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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 04: [Siege]

04 - Walkthrough

Now that you've got the Arrow Legion, keep an eye open for bright blue glints in the environment. These are Dropped Items, similar to the ones you find on the ground in various places in the Files.

Chapter 1 - Identity

Who the heck are these SEELE guys? Unfortunately, this game will explain none of it (maybe for the sequel?). Anyway, that weird cutscene out of the way, you find yourself in the Break Room at HQ. Head over to the Command Room and the Commander will face-time in to explain to everyone their next target: Jena Anderson. Formerly Calvert's assistant at the ARI, she was most likely responsible for the attack on the Institute. She was last sighted at Harmony Square, so you're being deployed out that way.

You've got a couple of Red Cases before you go, but none are required. I would make sure your X-Baton is upgraded and that you're using Legion Learning to improve your now two Legions. Once you're all set, head down to the Garage and grab one of the motorcycles and you'll scoot.

Chapter 2 - White

Welcome to fabulous Harmony Square, which is meant to be a recreation of New York City's Times Square. Like the real one, there's a main avenue that splits into at the north end. The north end is also where you pull up, right at the divider. Three Side Cases are available in this area, but the story continues down south. Head up the steps to the upper promenade walkway and the investigation will properly begin.

Red Case: Chasing Shadows

As with the previous investigations, you'll have to collect several keywords before you're allowed to proceed.

  • "woman in white" - You can speak to either "Gossip Queen" seated at a bench near a pair of recycle bins near the eastern stairs or "Eyewitness", near the western stairs.
  • "ghostly armor" - Speak to "Occult Club Member No. 13", a man standing near some trees right near the Gossip Queen, or speak to "Easily Scared Woman", seated on a bench at the south end of the walkway (not far from the "No Sense of Direction" Case).
  • "strange tentacles" - To get this, you must complete either of the two Blue Cases in the area.
  • "Ark Mall" - To get this, you must complete either of the two Red Cases in the area.

Blue Case: No Sense of Direction

This is in the south part of the walkway. A fellow will ask you to help get him to a certain location, and gives you a picture of "Larger Burger". The way there is to head west, towards the side of the walkway with the stairs leading down. Take the left-hand stairs and you'll be in front of the restaurant. Walk up to the door at the guy will thank you.

Blue Case: Lost Cat

In the southeast part of the walkway is a building. The marker for the Case is on the landing just down the stairs. Speak to the woman and she'll ask you to help find her cat. The cat is actually just down the stairs on the ground level. It'll be tough to approach though. Use the can nearby. By walking into the can and kicking it, you can distract the cat, slowly walk up to it, and press A to snag it. Alternatively, any Empty Cans you've picked up can be thrown to distract the cat.

Red Case: Her Biggest Fan

This guy is marked in the southwest part of the walkway. Speak to him and he'll mistake the image of Jena you have for his favorite singer. It doesn't matter what you say to him, he'll fight you. Slap him around (who the heck would attack the police over this?) and you'll get your keyword.

Red Case: Street Toughs

In the western part of the upper walkway, you'll find an open park space with a group of thugs hanging out. Approach them and they'll attack. Beat them up.

Once you get all four keywords, Olive will radio in and tell you to head to the spot marked on your map, at the north end of the upper walkway. You can clean up anything else you want in the walkway. The case will technically keep going, but we're going to break away for a second because...

Once you head to the marked spot, oh hey, looks like Jena is surrounded on the lower level.

Blue Case: The Woman in White

Take a picture of her from up here to get in your list (this is the only chance in the game), then head down to the lower level and approach her. She'll walk off. That's it for this Case! Follow Jena into the Gate, despite Olive's protests.

Chapter 3 - Pursuit

Once more in the Astral Plane. Follow the path and at the end you'll see a red wall on your left. Shoot an arrow at the Astral Matter far off in the distance which lowers the wall. A Mutt will drop here, so drop it. In the next clearing, you'll see three Astral Matter floating off in the distance, so fire at each of them, and the platform to your left will drop. Ride it up and you'll see an odd floating pillar in the next clearing. Bring your Sword Legion close to the pillar and press A to hack it. While the Sword Legion hacks the pillar, enemies will show up. First is an Infantry, then two more Infantry. There's no need to keep the Sword Legion there. While its percentage will slowly go back down, you can get it back up, and you only have to face the enemies once. The only reason to leave the Sword Legion there is if you gotta be somewhere and need to hurry.

Once the pillar's hacked, the cube will drop, and continue to drop. Ride it down to the lower level. Continue along the path and watch out for the laser pits. You'll come across a Ker to beat and then can continue further down. There are walls ahead with strands to slash down. Behind is a bit Astral Matter, and there are two others on your right. Tag all three with arrows and the way will open for you to continue further down. The path is pretty obvious all the way and you'll hit another wall. There are also cubes to the side moving up and down. For this shot on the one bit of Astral Matter, it'll help to slow down time by clicking the Right Stick. Once you get the shot, the wall will clear and you'll be able to approach Jena.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

Of course, Jena will slip away, and you'll be attacked by some new Wing-type chimera. Two smaller ones I call "Hawk", and the larger one, Aello. Your pal the Arrow Legion can be a help here in taking them out, as well as firing at them with the blaster. Be careful with the attacks, because the flung feathers are tough to see, and if tornadoes get kicked up, they're tough to deal with while you're trying to focus on your targets. You can try Precise Shooting on the birds, but make sure you aim for the head to do the most damage. If they try diving attacks, you can Chain Counter them, but it comes fast, so be ready.

Once the first three are down, another two Aello will appear, along with a Ker, and a new Shell-type. I call this "Arrow Shell", as when it protects the other chimera, it flies rather high in the air, and you'll have to use Precise Shooting to hit it. Do so, and make sure the Shell croaks, then focus on the Aello.

With the winged felons down, you'll be called to return to the Ark. Go to the marked spot to return.

Chapter 4 - Regroup

Back in Harmony Square, right where you left even. The marked spot on your map is at the north end on the west side. Make your way over there and you'll find the rest of your team.

Continued Red Case: Chasing Shadows

When you talk to Akira and the rest, now will be the time where you'll have to turn in your keywords. The answers in order are "woman in white", "Ark Mall", "strange tentacles", "ghostly armor".

Chapter 5 - Infiltration

Looks like you're going shopping! You'll make your way to the Ark Mall, where some really strange stuff has been seen. Your team will make their approach. Mind all the goo around here. It will slow you down to a crawl. Continue down the path to the atrium. Here, you'll be separated from your team. The stairs will be blocked and you'll have to find another way up.

Go straight ahead (the way the camera points you) and you can make your way left. On the way, you'll be fighting Tentacles, which aren't chimera, just rooted to their spot and flinging goop at you. They're still pretty annoying, so make sure you clean out each of them. As you reach the end, go into the open exit door. Pass through to the other side and you'll get snagged by a Tentacle. Summon your Legion to bust out, then proceed to the next area. This is the food court, and there are several fellow officers here.

Blue Case: Officer Rescue

In front of you, you'll see Avery get snagged by a Tentacle. Bust her out, then make your way around the court. You'll find Mitsuru and Li Fang in the same situation. Knock them loose as well.

Continue through the circuitous but pretty obvious route through the food court. Avoid goop whenever you can and watch for popping Tentacles. There are a few of them. Eventually, you'll return to the Atrium and you can take a slope of rubble up to the next floor. Here you'll see some gas. The pod for it is concealed further ahead and requires you to kinda get above it to take it down, but it's only for a supply crate, so it's not important for continuing the game. Head to the spiral staircase at the center of the atrium and climb up another floor. This brings you to the top.

Chapter 6 - Arm

As you reach the top, you'll find your "ghostly armor".

Red Case: Berserk Arm Legion

Jin and Alicia are out of commission, leaving you to deal with the Arm Nemesis. This is a tough fight, not only given the attacks of the Nemesis, but also the fact that there's plenty of goop on the floor, so you could get stuck, not realize it until it's too late, and get walloped.

For the first phase of the fight, the Nemesis will use a pretty simple swinging attack interspersed with punch rushes and sometimes firing mini-missiles at you. Slap it around a bit and eventually it will drop Jin. That's good! Of course, now the Nemesis changes attacks here. That's bad!

Ground slams, spinning, throwing stuff in the environment, firing a gravity cannon that sucks you in. These are all things you can expect now. In particular, I'd hang back when it spins or fires its gravity cannon. Either Legion works well enough for this fight, and don't be afraid to switch to Arrow Legion to hang back and away from it.

Once you've drained it's health, you'll capture the Arm Legion.

This next bit will be a bit of an intro to stuff the Arm Legion can do.

Blue Case: A Helping Hand

First, go over to Alicia, summon the Arm, then hold ZL and press A near Alicia to lift the rubble off her.

Alicia will let you know that Akira went on ahead, chasing after Jena. Hop across the gap to the central structure of the atrium, and follow the path around in the indicated direction. Deal with the Tentacle, then use the Arm Legion to lift that shuttered gate in the back with yellow highlights. Past the gate, you'll be told how to wear the Arm Legion by pressing L. Use that if you want to get past the big pools of goop in this area. The moving is slow, but if you tap the B button repeatedly, you'll actually scoot along at a fairly decent pace. Fight the Tentacles if you want to, then proceed down the hall.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

You'll only face a single Wolf here, and the game will prompt you to pick up the nearby signs with the Arm Legion and fling them at the Wolf. Deal with it however you wish.

More Tentacles will pop out of the wall. Fight these if you wish (you actually don't have to) and move on further down the hallway.

Red Case: Mall Cleanup

Well this is new. Tentacles and chimera fighting each other. Your task is to take them all down, but there's no shame in letting them thin each others' ranks. There are about six Tentacles of varying sizes, two Wolves, and shortly thereafter three Hawks will show up. Defeat them all.

Head down the hallway to the end where there are some elevators. Hop in and ride up to the top level, then proceed out to the arena.

Red Case: Azure Plaza

Akira is up here fighting Jena. Fight her for a little bit or just ignore her, because this isn't the real fight. After under a minute of tussling with Jena, she'll toss Akira off the edge, then depart, but not before leaving you with the real fight.

You'll now face Homunculus α, a large and ugly creature hanging from the ceiling. Both its head and its two arms are targets you can cause damage on, the head taking more damage.

The monster itself has swiping attacks, can shoot the spikes on its back like a scatter shot, and has a double arm slam.

For your part, one interesting move you have at your disposal is to bind its two limbs. You wouldn't think it would work on a hanging creature, but binding both (or causing enough damage), will cause it to slump on the ground momentarily so you can beast on it.

Once you drop its health to half, the arms will be destroyed, and it'll just be a squirming head. This gives it new attacks, such as opening its mouth wide and dumping goop on you, or charging up a laser that it fires and sweeps vertically. For both of these, dodging will have to do, and I suggest wearing the Arm Legion to do it, as that's fast movement. The monster can also spit trapping goop like Tentacles do, and it can give you a tongue lashing, but these are less dangerous.

At a quarter-health, the monster will rise up and fire a constant laser stream and sweep it around, which is tough to dodge. Also, several yellow signs have fallen into the arena, so use the Arm Legion and throw them. It's not a perfect tactic, as the laser can destroy the signs, but it's better than trying to get close to that. The laser will stop eventually, after which it will resume its other attacks. Finish it off while you have the chance.

The death of the monster signals the end of the mission. Jena is gone and everyone scrambles to recover Akira, who is barely clinging to life.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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