight ahead to the edge. You'll see a small clump of squares piled on each other. That's your destination, so move the Beast Legion closer, and while holding ZL, hit A to dig up the first part.

Next, you'll have to do some scent tracking. Walk up to the Beast and press A in front of it. Select the "Organic Battery" and your pupper will start tracking. Follow it and let it walk to the spot it smells. Once it barks, dig at the indicated spot to get the other part.

On your way back, you'll learn why this section is a Red Case. A Claw appears, along with a new Shell-type, what I call a "Beast Shell". After it protects the Claw, it burrows underground, so look for its leaves sticking out of the ground (easier to see with the IRIS on) so you know where to dig with the Beast Legion.

After those two are defeated, the second round is against two Claws and a Beast Shell. If you can tag the Shell early, you can dust up the Claws at your leisure.

Return to the drone (you can take a nearby lift that makes it quicker) and you'll repair it again. It will pick up a signal of another person trapped here, and mark the location. Head back up the small lift and follow the signal down a slope to find a new little mechanics: a Split Pillar. The goal here is to use the Astral Chain to fuse all three parts of this pillar into one. This one's easy, and there are more difficult ones later in the game, but I'll address those as they come.

For now, a new path has opened up, and boy is it a long one for riding the Beast Legion on, and there are moving blocks. The path isn't complicated: it bends left, then back around right, then back around left again to reach the far end, but if this is your first time it will likely take you a few tries, and there's no "cheap" way to do it, either. You're good once you hit the elevator.

In front of you now is a faded blue cube and a deep red block with a brighter stripe on it. This is a new thing for your Arm Legion. Hold ZL and press A near the block to grab it with the Arm Legion and continue holding ZL while using the Right Stick to move the cube into the blue "space" for it. You can now move through, take a right up the slopes, and proceed on to the end (there are a couple of diversion on the way if you want).

At the end, you'll find the bio-signal you've been tracking is none other than Jena herself. She gives you a bit of a lore dump about the Astral Plane and passes you a data card before walking through a Gate. Chase after her.

Chapter 7 - Contact

As you arrive, Jena will give you one last trouble to deal with as she runs off.

Red Case: An Old New Threat

Jena has deployed two Protolegions for you to battle. These beings are similar to chimera, but stronger, faster, and far more durable. Also, you can't use Finishing Moves on them. Fighting them isn't complicated; it just takes time and attention. Their attacks are pretty much simple slashes. Focus on one to get it out of your hair quicker.

This will end the File. Here's where you'll learn that the mystery drone you've become friends with is actually Hal Clark, a member of Neuron's tech division who's a bit of a shut-in.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.