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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 03: [Link]

03 - Walkthrough

Chapter 1 - Loss

You passed out after the events of the last File, and come to in the Infirmary, where Brenda Moreno greets you. She informs you it's probably a good idea to head to the Command Room, so do so. Approach the Commander and he will confirm that not only do you have the only Legion right now, the Legion production facility in the Aegis Research Institute was hit. Calvert sends you to go down to the Training Room, so head to B3.

On the way, you'll be approached by the most important person in Neuron, Lappy! Lappy is here to give you a tour of Neuron. First thing you get from him is "Lappy's Secret Shortcut". Essentially, press X at HQ and you can "warp" to any other major area of Neuron, so no more elevators for you!

Now you can head to the Training Room. Four new Training Programs have opened up, mainly focused around the new stuff you can do now that you're properly synced with your Legion. When you're satisfied, quit out. Exit the Training Room and Lappy will call in. He'll let you know that the tour is back on, so head to each location in HQ.

Blue Case: Down and Nerdy - Visit the Tech Department (B3)
Blue Case: Take a Load Off - Visit the Break Room (B2)
Blue Case: Meet the New You - Visit the Locker Room (B2)
Blue Case: High Maintenance - Visit the Legatus Terminal in the Command Room (B2)
Blue Case: Staying Healthy - Visit the Infirmary (B2)
Blue Case: Sanctuary - Visit the Restroom (B2)

These are quick cases that just require you to go to the areas and have Lappy describe them. You only have to do two to continue with the story: "Down and Nerdy" and "High Maintenance", before you get a notification to continue on with the story. In the case of the Tech Department, speak to Ted and get a Material Code from him, then talk to Tabitha so she can upgrade your X-Baton.

You'll get a call on your comms from Marie Wentz, who totally isn't Lappy, to come down to the Garage. At this point another series of side Red Cases have opened up down in the Training Room if you want. Head to the Garage and you'll find Marie holding a cat near the emergency exit. Akira will show up and take the cat. Curious! Once you're finished talking to Marie, you'll get a call from Olive. Your next case is going to take place in a residential area known as Maison Forest. Finish up whatever you want to at HQ, then head up to the roof, where you'll meet up with Akira and ship off.

Chapter 2 - Missing

Red Case: Maison Forest Search

As you land, you'll begin the investigation. Before you go to the scene of the disappearance, you'll have to question folks in the area. Check the map so you get a feel for this place. You start in the south clearing, then there's a big building in front of you to the north that has an alley that you can walk all the way around. On the north side of the building are a ladder and stairs. To the northeast is another ladder leading up to a clearing. There are several people you can question here, so make sure you talk to everyone. Many conversations will lead to additional Cases:

Blue Case: Malfunctioning Robot

First we should deal with the Case that's actually impeding progress. At the northeast end around the building you'll see a robot arm spinning around frantically. Turn on your IRIS and you'll see an energy strand connected to the robot. Use the Sword Legion's Slash to cut the strand and the robot will move away from the ladder. Oh, and it's not required, but consider speaking to the robot.

Blue Case: Winging It

At the north end of the area at ground level, you'll see a person admiring graffiti on the wall. Speak to them and they'll mention "Parnassus", a famous tagging group. This person will also mention that black birds tend to gather around members of Parnassus when they paint. If you turn on the IRIS and quick scan around, you'll see some birds off to the east and slightly above you. Head back east and climb the ladder the robot was blocking. Run around past the five kids in the area and back behind the dumpster and you'll find your culprit. Speak to him and he'll dash off. If you need to slow him down, send your Legion to bump into him, then wrap him up with the Chain. You'll get the keywords "red ghost" and "red door" from him.

Blue Case: A Drone's Fate

In the northwest part of the alley around the building, you'll find a "Records Officer". Speak to her and she'll mention a drone that's caught up in the wires above her. Walk closer to the drone and look at it to get a "ZL" prompt to send out your Legion and grab it. You'll pull up the video data on it and will see its last moments before it crashed. With your IRIS on, look at the two yellow images, particularly the latter one, to see what happened to the drone. This will complete the quest. Examining the shot impact points is also possible, but gets you nothing new. You'll get the keyword "blast hole".

There are two more Blue Cases, but they're unnecessary to continue. What you need to do is speak to a couple more people. The first is an "Observant Boy" in the southeast part of the alley, who will mention a "red ghost" with "no legs". The second people you need to question are at the north end. Climb up the ladder up the short flight of stairs and then climb further up the stairs to find a couple. Speak to them and they'll shush you away. Eavesdrop on them from a distance and you'll learn the keyword "hole in the chest".

Once you have all the necessary keywords, Akira will drill you on the information you've collected. The first answer is "red ghost". The second and third answer can be in either order: "no legs", and "hole in the chest". The fourth answer is "red door". The final answer is "blast hole".

Now your task is go to the actual scene of the latest disappearance. The barrier stopping you from moving slightly further north is gone, so climb up the ladder at the north end, then take a right and you'll hit the scene. Press A in front of the "gate" and you'll step inside. You can examine various things here, but what you really need to look at is the yellow circle at the back of the scene. Check it with A and then summon your Legion and examine it with that to start a trail. Follow it back out of the scene, then further north (the barrier will be gone now).

On your way along the trail, you can check the cracked red ground. Take a right into the building to find a small group of people bedridden with redshift. If you're feeling in a caregiving mood, summon your Sword Legion, move it close to the sick people, and hold down A to blueshift them back to health. It's a nice thing to do. Continue on the trail out to the clearing, past the kids running round, and out to the ledge. You'll come across a closed door. Use the Slash function of the Sword Legion to slice it open. Head down the stairs and "Check" the area and Akira will hop over to the other side, making an absolute mess in the process. Use a Chain Jump to follow them across the platforms, then continue up and send your Sword Legion out into space to find a Gate. Press A to enter it.

Chapter 3 - Stranger

Back in the Astral Plane, and fortunately, you're not suffering from ill effects anymore. The bummer about exploring these places is that there is no map. Fortunately, these areas aren't usually all that complicated. Head along the path and down the steps to reach an area with purple toxic gas. You can time your movements through the gas, but it's really not necessary. That large bulb at the end is the source of the gas, so either shoot it with your blaster or send your Legion to bust it up. Chain Jump across the gap to the next area.

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

As you descend into the little arena, you'll be attacked by an Infantry. Defeat it, then another Infantry will show, supported by a "Ker". The Ker is a Shell-type whose role is to protect another chimera with an unbreakable aura. The way to remove this aura from both the chimera is to press L to bring up your Slash stance and slash vertically through the strand. It takes practice to get this working good, but once you do, try to Sync Attack afterwards to immediately cause some damage. The Ker is relatively weak, but it can put up a guard if you just try to beat on it. Once both are down, you'll next deal with an Infantry and two Ker. Make the Ker that's not protecting the Infantry your priority and finish all three off.

Note that while you're carving up these chimera, you'll get prompts to "Finish". Press A to perform a Finishing Blow. This will grab the chimera's core and restore your health and your Legion's energy. Make sure you Finish as much as possible to keep your health and energy topped off.

Head up the opposite stairs and your path will split into two. You can either take the hops across the platforms to the left and deal with the poison gas, or you can go to the right down the stairs and face a pair of Infantry. Or you can do both. Don't let me stop you. Either way, the paths will converge and you'll head up a slope to a pair of red lights. The lights are coming from buttons on the ground. Step on one and have your Legion float over the other and you'll activate a lift that will carry you up to the next section.

Up here, the first thing you should notice will be the diamond-shaped object next to the cubic red wall. The object is "Astral Matter". Send your Legion to hit it and the wall in front of you will lower. Move forwards and you'll pick up a distress signal.

Blue Case: Unknown Signal

Follow the signal to find a yellow drone on the ground. It greets you and asks for your help to get it running again. The first part you need to find for the drone is right nearby. For the second part, hop across to the next platform, then move across the horizontally travelling platforms, using jumps where necessary. For the last part, note the large platform moving up and down. Hop onto it, then as it rides up, jump to the upper ledge of the area you came from. Once you've collected all three parts, hop down and fix the drone.

The drone is understandably happy to be back in the air, and suggests he help as you move through the Plane. Head in the indicated direction up to the Astral Matter and use it to drop the wall. Ahead of you is another "two button" situation like earlier, but one of the buttons is unreachable. Hmm, there's an Astral Matter above you, but how to reach it? Head back to the wall you just lowered, stand on it, and then tap the first Astral Matter again to raise the wall. Now you can Chain Jump over to the middle platform and hit the second Astral Matter, which will lower the button next to the other, allowing you and your Legion to stand on both to get raised up.

You'll spot your target to rescue, but also notice something super creepy. Don't worry about that, though, because it's battle time!

Red Case: Chimera Takedown

This civilian had better be worth it, because the chimera are not making it easy. Your initial fight is with a pair of speedy Beast-type chimera I call "Wolf" just for simplicity's sake. Wolves move quickly around the battlefield and have easily telegraphed strikes. After some damage, they'll howl and summon smaller versions of themselves (which I call "Mutt"). The Mutts have far fewer health, but it's a big mess with six enemies to fight. Use Finishing Blows on the Mutts to stay on your feet, as you'll probably get knocked around a bit.

Once all the pups are down, the Cerberus that's been hanging out on the ledge will join the melee. It won't summon more chimera with its howls, but they will rattle you for a second. In addition to pouncing and claw attacks, it can also slam the ground which will create a line of shockwaves. It also has other projectile attacks if you hang back too much. At your level, it's going to be a long fight.

Once you have its health down to half, it will run off to the far platform and start raining meteors down on yours, so hop across the smaller platforms to catch up. Once on the platform, the rest of the fight will continue as before.

With Cerberus down, walk over to the civilian and the drone will pick her up. Head over to the Gate, and you'll be back in the real world, and finally away from this mess.

Chapter 4 - Assault

OR ARE YOU!? Geez, you leave town for a minute and everything goes to heck.

Red Case: Civilian Rescue

A bunch of Aberrations and three people that need protecting. Shouldn't be too difficult. Next come a pair of Infantry. After that, a Laius. Make sure that you keep near the center of the arena, because the side has burning fire, and if you touch it, you'll take a second to put yourself out that will wreck your rhythm.

Once the Laius is down, a new foe makes their appearance: Diomedes, having a lot of reach and causing a lot of damage with its greatsword. Careful if it spins, because there's not much you can do against it unless you've unlocked Perfect Call for your Sword Legion.

With Diomedes down, a ladder drops, allowing you to leave the area. There are some extra Cases in the area, but the way forward in the File is up that ladder. Take a left and head along the walkway to the end. Kick down the ladder at the end and you'll drop back into the first area. As you pass through this area, you'll face a few more Aberrations. Drop down to ground level and head to the left to return to the very beginning of the area

Red Case: Twin Team-up

Here, you'll find Akira fighting against a pair of Infantry. Defeat them, then the pile of Abs that hop in. Next up is a Laius and an Infantry together.

Once the enemies are down, a surprise guest shows up in the form of Akira's Arrow Legion who knocks them into the Astral Plane. Hop into the Gate to follow them.

Chapter 5 - Arrow

Back in the Astral Plane. Head down the path and you'll pass a vending machine if you need some supplies. Toss your Legion at the Astral Matter at the end to remove the cube wall ahead of you. In the next area, you'll find a new challenge: three Astral Matters, all of which need to be struck in a relatively short time in order to move the wall. You get about ten seconds after you strike one to strike the rest.

Once you hit the three bits of Matter, two Infantry show up to fight. Beat them down and continue on the path. At the end, look to your left to find a wall with some strands holding it closed. Slash with your Sword Legion downwards through all three strands. Continue on and you'll fight a Laius in the next clearing. With it down, head down the slope and note the Astral Matter floating out there. To hit both of these, you'll have to perform a Sword Slash when they're lined up. This will drop a cube nearby, which you can ride up to the next level.

Head up the slope and step on the two buttons to raise up some cubes to make the gap to the next platform smaller. Jump across and head up the slope. Follow the path to find a "moving platform" that's not yet moving. Look out to the left to find three more bits of Astral Matter, and they're moving around rather haphazardly, but they do line up for a brief moment. For this one, it may help to click the Right Stick to focus and slash when they line up. This moves a lot of cubes, basically making a bridge over the last area. This area has a bunch of platforms everywhere and a lot of the wrap-around pillars that you can jump around. Move towards Akira's signal to fight your enemy.

Red Case: Slings and Arrows

Here you face the Arrow Nemesis. Its attacks are actually pretty simple. It will shoot arrows into the air, which will impact near you, and it will shoot arrows at you in a straight line. The trick is getting close enough to attack it. To start, simply jump across the gaps carefully as you make your approach. Binding it might help to get some attacks out. After a few hits, it will vanish to relocate to another spot. It disappears from sight, but it does NOT become intangible, so feel free to throw a few extra hits out as it fades.

Once you knock out about a third of its health, it will spawn walls throughout the area. These walls have obvious strands on them that need to be slashed. Wouldn't be a big issue in a vacuum, but you're kinda busy here, so it's a pain. Clear out any walls that block your way to the Nemesis, or use the wrap-around pillars to help you. Watch your limiter energy and dismiss your Legion if you don't need it at the moment for a quick recharge, rather than exhausting it.

On the last third of health, the Nemesis will spawn a line of walls and they will move slowly towards you, so not only will you have to deal with gaps and walls, they'll now start pushing you, making this fight quite annoying. Cut your way through and pound on the Nemesis and finish it off.

You now have the Arrow Legion. That's right. Two Legions are yours (and more on the way). First, though, we gotta help our sib. Look out over to where they are and you'll see Astral Matter. Out of reach for the Sword, but not for the Arrow. Press X to switch to the Arrow, then hit L to bring it up for Precise Shooting. Aim with the Right Stick and press ZR to fire at the Astral Matter to raise a bridge to Akira.

When you come back to reality, Akira will chase a cat. Follow them and you'll find out what became of the cat they took earlier, as well as several others. This is your father's Safehouse that he ran to preserve cats on the Ark, despite the risk of chimeric corruption. From here on out, you can find cats in each File that you can bring here. You can even go back to old Files to do this.

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CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.