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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 05: [Accord]

05 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Gifts

Blue Case #1 - Lappy's Lament

Go to the Locker Room and speak to Marie to learn her darkest secret. Anyway, she wants you to put on the Lappy suit and spread cheer throughout HQ. Accept her request. First, you'll be told to speak to Mike near the elevators. Speak to him twice and respond however you wish. Next, go find Mitsuru in the Infirmary. Speak to him twice, then speak to Avery in the break room, then go back and speak to Mitsuru. Your last target is Jin in the Training Room. Speak to him, then fight him to cheer him up. Either you can fight him until his "mood" is up to 100 or he beats you down. Either way, the case is complete. If you do manage to beat Jin, you get a Lappy Item.

Chapter 2 - Rest

Blue Case #2 - Shocking!

This case is in one corner of the ARI, near a researcher. He'll tell you there's a mess in there which will need a Legion to solve. Use the Arm Legion to force open the door, then tap L to wear the Legion and float over the goop to the back. Punch the electrical source in the back.

Blue Case #3 - The Escape Artist

This case is in the East Wing. Approach the patient and he'll run off. Quickly tap ZL in his direction to send your Legion to bop him, then wrap him up.

Blue Case #4 - The Best Medicine

This is a little kid on a hospital bed. Speak to him and he'll ask for something Lappy-related. He'll drop Dr. Banfield's name. The doctor can be found in the next room over. Speak to him and he'll refer you to Brenda. Go find Brenda at the center room at the far end and she'll give you a Lappy Doll. Bring it back to the kid.

Chapter 3 - Uproar

Blue Case #5 - Pickpocket Prevention

Speak to the officer near the crowd and you'll get sucked into a pickpocketing case. You'll get info on the perp in the form of keywords. Head into the crowd and question multiple people, but you'll find there's more than one person matching the description. You'll get a call from the officer and he'll tell you that the person is mumbling to themselves. Pull out your Legion and eavesdrop on each of the people. You'll find your target is "Shady Guy" near the back of the crowd. Call him out and you'll arrest him.

Blue Case #6 - No Photography

To the right of the subway entrance is an officer. Speak to them and they're looking to shut down the drone in the air and find the person operating it. Use your IRIS and you'll find a couple of lines leading away from the drone. Go into the crowd and turn right and you'll find a "Fame Seeking Man" in the corner. Speak to him and then tie him up.

Chapter 4 - Explosion

Blue Case #7 - Out From the Smoke

Required by the Story.

Red Case #3 - Secret Hideout

From the beginning of the subway platform, head down the stairs ahead of you, then turn right and drop onto the track. Follow the track all the way to the end on the right, then rub against the right wall. One of the walls is a hologram which will lead you into a secret Hermit base. In here, defeat all five Hermits. Multi-hit attacks and big strikes will help you in this cramped arena, as well as binding. Doesn't take too much for an S+.

Red Case #2 - Astral Investigation

You'll need the Axe Legion for this. In the first area with civilians, drop down to the Green Line platform area near the second civilian, and look west to find a cracked red wall that needs the Axe Legion to get through. On the other side, use a Legion to examine the cracked red ground and follow the trail down the car to the next platform, where a Gate will appear. Enter and defeat four Claws, and then a Pygmalion will show up. This guy is a lot faster than a Claw, jetting around the battlefield and using quick strikes as well as explosives. Get in his face and use quick attacks that will lead to big follow-ups. Getting S+ isn't too hard, but you'll probably miss if it if you find yourself chasing after Pygmalion too much.

Red Case #1 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight against Fire Frogs and Zeus near the third civilian. An easy way I found to do this was to unlock Gravity Storm on the Arm Legion and Crash Bomb on the Axe Legion. Use that combo to remove the Frogs easily, and keep the Zeus at bay with long-range attacks. The whole point is to not get hit, because Unscathed is really one of the easiest ways to S+ this one.

Red Case #4 - Backup Plan

This is the fight against the Beasts with Alicia. There's nothing to exciting to say about the battle. Just fight smart and with variety to get a relatively easy S+.

Chapter 5 - Flame

Red Case #5 - Chimera Takedown

This requires the Axe Legion or an Anti-Flame ability. When the Deimos goes down the stairs to the Blue Line platform, instead of following it, continue running past the turnstiles and around the fires. Eventually, you'll reach a wall of fire, so use the Axe Legion to move through the flames and to the far end where you'll run into the Shell-type chimera known as Dryad. It doesn't shield anyone, but it can still protect itself and it's more aggressive with spinning its shell around itself. After facing one, you'll face two Dryads. Getting an S+ here involves a combo of speed and variety. Doing well on either or both should suffice.

Red Case #6 - Ground Zero

This is the fight against Deimos. Try to keep yourself away from him when the fire's on to avoid getting hurt. Press long-range attacks until it loses the fire, then rush up and devastate it. Getting him done in about a minute should get you a comfortable S+.

Chapter 6 - Beast

Red Case #7 - Taming the Beast

The fight against the Beast Nemesis. Not much to say about this except force the attack and make sure to clear the area of the yellow shards with the Arm Legion to cause extra damage. Taking care of him in under two minutes is ideal.

Red Case #8 - Odd Drone, Again

The specific part that's timed is the fight just after you find the last part for the drone. Make sure you take care of the Shell-types first to cut time down on the fight.

Chapter 7 - Contact

Red Case #9 - An Old New Threat

There's not much to say about the fight against the Protolegions. If you can deal damage to both at once, it's better. Just fight smart and with variety. Try to keep the fight to not much longer than a minute.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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