Carlos Kajioka no-show?

  1. Carlos isn't showing up for his picture.

    After getting to file 12, I made sure I completed every case with Carlos. Then went back to file 10 to set the criminal free, which I didn't do the first time through. However, this didn't seem to do the trick, as he isn't showing up in file 11.

    Was it because I quit the file "as is", instead of completing it all the way through? I retain everything, from newfound items to higher ranks on the cases when I quit the file to return to the database, so I don't know why this wouldn't carry over.

    Looking for help.
    - Irrational Completionist

    User Info: UnkemptVampire1

    UnkemptVampire1 - 11 months ago


  1. To be clear, during that Carlos case in File 10, you chose the option to leave the criminal in the Astral Plane? Then you concluded that red case before going back to file select?

    Then, in File 11, you looked at this bench by the exit of Hal's hideout, and he's not there?

    As far as I know, if you followed all that, he should be there.

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce (Expert) - 11 months ago 0   0
  2. That is correct, I did both of those things during a "file select" playthrough of file 10 in order to pick up all items and finish all cases. He was not there in File 11, even though I had previously completed all his cases and chose to let the criminal go in File 10.

    This leads me to think there is some other events I need to trigger or that maybe I "untriggered" an event on my completionist playthroughs of each file. Like, if I replayed a file, but didn't complete Carlos's quest because I had already done so. Or, maybe that I need to fully complete file 10, instead of leaving the file after getting the items and completing the case.

    User Info: UnkemptVampire1

    UnkemptVampire1 - 11 months ago 0   0
  3. Damn. Yeah, I would do a quick playthrough of File 10 on Casual to try to fix this. Just do the Carlos case then rush through everything else until File 10 is over, then check again

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce - 11 months ago
  4. I may give this a go after taking care of the level 12 missions.

    User Info: UnkemptVampire1

    UnkemptVampire1 - 11 months ago
  5. I also just did file 10 all over again and he still didnt spawn for me

    User Info: htaeD

    htaeD - 11 months ago

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