How do I solve File 8 Police Officer Riddle note?

  1. It says starting where the light shines go left, left, straight, left, right, left and a light 11 steps ahead.

    User Info: Xladius

    Xladius - 1 month ago

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  1. So, you know how Akita ditches you in that timed mission where you have to deal with all the redshift? Immediately after that, you enter these tunnels. From the point where you enter, follow the instructions at each intersection. There should be a fake wall in the hallway that you enter here.

    User Info: AussieJo15

    AussieJo15 - 1 month ago 8   4
  2. This is 100% it, my dudes. No idea why the downvotes. The hologram wall will be on the right if you follow the instructions (if you take "11 steps ahead" immediately after your face left for the final left turn). The holographic portion of the wall appears BEFORE you get to the relatively big room with the lockers.

    It'll lead you to a gate (with the red quest "Not-so-Saferoom"), and a Premium material code. Definitely worth it. For the record, the area doesn't show up on the map. Cheers!

    User Info: Skyward_Soul

    Skyward_Soul - 1 month ago


  1. On the main mission, after the cleanup. If you follow the instructions you can find a holographic wall.
    There is a red case behind it.

    User Info: Not-a-Hazard

    Not-a-Hazard - 1 month ago 1   22

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