Can you get the Raven outfit/ Legion color?

  1. I'm sure theres a way to get it. I'm just wondering if anyone has gotten it yet?

    User Info: Steel_Thunder

    Steel_Thunder - 1 month ago

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  1. Raven Outfit you get and the legion color (minus the logo) is Legion Colors 6 which you obtain from golden slime in File 06

    User Info: GeralfCecani

    GeralfCecani - 1 month ago 2   0
  2. Addendum. Legion 6 (Raven colors) is unlocked in File 6 after you leave the Hermits Hideout there should be an area behind the hideout where it will spawn a Gold Slime after you recover the contents of a chest. On the Raven Outfit, you unlock it post-game during one of the missions Olive gives you that leads to ARI called R1-B1 ARI after which you get the Raven Corp. Outfit (though you cannot remove the helmet so its full set)

    User Info: GeralfCecani

    GeralfCecani - 1 month ago


  1. Spoilers,

    you can get the Raven outfit but I'm not sure about the Legion color

    User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

    IfOnlyForOnce (Expert) - 1 month ago 0   0
  2. You can unlock custom legion colors iirc.

    User Info: LabyrinthMind

    LabyrinthMind - 1 month ago 0   0
  3. The Raven armor, complete with (non-removable) helmet, is the reward for one of the challenge battles in File 12 (i.e. postgame content). If you also use Legion Color 6 (reward from the golden slime in File 6, as GeralfCecani said), then your Astral Chain turns red, too, just like the Ravens! Your Legions will still have blue eyes most of the time, though, and they don't get the R Type Legions' altered head design.

    User Info: jjars898

    jjars898 - 1 month ago 0   0

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