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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 03: [Link]

03 - Cases and S+ Ranks

Chapter 1 - Loss

Many Side Cases in HQ in this File. All the Blue ones are going on Lappy's tour of the different areas. The Red Cases are all in the Training Room and you get access to them once you complete "Down and Nerdy".

Blue Case #1 - Down and Nerdy

Go to the Tech Department while on Lappy's tour.

Blue Case #2 - Meet the New You

Go to the Locker Room while on Lappy's tour.

Blue Case #3 - High Maintenance

Go to the Legatus Terminal in the Command Room while on Lappy's tour.

Blue Case #4 - Staying Healthy

Go to the Infirmary while on Lappy's tour.

Blue Case #5 - Take a Load Off

Go to the Break Room while on Lappy's tour.

Blue Case #6 - Sanctuary

Go to the Restroom while on Lappy's tour.

Red Case #1 - Baton Training

This is the first of the Training Room Red Cases. You're locked into baton mode for this, but you can use your Legions. You'll fight seven Aberrations, then four Abs and an Infantry, then two Claws. Try to vary up your Sync Attacks to pad the score and don't forget to use Skills and Perfect Calls.

Red Case #2 - Blaster Training

In this, you'll be locked to your blaster mode. You'll fight two Filthwings, then four Filthwings, then four drones and an Infantry. Definitely focus on variety for this one, including Skills and Perfect Calls.

Red Case #3 - Gladius Training

You're locked to your Gladius for this, and you'll face only two enemies: A Laius, and then a Briareos. Again, variety is the key here.

Red Case #4 - Expert Training

Once you complete the other three trainings, you'll have access to this. No restrictions on this one besides no items, and you'll fight the following: three Claws, then a Laius and two Filthwings, then three drones and a Briareos. Trying this one early may simply find it tough to beat altogether, but once you come back stronger, it shouldn't be too difficult. Style on your foes to rack up as many points as you can.

Chapter 2 - Missing

Red Case #5 - Maison Forest Search

For this, you'll want to collect a whole bunch of keywords. Speak to everyone and do all the Blue Cases so you can get a high "Informant" score and get the S+ rank. Remember the answers are "red ghost", "no legs", "hole in the chest", "red door", "blast hole".

Blue Case #7 - Winging It

Required for the Story.

Blue Case #8 - Malfunctioning Robot

Required for the Story.

Blue Case #9 - Quiz Kids

To begin this case, climb up the ladder past the robot and speak to the marked brother. This quiz is the classic "one of us is telling the truth" puzzles. I could spend time here working it out with you, but the answer is the fourth brother (the peppy one). Speak to any of them and say you're ready to guess, then say "The fourth one."

Blue Case #10 - Quiz Kids Shuffle

Speak to the brothers again and accept their new challenge. This time you'll find which one is the oldest brother. The one on the left identifies himself and then the five of them run around in a circle around you. Keep an eye on the oldest. I'm pretty sure they go to a new spot every time. Speak to the correct one to win.

Blue Case #11 - A Drone's Fate

Required for the Story.

Blue Case #12 - Soccer Dreams

This case is kinda hidden and not marked on the map. First, find the soccer ball. It's in the middle of an area that connects the southern investigation area, the scene in the east, and the way you end up going to the north. Shouldn't be hard to spot. Now run into it to kick it. Kick it all the way through the trashy area to the north, through the room with the sick people, and then into the open area with the kids. The kids will be happy their ball is back. This completes the case, but you can also attempt a long shot to trying to score a goal from long-range. You only get Duty Points for it, though.

Blue Case #13 - Locked In

This case is nearby as you track the chimera to its point of origin. You'll pass through a passageway with some doors and will hear someone pounding on a door. Use the Sword Legion's Slash on the door lock to open it and let him out.

Chapter 3 - Stranger

Red Case #6 - Chimera Takedown

This is the first fight with the Infantry and Keres. It can actually be a bit tricky to get an S+, because you don't get a lot from the time, and there aren't a ton of enemies. Still, you can rack up a decent pattern of Sync Attacks and Perfect Calls to get this. Alternatively, you can try going for "Unscathed" by not getting hit.

Red Case #7 - Chimera Takedown

This is a secret chimera fight. After going up the first two-button elevator and dropping the red cube wall, stand on top of the lowered wall and hit the Astral Matter again to raise it back up. Move along the wall to the area up the short flight of stairs, then chain jump across the platforms and you'll make your way to a large area where you'll fight a spiked Power-type known as Aloadae. Despite its gnarly appearance, it's not that much worse than a Briareos, but it is aggressive, so use your Perfect Calls and Skills to disable it when possible. It fights alone, so focus all your Sync Attacks on it to get enough for the S+.

Blue Case #14 - Unknown Signal

Required by the Story.

Red Case #8 - Chimera Takedown

This is the fight against Cerberus. It's long enough that it shouldn't be a problem to get an S+ on variety. There are more than enough enemies, and if you're powerful enough, you can probably shave some decent time off the fight, too.

Chapter 4 - Assault
Red Case #9 - Civilian Rescue

This is the fight with Aberrations and chimera the moment you get back. This one actually requires a score of 12,000 or more to get an S+. That extra 2000 can be made up with "Defender" from making sure that the civilians don't get too hurt. Use variety where you can and work fast.

Red Case #12 - Astral Investigation

The way forward is up the ladder, but instead backtrack through the hospital room and out to the trashy area. On your right behind a garbage truck is a Gate. Hop through and you'll fight four Mutts and a Wolf, then four Mutts and a Diomedes. Stay away from the death puddles, too. S+ for this shouldn't be complicated.

Red Case #13 - Astral Investigation

This one requires the Arm Legion. From the previous Gate, find the dumpster to pick up and throw and enter the Gate behind it. You'll fight five Mutts and one Wolf, then two Wolves with both a Ker and an Arrow Shell. Lastly, you'll face Nemean, an ice-elemental Beast-type. The fight with it is more or less like the fights with other Wolves, but it can freeze you, so don't let up your attacks. You've got a lot of time to rack up points, so don't feel like you have to rush too much.

Red Case #11 - Astral Investigation

Once you climb up the ladder, instead of going left towards the critical path, go right. Chain jump across to the next walkway, and make your way around to the Gate. Inside, you'll fight two Keres, then a Laius with a Ker, then a Briareos with two Keres. Remember that once you slice a Ker's connection, you can Sync Attack and cause damage, usually destroying the Ker. Focus on destroying the Keres first so you can take your time with variety on the bigger enemies to get an easy S+.

Blue Case #15 - Gate Disposal

Once you head back to the main investigation area and drop down the ladder, the game will want you to go to left towards Akira. Instead go right towards the blue marker and warp the Gate up while beating up the Aberrations.

Red Case #10 - Twin Team-Up

Required by the Story. I put this down here because once you do it, you can't do any of the previous ones. With Akira by your side, this isn't too difficult to S+ so long as you keep building variety.

Chapter 5 - Arrow

Red Case #14 - Slings and Arrows

Slowing and stalling the Arrow Nemesis can lead to seriously cutting the time you'll take on this fight. Coming back with stronger Legions and more powerful weapons will make this easier and quicker. As it's all a big game of keep-away, you can only do so much for variety, so focus instead on time for this.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.