Friends are "Not Joinable"?

  1. So far when ive tried to join friends it says "Not Joinable" one has been able to join me but another hasnt, and i cant join anyone, is there any fix for this? Ive heard some people have been able to join people when they werent connected to their home network.

    User Info: BlazeWarz

    BlazeWarz - 6 months ago


  1. Were you sure that they were currently playing CTR online or not?

    User Info: CommandPrompt

    CommandPrompt - 6 months ago 0   0
  2. definitely was playing online

    User Info: BlazeWarz

    BlazeWarz - 6 months ago
  3. I'm having this same problem. Though it's not allowing me to join anyone or them me.

    I've not found much about it online, but saw someone mention something about NAT type? Something to do with your router. I'm not sure how or what to change.

    Luckily, matchmaking is working fine for me but would be nice to play with friends

    User Info: DynamicOblivion

    DynamicOblivion - 6 months ago 0   0
  4. Yeah i saw something about nat type but idk what to do with it either, activision havent helped

    User Info: BlazeWarz

    BlazeWarz - 6 months ago
  5. Can't connect to my friends either. Unjoinable
    Anybody figured it out yet?

    User Info: DQBLink

    DQBLink - 6 months ago
  6. I conntacted beenox multiple times about this and they never respond back

    User Info: Nabiki_Tendo

    Nabiki_Tendo - 4 months ago 0   0

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