The Summer Time and Fairy Tale skin packs haven't been available since launch, anyone know if they'll return?

  1. I bought the game after launch so I didn’t get those packs then. I’m curious if they’ll return since I’ve been looking to get them.

    User Info: Tyler4569

    Tyler4569 - 5 months ago


  1. Of course they will return. There are a lot of items from the Grand Prix dropping in the Pit Stop, so it's very rare. Buy items or wait a whole day for the Pit Stop to refresh and maybe the packs you want will be available to buy.

    User Info: Lagi6crus

    Lagi6crus - 5 months ago 0   0
  2. The packs themselves will probably never return due to the grand prix bundles overwriting all the non grand prix bundles, and most of the main items now being sold at the pit shop as separate items.

    User Info: BeatScrafty2

    BeatScrafty2 - 5 months ago 0   0
  3. From what I've seen, the Grand Prix packs have overwritten these packs.

    However, it does appear that they're making everything in those packs available as separate purchases, though the special skin for N. Trance hasn't reappeared despite N. Trance himself is appearing.

    Between the GP Events and the rolling out of MTX, it's looking like Activision and Beenox is gonna be making this a waiting game at this point unfortunately.

    User Info: thegamemaster8

    thegamemaster8 - 5 months ago 0   0
  4. So, the game was patched recently.

    The Life Saver N. Trance Skin is now available in the Pit Stop again, meaning that everything within those at-launch packs should be available as separate purchases in the Pit Stop.

    User Info: thegamemaster8

    thegamemaster8 - 3 months ago

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