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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 02: [Awake]

02 - Walkthrough

You'll next find yourself in the Command Room of Neuron, in front of Commander Calvert. He explains to you that Neuron is a special task force of the police that directly combats chimeric incursion from the Astral Plane, which pose a direct threat to the remnants of humanity that fled to the Ark. He also explains that given that you can use Legions, you've just joined Neuron. That's the real short version. You get turned over to Jin, one of the Legionis and your training officer.

Chapter 1 - Initiation

You're now free to explore Police HQ. This is typical of the story, where you'll start most every mission at HQ before moving out into the field. You have access to only four floors in the complex; the ones dedicated to Neuron. You're currently on Floor B2, which is where a large amount of facilities are. Explore if you want, or head to the elevators in the northeast corner. Select the roof "R" level and you'll be at the heliport. Head up to the platform and go to the right side to find Alicia and Max. They'll wave you off and send you down to training, so go back to the elevator and select "B3" to go to the Training Room level.

Enter the Training Room. Here you can attack and summon your Legion and work on combos if you wish. Talk to Jin and he'll get your basic training regimen started.

Blue Case: Training with Jin

You'll get your Legatus Cradle and your IRIS. Take the time to go through all the options here. You're not graded at all, so you can relax and experiment, or retry things if you're not feeling comfortable just yet.

Note that you've finished that there's another Blue Case available which is not required to advance the story. I'll mention when Cases show up in the walkthrough, but it'll be rare that you'll have the ability to complete every Case on the first run through a File, so they will not be added directly to the walkthrough. Instead, they'll be in the Cases and S+ Rank section of each File.

Anyway, the story asks that you head up to the Command Room, so hustle there and you'll properly meet Olive, who will give you your marching orders. Seems some possible chimeric activity went down in the Central City area along Grand Avenue. The five Legionis are to be deployed there. Head up to the Heliport and to the nearest chopper, which will carry the lot of you over to the scene.

Chapter 2 - Sortie

Once you land, you'll immediately begin the investigation.

Red Case: Crisis on Grand Avenue

Begin by turning on your IRIS. You'll see a playback of what went down here: a bridge collapsing and people scattering. You can examine each individual person in the yellow "frozen" hologram and get some keywords. Also examine the bridge and talk to everyone including Max, Alicia, and Jin.

Note that there are a pair of cops on the right whispering. They'll clam up as you get close. Back away from them and send your Legion out next to them, then while holding ZL, press A to hear their conversation, which has a keyword you need: "dragged through the gate".

Now, address that obvious mess of red in the middle of the street near Akira. Examine it and Max will teach you how to clean up Red Matter by basically moving your Legion over it. Clean it up and you'll see a giant handprint and get another keyword: "giant hands".

With these two complete, go talk to Max and he'll ask you two questions. The first answer is "giant hands", and the second answer is "dragged through the gate".

With the investigation complete, your next step is to track the Legion. Go over to the giant handprint, summon your Legion, then hold ZL and press A near it. Your Legion will establish a trail, and you'll need to follow it. You'll head down into the underground parking garage, and then back up and out through a partially shuttered door (click in the Left Stick to crouch and get under it).

You're now on the far side of the collapsed bridge. As soon as you step onto the street, you'll be set upon by your first serious chimera fight.

Red Case: Out of the Gate

Well, you knew you were facing a big chimera, and here's a nice meaty one. Briareos is a power-type, meaning it's gigantic and takes big swings. Watch it carefully. Turn on your IRIS at least for a second to give it a visible health bar. You still don't have much of a moveset at this point, so the best you can do is dodge its single swipes and strike, or hang back and peck at it with your Blaster. Don't forget to let your Legion do some of the fighting, and don't be afraid to bind it to stop it for a second. It'll probably cause you some damage, so make sure you're using items to heal up. Even if you don't have them, don't forget getting KO'd isn't the end of the world since you have your AED to get you back on your feet. Once its health is halved, the nearby officers will get corrupted and join the fight as Aberrations. Focus on them first so you're not distracted while Akira handles Briareos for a time.

With Briareos destroyed, you and Akira will be called to another location where a Gate opened.

Blue Case: Gate Disposal

But first, Akira will stop you and point you to a Gate floating in the air. Wrap your Astral Chain around it to destroy it before you proceed.

A couple more optional Blue Cases will become available. Continue to follow the trail and you'll come right across one of them, which you can complete or not. Follow the trail into the passages that lead to the upper levels. The trail will proceed into the wall, so simply follow the path into the area, cleaning up Red Matter and looking for supplies as you go.

Blue Case: Gate Disposal

As you reach the top of a stairwell, you'll see an officer shooting at a Gate (seems silly, but this will in fact eventually destroy it.) Help her out and wrap your Chain around it.

As you follow the corridor back into the open area, you'll see red hands jump out of Gates and grab people. To chase it, make a hard left from your location into a passage marked "Rayleigh Plaza". As you go up the next ramp, you'll be attacked by a bunch of Aberrations. Dispose of them, then move out into the third floor open area. You'll face some more Aberrations. Next, cross the bridge to the far side of the avenue.

Red Case: Protect and Serve

As you reach the far side of the bridge, you'll see more Aberrations, and some civilians who have yet to redshift. Your role is to protect them. Beat down the Abs and eventually an Infantry chimera will show up (like Laius, but weaker). You'll have to take out it and all the Abs to complete the Case.

Akira will stay behind with the civilians and ask you to check the alleys. Head down the indicated direction and oops! Looks like you're going on a trip!

Chapter 3 - Escape

Red Case: Idle Hands

This place sure is weird, but never mind that, because we've got a major villain to fight, known as Enceladus.

Enceladus will open up by preparing a charge. Get your Legion ready for a Chain Counter. This is by far the best way to cause damage to the thing. Try to get around its back when it falls so you can get critical hits. When it's not charging, I'd suggest dismissing your Legion and switching to Blaster to take shots at it, but focus largely on avoiding its attacks:

  • It can swing its arms with punches.
  • It can slam the ground, causing some stagger and dropping rocks (which are marked on the ground).
  • It can create an energy ring around you. When it does, look for the bright blue object sitting just outside the ring and send your Legion at it to get rid of the ring. As you get its health down, there will be more objects per ring.
  • It can shoot lasers out its fingers that sweep the battlefield.
  • It can shoot bullets out its hands that sweep the battlefield.
  • It can set its arms next to you and they'll start charging purple for a nasty attack. Hit the hands to knock them away.
  • Once you get it down the half health, it'll get mad and blast the ground, dropping you to the lower level. It will continue to blast the ground in the same way at other points, although this won't break the floor.

Once you drain its health, you'll get some aid to finish the sucker off.

Now you have some time to observe your situation, as you're clearly not in Kansas anymore. Welcome to the Astral Plane, a place not fit humans to live. You'll pick up some signs of life, which you should probably get out of this place. Follow the crew, but WATCH OUT for those puddles of red corruption on the ground. They look different than Red Matter, and if you get close, they'll blast a beam up which is heavily damaging. Continue following the team to reach the stranded civilians.

Red Case: Gate Crashers

As you approach the civilians, two Infantry will attack. Go with Max and fight them. Unfortunately, you won't be able to defeat them as you start succumbing to the effects of redshift.

And things just went from bad to worse. ALL Legions just broke off their chains and are attacking. You'll have to face Sword Nemesis. Calvert comes on the line and suggests attacking the Legions to try to recapture them, which means you'll have to fight your own Legion. Its attacks are pretty simple, but back away when it spins swords around its waist, as you have no defense against that. It seems dire, but it shouldn't take too long to get the "Bind" prompt to recapture your Sword Legion.

And NOW you have your full moveset! Now that you've truly synced with your Legion, you'll note your blue hair and sparkles. Also, your combo has increased in hits. Most importantly, when you hit the end of a combo, you'll see a blue flash, press ZL at that point to unleash a Sync Attack that uses your Legion to strike. Also, if you find yourself heading towards the ground, press ZL there to basically get tossed back to your feet.

Your enemies are the other four Legion Nemeses. You'll face them in order: Akira's, Jin's, Alicia's, and Max's. There's not much to say about their fighting at this point, except watch out when they spin around, because you'll take all those hits if you get close. You'll rotate each Legion a couple of times, then the red ring that's holding you in will shatter and all four will attack you at once. Hold out and keep beating on them and eventually you'll enter a cutscene where the ground breaks under you.

You'll next have to Chain Jump across some chunks of ground. Send your Legion out to the far chunk, hold ZL, and tap ZR to get pulled over. Do this until you reach solid ground.

Your team will now make their escape while Max stays behind to hold them off. A harsh ending to this File.

Oh, and how did you get out of there? Eh, don't worry about it.

Continue to the next File.

CyricZ started writing to get all the thoughts in his head about video games onto paper and it got out of hand.

If you're looking for other guides by him, you can search the Yakuza series or the LEGO series on GameFAQs.