Can someone give me answers to Lappys Quiz?

  1. After a big fight in the story theres a part where you help clean up the city. During said time Lappy is zipping around at high speeds and if you catch her she will administer a quiz with some lore questions and random stuff. "When was the Ark Built" "what is Olives Blood type" ect. Lore things. Does anyone have all the answers?

    User Info: RaptureCapture

    RaptureCapture - 2 years ago

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  1. Mike like Animals
    UNION was the Government that form when they made the Ark
    The Command Room is on Floor B2
    Shizu studies the Occult
    Uppers like Congee
    Hermits are called The Holy Order of Digital Hermits
    Avery can be found drinking Alkali Cocoa
    Marie's Birthday is on October 8th
    Chimeras come from The Astral Plane
    HQ's Soda Machine name is Vendor-3

    User Info: DaimaoTakahashi

    DaimaoTakahashi - 2 years ago 9   7


  1. I don't know all of them and I don't remember the order, but...

    Brenda weighs least
    kani zaibatsu is the only real store in the list
    You rescued 3 people
    You are 19 years old
    Your cell was 2nd closest to the exit
    sarah talks like "... ..."
    Leona is a worry wart
    Yoseph's full name is Dr. Yoseph Calvert
    Brenda used to be a news caster
    Jena Anderson doesn't have a pony tail
    The location you're in when the quiz is being taken is zone 36
    Axe mode is not a valid x baton mode
    jin's favorite x baton mode is gladius mode
    the current year is 2078

    and those are all i remember, you only need 40 points though to get the reward

    User Info: distantstain

    distantstain - 2 years ago 13   12
  2. thats interesting. Some of those questions i wasnt asked. i didnt get asked about my cell or Axe mode. so there must be more than 20 questions in the pool that she asks

    User Info: RaptureCapture

    RaptureCapture - 2 years ago
  3. Azure Plaza is the place you fought the Chimera.
    I found this thread looking for the answer to "what year was the Ark finished"

    User Info: Kletian999

    Kletian999 - 2 years ago 1   2
  4. Lion Statue is NOT a landmark of Central City.
    The official name of the Subway is NEITHER the Harmony Rail nor the Ark Central Rail.
    Marie found a Calico Stray Cat.
    Rastner's is the Ice Cream.
    Douglas was supplying Blue Evolve to the Hermits.

    User Info: Kletian999

    Kletian999 - 2 years ago

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