File 10: Red Case: Runs in the Family any tips on how to S+?

  1. As the title says, is there an ideal order of capturing? or is there a trick to it? any cheesy strats?

    User Info: Xinfo

    Xinfo - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Before they run off, you can attempt to use Howl or Slow Shot, you should be able to bind at least one. I haven't tried using Auto-Bind but it may work well too while the three of them are daze.

    Otherwise I found running after the guy who runs to the right first is best using the Beast. Don't forget that you can toss your Legion using ZL to stun them briefly and chain bind them. Each person is marked by a small red square, so you can track their position using the minimap.

    User Info: Rikanov

    Rikanov (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 1   0
  2. Thanks. Didn't know you could stun them. Now I just need to get the pathing down

    User Info: Xinfo

    Xinfo - 3 weeks ago
  3. You can also, right when their run starts use Arrow Legion with bullet time focus manual shots to stun all three of them if you are fast enough & then Auto-Bind them. They won't even reach their paint locations.

    User Info: CloudyWolf85

    CloudyWolf85 - 3 weeks ago

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