Is managing the Iso-8 that important?

  1. Is it worth it? It seems awfully complicated and I feel like the Alliance Enhencements are enough. Am I wrong?

    User Info: YJVi

    YJVi - 5 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can get through the main game within reasonable difficulty without using the ISO-8 much, but once you try the harder difficulties you unlock upon beating the game, you'll find ISO-8 much more important.

    ISO-8 customization is also rather important for several Infinity Rift missions.

    User Info: Deenbektorian

    Deenbektorian - 5 months ago 0   1

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  1. It's not complicated at all, the game shows you what you need to build up higher end ISO's from lower end ones...

    You upgrade an ISO to +5 then you have to fuse the previous grade in to it to upgrade it to the next grade, so on and so forth.

    So for example:

    Get a small ISO, upgrade it to +5
    Fuse it with 2 small ISO's and it becomes a medium ISO.

    Now level the medium ISO to +5 by fusing it with a single smaller ISO.

    Now to upgrade it to a large ISO you need two more medium ISO's.

    The pattern carries on... basically just single out an ISO you want to max out and level up other ISO's accordingly to what you need to max out that single Giant ISO... trust me, it's easy, just don't get too far ahead of yourself with the thinking and you'll be fine.

    Make sure to lock important ISO's as well so you don't accidentally fuse them in to crappier ISO's.

    Once they're in their largest form, you're pretty much safe from fusing them but you can still break them down in to materials, so be careful.

    You'll need to equip ISO's on your characters after you finish Mighty difficulty, you won't be able to survivor Superior or Ultimate without some kind of buffs on your characters. Even if you level them to 100 you'll probably just squeak by Superior.

    On Ultimate you're going to want Rainbow ISO's in just about every slot on your characters as well as 4 ISO slots. Rainbow ISO's have 2 abilities on them instead of 1 and they can be any random combination of colors, they can solo be the same color, so you could have two of the same stat on the same Rainbow ISO from the same color group... so two Orange +% to Mastery, so you could get like 26% extra Mastery on a single Rainbow ISO which makes them pretty powerful and gives your characters a significant upgrade.

    Worth doing imo. I've been fusing all my single colored ones the entire game as their materials are inconsequential to the end game. End game you'll want Rainbow stuff, so the single colored ISO's go to the way side... in other words, I wouldn't horde the single colored ISO's... just fuse the ones you need because you'll most likely be leaving them to rot in your inventory once a better Rainbow ISO comes along.

    The only exception to single colored ISO's are the XP gain ones. Single character XP buff ISO's are Blue and provide the equipped character with up to 100% extra XP.

    Team XP ISO's are White and provide the entire team up to 100% extra XP regardless of who has it equipped so long as that character is in your active team.

    User Info: Neo_Rizer

    Neo_Rizer - 5 months ago 2   0

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