Is it possible to play splitscreen and local at the same time?

  1. I want to play this game with some friends, the thing is, we have 2 switches and 4 people. So what we wanted to do was use one switch on the TV with 3 people in it, and one other person alone in their switch using local wireless.

    Do you know if this kind of setup is possible? From the menus it doesn't look like it, but I wanted to confirm with someone that already has the game.

    User Info: maquiavelmg

    maquiavelmg - 1 month ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Yes go into co-op, then select local, Create a room and select 4 players and Then off of your switch with 3 players press L+R to join in at character select. The person with their own switch can choose their character as well. Then you all need to press + to start the game. You can choose between Infinity/rifts or Story. The other person on their switch has to have the checkpoint though for that corresponding part of the story.

    User Info: Pwezsall

    Pwezsall - 4 weeks ago 2   0
  2. Thanks a lot! I will be buying it to play this weekend!

    User Info: maquiavelmg

    maquiavelmg - 4 weeks ago


  1. Yeah No Problem it's a great game.

    User Info: Pwezsall

    Pwezsall - 4 weeks ago 1   2

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