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by kcansur721

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Move List by kcansur721

Updated: 01/11/2021


Dai Shi

Character Bio

The evil spirit of an ancient eight-headed dragon, Dai Shi was imprisoned long ago in an ornate box by the Pai Zhuq, or "Order of the Claw", and kept under their protection. Jarrod, a disillusioned student of the Pai Zhuq, accidentally caused the seal to be broken. Dai Shi then possessed Jarrod and took control of his body to unleash vengeance upon the world.

First Appearance

Power Rangers Jungle Fury: "Welcome to the Jungle"
Power Rangers Jungle Fury: "A Taste of Poison" (in Jarrod's Lion Armor)

Author's Notes

Dai Shi is rather ruthless in his pursuit of revenge against the Pai Zhuq for imprisoning him. After possessing Jarrod, he used his host's anger for being expelled from the Pai Zhuq to aid him in his quest.
Dai Shi uses mostly physical attacks, along with some ranged attacks with his Zocato power. He also has multiple combos with each of his special skills.
Dai Shi was announced as part of Season 2 DLC on September 24, 2019, and was released on December 18, 2019. His alternate costume was released on July 14, 2020, as part of Season 3.


Dai Shi
Dai Shi's armored form while possessing Jarrod. The armor is actually Jarrod's animal spirit armor; his spirit being the lion.
Dai Shi Color 2
The gold parts of the armor become red, and some parts of the helmet, shoulders, bracers, belt and boots become white.
Phantom Beast KingDai Shi's form when he acquired his Rinzin power of the Griffin animal spirit, greatly increasing his power, and changing his suit's motif from from lion to an avian design.
Phantom Beast King Color 2This follows the pattern of Dai Shi's lion armor with mostly black and red coloring, but with gold accents instead of white.


Standard Attacks
Light Attack
Claw strike, claw strike, dual claw strike
40, 30, 49 damage
Medium Attack
Claw strike, punch, energy burst
50, 42, 64 damage
Heavy Attack
Claw strike, dual claw strike, foot stomp
60, 57, 54 damage
↓ Light
Quick lower kick. This slowly pushes your opponent away. Most consecutive hits I've landed is four.
40, 30, 20, 12 damage
Aerial LightPalm strike
40 damage
↓ MediumLower claw strike
50 damage
Aerial MediumKnee strike
50 damage
← HeavyUpward claw strike followed by an energy burst
30, 40 damage
↓ HeavyClaw strike
60 damage
Aerial HeavyClaw strike
60 damage
GrabClaw strike, claw strike, kick
30, 30, 30 damage
← Grab
Throws your opponent behind him on their back, then strikes them with an energy burst
50, 50 damage
Special Attacks

Wolf Rush
This attack has five different commands based on button input. Initially pressing B will send Dai Shi into a running charge. The button command can be used at any point while he is running.

  • No command: "Zocato!"
    Slashes with Zocato power
    70 damage
  • Y: "Raging Slash!"
    Dual claw strike with Zocato power. If you use the command at point-blank range, Dai Shi will appear behind your behind your opponent.
    70 damage
  • X: "Come down!"
    Launches a flaming lion's head diagonally upward. Can only hit airborne opponents. This is effectively an aerial grab that slams your opponent on the ground.
    20, 70 damage
  • A: "Surge!"
    Dai Shi hops backward and releases an energy ball that deals multiple hits.
    83 total damage
  • B
    Stops Dai Shi's run and cancels the attack
→ Special

This attack also has different commands based on button input. Dai Shi leaps into the air on a parabolic arc, and the commands are used in midair.

  • No command
    Slide kick
    70 damage
  • Y: "Wrath!"
    Downward claw strike
    70 damage
  • X: "Kill!"
    Turns in midair and strikes with his claws
    70 damage
  • A: "Elephant Drop!"
    Double foot stomp, dives straight down
    60 damage
  • B
    Same as Aerial Special
    70 damage
← Special

This attack also has different commands based on button input. Dai Shi leaps back and clings to the side of the screen. After three seconds of no input, Dai Shi will lower to the ground.

  • Y
    Claw strike; stays clung to the wall
    60 damage
  • X
    Diagonal dive kick
    70 damage
  • A
    Leaps to the opposite side of the screen. Pressing A again without attacking with lower Dai Shi to the ground. You can effectively stay on the walls indefinitely by pressing Y and then A to go back and forth.
  • B
    Cancels this stance and returns Dai Shi to the ground
Aerial Special

Releases an energy wave that knocks your opponent against the opposite end of the arena
70 damage

EX Special"Spirit of the Lion! Feel my wrath!"
Unleashes a series of slashes, knocks your opponent into the air, then slams them into the ground
250 total damage

"I am Dai Shi! I am unleashed!"
Dai Shi leaps to the wall behind him and unleashes a series of random dash strikes around the arena. The damage dealt varies depending on how many attacks land.
408 total damage (that I've seen)
(Prior to Game Update 2.3, Dai Shi used the plural pronoun "We" during this attack.)