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After more than 2 million downloads of "Jewel Fever" we are proud to present "Jewel Fever 2" and it´s better than ever!"Jewel Fever 2" is still an addictive match-3-puzzle-game.It features:- Three singleplayer game modes: Normal, Quick and Infinite- One multiplayer game mode- Ability to resume games that were interrupted- HD graphics (incl. particle-systems) with retina- (including iPhone 5) and full iPad-support- steady framerates with 60 FPS on most devices- 15 Objectives to be completed (in normal-mode or quick-mode)- Full "Game Center"-support- Combos: You can achieve more points by making combos!- You can listen to your own music now (instead of the in-game music)Instructions:Normal mode:you advance to the next level when you match the required number of jewels as it´s shown in the upper part of the screen.Quick mode:Try to match as many jewels as you can in 60 seconds!Infinite mode:You have unlimited time so you won´t be surprised by any "game over"-messagesMultiplayer-mode: Both players play on their own but identical gamefield. Whoever makes more points in 120 seconds will win!You can move the jewels by tapping at the source and then at the target-position or just swiping!

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