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Close X Guide and Walkthrough
by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.28 | Updated: 12/13/2015

Main Walkthrough (Continued)

Rune Spheres

There are a total of four Rune Spheres, but since you've already gotten your first one you will only need to find three more of them. First get the one from the Water Ruins. The Rune Sphere is located at the farthest west exit of the Water Ruins. A boss will await you on the west end.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Chimera????N/AFire, WaterRoyal Curry, Ultimate CurryChimera Claws, Quality Fur, Demon's Blood
This boss is exactly the same as it was in previous Rune Factory games. The Chimera is quite easy if you are careful, but the Chimera's breath attacks can kill you very quickly. The Chimera has two attack patterns, an icy breath that sprays a large amount of bubbles and shooting a laser out of its tail. The best way to avoid his attacks by dashing out of range when you get close to him and attacking the Chimera from its side. The biggest trouble with this boss is that many of his attacks will paralyze you, so make you bring some Para-Gone or a party member who can heal you.

Once you have defeated the boss, head to the room where Thunderbolt is located (the center boss room) to see another scene. Now head to the inn and speak Lin Fa, then speak to the tourist (the NPC without a portrait) in the lobby room. He will mention the location of the next Rune Sphere. Go take the southwest exit to Selphia plains and go to Autumn Road. On the west end you can find the entrance to Delirium Lava Ruins. If you have found one of the Rune Spheres in Selphia Plains, you can place that one in the Obsidian Mansion boss room; if not, just carry on to the Lava Ruins.

Note: There is a hidden area located near the northwest end that leads you to the Revival Cave. There you can fight a hidden boss for a chance to get some Dragon Bones.
Monster ListDrops
FurpyFur, Quality Puffy Fur, Branch
FairyFairy Dust, Prelude to Love, Love Potion
Palm CatPalm Claw, Fur
MinoGrapes, Grape Juice, Grape Tree Seed
Tricky MuckSpore, Poison Spore, Mushroom
Flower LilyPlant Stem, Vine
King WoolyFur (S), Fur (M), Fur (L)
Storm GateWind Crystal
Earth GateEarth Crystal

Delirum Lava Ruins

Monster ListDrops
FurpyFur, Quality Puffy Fur, Branch
Palm CatPalm Claw, Fur
Tricky MuckSpore, Poison Spore, Mushroom
BuffalooBull's Horn
Blaze GateFire Crystal
Goblin PirateQuality Cloth, Oil
Gangster GoblinOld Bandage, Quality Cloth, Oil
IgnisFire Crystal, Magic Crystal
ScorpionScorpion Tail, Pretty Carapace
TrollGiant's Nail
Flower LionPlant Stem, Vine

There is a huge difficulty spike with this dungeon. It is recommended you build your forge and accessory crafting skills to level 20 to make suitable gear for this area.

Start by heading north until you have reached the last map. In here you will find a yellow switch; press it and this will clear the pillar from earlier in the dungeon. Head back to where that pillar was located and from here on keep running east. When the path splits into two ways, you can run south for the treasure or run north to continue on to the next floor. Once you have reached to the second floor, a warp point will be created for you to travel to and from the entrance. From here, your destination is the northwest corner where the boss room awaits.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Rafflesia????N/AN/AN/ARafflesia Petal, Plant Stem, Strong Vine
Rafflesia has four separate pieces of its main body. Defeating them can allow you pick up plant type drops. A lot of the Rafflesia's attack are projectile-based and can cause paralysis to your party.

Once you have defeated Rafflesia, you should have all the Rune Spheres. If not, backtrack and collect any missing Rune Spheres. Rune Spheres are found in the following three locations.

Water RuinsWest Boss Room
Delirium Lava CaveBoss Room
West Selphia PlainsFound in the open field. *If you did not find this within a certain timeframe, Doug will have it in the next event scene.

Head back to town and go to Ventuswill's room to see an event. Go around Selphia village and talk to everyone. Then on the next day go to the inn to find Barrett and speak to him. Now head to Leon Karnak (west of Obsidian Mansion). If the proper requirements have been met, you will be fighting a boss as soon as you enter.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Heaven's Gate????N/AN/AN/AN/A
This boss battle is very simple. It is practically an oversized gate that spawns enemies. Treat it as a regular monster encounter and destroy the gate. Every once in a while the gate will change colour; this represents the current Gate element. Make sure you stop attacking or change attacks if the Heaven's Gate switches to the same element as your equipped weapon or spell.

After you win, watch the event and enter the gate.

??? (Unknown)

This location is rather straightforward. Just clear all the enemies and enter next room. Each time you clear a room, there will a brief dialogue. Keep going forward until you reach the last room. Once you arrive there will be a boss fight.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Left Statue????N/AFireN/AN/A
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Right Statue????N/AWaterN/AN/A
This is quite a simple boss battle. There are two statues stationed on the left and right sides. The statues' colours represent their element, One statue will use fire attacks, and the other will dish out ice attacks. Once you destroy one of the statues, the other one will become enraged, so be careful. If you are having a hard time fighting its enraged form, try lowering each statues' health evenly so you can finish the two statues off near the same time.

As soon as you win this boss battle, you will fight another one.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sarcophagus ????N/AWaterGold JuiceCrystal Skull
Sarcophagus has a frequent pattern of teleporting and shooting projectiles in all different directions. The boss's attacks are mostly from the front, so try to attack from behind or to the side. When the boss goes berserk, it will start to use a rain-like attack which you can avoid by running to the corner. Most of the boss's attacks are light elemental, so if you have light resistance accessories they will be quite useful for this battle.
Note: If you are defeated in this battle, you will have to restart from the Heaven's Gate battle.

Main Walkthrough Second Segment

Idra Cave

Even though you have just watched the game credits, the game is not over yet. In fact, you're not even halfway finished. The second story arc of Rune Factory 4 will now begin, so once you have control over the protagonist, speak to Ventuswill the next day. Then talk to the Amber, Dylas, Dolce, and Leon. Speak to the other villagers as well, and after a week has gone by, try exiting the town from the south gate. The protagonist will hear a loud scream; now go back to town and watch the event.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sechs Dragon????????????N/ANone
Forte will automatically join your party for this fight. Treat the boss as a regular enemy, though it does have a very high defense stat so your damage output may be low. If you have a weapon with a high crit rating, it will make this boss fight a lot easier as crit can pierce through defense.

Once you have defeated the Sechs soldier, run to the palace and check up on Ventuswill. Then go to the clinic and leave the village. Now travel to where the Water Ruins is located. From there, you need to go farther southwest to reach Sercerezo Hill. In the center of this area you will find Idra Cave.

Note: When there is a Typhoon going on, you can fight a secret boss near the bridge area. It is a level 147 Monster that can drop Mealy Apples, which is one of the best upgrade items in the game if you reverse its effects with Object X.
Field Items
Iron, Scrap Metal, Bronze, Silver, Gold
Monster ListDrops
Orc VikingGlue, Shoulder Piece, Wine
TundraWater Crystal, Magic Crystal
MammooIvory Tusk, Unbroken Ivory Tusk, Tin Waterpot
Emperor PenguinBird Feather, Emperor
BlueWater Crystal, Blue Core

Idra Cave is a very large dungeon, and some of the areas can only be accessed from one direction. To reach the next floor you have to find the yellow and red switches located in the northwest and northeast corners. Once you have pressed the two switches, you can access the area in the center to reach to the next floor. On the second floor, take one of the two warps. From here, you have to go to every area until you find a switch which will clear one of the rooms on the opposite side. Then you will have to go back to the starting area and take the warp to the opposite side to find the room where the pillar has been removed. You will find switches to remove the pillar blocking the center, letting you travel to the next floor. The last floor is fairly simple; you go in a loop pattern due to most of the paths being only one way. When you push the switches in this section, they will close one path and open the other. Once you have reached the save point, save your game and fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Terraclone????WindEarthTurnip HeavenEarth Dragon Ash
If you have fought Terrable from previous Rune Factory games, you will know what to expect here. The only difference is that the battleground for this fight is much smaller this time. Good thing this is only a clone nowhere as strong as previous incarnations. Terrable's main attack is creating meteor storms, which you can avoid by watching the shadows of the ground and moving out of range. Another attack is creating a giant pillar of rocks. Because Terrable is your first dragon boss, it has lot of HP and will take a while for you to defeat.

Return back to town and speak to Arthur. Arthur will tell you a way to reach to the Sechs Kingdom. Now return back to where Delirium Lava Cave is located and travel to the farthest southwest area. This will take you to Maya Road.

Maya Road

Field Items
Iron, Scrap Metal, Bronze, Silver, Aquamarine, Water Crystal, Fire Crystal, Wind Crystal, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Amethyst, Light Ore, Gold
Monster ListDrops
HeraclesRigid Horn, Insect Carapace, Pretty Carapace
Hammer TrollHammer Piece, Giant's Nail
??? (All Types)Mysterious Powder
Hornet QueenParalysis Poison, Honey, Insect Jaw, Pretty Carapace
BlackbirdBlack Bird Feather, Stick, Branch
PlanchoaPlant Stem, Root, Strong Vine
AirrorWind Crystal, Magic Crystal
GreenWind Crystal, Green Core
Tornado GateWind Crystal

Before heading to Maya Road, I highly suggest crafting a weapon with elemental properties or bringing a staff. Tthere are monsters in Maya Road that absorb physical attacks and will require strong elemental attacks to defeat. The layout of Maya Road is very straightforward, but it is also very long and will have three checkpoints. Just keep heading west until you reach a dead end; once you do, you have to fall through a pit to the underground to reach other areas. You will also notice that in Maya Road there are switches in places you can't reach, but can be activated by simply throwing an item on them. The layout of the map will also try to trick you. You will notice that some areas have a wall blocking your path, but you can actually walk right through them. The protagonist will give you a hint and suggest using magic to see if the walls are fake.

Once you have reached to the third save point, save your game and fight the boss ahead.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Fiergaenger15500WaterFireGold JuiceFire Dragon Ash
Fiersome is back from previous Rune Factory games. The fight is not too difficult, but you don't have much space to maneuver because Fiersome takes up most of the screen. Fiersome's attack cover a lot of different ranges, from swinging his body to fire attacks. The attack you need to watch out for most is when he tries to suck you in while fireballs are rushing towards him.

Once you have defeated Fiersome, head west and leave the area.

Sechs Territory

Defeat the Sechs Guards and then move to the next area. This area goes in a counter clockwise direction, which means you'll clear from the right area first and eventually end up in the left side of the area. Once you have found the switch to unlock the area, head in there to enter the cavern area of the Sechs Territory. The cavern area is pretty simple; there will be warp points that can teleport to the left or the right, and the left area will take you to next area while the right warp point will take you back to where you came from.

The last section of the Sechs Territory is very small. Here there is also a statue which will not let you pass unless you bring your spouse and child. That is a mini-area where you can fight the Crystal Mammoth boss and find a crafting material called the White Stone. If you don't have a family, just continue on to where the next save point is. Then prepare for the boss battle that is just ahead.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Aquameleon18000FireWaterGold JuiceWater Dragon Ash
Aquaticus will be the last dragon clone you end up fighting. If you have played Rune Factory 3 before, you will know what to expect here. You can attack him easily when he's stationary, but he will start to swirl around the room more frequently as his HP gets lower. When he starts moving a lot, he will lay out bits that can shoot lasers at you. The attack you need to watch out for most is his bubble breath attack; these can do a lot of hits and take you out instantly.

Floating Emperor

South Section
West Section
East Section

Watch the event scene, and then Arthur will take you to the Floating Fortress. If you decide to go back to town, you can reach here again by simply using the airship panel in town. The dungeon is divided into three areas, and you must clear all of them to unlock the final room in the center. The south section is fairly linear area, the west sections consist of warp points and the east section contains pillars blocking your path. When you reach to the end of each section you will face a mini-boss. There is also a low chance of finding platinum in the crates here, which can be used to craft some of the best equipment at this point in the game.

South Section

Monster ListDrops
ThunderbirdThunderbird Feather, Stick
Little DragonDragon Fang
FortoiseBlk. Tortoise Shell, Gold, Silver
Hover SoldierCheap Propeller, Iron
Pepper GhostGreen Pepper Seed, Green Pepper, Hood

The southern area features a strong gust of wind preventing you from reaching to certain spots. Start the area by heading down and then go west. You can then take a detour and head south. In this room, place an object from your inventory on to the switch. Doing this will remove the wind where the green switch is located. Press the switch, then return to the previous area and head east. Press the blue switch and continue on to the next area. Keep moving to the next room until you see a purple switch. You can press it to change the direction of the wind, and this will let you access the room to the east or west. Continue on west and head south. Here there will be a path leading to two rooms. Head to the room on the left first and clear all the monsters, then push the switch. Do the same thing for the room on the east, and this will unlock a save point. Head to the next room to fight a boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Fortress Tank +24000Love????N/AMTGU Plate, Gold
The Fortress Tank is a stationary target and has a total of three attacks. The tank can shoot several bubbles, and then blast a cannon in one direction. The most deadly attack is the lighting bolt, because it's quick and covers a lot of space. Once its HP drop below half the tank will go berserk, making it move much faster and start spraying bullets in all different directions. It will charge at you and can fire a laser in one direction. You will need move out of the tank's sight if it start to charge its laser, or else it could be game over.

Continue to the next room. Here you'll see two portals; the one in the south will return you to the entrance, while the north one will take you to an area you couldn't reach before. (It looks like there are walls blocking the north portal, but the path there is actually very narrow and hidden between them.) Take the north portal and continue onward. When you reach near the end, you will find a treasure chest containing an Invisible Stone. Now return to the entrance of the flying fortress and continue with either the east or west section.

West Section

The west section is filled with warp portals that lead to one room after another. Start by heading west until you find two portals. (If you take the wrong portal, you will most likely end up back at the beginning.) Start by taking the warp below, and then head to the room on the right and take the warp. There is only one way to go here, so head west and take the warp. In here there are two rooms you can warp to. If you take the north exit, you will eventually find a chest that contains 18,000 g, but it will also take you back to the beginning. To continue forward, take the west exit and head to the warp. After that, head to the room below and take the warp to the next area. Go north to the next room, but DO NOT take the warp or else you will be taken back to the beginning. Defeat all the monsters first, and it will clear the area to reveal a switch. Press the switch and then take the north exit to the warp. Here you will find a save point and a warp back to the beginning.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sechs Golem ????Love????N/AGolem Tablet
Due to the high defense of the Sechs Golem, there is a high chance you will not have any success winning this battle unless you are using equipment with high magic attack power. The Golem only has a few attacks; it can shoot its fist like a rocket or punch you when you're near it. The Golem can also spins its arm around and damage you if you're in range.

East Section

This section of the dungeon is pretty straightforward. You need to find a total of nine different coloured switches to remove all the pillars. This area is set up in a linear pattern where the pillars will block all possible passages, leaving you with only one path and a lot of backtracking. Start the area by heading southeast until you have reached a dead end. You will find a yellow switch here; press it and it will remove the yellow pillars. Now return to the starting area and go east, then travel all the way north until you reach the last area. Here you can find a red switch near a fire trap. Press the red switch and return two maps south to where the red pillar was. Go east and head one room south to find a blue switch. Press the blue switch and then head back to the area where the red switch was. You will notice the blue pillar is now gone. Head east and then head one room south. Continue east, then south, one room east, and then south again. You will find a green switch in this area. Push the green switch and then return all the way north to where the green pillars were located. Continue east, then head north, and defeat all the monsters in this room. This will reveal a pink switch in the center. Push it and then return to the starting area. Run east all the way to where the pink pillars are. Now head south to find another switch, press it, return to the previous room, and head east. You should find a save point and the boss room right ahead.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sechs Tank18700Love????N/AShiny Screw, Rusty Screw
The Sechs tank doesn't have a very wide variety of attacks. It spins around when you get close to it, but if you're far away it can shoot two lasers covering a large part of the screen. Sometimes it will also spin around and fire a barrage of bullets, which you can dodge by weaving between them. Once its health gets low, it can shoot a laser that will cover nearly the entire screen. This can be easily dodged by hiding near the side of the tank.

Now that you have completed all three sections, return back to the entrance. The center area will now be unlocked, so head there to fight the final boss of the main story.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Ethelberd ????Love????N/AShiny Screw, Rusty Screw
This is the final boss of the game, and it's a pretty long fight, Ethelberd's basic movement consists of teleporting around and shooting projectiles at you. He can also temporarily transform into one of the dragons to unleash their signature attacks, like dropping a huge wave of meteors. The attack you must be extremely careful of is when he charges up and unleashes a small blue energy ball in the center. The energy ball will expand to cover the entire screen and kills your entire party instantly. To avoid this, you must run to the corner near the pillars, as close to the edge of screen as possible. Once you have managed to defeat Ethelberd, he will power up and a scripted battle will occur. Follow the event scenes until you have finished the game.

Clearing the game will add new Extra Orders. These functions includes all sorts of things such as displaying the enemy HP gauge, changing the music, your character's appearance, and a bunch of other things besides. There is also an Order to unlock the Sharance Maze, but it's not recommended you go there until you have cleared the third story arc.

Main Walkthrough Third Segment

Leon Karnak

This is the post-game story arc, and it can take a few weeks or more than a year of in-game time to trigger as starting it is entirely a matter of luck. First visit the palace and examine the spot where Ventuswill used to be. Choose the first choice, that you will do your best. On the next day do the same thing again, but choose the second choice. Then repeat the same thing on the next day, except this time pick the third option. The blue examination mark where Venti used to be should now be gone. Make absolutely certain you complete this step, as

For the next part, you must trigger the Town Event "Memories." Doing so is entirely random; however if you have at least 7 Friendship/Love Level with Amber and Dylas, you can utilize something of a trick that can increase your chances.

  1. Check the diary beside your bed and talk to all the villagers to see if you have any ongoing Town Events. Town Events are considered active even before you trigger the first part of the event, so you can have ongoing Town Event even if it isn't mentioned in your diary. If you have any active, finish it first as that will block any new Town Events from triggering.
  2. Save your game and go to sleep, then talk to all the villagers to see if a new Town Event has begun. If there's no event and nothing unusual about their daily conversations, keep sleeping and talking to everyone each day until a Town Event finally triggers. Make note of the day this happened and reset your game.
  3. Play your game normally until you reach the day before the Town Event triggered. Before you go to bed that night, invite Dylas and Amber to your party. If they both have at least 7 FP/LP, they will remain in your party even after 19:00. If they don't have 7 FP/LP, this trick will not work.
  4. Save your game and go to sleep. If both Amber and Dylas leave your party first thing in the morning, there is a strong chance that "Memories" has begun. Follow them to see where they go, and if they both enter the flower shop you have successfully triggered the event. If only one of them leaves or neither of them leave the party, soft reset the game by pressing L + R + Start simultaneously, reload your game, and sleep again.
  5. If you can't get "Memories" after a few dozen tries, it might be best to play through a different Town Event and try your luck on a different date. The game's RNG seems more inclined to give you certain events at times and different events at others, so you may have better chances on a different day. Raising the FP/LP of Leon, Dolce, Dylas, and Amber also seems to increase the likelihood of getting this event.

Triggering this Town Event could take you a few in-game days or a very long time (it took me a year in-game on my Japanese file but only two months in my American file). Once you have triggered the event, go to the flower shop and watch the event with Amber and Dylas. Then on the next day, go to the clinic and watch the event with Dolce and Pico. Sleep and go to the inn to watch the event with Barrett and Leon. After three days or so, go to the Dragon Gate (the lobby of your house) and watch the event. The next day, go visit the inn and watch the event with Raven and Dolce, then talk to Raven. The next day go to Dragon Gate (again, the lobby of your house) to see the event. Now head to Leon Karnak (the area west of Obsidian Mansion).

There are two ladders in the starting area. Climb the ladder on the right and head to the next area. You can go east here and fight Mineral Squeaks, for a chance of obtaining Double Steel and 10-Fold Steel. These can enhance your equipment by 2-8x the previous effect, which is really good for crafting end game gear. Anyway, continue on and head west, then push the yellow switch to remove the yellow pillar in the previous area. You can also climb up a ladder here to find a red switch, which will remove the red pillar in the area. Return to the previous area and head west to find a switch that will remove the blue pillar in the starting area. You will find several kinds of these switches in this area, and they require you to leave an item on them to keep them pressed. From here on out it will be pretty linear; just keep heading on to the next area until you find a save point.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Grimoire 228000????WindGiant versions of golden veggiesGrimoire Scale
If you have been doing seed dungeons, you might have encountered the Grimoire before. However this Grimoire is a Lv 100 version of it, so it hits pretty hard at this stage of the game. The main attack you should watch out for is the tornado spell. If you get hit by it you will mostly likely end up being instantly killed, so avoid it at all costs.

Once you have defeated the Grimoire, head west until you have reached a dead end. Enter the portal and then climb the stairs. You can then head east until you have reached the top or explore on the west side for map completion and items. When you find another save point, climb up the ladder and fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Left Statue20000WaterFireN/AN/A
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Right Statue18000FireWaterN/AN/A
This is the exact same boss fight during the ending of the first story arc. The only difference is they are at a much higher level, but everything else about them is the same. The statue colour represent their element. One statue will use fire attacks and the other one will dish out ice attacks. Once you destroy one of the statues, the other one will be enraged, so be careful. If you are having a hard time, try to finish the two statues near the same time to avoid the boss being enraged.
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Sarcophagus28000N/AN/AGold JuiceCrystal Skull, Magic Crystal, Lumber
Exactly the same as before except now Sarcophagus is nearly level 200. Sarcophagus has a frequent pattern of teleporting and shooting projectiles in all different directions. A lot of the boss attacks comes directly in front, so try to attack from either behind or by the side. When the boss goes berserk, it will start to use a rain-like attack which you can avoid this by running to one of the corner. A lot of the boss attacks are light element, so if you have light reduction accessories they will be quite useful for this battle. Once you have defeated the boss, stay away from it. The orbs spinning around the boss will be still active and can hit you pretty hard.

Once you have cleared the two boss fights, head back to the entrance of Leon Karnak and examine the wall on the center.

Rune Prana

This is the largest dungeon in the game, and will probably take several days or even several weeks of game time to fully explore it. There are seven sections of this dungeon, and the difficulty will jump quite a bit here.

Note: Raven will not begin stocking items from Rune Prana until you clear the third arc.

LocationMain Boss
Temple AreaWarp Dragon
Beach AreaOctopirate 2
Snow FieldCrystal Mammoth
Volcano AreaHinoe & Kinoto
Cave AreaSiren
Temple Area 2Death Wall
Forest AreaRagnarok

Temple Area

The first part of the dungeon is fairly simple and linear. There are two switches that need to be pressed to unlock the area in the center. The switches are located on the west and east ends of the area. The west switch has a very annoying obstacle; you have to defeat all the Flare Mages in the area before you can press the switch, but a wall will prevent you from reaching them. The best way to deal with them is to equip a fire immunity accessory and use a weapon with a very long range to hit them. You can extend a weapon's range by upgrading a weapon with a Glitta Augite and Raccoon Leaf.

Glitta Augite randomly drops when you chop a mature Twinkle Tree, grown from Shining Seeds obtained from the tree west of Obsidian Mansion. You can keep tilling Withered Grass, Corn, or 4-Leaf Clovers into the soil to keep the Twinkle Tree's health from falling to zero, allowing you to continue chopping at it for more Wood and Glitta Augite. Raccoon Leaves drop from Magnuto, an optional boss found in Demon's Den. To reach it, take the airship to Sercerezo Lake during the beginning of the month and go north, all the way east, then south. The mushrooms will be cleared away on the first few days of the seasons, allowing you to enter; once you visit it once, you can return here whenever you want by airship. From the save point, drop down the left hole three times to reach the boss.

If you do not have either Glitta Augite or a Raccoon Leaf, you can try using a spear or two handed sword, but it's very difficult to hit them without any range extension. If all else fails you can use magic, but they are very resistant to spells being casters. You can also mine Oricalcum ore in this area, which will let you create the new armor and weapons you'll need to clear this area. Once you have successfully pressed the two switches, go to the area in the center to fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Bane Dragon50000N/AWind (Absorb)Rockfish StewElectro Crystal
A returning boss from previous Rune Factory games, the Bane Dragon has a simple pattern. It can turn itself invisible and create an electric spark that chases you. Each time it reappears again the Bane Dragon will either lash you with its tongue or breathe out a green smoke that will paralyze you. There is no way you can hit the Bane Dragon when it's invisible, so wait till it appears and use that opportunity to strike. Once the Bane Dragon's HP is below 50% it will go berserk, creating larger electric sparks and sometimes stomping you when it reappears.

Beach Area

The map in this area is pretty straightforward. However, you will probably notice a lot of area is blocked by a strong gust. The legitimate way to bypass the wind is to wear a pair of Heavy Boots, but you can also use the Spear Rune Ability Axel Disaster to dive through it. Beware of the plant traps though; these traps inflict way more damage and stepping in a few of them can kill you nearly instantly. If you travel to the northeast area, you can find a treasure chest containing a recipe for an accessory. To bypass the wind here, I suggest using Axel Disaster at an angle. Once you're finished exploring, return to the entrance area and travel west until you have reached the end.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Octopirate 240100N/AWind (Absorb)Grilled SnapperAmmonite, Fish Fossil, Vital Gummi
If you have been doing Seed dungeons, you might have encountered the Octopirate. This is an upgraded version that is around level 200. The Octopirate is probably the easiest boss in Rune Prana, and while it has high defense, it has low attack power compared to the other bosses in this area. The Octopirate has very few attacks; it likes to strike with its tentacles when you get near it, but the damage from this attack is extremely low. The only other attack it has is throwing a spiked ball at you, which can be easily dodged by moving out of its path.

Snow Field

This is the smallest section of Rune Prana. If you travel two maps north, you will immediately head into a boss fight. However, there are hidden passage through the trees that can take you to the east and west end. There you can fight High Orc Vikings which drop the materials you need to craft stronger gear.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Crystal Mammoth42560FireWaterKing PineappleDiamond, Icy Nose
This is an upgraded version of the Crystal Mammoth that you can find in the hidden area of Sechs Territory. It will most likely be your first encounter with it if you haven't been married yet. The Crystal Mammoth is fast and extremely unforgiving at this point of the game. You will need to pay attention to the crystal shards attached to the Mammoth's back. The crystals will change colour to yellow, when all crystals changed to yellow, you will hear a ding. During this moment, the mammoth will create a shockwave of ice that covers nearly the entire map. You will to stay away as far as possible when that happens, Getting hit by this shockwave is fatal at this point of the game.

Volcano Area

A lot of monsters in this area absorb fire attacks. The worst part is that the heat in the area will deal continuous fire damage to both you and the monsters, preventing them from dying. If you're ever stuck in a room with a force field where a monster just won't die, it's because the continuous fire damage is healing them. Start the area by heading north, then head right and fight a Red Dragon. Defeating it will spawn a treasure chest containing a curry recipe. Now return to the previous room and head west to find two rooms. The room in the west is filled with fire spirit monsters, and if you manage to defeat them a switch will appear that spawns more dragons. There is no reason to be in this room unless you want to grind for experience points, so head to the room north instead. Defeat all the monsters in this area to reveal a yellow switch. Press it and it will remove the yellow pillar in the starting area. Head to the room where the yellow pillar was. Watch out for the fire trap and press the blue switch in the area, then continue north. This room appears to be a dead end, but there is actually a hidden passage on the right through the pile of rock. Take the path east again, and another hidden passage can be located through the rocks. Once you press the red switch, head back to where the red pillar was and fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Hinoe (Red Lion)
AKA: Crimsone
39000LoveFireSalted CharRed Lion Fur, Quality Fur, Fur
Kinoto (Blue Lion)
AKA: Aramanthine
31500LoveWindSalted CharBlue Lion Fur, Quality Fur, Fur

This boss fight is actually a lot easier than fighting the Crystal Mammoth, even if you are fighting two bosses at the same time. Each lion has a different elemental, but Aramanthine is more magic based, while Crimsone is more physical. Aramanthine can heal about 30% of it's HP when its HP drops to a certain point and can also cause tornadoes. Crimsone's magic is much simpler and just breathes fire in a straight line. It's best to deal equal damage to both lions so you can take them both out at the same time. Like the statues, the other lion will go berserk when one of them dies, which increases its attack power so much it can potentially kill your character in one hit.

Cave Area

Start the area by running left and then south. Defeat all the monsters in the area to create a red switch near a treasure chest. From here head all the way to the northwest to where the dead end is. From the last room where the dead end is, head south and then head east. There will be another hidden passage leading you through a tunnel of falling boulders. Pass through it and you will be at the starting area. Destroy the gate, take the warp, and then kill all the monsters in the area. This will create a red switch exactly where you were earlier. Backtrack all the way there and press the yellow switch to remove the yellow pillar. Now head to the north exit to fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Siren42000N/AWater(Absorb), Fire, Wind, Earth, Light, Dark Giant 4-Leaf CloverMelody Bottle, Mealy Apple (Rare)

Siren has a few attack patterns; usually, she will stay still and start singing notes. The notes are extremely dangerous because they can cause every status ailment including instant death. Use hit and run tactics, attacking Siren when she stops and running away from her when she begins to sing. If Siren dives into the water, she will summon monsters into battle. You will have to defeat all the monsters before Siren will resurface. Siren can also swing her tail, shooting four water lasers in a single direction. Once you have defeated Siren, her drop will may end up falling into the pond. You will need a fishing rod to obtain the loot.

Temple Area 2

This section of the dungeon is pretty straightforward but laced with the most number of traps, all of which are lethal. You need to defeat all the monsters in each room before you can actually remove the walls. Start by heading north until you reach a dead end with a guardian monster. Defeat the guardian and destroy the gate surrounding the area to reveal a red switch. You will need to place an item on the white switch in the same room to remove the block near the red switch. Then return to starting area, head west, and keep moving until you finally reach the red switch. Press the red switch and then take the north exit to fight the boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Death Wall62000FireWaterIce CreamBroken Ice Wall, Small Crystal
The Death Wall isn't a hard boss, but I highly suggest bringing an extra party member because of one of his attacks. Death Wall mostly relies on transforming into different objects to attack you. If it transforms into a sword, it will swing three times in your direction. If it transforms into a hammer, it will slam that ground in a radius around it. The attack you need to watch out for is when it transform into a drill, as it will continue drilling endlessly until you're KO'd. Bringing party members to distract Death Wall is a huge help.

Forest Area

The last section of Rune Prana is long but fairly straightforward. Here you can mine Dragonic Stones, needed to make some of the best equipment in the game. You'll also find numerous treasure rooms containing high-end crafting recipes that can be opened by having the correct giant crop in your rucksack.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Dead Tree 280000??Greenifer+Moving Branch, Apple, Apple Tree Seed
The Dead Tree has been heavily upgraded from the last time you battled it. It shoots apple projectiles that are faster and deal much more damage compared to the Yokmir Forest version. When then Dead Tree's HP goes below 50%, the apples will become even larger making them harder to dodge.
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Chimera 2100797??Royal Curry, Ultimate CurryChimera's Tail, Chimera's Claw
Chimera 2 is not that much different from the version you fought in the Water Ruins. It's a bit faster but its attack patterns remain the same.
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Greater Demon 2 x250000??Big Autumn Grass, Big FireflowerChest Hair, Quality Fur
You be fighting two Greater Demons. They're not exactly difficult bosses, however fighting two large bosses in a small area makes this fight really cumbersome. The Greater Demon, only has a few attacks, they can charge at you, but once they start charging, they can't change their direction. The other attack is they create a shockwave the split in three directions. Other attacks include earth magic, just focus on dealing one Greater Demon, and then finish the other one off. The Greater Demons have weaker status then the previous boss due to having two bosses instead of one.
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
G Golem70000?Physical (50%)OricalcumTablet of Truth, Golem Tablet, Platinum, Diamond

The G Golem can be the hardest boss in the game depending on your current gear. Due to G Golem's ridiculously high defense and crit resistance, you will do next to no damage even with the best gear you can find at the moment. Magic attacks however work very well, and if you don't have a staff or other caster gear you can craft and equip the Magic Charm accessory. This will cause all your attacks to use your highest stat whether it's Attack or Magic Attack, so you will be able to use powerful spells even while wearing Attack- and STR-based gear. If you must rely on physical attacks, it is best to have the Rune Ability Cyclone or Double Kick. The last hit of both these particular moves negate defense, allowing that strike to deal normal damage despite the G Golem's high defense. The G Golem's attack pattern is exactly the same as the Sech Golem boss found in the Floating Empire, only it's bigger and faster. It can do a rocket punch as well as spin its arms to attack whenever you're close to it. If all else fails, you can win the encounter by taming it with Orichalcum.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Olive30000?EarthBig White CrystalYellow Core, Earth Crystal, Small Crysta
Emerald30000?WindBig Green CrystalGreen Core, Wind Crystal, Small Crystal
Rouge??FireBig Red CrystalRed Core, Fire Crystal, Small Crystal
Marin35000?WaterBig Blue CrystalBlue Core, Water Crystal, Small Crystal
These four elemental fairies have a very strong magic attack power and can instantly KO your character if you get hit by multiple projectiles. The good news is they are also very fragile and can be defeated easily before they can unleash their magic at you. Try to defeat them quickly instead of prolonging the fight. This battle should be a total breeze compare to the G Golem.
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Ragnarok???N/AThrone of the Emperor
This is a palette swap of Etherberd. The attack pattern is mostly the same as the final boss of the second story arc, except now he moves faster and shoots more projectiles at you. The only difference with this battle is that Etherberd can transform into one of the four dragons and use their ultimate attack. For example, he can transform intto Terrable to unleash a giant meteor or Ventuswill for a tornado attack. Otherwise, this battle is pretty much the same as the Etherberd battle in the second arc.

Once you have defeated Ragnarok, head to the next room. After the event, return to town. There's no credits this time, but you're now done with the final story arc.

Sharance Maze and Bonus

Sharance Maze is the ultimate dungeon in Rune Factory 4. You can unlock it by using the Order command after finishing the second story arc.

It is highly recommended that you wait to do Sharance Maze after clearing Rune Prana. But for those players who have trouble triggering the third story arc, you can try entering the Sharance Maze and hope to find a treasure chest room. If you're lucky you may find a level 77-99 weapon, giving you a shot at clearing the area even if you haven't finished Rune Prana. For every wing you clear, you will always receive a random Recipe Bread+. Recipe Bread+ allows you to learn recipes with a crafting level of 80 and up.

The layout, monsters, and treasure of Sharance Maze will always be randomly generated, though you can game the system by equipping a Rosary before you enter. Every floor of the dungeon will only have two rooms, the starting room and boss room. This is useful when you only want boss loot and Recipe Bread+.

SectionNameLevelNumber of Floors
1st SectionGarden of Light30010
2nd SectionSmoldering Prominence35010
3rd SectionDeepwater Shrine40010
4th SectionDragon Ruins45012
5th SectionChallenge to Fantasy50020
6th SectionBanquet of Nightmares100030

Garden of Light

Suggested Level300
Number of Floors10

Here you will be fighting all of the main storyline bosses from Rune Factory 1.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Greater Demon 2???Big Autumn Grass, Big FireflowerChest Hair, Quality Fur
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Chimera 2???Royal Curry, Ultimate CurryChimera's Tail, Chimera's Claw
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
G Golem??Physical (50%)OricalcumTablet of Truth, Golem Tablet, Platinum, Diamond
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Grimoire 2????????WindGiant Gold VegetablesGrimorie Scale
BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Terrable125000WindEarth (Absorb)Turnip HeavenEarthwyrm Scale, Dragon Fang
This fight is exactly the same as the Terraclone battle at Idra Cave. The actual Terrable isn't too difficult if you equip earth-resistant accessories, meaning his magic attacks will do nothing to you. The only difference in the two fights is that the real Terrable drops meteors at a faster pace. If you see Terrable start to roar, get away from him; this telegraphs that he's about to drop a bunch of meteors which can kill you instantly.