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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by CyricZ

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Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/09/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: February 2020 | Highest Rated Guide

File 02: [Awake]

02 - Collection

Chapter 1 - Initiation

There are four Dropped Items in the HQ. This is a common theme for HQ; at least one item on each floor.

  • Dropped Item #1 - Heliport, near the steps
  • Dropped Item #2 - Garage, near the emergency exit next to the elevators.
  • Dropped Item #3 - B3, near Shizu next to the Tech Department.
  • Dropped Item #4 - B2, near where Marie's mopping.
  • Photo Order - Once you get the camera, take a picture of Max. You can do this at any point in the File where Max is, even later in the Astral Plane.

Chapter 2 - Sortie

The majority of the items are in this section.

In the first investigation area:

  • Supply Crate #1 - This is in the corner near Max and the whispering cops.
  • Supply Crate #2 - Near the gathered crowd is a green car. The crate's near its tail end.

In the underground parking garage:

  • Supply Crate #3 - As you walk through the garage, this crate will be obvious on your right, near the office.
  • Toilet - Just past the crate on the right is a metal shutter partially lowered. Crouch and walk under it to find the toilet.

In the clearing where Briareos is fought:

  • Supply Crate #4 - This crate is near the collapsed bridge, specifically the left (south) end.
  • Supply Crate #5 - This crate is near the collapsed bridge, next to the red car.
  • Slime - Once you open Supply Crate #5, the Slime will appear in the center of this area.
  • Dropped Item #5 - This is on the ground near the collapsed bridge, specifically the right (north) end.
  • Dropped Item #6 - You need the Arrow Legion. Look up in this area and you'll see a bridge over you with some lanterns hanging off it. There's a blue sparkle on one of the lanterns, specifically the one in the northwest.
  • Supply Crate #6 - This is in the area where you find the Blue Case "Crime Prevention" in the northeast corner. Continue into the passage and when you have lasers blocking your way, fire your Blaster at the generator in the back. Once it's gone, you can grab the crate.
  • Supply Crate #7 - This is next to the support beam holding up the bridge above near the center of the area. The crate is next to a blue car.
  • Supply Crate #8 - At the far east of the area is a wrecked "JAVS" truck. The crate's in front of it.
  • Supply Crate #9 - As you follow the trail, before you hit "Civilian Unrest", there's a crate near the building with "Taffino's" signs.
  • Supply Crate #10 and #11 - Right next to the guys in the Blue Case "Civilian Unrest".

In the tunnels leading up to the second level:

  • Supply Crate #12 - This one requires the Axe Legion. Turn left as you enter the tunnels (near the spot where the trail goes into the wall) and have the Axe Legion protect you as you walk through the fire to the crate.
  • Dropped Item #7 - This is on the ground right next to the vending machine before the stairs leading up.
  • Supply Crate #13 - This is halfway up the stairs to the second level on the landing.
  • Supply Crate #14 - This is in the Astral Plane in the Red Case "Into the Gate" (requires Arm Legion). Once you enter the area, look to the south (behind where you start) to find a pillar you can use to chain jump around to the crate.
  • Supply Crate #15 - This is also in the Astral Plane. In the same area as before, use the Arm Legion to move the block and you'll find the crate behind it.
  • Supply Crate #16 - Instead of heading to the tunnel up to the third level, go to the corner beneath where you saw the second red hand come out and you'll find another crate.

This is starting on the second open level, where Enceladus first sticks its arm out:

  • Supply Crate #17 - In the tunnel leading up to the third level where you fight Aberrations, search the corners to find another crate.
  • Dropped Item #8 - Once on the third level, before crossing the bridge to where "Protect and Serve" is, check behind the dumpster in the corner to find this.
  • Buried Item - You'll find this right near the dumpster of Dropped Item #8. Send the Beast further back towards the bridge to find the circle.
  • Dropped Item #9 - You need the Arrow Legion. Once you complete "Protect and Serve", instead of going forward, go east towards the dining area. Look up at the screen that scrolls "SINEWAVE" and you'll find a blue sparkle nearby to shoot.
  • Supply Crate #18 - Near the previous item, you'll find this crate next to the balcony of the dining area.
  • Supply Crate #19 - Continue down the alley past the dining area to find this crate.
  • Cat Rescue - You need the Arm Legion. Near Supply Crate #19, lift up the dumpster to find the cat.
  • Supply Crate #20 - This is on the path leading to Enceladus, right before it pulls you to the Astral Plane. Tough to miss.

Chapter 3 - Escape

These last three crates are in the Astral Plane, after defeating Enceladus.

  • Supply Crate #21 - This is right on the path early in the run through the Astral Plane.
  • Supply Crate #22 - When you come across your first "death puddles", you'll find a crate near one of them.
  • Supply Crate #23 - This is near another "death puddle" further on the trek. All three are pretty easy to spot.
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