Why can't Player 2 can't change characters in local wireless co-op?

  1. I just bought our household's second Switch, and am playing MUA3 with my girlfriend via local wireless, but when we enter the game together, only Player 1 can switch characters on the fly. Player 2 is stuck with the character chosen in the lobby menu. Anyone know if this is a permanent situation, or if there is a fix? Thanks!

    User Info: GameDrinks

    GameDrinks - 4 weeks ago

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  1. Player 2 in Co-op can switch characters when his character is incapacitated. Since player two is joining your room, he is allowed to pick one character from his roster progression the other three are from your roster your progression thus player two won't have access to your Com characters. When player 2 is incapacitated he can take control of your coma and revive his character. Hopefully they will change that but most likely won't.

    User Info: Pwezsall

    Pwezsall - 4 weeks ago 2   0


  1. Assuming it's the same as Online Co-Op, at the Lobby/SHIELD Point menu, have the 2nd player press X to bring up the Menus and choose Hero Select. They should then be able to change characters.

    User Info: Ghemi

    Ghemi - 4 weeks ago 0   0
  2. If you're both sharing one joy con set (aka 2 controllers) have her press in on the analog stick.

    If you're using two different joy cons, she should be able to select other characters same as you, with the directional buttons.

    User Info: Anubiz632

    Anubiz632 - 4 weeks ago 0   3
  3. We're using two entirely different switch consoles, playing via the local wireless option rather than going online, to reduce latency. I created a local lobby for her to join, she joined, we selected our roster, and went in to the game. I could then change characters but she was stuck with whomever was selected as P2 in the character menu

    User Info: GameDrinks

    GameDrinks - 4 weeks ago

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