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Excessive classic and simple arcade fun! The latest game from the creators of the highly rated “Hiragana Pixel Party” and “Nuclien”.People are falling to their doom, however you can save them by firing portals into their paths that will teleport them to safety. It isn’t as simple as it sounds though, you need to time your taps perfectly, and in some cases it can prove beneficial to fire multiple portals at the same time with multitouch. •Mission mode with 40 unique challenges to beat•An endless gameplay challenge awaits you in “Survival Mode”It’s fiendishly simple, and offers the same addictive just one more go feeling of games like Doodle Jump or Jetpack joyride.•Game Center achievements•Challenge yourself and the rest of the world via the game’s Online leader boards•Unique Chiptune soundtrack and graphics that will pull you back to 1979!

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