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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 03: [Link]

03 - Collection

Chapter 1 - Loss

  • Dropped Item #1 - B2, In the Locker Room, near where the Lappy Suit typically sits.
  • Dropped Item #2 - Roof, on the right side of the platform just after you step outside, opposite Joey and Sarah.
  • Dropped Item #3 - Roof, tough to see, but next to the furthest chopper in the back of the Heliport.
  • Dropped Item #4 - B3, inside the Tech Department, near Tabitha.
  • Dropped Item #5 - Garage, near an empty vehicle bay.

Chapter 2 - Missing

This first section is the Maison Forest "investigation" area, before anything else opens up. I refer to compass directions a lot in this section. You start at the south end. It's easier to figure if you go into Options and "fix" the minimap and map displays. They'll be oriented like the picture below:

  • Supply Crate #1 - Next to your starting point is a little path into a building behind a fence. Explore this building to find a crate near a guy sleeping on the ground.
  • Supply Crate #2 - In the southeast corner of the area is an "Observant Boy" and a "Kind Officer". The wall opposite them is false. Walk through and you'll find a Hermit Hideout with a crate inside.
  • Supply Crate #3 - Once you deal with the Malfunctioning Robot, climb up the ladder, then turn around and chain jump onto the fire escape. Go to the right to get the crate.
  • Supply Crate #4 - Behind the five Quiz Kids is a partially closed shutter. Crawl underneath it to find this crate.
  • Buried Item #1 - This is found near where you find the Parnassus graffiti guy, in the corner near the ladder. You can also get this much later in the case when things are stressful, but I wouldn't advise it.
  • Dropped Item #6 - Near the person who starts you on the case "Winging It", you should be able to see an item underneath the stairs. Crouch down to crawl underneath.
  • Dropped Item #7 - Climb up the stairs and ladder above the previous Dropped Item. Once at the top, move your Legion out into the space above the dumpster below and chain jump so you drop onto the dumpster that has the item on it.
  • Supply Crate #5 - From the same area as previous, go near the whispering couple and chain jump across to the fire escape opposite. Go down the stairs to the crate.
  • Supply Crate #6 - From the same fire escape, go up the stairs to the top and chain jump back across to the platform. There's another crate up here.

These next items are after the later areas of Maison Forest open up to you.

  • Supply Crate #7 - Once you get called over to the scene of the disappearance, instead of entering the crime scene, go around to the left to find another crate.
  • Supply Crate #8 - You'll need the Arrow Legion. Once you start tracking the chimera, you'll enter an area with a toppled dumpster. Look up and you'll spot a ladder tucked up and a red light. Shoot the red light to drop the ladder, then climb up and take the crate.
  • Dropped Item #8 - In the trashy area, go to the back and behind the dumpster to find this slightly hidden on the ground.
  • Toilet - In the trashy area, there will be a partially closed shutter on the left. Crawl under it to find the toilet stall.
  • Supply Crate #9 - In the room with all the sick people is this obvious crate.
  • Dropped Item #9 - As you move down to the pipes, before you go into the Gate, go down the stairs to the bottom and inch across the pipe to the item.

Chapter 3 - Stranger

There are only Supply Crates here, so no need to keep your eyes peeled. Still fifteen is quite a few.

  • Supply Crate #10 - Immediately next to you when you enter the Astral Plane.
  • Supply Crate #11 - On the path as you start going down the stairs to the gas generator.

After the first "Chimera Takedown":

  • Supply Crate #12 - These next two are in a hidden area. As you proceed from the Takedown case, keep an eye on the right-hand wall. There's a gap with some Red Matter behind it that you can chain jump through. This leads you to a series of small platforms and oblique hops. Go to the back left of this series of platforms avoiding the gas to find this crate and the generator to get rid of the poison gas.
  • Supply Crate #13 - This is the other crate that's in the hidden area, in the back right. With the poison gas gone, traveling there should be easier.
  • Supply Crate #14 - After the Takedown case, go left at the path split and hop across the platforms, avoiding the poison gas and you'll find this crate next to the gas generator.
  • Supply Crate #15 - After the Takedown case, go right at the path split and you'll find this crate near the Infantry enemies.

After the first two-button elevator:

  • Supply Crate #16 - Head to the right as you come off the elevator to find this one pretty visibly.
  • Supply Crate #17 - After lowering the red cube wall, go up the stairs on the right and you'll reach another crate.
  • Supply Crate #18 - This crate is near the fight with the optional chimera Aloadae.
  • Supply Crate #19 - This crate is near the exit of the fight with Aloadae.

After first encountering the drone:

  • Supply Crate #20 - This is on the same island as the drone camera cable. Chain jump using the pillar around the back side of the platform to reach the crate.
  • Supply Crate #21 - On the large platform that goes up and down, ride all the way down and hop off to find a small ledge with a crate.
  • Supply Crate #22 - Ride that same large platform up to the drone part, then chain jump from the part over to this crate.
  • Supply Crate #23 - After repairing the drone, this is in the next area with the two-button elevator. The crate is on the ground floor behind the central structure.
  • Supply Crate #24 - This is also in the area with the two-button elevator. After getting to the central platform, chain jump to the ledge on the right and go up the stairs to find the last crate in here.

You should get all the crates before moving on to Cerberus.

Chapter 4 - Assault

  • Rescue Cat - From your starting point, go back down to the pipes that led you to the Astral Plane in the first place and you'll find an Aberration and the cat.
  • Supply Crate #25 - Start from where you get to the Astral Investigation on the walkway. Once you finish that, look back to find a broken walkway some distance away. To get over there, instead of manually moving your Legion, send it over there and it will likely land on the upper walkway, and you can chain jump across. Follow the walkway around to the crate.
  • Dropped Item #10 - You need the Arrow Legion. Climb up the ladder on the critical path and follow the walkway. Before dropping down the ladder, look up at the wires to find a blue sparkle hanging from them. Shoot it. (You can also get this before this chapter. It's just easier to find from here.)
  • Dropped Item #11 - Again before dropping down the ladder, walk to the end of the walkway to find this item easily accessible.
  • Supply Crate #26 - You need the Axe Legion. Once you complete the Gate Disposal Blue Case, you'll find a crate under a red dome. Smash it with the Axe Legion. This one does NOT appear in an earlier chapter.

Chapter 5 - Arrow

  • Supply Crate #27 - In the first area with three bits of Astral Matter, note that the one on the left is in a bit of an alcove. Chain jump into it to find the crate behind the Astral Matter.
  • Supply Crate #28 - You'll need the Arrow Legion. In the same general area as the previous crate, move towards the right-hand part of the platform and look south, back the direction you came from. You should see another bit of Astral Matter low and secreted away. Fire an arrow at it and it will lower a cube to reveal another crate.
  • Supply Crate #29 - After opening the first Slash door and defeating the Laius in the next room, you'll find this crate in a corner of that area.
  • Supply Crate #30 - From the previous crate, move down the slope towards the floating Astral Matter and you'll find another crate in the corner.
  • Dropped Item #12 - From the previous crate, ignore the Astral Matter for the moment and continue down the next slope. Near the Slash door is a pillar. Chain jump around the pillar to a small platform with this item on it.
  • Slime - Slash open the door mentioned above and head down to the area where a Mutt will appear, and then a Slime.
  • Supply Crate #31 - Once the Slime is disposed of or flees, continue to explore that lower area to find a crate. An elevator here will take you back to the area with the two bits of Astral Matter.
  • Supply Crate #32 - Once you slash the two bits of Astral Matter, a big cube will drop. Behind it, you'll be able to see a little alcove with a crate.
  • Supply Crate #33 - As you ride the big cube up, you'll see a crate off your left as you get off.
  • Supply Crate #34 - Continue up the slope to the two buttons. Once you step on both, drop down between the two cubes to find another crate.
  • Buried Item #2 - The very next platform after these two cubes has the second buried item in its center. Remember you need the Beast Legion.
  • Supply Crate #35 - Go up the next slope and another crate will be obvious in front of you.
  • Supply Crate #36 - The final crate is found after you slash the three bits of Astral Matter. You'll open the way to the Arrow Nemesis, but you'll also drop the platform you're on. Look behind you as it goes down and you'll see a small ledge with a crate on it.
CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

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