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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 04: [Siege]

04 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Identity

Red Case #1 - Alan's Challenge

Available from the beginning, head down to the Training Room to find Alan flexing for... Marie? Speak to Julia outside and he'll notice you and challenge you to a sparring match, but no Legion. Get your hand off that ZL button, because it's ZR all the way for him. Given your reduced moveset, there's no real trick for fighting him. Just smash him over and over again with your baton. Getting it done in less than 30 seconds should be enough for the S+.

Red Case #2 - Shooting 101

This is found on the Heliport. Speak to Joey and he'll challenge you to a shooting match with your Arrow Legion. He'll give you a score to beat, but your target for S+ is at least a good 5,000 points. Fortunately, this one isn't too hard. Aim with the Right Stick or by tilting the controller and tap ZR to fire your shots. Don't forget you can click the Right Stick to Focus and slow down time, but it's a finite resource, and I wouldn't say it's really required for this challenge. You also get an extra 1000 points for not using it. Hit the blue targets and make sure you prioritize the Lappy targets when they come up, as they will disappear quickly. The last set of targets is four Lappy targets, so make sure you shoot them in the order they come up to get the most.

Chapter 2 - White

This first set of cases are marked in the north section of Harmony Square, before you go up the stairs:

Red Case #6 - The Haunted Dumpster

This is the red marker. Speak to the woman at the dumpster and she'll mention the one she usually uses is haunted. Head to the marked spot in the alley to the northwest. Have your chimera examine the red crack on the floor and a Gate will appear nearby. Hop in and you'll fight three Keres and then two Keres and an Infantry. This can be tough to get 10,000 points on simply due to the fact that the enemies are kind of weak. Pull of as many simple Sync Attacks as you can and work fast to finish them. Remember that cutting a Ker's shield line can lead to a Sync Attack as well.

Blue Case #4 - Find the Perp

This is the blue marker. You'll speak to one Carlos Kajioka, an officer, but not a member of Neuron. He's seeking a criminal wearing an orange jacket and a black hat. There are several people in the area that might fight that description, but the one you want is behind the northern of the two small buildings in this area. He's hiding behind a van and is labeled "Suspicious Man". He's also clutching his leg. Speak to him and call him out to arrest him.

Blue Case #5 - Stop the Bomb!

Once you approach the green circle area, you'll get a call from Olive about a bomb threat. You'll need to climb up the stairs in the area (you can crawl under them to reach the stairs up). Once you reach the top, chain jump over to the building to find the bomb itself. Ted will radio in and give you instructions. First, turn on your IRIS. You'll see multiple line signals connected to the bomb. The origin points are flashing different colors, and if you turn off your IRIS, you can also see those colors. Ted wants you to cut the signals in order using your Sword Legion's Slash. You only want to cut ONE SIGNAL at a time. First is Red, and it's the one coming from the east. Position yourself so that you're only cutting the red signal, then slash. Next the green signal, which is coming from the west. Last is the blue signal, which is coming from the north, but so is the white signal. What you need to do is walk around the metal structure where the white signal is originating so you can cut just the blue signal.

This is the latter set of Cases, most of which are tied to finding info on Jena.

Red Case #3 - Chasing Shadows

This is the investigation section of this File, which starts in this chapter and concludes two chapters from now, so don't worry about time as a factor. Instead, focus on getting the "Just the Facts" award. Only speak to people that give you the necessary info, as marked in the walkthrough. Don't worry about "Find the Perp". Those keywords don't count towards your total. When you come back in Chapter 4, remember the answers are "woman in white", "Ark Mall", "strange tentacles", "ghostly armor".

Red Case #4 - Street Toughs

These punks are posted on the west side of the promenade, in a little park area. Approach them and they'll attack. It's best if you don't get hit for this one, so hang back and maybe do an Auto-Bind to keep as many out of commission as possible. They have to get close to attack, so don't let them.

Red Case #5 - Her Biggest Fan

This guy is in the southwest part of the promenade, and will attack you because he's a superfan of a singer. It's weird. Just don't get hit by him and you should get the S+. This is a good guy to practice a nice Perfect Call with the Sword Legion, because it will wrap him up and end the fight immediately.

Blue Case #2 - No Sense of Direction

This fellow is at the south end of the promenade. Speak to him and he'll ask you to escort him to "Larger Burger". This is found to the west and down the stairs on the south side of the street. Get him close and he'll thank you for your efforts.

Blue Case #3 - Lost Cat

This woman is in the southeast building connected to the promenade, standing on the landing. Speak to her and she'll ask you to help her recover her cat, which is down on the ground floor. The cat will try to avoid you, but kick the nearby can at it and it will be distracted, allowing you to slowly sneak up behind it, press A, and grab it.

Blue Case #1 - The Woman in White

Required for the Story.

Chapter 3 - Pursuit

Red Case #7 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight at the end of the trip to the Astral Plane against the Aello and Hawk enemies. Using long-range and the Arrow Legion can help in get some Sync Attacks going, and don't forget to prioritize the Shell-types when they show up so shielding doesn't slow you down. You won't likely be able to do this fast enough to get an S+ on time alone, so focus on variety.

Chapter 4 - Regroup

No new cases in this section. That said, if you missed "Find the Perp", "Stop the Bomb!" or "The Haunted Dumpster", you get a second chance at them.

Chapter 5 - Infiltration

Blue Case #6 - Officer Rescue

While not required for the Story, you do trip over it as you go through the food court. Simply free Avery, Mitsuru, and Li Fang from their tentacle prisons.

Chapter 6 - Arm

Red Case #8 - Berserk Arm Legion

This is the fight against the Arm Legion, and it's actually not easy to S+, unfortunately. The goop, for one thing, makes this a pain, so at least have one Legion with Anti-Slime and make it your primary fighter. You should be pretty safe for an S+ if you finish the fight in about a minute, so focus on using Skills and varied Sync Attacks to pad the score. Its spin attack is a good way to set up Perfect Calls, too.

Blue Case #7 - A Helping Hand

Required for the Story.

Red Case #9 - Chimera Takedown

Once you have the Arm Legion, head back down to the third floor and make your way clockwise around the outside, using your Legion to chain jump across. Use the Arm Legion to open the shuttered door and inside you'll find a Gate. While the door can be opened before fighting the Arm Nemesis, only afterwards will the Gate appear. Enter the Gate and you'll fight three Ice Hawks and an Ocypete, a larger variant. They all have ice attacks. The reason this case is so hard to S+ is because your enemies go down quick, and you probably won't be fast enough to get a good time. Focus on variety, including some easy Sync Attacks, skills, and Perfect Calls. Start your combo away from the enemy, but make sure the Sync Attacks connect for you to get credit.

Red Case #10 - Chimera Takedown

This is the story fight against the single Wolf chimera, so it's probably best that you go Unscathed for this. Stun it, because getting a Perfect Call on Wolves can be really tough.

Red Case #11 - Mall Cleanup

The Tentacles and chimeras fight. Focus on the tentacles first so you can use the chimeras for Sync Attacks and other fancy stuff. If this goes quick enough, you won't need to worry about variety, but throw various stuff in if things start to drag.

Red Case #12 - Azure Plaza

This is the fight against the Homunculus Alpha, and it's not easy to S+. Focus on variety. Mix up your Sync Attacks a lot to get the big bonuses and make sure you watch your Limiter, because the 1000 for Limiter Expert is tough to get when there are no chimeras to charge you back up. Once the signs fall to the ground, make it a priority to fling a big one at the beast, because when it goes crazy with its laser, it's tough to damage. Getting any kind of time bonus on this one is very difficult.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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