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Guide and Walkthrough by IlMrm

Version: 1.33 | Updated: 02/22/2004

Strikers 1945 Plus

# Strikers 1945 Plus                                                          #
# Walkthrough/Tips/Hints with the Spitfire MK VI                              #
#                                                                             #
# Written by Daniel Y Chan                                                    #
#                                                                             #
#                                                                             #
#                                                                             #
# Email - RollingNapalm at Hotmail.com                                        #
#                                                                             #

I - Introduction
II - Basics/Tips/Hints/Rants
III - Spitfire MK VI
IV - Walkthrough - Levels One to Eight, First Loop
V - Miscellaneous
VI - "How to Use the 10 Bombs in First Loop to Clear First Loop"
VII - Legal Stuff
VIII - Credits


Version History

Version 1.0 - 11/21/2003 - Began writing.  This is my first attempt at a FAQ.
Hopefully it will turn out all right.

11/26/2003 - Finished writing Version 1.0.  Wanted to finish this before
schoolwork.  Haha.  I think it turned out all right.

Version 1.1 - 12/1/2003 - Beat the game with the Pancake.  Whew.  Love the
tracking lasers and super-shot.  Update on strategy on the last part of the
last boss.

Version 1.11 - 12/1/2003 - Clarified that I've only beaten the first loop.
Still have the whole second loop to go.  It's gonna take a while.  Update on
ending sequence.

Version 1.12 - 12/2/2003 - Minor correction on railroad mech boss.  Minor
update on ranking title.  Added power-up location on 1-7.

Version 1.2 - 12/4/2003 - Beat first loop with the Spitfire(finally).  Updated
strategy on fighting the last part of the last boss with the Spitfire.  Updated
the third part of the last boss.  Minor correction on the sky boss.  Added name
of the big rocket(according to the Playstation Strikers 1945 instruction
booklet).  Location of power-up in 1-7 in detail.  Possible safer technique in
dealing with the railroad boss exploding pink/fast blue spray attack on 1-3 and
1-4 added.  Updated introduction.

Version 1.3 - 1/5/2004 - Happy New Year!  Minor corrections(spelling, grammar)
all over the place.  Probably still some lurking around.  Seems like they pop
out no matter how many times I proof-read.  Funny how I don't proof-read for
schoolwork but I do for this.  Minor updates throughout.

Version 1.31 - 1/21/2004 - Couple of minor updates including 1-8 boss third
part semi-safe way to counter the blue sprays.  Hit 2-2 the other day with the
Pancake, due to favorable stage order.

2/3 - Happy birthday Miriam!!!!!

Version 1.32 - 2/7/2004 - Correction on the first four stages of the second
loop.  Turns out they are not random.  It is the same as the first loop.  Let's
say you get sea, railroad, sky, land/air in first loop, then the second loop
will also be that order.  I am 95% positive.  Update(again) on final boss final
form technique.  This one seems to work the best. :)  Update on rank and end
art.  One lifed the first loop in a bomb fest the other day(they gave me 10
bombs for the first loop, and I put them all to good use), only to get my ass
handed back to me in seven flavors in 2-2.  It'll be very hard for me to
progress past 2-2. :(  This might the last update for a while, since I can't
think of anything more to add.

Version 1.33 - 2.21/2004 - Ok, this time it might be the last update for a
while.  Correction on end art caption.  For the Pancake, it is "Angel Fase",
not "Angel Ease".  For the Spitfire, it is "Vaiolent Bee", that's right,
"Vaiolent".  I think my spell check is not gonna like it.  :)  Had best gaming
day the other day. Hit 2-3(Just like Miriam's birth date) with the Pancake.
Got new rank of "The Genius".  Got my money's worth that game.  Also beat first
loop with the German plane(Very fun plane to use too).  The max-powered
missiles/supershot shield combo is unbelievable.  ^_^  These were accomplished
after munching down Little Debbie's Ho-Hos and a 20 oz orange soda during
class.  Plenty of sugar to "help" the reflexes.  It really works.  I have
probably reached my limit in this game.  Right now with two starting lives, and
the extend I don't see myself getting past 2-3.  I also don't have the
discipline to learn the second loop patterns.  :(  Also added my own bomb use
chart for the Pancake.  "How to Use the 10 Bombs in First Loop to Clear First
Loop"(On a good day with even one life).

I - Introduction

Hello all, my name is Daniel and I am a big fan of shmups.  When I was around
seven years old living in Hong Kong I watched some guy played Dragon Spirit.  I
patiently waited around 20 minutes while the guy beats the game, then it was my
turn!  Less than a minute later I was at the back of the line again.  Needless
to say I was more than happy when Dragon Spirit came out on the NES and I
didn't die all my lives in less than a minute.  That game and Sky Shark turned
me into a shmup fan.

I was pretty surprised my school put in Strikers 1945 Plus, since arcade genres
nowadays seem to be all driving, fighting or those gun games, since they make
money.  Anyway Strikers 1945 Plus is a vertical shooter by PSiKYO with eight
stages of intense fun (maybe not the first 1 1/2 stages, which is not as
frantic, but still fun).  Fans of Strikers 1945 II will noticed the
similarities between the two.

I have beaten the first loop with the Pancake and the Spitfire and the German
plane(I have made the most progress lately, probably because I found a couple
of spots where I can save bombs ^_^)  Usually, I could get to the last part of
the last boss quite consistently, and most of the time I am one bomb short or
one super-shot connecting from beating it(now that my school added Raiden
Fighters Jet, which surprised me again, I am splitting time and money between
the two). I feel I know enough to write a FAQ. Hopefully any fellow pilots
reading this guide can find it helpful in anyway.  For this walkthrough, it
will be written in the perspective of the Spitfire MK VI.  My fighter of
choice.  Feel free to use whatever plane that suits your individual playing

There are video replays around the net for this game and other shmups.  Now
those guys are experts.  I have not actually seen a replay for this game,
because I am still on 56K and it'll take around six months to download it. :)
From the descriptions, they can clear the game and get well into the second
loop.  I worship the ground they walk on.


II - Basics

The point of this game is to guide the plane of your choice through a hail of
flak, bullets, and other nastiness the enemies are firing/throwing/spitting at
you, while collecting power-ups(represented with a P), bombs(represented with
a B), and gold bars(represented with, yes, gold bars) and shooting back at them
with your own goodies.  My English teacher would not approve of that sentence.
Getting the above goodies is up to the player's discretion.  If you want a
challenge, try not to get many Ps or Bs.  If it is too risky to get the gold,
or if going for the gold will put you in a "strategically-negative"(is that a
term?) spot, then I would recommend you not do so.  I lost count of how many
times I lost a life or have to waste a bomb because I went for those 4000 point
bars and ended up in a very, very "strategically-negative" spot.  However
getting points is a good thing, because at 600,000 points the game rewards you
with an additional fighter.  So in a game that you start with only two
fighters(or depends on how your friendly local arcade people programmed it),
that's 50% more plane!

Unlike many other shmups, crashing your plane into an enemy, will not result in
your fiery death, but a "power down", in which your shot power will go down one
level.  Of course picking up another power-up will restore that.  Crashing into
a bullet will forever lead to a quick and fiery death(except in Ikaruga, but
that is a whole new game).  For an in-depth and excellent description of
weaponries and aircrafts of the game, please refer to the walkthrough by Mav.

Should you meet an unfortunate death, either by the enemies' well-aimed shots,
a lucky shot, a stupid bullet hidden behind an explosion, or any of the other
900 ways to get blown out of the sky in this game, your plane will explode(of
course), and your power-ups icons(usually a couple of them), and maybe a bomb
and sometimes two(depends on how many you have when you got shot down) will pop
out.  If that is your last life, your will see the infamous Continue 9
countdown. If you still have lives left you continue where you left off, but
the game speed will slow down.  Enemy bullets will be slower.  This lasts for
around one full level.  Then the game goes back to full speed.

Power-Ups - Represented with a P icon.  They float around, and if you don't get
them by touching them, they will float away.  Get four of them to reach full
power.  Each P you get after that will be *gasp* "Four thousand dollars, erhh I
mean points" Muahahahaha.

Bombs - Represented with a floating B icon.  Well bombs in this game are
support forces.  Big cool ones too.  They are not the traditional bomb where
when you shoot it and it results in a big thermonuclear explosions.  In 1945
Plus, when you call your bomb, a single big bomber or a formation of
fighters/bombers will come out to protect you and fire at the enemy.  They'll
stay on the screen for about 3-4 precious seconds.  The Spitfire's bomb is
described later.  There's even a big rocket!  A German V-2 I think.  Once again
they float away after a while.  Please refer to Mav's guide for more detailed

Update/Correction: - According to the Playstation Strikers 1945 instruction
booklet, the rocket is an A9A10.

Gold Bars - Try to get the maximum value of these babies.  To do so, wait until
the gold bar "blinks".  Get it when it blinks.  For the single gold bars, the
range is from 200, 500, 1000, and 2000 points.  For the big gold bars, it is
500, 1,000? 2000, and 4000 points.

Once again, 600,000 points will get you a 1-UP.  Unless they programmed it to
800,000 or something.  Then you will get the 1-UP at either the end of 1-7 or
somewhere in 1-8.  Ouch.

Note:  Some people say using a lot of bombs is not that good.  Others say the
opposite.  I don't know what is right or wrong about bomb use.  My advice would
be if you are in a tight spot, or just can't figure out a certain pattern, then
use a bomb to save yourselves.  That's what I do.

Another note:  One thing I like to do is to fire at a target, and right before
it's about to be destroyed, I am already moving to the next target.  For
example, I will be firing at target A, and right before my last missiles have
hit target A, I am already moving toward target B, and by the time my missiles
hit target A and destroys it, I am already firing on target B.  This can give
you that precious half of a second head start.  After playing a while, you will
get a sense of the power of your weapons, and you can anticipate when a target
will be destroyed.

Yet another note:  Try to "manipulate" the enemies' shots.  Once you have a
general understanding of what enemies fire what, you can get them to shoot at
a certain spot.  For example, a big bomber that shoots volleys of two blue and
then three blue aimed shots at you; you can stay in the center to get it to
shoot at the center, at the last second right when it fires, you move to the
right.  This comes in handy in certain spots.  Notably 1-7 with the green
bombers and spinning turrets and those orange tanks.

More Note:  It seems to me when fighting big enemies and bosses, the later you
use your super-shot, the stronger it is.  For example, I would use 3
super-shots to destroy something.  But if I use my regular shots to weaken it,
and I use just one super-shot, it would be destroyed.  It takes about the same
amount of time too.  So mostly I tend to save my super-shots, but I definitely
use them to take out external weaponry on boss.


III - Spitfire MK VI

As much as I like the Pancake, I still fly the Spitfire the most. The Pancake
has those nice tracking lasers cleaning up those annoying little fighters(200
points each, they add up!)  Its super-shot and bomb is above average too.  One
day I tried the Spitfire. I forgot whether it was by accident, since they are
located right next to each other.  I didn't do so well at first, but eventually
I've grown to love this plane.  This might sound silly, but this plane seems to
be the most graceful.  It's just really fun to strafe, and letting the napalms

Since there are no tracking lasers, those annoying little fighters(ALFs) will
be all over the screen, and those annoying little pink bullets they shoot will
fill up the screen with nice little pink dots.  The graceful movement of the
fighter maneuvering through a hail of bullets is just too majestic, and
hypnotic.  Another reason I love shmups.  The Spitfire has a strong regular
shot, an above average super-shot, and a life-saver bomb, which wipes out all
bullets the moment it is released, followed by a formation of five bombers
which protects you and fire straight shots.  The Spitfire's speed is a big help
too.  Plus it is my favorite World War II fighter.  There's plenty of excellent
information about its role in the Battle of Britain all over the place.


IV - Walkthrough - Levels one to eight, first loop.

Note: This is the strategy that I mostly use when I play.  Some of them are not
perfect, so I apologize in advance.  If anyone finds better and safer
techniques, feel free to share them.  On with the walkthrough. The levels are
identified as 1-1(first loop level one), 1-2(first loop level 2), and so on.
The first four stages are in random order, which means it will be in a
different order each time you play, but will always be the same four levels.
Regardless of which order, level one will be the easiest(of course), and it
will get progressively harder.

There is an order that seems to be the easiest.  I will list the first four
stages in the easy order, but with tips on how to deal with that same level in
the harder difficulty.  Ladies and gentlemen, pop in a quarter, put your drinks
on the second player side(unless you like playing in second player side or are
playing two players), be careful not to knock the drink over by accident or in
a fit of rage, and "let's rock"(Al Bundy), maybe he would say "let's fly", and
he'll put on pilot sunglasses.

Warning. Remember which button is for bomb, and which button is for regular
shots.  You don't want to accidentally shoot a bomb by accident.  *cough cough*
Happened to me before both in RF Jet and this.  I think there was a cute girl
nearby both times.

1.  Mission 1 - Half Land Half Sky Stage

As with most shumps, when you start your first level, the first flight of enemy
fighters in formation will give you a power-up.  In this case, shoot the red
annoying little fighter(ALF) and it will give you your first power-up, the
first of many in the game.  Note: ALFs will always show up throughout all the
levels.  Sometimes they'll be in formation, sometimes by themselves.  Sometimes
they'll fly at you; sometimes they don't.  After the power-up, your Spitfire
will have two little missiles in addition to stronger bullets for its regular
shots.  Annoying little tanks(ALTs) will emerge, one or two of them, and on 1-3
and 1-4, I think three or four.  Pick up the gold they left behind if your

There will be a couple of dark color tanks that show up in the middle.  They
are a little bigger than the ALTs, and they are stationary and don't do
anything on the first loop(on the second loop they fire straight pink shots).
Take them out and take out the little turret on the right, and the ALTs on the
left.  Be careful on 1-3 and 1-4 and take out those little tanks and turrets
quickly, because those slow pink bullets can trap you while the fast blue shots
from the turrets can nail you.  Another turret on the left.

Soon you will come upon three or four tanks coming out from the right, a turret
on the right, and two medium-size dark color tanks in the middle(they shoot).
On 1-3 and 1-4 this area can be quite a pain.  What I do is drop a supershot on
the right side to eliminate the ALTs, then drop one right between the two dark
color tanks, and then clean up any remaining enemies.  Look for gaps in the
pink bullets to squeeze through.  Try to draw their fire and "herd" the bullets
to give you space to escape.

Next will be more ALTs and another stationary tank(doesn't shoot on first
loop).  This is followed by two ALTs coming out from the left, another medium
size tank(always shoot), and a turret that pops out(you will get a bomb from
this guy).  Get the bomb when it's safe.  Destroy them with a super-shot on the
later levels.

After the many land enemies you've faced, you will now face air enemies.  A
medium size bomber will show up on the right.  In 1-3 and 1-4 it will shoot
volleys of three/two, and four/three blue shots respectively.  In 1-1, there
will only be two bombers, both on the right side.  On 1-2, there will be three:
right, right, left.  On 1-3 and 1-4 there will be four: right, right and left
at about same time, then left.  On 1-3 and 1-4, when the left and right one
show up(actually the left one show up a little bit faster) take out the left
one with a super-shot to make your life easier.  Before the plane even shows I
have my super-shot charged and ready to fire.  When it comes out I let the
super-shot go, then I go near the center, dodge it's fire, then I do a little
counter-clockwise move to draw the fire from the right one.  Take out the right
one, then try to stay near the center, so when the last bomber comes out, it'll
shoot toward the middle at you, and you simply move to the left and pour fire
into it.

Things will be quiet, just a few ALPs buzzing around.  Then a squad of five
ALPs will fly down, after that some small bombers will show up.  They will fire
aimed blue shots at you.  On 1-1, you get three of them, on 1-2, four, 1-3
five, and 1-4 six of them will harass you.  If you want to use a super-shot,
just wait till they fly toward the center, then drop one in the middle to take
them all out.  However I recommend that on the later levels that you save your
super-shots for the boss, which is coming soon.  To beat them without a super-
shot, take out the small bomber that first comes out one the bottom-right
first.  Then simply move to the left slowly.  After they fired the first wave
at you(which you should be able to dodge because you have room on the left),
cut back right right before they shoot and take out the remaining ones.
Nothing but some ALFs stand between you and the boss.

Boss - Air Carrier + Mech (Three Total Parts)

If you get this level as the first or second level, call it your lucky day.  I
can fight this boss without a bomb on the first three levels.  On 1-4 I always
have to use a bomb on the Part three.  Can't figure out the pattern. -_-

Part 1

Part one of the boss is the bottom section of the air carrier.  It has five
turrets firing a lot of bad things at you, especially on 1-4.  There are two
turrets each on the left and right side, and one on the center.  The left and
right ones only shoot pink.  The center one shoots aimed blue shots.  None on
1-1, two on 1-2, three on 1-3, and five on 1-4.

To start off, if you have a couple of super-shots this part will be much
easier.  Take a few pot shots at the left turrets, then drop one or two super-
shots on them, depending on whether you are on 1-2, 1-3 or 1-4.  Then simply
stay near the bottom, and sweep left and right.  On 1-4 you might have to
squeeze between the blue shots, because sometimes as you are sweeping, there
will be pink bullets that block your momentum, and you can't do anything but
squeeze between the blue shots or use a bomb.  After a while, the left and
right turrets will spin and shoot pink shots in all directions, while the
center turret continue to shoot blue.  If you have a lot of super-shots, you
can destroy the left and right turrets, making this part a breeze.

Part 2

As part one explodes, part two faces you.  Part two is the mid-section of the
carrier.  It is actually a launch pad I guess because it launches helicopters(I
think, it looks like helicopters).  The helicopters come out from the left and
right, usually two from each side at a time.  They shoot pink shots.  The
middle of the mid-section is one giant box turret.  It shoots aimed blue shots
at you.  In later levels, each volley has two waves of blue shots.  Quite a
headache if you are trapped in a corner with slow pink shots everywhere.  It
also shoots slow pink shots.

Once again sweep works, and try to take out the helicopters before they
shoot(although most likely they will shoot before you are able to destroy
them).  You should try to manipulate the shots, but cutting slightly left/right
to get the boss to throw its aim off.  Halfway through the battle there will
be a slight pause and a beeping sound, signaling the boss is about to change
the pattern of the blue shots.  Now it will shoot blobs of fast aimed blue
shots at you.  Just keep sweeping, and shoot the helicopters while dodging its
pink shots, and soon this part will join the first part.

Part 3

A mech will fly out(or is it escaping) as part two is busy blowing up.  I guess
it's not escaping, since it wants to fight you.  Time to give it the beating it
deserves.  After it settles down it will begin its first attack, which is
streams of slow pink shots with fast aimed blue(two streams of pink each from
left and right side).  On 1-1 it fires only pink, no blue.  On 1-2 to 4, more
and more pink and blue.  On 1-3, I dodge this part by moving right and up to
dodge the first volley, then diagonally southwest and up, southwest and up
again, then southeast.  On 1-4 I can only dodge the first volley, then I am
trapped in the corner, and I have to use a bomb.  On 1-4 bomb time!  I will
figure this part out someday.

After the first attack, the boss will let fly slow pink and sprays of blue
shots.  Then the boss will move from left to right while shooting four
streams(two from each side, to create a cross-fire) and aimed blue shots.  On
1-3, start on the left side of the screen.  When the boss shoots the streams of
slow pink, time it so you slip into the stream coming from the boss's left
side(on the screen the right side), as the blue shots coming down, slip into it
to the right, then finally slip out the right part of the outer part of the
pink stream.  Another way to do this is you can stay all the way to the left,
right when the pink stream come down, cut like mad to the right, past the outer
most stream of pink shot, cut like mad up, and the spray of blue shot will
barely miss you.  Do that to impress you friends.  If you mess up the timing,
don't hesitate to use a bomb.  On 1-4, the same trick works as on 1-3, but the
timing has to be near perfect.  70% of the time I use a bomb.  :(

Next the boss will shoot different patterns of blue shots with pink shots
depending on the level.  It will do this twice.  There are gaps in between,
just make sure you don't wiggle your joystick too much, or you'll smack into a
bullet because the gaps are quite small.  Some gaps are bigger than the other,
but it's hard to tell because the bullets are coming down quite fast.  On 1-4 I
tend to stay near the center, then right when it shoots, I cut left and right
quickly, and there are big gaps there.  The bullets in the middle of the
pattern have narrow spaces between them.  The ones near the edges have bigger

After this the boss will begin its first attack again.

Note:  On bosses(at least the first two, I assume maybe the first seven), if
you don't destroy them after a while, they will self-destruct by blink red
rapidly, then exploding and releasing fast big pink shots.  Pretty funny


2.  Mission 2 - Land Stage With Railroad Tracks All Over The Place.

Get ready for railroads and trains galore!  This level gives you a dark and
gloomy feeling.  First two ALTs and some ALPs will greet you.  After they are
burning, a bomber comes out from the right side(which only shoots pink shots),
a turret and a train will also come out.  Take them out anyway you wish(with
the Pancake the super-shot does wonders).

Next there will be a turret on the right side, follow by a train coming from
northwest to south east(which only shoot pink shots), a turret on the right and
left, and a train coming straight down from the right.  Whew.  The train coming
straight down is the one you have to worry about, since it shoot a lot of blue
shots on the later levels.  There are a couple of ways to handle this.  You can
drop a super-shot right before it shows up, and destroy it quickly while you
run, I mean, move away.  Or you can hover on top of it and it won't shoot.  Be
careful if you go on top of it, sometimes it shoots at you when you are flying
up toward it as it is making his appearance.  I take a few shots at the train
coming out from the left first before I attack the right train.  Then I cut
back after the right train is destroyed and clean up the remaining enemies.

After that part, a turret will be on the right, and a bomber will come out on
the right side.  Two ALTs will be in the middle, and another of those annoying
trains will come straight down from the left.  Same strategy as the other one.
Try to destroy the ALTs first, because if you choose to hover above the train,
you want to hover leisurely.

Next ALTs and a big house on the right.  Just as you are wondering what that
is, it opens up and shoot blue shots at you.  Ok it's not friendly.  On 1-3 and
four the first volleys will be four fast blue shots.  Be careful because there
will be lots of slow pink around from the ALTs and ALPs.  After the house is
demolished, it gives you a bomb.  I like to drop a super-shot on it then move
to the left and squeezing between the blue shots it fires.

More ALPs will show up, and a hard part is coming up.  Two of those annoying
trains will come out, from the bottom this time(where were they hiding?), one
on each side.  There will also be two bombers in the middle.  This part is
tricky and take good timing.  What I do is right before the train on the left
comes out; I drop a super-shot on the left side.  Hopefully the train will be
destroyed by the super-shot while I weave through the pink shots to get to the
train on the right side as it comes out.  I then hover above it and send it to
the scrap yard.  Be wary of the pink shots from the bombers as you hover above
the train.  The same technique can be used with the Pancake, but it's a little
riskier to get from the train on the left to the right, because sometimes the
train on the left will still be alive.  Then you will have both trains firing at
you, along with pink shots.

The next part will be a bunch of bombers that only shoot pink shots.  On 1-1
there's two, on 1-2 there's two or three, on 1-3 there's three or four, and on
1-4 there's four.  They'll try to stop you before the boss.  One or two might
get away from you, on the later levels.  They can count themselves as lucky.
Before their wreckage hits the ground, the boss is here!

Boss - Big Train Assault Weapons Vehicle(that sounds cool) + Mech(Two Parts)

Part - 1

Note:  Most of the technique on bosses that works on 1-3 and 1-4 will work on
1-1 and 1-2.  It actually will be much easier since 1-1 and 1-2 has fewer
bullets.  If you can do it on 1-3 and 1-4, 1-1 and 1-2 will not give you much
trouble, unless you are having one of those days.

Part one is a big boxy object that moves around on the tracks.  Its first
attack will be releasing lots of slow pink shots whose purpose is to trap you
while the boss moves from right to left.  Two turrets will come up on the boss,
and they will shoot aimed blue shots at you.  Taking them out is your first
priority.  With the Pancake it is easy, as you just sweep them with your super-
shot.  With the Spitfire, it takes practice to drop the super-shot(s)
accurately to destroy both turrets.

Next the boss will shoot a lot of pink shots at you.  If the turrets haven't
been destroyed this part can be tough.  Start at the bottom left, and slowly go
right to head the bullets, then quickly go up to avoid the whole mess of pink

Next the boss will shoot a variety of blue shots, depending on the level.  Most
of them, I think around 1-2 and 1-3, stay in the middle through the first two
waves, then cut left or right because there will be a bullet coming right at
you.  On 1-4, it shoots volleys of streams of blue shots(three or four or five
each stream)of what I called "claw formation streams".  That is one stream down
the middle, two streams diagonally to either side.  The streams have extra blue
shots next to them to make it even worst for you.  One volley of streams will
come from the left, then right, and so on.  Try to super-shot it and destroy
this part before it does this attack.

Part 2

As the BTAWV blows up, a mech will come out.  I want my escape pod to be a
mech.  Anyway it begins by shooting sprays after sprays of blue shots at you
from its shoulder cannon.  The easiest way, and I mean easy, is to go on top of
him on its left shoulder, on the right side of the screen.  Obviously not on or
under its gun shoulder.  That happened to me once on two players because I
wanted to shoot down the little ALPs before they shoot to mess up the pattern.
On 1-1 too!  That one belongs in the bloopers.  More on that later.

Correction: The mech is actually holding a big rifle typed weapon.  The weapon
is not mounted on its shoulders.

Anyway stay on the shoulder and keep shooting and charging up the super-shot
meter.  Next, the boss will attack differently depending on the level.  On 1-1
and 1-2 the boss will "jump" to the southeast, and launches five little
spinning droids, then let loose with more sprays.  Pancake users can sweep the
droids then fly to the shoulder again.  Spitfire users should drop a super-shot
on the gun shoulder as the droids are coming out then go to the safe spot.  The
super-shot will take out 2-3 of the droids.  The droids will shoot blue shots
as they are coming out, and then they will shoot pink shots, so they are pretty
harmless unless all five are there, then they can be unpredictable.  The droids
move around too.  Then the boss will jump back to the top and launch the five
droids again.  This time they shoot aimed blue shots at you.  You should be
able to destroy the boss before the droids open fire.  If not I think the boss
will shoot an exploding big pink bullet that explodes into more big pink
bullets flying in all directions(one of the funniest sentences I have ever

On 1-3 and 1-4 the boss will stay near the top and launch the five droids,
which will then shoot aimed blue shots at you.  Dodge by shooting the ones on
the left, then cut right and left.  The boss then will jump to the right shoot
this big pink bullet that will spray big pink bullets in all direction(funny
sentence again), follow by sprays of blue shots.  This is tough because the
slow big pink bullets are still coming at you and the fast blue sprays are
coming at you too, really fast.  I do this part by staying near the left,
quickly curl around the big pinks and weave like crazy over the fast blues.
Mostly I just use a bomb. -_-  The boss will then jump to the top and launch
five more droids, which will shoot aimed blue shots at you.  Destroy the boss
before they shoot, because on 1-3 and 1-4 the blue shots are fast.  I think the
boss will then shoot another exploding big pink bullet.  Wouldn't it be cool
if you get those exploding bullets as your super-shot?

Update: While watching my friend play, I noticed after the boss shoot the
exploding pink bullet, around a dozen of the bullets goes upward.  It might be
possible to dodge the droids' blue shots, then quickly curl upward and go to
the top of the screen, dodge the big pink, and be safe.  I think the blue spray
is only aimed downwards.  The trick is the dodge the blue shots from the
droids.  I will test this out.

Update:  There is indeed a "safe spot".  Do this on 1-3 or 1-4 if you wish.
Once you reach up there, just dodge the big pink shots, and you will be safe
since the blue shots are all fired downward.  The only setback is you will need
to destroy the boss with one or two super-shots, since if you did not use a
bomb, the boss will not be damaged enough.  If the next level is the sea level
at 1-3 or 1-4 or mission 5, then you might use a bomb instead and save the
super-shots for those levels.

3.  Mission 3 - Sky Stage

Get ready for some intense air-to-air combat!  There are no ground enemies in
this stage.  You begin the level, like all others, with some ALPs swooping down
on you.  This is follow by a big white bomber slowing appearing on the right
side.  Seconds later its buddy would join it from the left side.  On stages 1-1
and 1-2, it would only shoot slow pink bullets at you.  1-3, 1-4 it will add
fast blue shots to the mix.  On stages 1-3, and 1-4 I would napalm the right
one, and then take out the left one with regular shots.  Try not to do too much
exaggerate movements, because it's easy to smack into a bullet in this part,
like in many other parts of the game.  I've seen many players who move their
fighters wildly, and winding up smacking into a bullet.  I like to keep my
movements precise as much as possible.

Next there are more ALFs and some small bombers that swoop in from either side.
They shoot single pink bullets, but not that overwhelming.  While you are busy
taking them out, a huge, grayish bomber will make its appearance from the top.
It will shoot pink bullets to try to trap you, then shoot a long stream of twin
blue shots at you.  All the while those little bombers and ALFs are swarming
around harassing you.  On 1-1, it only shoot around two blue shots each time.
On 1-2 to 1-4 it will shoot a whole long stream.

What I do on the higher levels is right when the guy shows up, I drop a
supershot on the left side, taking out three of the small bombers, then I move
to the right side.  I then either drop another supershot, or use my regular
shots to take out more small bombers.  Then when it shoots the blue stream, I
would just move to the left, and there will be a gap to go through.  After the
initial stream, it will shot two fast blue shots; follow by two more, or
another stream.  So it is in your best interest to take it out as fast as

After the huge bomber goes down(have a nice swim), it releases a power-up.
More ALFs(like they can avenge their buddy) will show up, and then three
triangular-shaped planes will swoop down from the top right, then three more
for the top left.  On 1-1 and 1-2, it will only shoot pink bullets.  At 1-3 and
1-4 it will shoot a lot more pink, plus aimed blue shots.  Leave yourself room
to maneuver in the higher levels by moving in small increments to left or
right; that way when the planes are about to fire the blue aimed shots at you,
you can try to manipulate the shots to get them to shoot at where you were
while you move away.  Try to avoid the corners.  They will leave by flying off
the side of the screen after a while if you haven't destroyed them.

Next up is a medium sized green bomber appearing on the left side, follow by
its wingman on the right.  Once again on the 1-1 and 1-2 it only shoot pink
bullets.  On 1-3 and 1-4, it will shoot blue shots in twos and threes.  Try to
down the right hand side green bomber quickly, before four more triangular
shaped planes will show up, and add their bullets(pink and blue) to the party.

After all that, one last green bomber and some ALFs stand between you and the
boss.  Taking out this green bomber will give you a bomb.  You can actually see
the boss about now, on the water.(Please see corrections in the next paragraph)
Big seaplane kinda thing.  It will take off to meet you.  Boss whooping time!

Correction: - I had it confused with Strikers 1945 for the Playstation.  In
that one this boss is on the water, and you can actually see the water trails
as it takes off.  For Plus, the boss is just among the clouds, then it flies up
to meet you.

Boss - Big Seaplane + Air Mecha (Three parts)

Part 1

The boss will appear from the top, and its tail will stop about half way on the
screen.  Doesn't seem like it left much room for you.  Stay in the center and
fire at will at the tail.  With the Spitfire you should blow out the tail with
your regular shots before the boss opens up with its first salvo.  This salvo
involves fast blue shots from the boss's right and left side.  On 1-1 and 1-2
simply move to the right or left and up.  I move to the right and up.  On 1-3
and 1-4, be careful, and move to the right or left more slowly.  Especially on
1-4, because if you move to the right too fast, you will be trapped against the
side of the screen and a blue shot will hit you.  Move maybe one inch at a time
and you will have room to avoid the last few blue shots.

Next stay on the right or left side, depending on which way you went, and shoot
the wing.  You can blow off the edge of the wing for 5000 points, but it is not
required.  On 1-1 and 1-2 it will shoot clockwise/counterclockwise slow big
pink shots.  Getting hit by these is like getting hit by a dodge ball thrown by
a six year old.  On 1-3 and 1-4 the big pink shots changes to fast blue
shots(from dodge balls to Randy Johnson fastballs).  On 1-3 and 1-4 just move
up and down when necessary.  Be careful on 1-4 because after these fast blue
shots it is follow by a stream of three fast aimed shots from the boss's

Next the boss will release a whole cloud of slow pink shots, and some tracking
blue shots.  If you are on the right side, simply drop an anti-boss(haha)
super-shot on the right wing, then move to the left ahead of the blue shots.
This part of the boss should be destroyed now, and just dodge the remaining
pink bullets.  If it hasn't been destroyed, the boss will repeat the first

Part 2

The boss's wing/tail/shell thing blows off, and now becomes a roundish object
with two arm gun things.  It would move the gun arms and shoot pink bullets and
blue bullets from them, and shoot two or three straight(on the lower levels)
and aimed(on the highter levels) blue shots at you from the middle of the boss.
Simply stay a little off center to avoid most of the crap, and cut left/right
when it shoots the aimed shots.

The boss will then raise it gun arms and let loose with a lot of blue shots
from both arms, and it is both pretty and deadly.  On level two to four, it
will throw in slow moving big pink bullets too.  On level one, just go to
either the left or right, or right underneath the boss's nose, and blast away.
On the higher levels, I stay at the little gap near the bottom of the screen
between the furthest 2 blue bullets, and a little up.  So when the big pink
bullet comes down, I have room to move down, then up again.  On level one, the
boss shoots shots of three blue shots from the gun arms.  On level two, I
believe it is fours.  On 1-3 and 1-4 I believe five from each arm.  The big
pink shots are faster and more rapidly on higher levels, but only one at a
time, thank goodness.  If you see that you misjudged the position, or that a
big pink shot is about to hit you on 1-3 and 1-4, feel free to use a bomb.  The
bomb will certainly help you destroy this part of the boss.  Otherwise stay
between the blue shots, dodge the big pink shots, and shoot a couple of super-
shots to destroy this part of the boss.  Easier said then done.

Note:  There is something I like to call the "1-3 curse".  Countless times I
have died on 1-3 with five bombs because I got greedy or I made some stupid
mistake.  For some reason it is always 1-3.  It then messes up my whole game
plan.  So if you feel you are in trouble, use a bomb, and watch all the
bullets/flak/shots disappear magically. -_0

Part 3

After being lazy for the first two parts, the boss will now move around
diagonally.  Firing off more, you guessed it, pink bullets.  On the higher
levels, it will shoot aimed blue shots too.  It is important that right after
blowing up part two, to be ready for part three right away.  After blowing up
part two, move either right and then up, then left and down, or left to draw
the fire of the blue shots(higher levels), then move left and up and do your
best to dodge.  Not hard at all compared to part two.

The boss will then shoot two streams of blues shots as it move right/left, and
you have to stay in between them.  Move with the boss and you will be ok.  The
boss will then spew a cloud of more pink bullets and blue shots straight
downwards, follow by two streams of blue shots again, this time going the other
direction.  Once again, stay between them and keep firing and pretty soon this
boss is history.  If it is still alive it does this cool attack where it mixes
blue and pink shots that comes at your in waves from left/right or right/left.
Shouldn't be a problem if you stay in the middle, and just keep shooting the
boss.  Chances are it will be destroyed before the bullets ever reach you.


4.  Mission 4 - Sea Level

I love ocean-themed levels in shmups.  Especially ones with huge battleships,
destroyers, submarines, patrol boats, and carriers.  Too bad there's no
carriers in Plus, but there is in 1945 II.  Anyway to start off take down the
ALFs, then you are gonna have major company in the form of two medium green
bombers(the same from the sky stage) on the right side, and a big
battleship(not that big compared to the boss, more to come on that) on the
left.  On 1-1 and 1-2 the green bombers only shoot pink.  Later levels it will
shoot pink and blue.  Later levels this part can be a headache.  On later
levels drop a super-shot right between the two green bombers to take them both
out.  Then move to the battleship and take out the two turrets.  Be careful of
return shots.  After that fire like crazy on the superstructure until it is
destroyed.  If you can't destroy it before the rear stern turrets show up, use
a super-shot to destroy it.  You will get a bomb once it is destroyed.  Pick up
bomb icon only when it won't put you in a "strategically-negative"(I love that

Quickly rush to the right and take out the lone ALT who's been taking pot shots
at you the whole time you were busy with the battleship.  That little guy is
especially annoying.  Rush back to the left to take out the submarine that
surfaced.  Try to use regular shots.  It will shoot pink and aimed blue shots
at you.  Another sub will surface to the right of the first one.  Trouble spot
coming up.  While shooting that sub, you will have three green bombers come in
from the northeast traveling southwest slowly.  On 1-3 and 1-4 they will shoot
pink and lots of blue shots at you.  Blue shots will come in volleys of
three's.  If the right submarine is still alive, then you are gonna have a lot
of blue shots headed your way.  They are all aimed too.  So I recommend using a
super-shot on the second sub to sink it quick, and then do wide sweep from left
to right or the other way to dodge the blue shots from the green planes.  Good
news is that they stop shooting blue shots after two barrages I think.  Once
they stops shooting, try not to use super-shots on them because you will need
them later.

After that, you will have two more green bombers, first on the left, then
right.  There are some ALTs between them.  Once again, they only shoot blue
shots on the higher levels.  Use regular shots to dispatch them.  For the right
one, while shooting at it, make sure you take out the ALT that shows up near
it.  Start moving to the left as you are shooting both of them.  If you timed
it right, you last remaining fires and missiles will wipe out the bomber and
the ALT and you are already in position to assault the next set of targets.

Next up you will have two docked destroyers with three ALTs.  I go from left to
right, because the left destroyer shows up first.  First take out the ALT on
the left, then drop a super-shot on the left destroyer, then take out middle
ALT, then the right ALT, then finally the right destroyer.  Destroying the
right destroyer will free a power-up icon.  All power-ups now should give you
4000 points(drools) because you should be fully powered up by now, unless you
hit something that caused you to powered down, or if you got shot down.

Almost to the boss now.  All that stands between you and the boss is two
submarines, and a big white/grayish bomber.  The white bomber will shoot pink
bullets and pink and blue on high levels.  The subs will shoot aimed blue shots
at you.  Dispatch them with regular shots, because we will need the super-shots
very, very soon.

Boss - Battleship + Mech (Three Total Parts)

Part 1

I hate the first part of this boss on 1-3, and especially 1-4.  The first part
of the boss is a huge battleship sitting sideways, and its 210 guns(seems like
it) are all aimed at you.  The most imposing ones are the big turret and the
medium sized turret on the bow of the ship that shoots fast aimed blue shots at
you.  Those two scares me the most because sometimes it feel like the turret is
swinging around to track me, and before the cannon faces me head on, it's
shooting at me directly already!  The ship also has a bank of mini-turrets
facing you, and other guns hiding in every nook and cranny.  They shoot slow
pink, fast aimed blue, and fast blue sprays shots, oh my.  Quite an impressive
display of firepower.  Fortunately you have some serious firepower yourself.
It is called the 100% British Made and Guaranteed Anti-Boss Rolling-Napalm

On 1-3 and especially 1-4 this boss is quite a pain without using a bomb.  So
to make life easier, right when the battle starts, take a few potshots at the
row of mini-turrets, then cut right and take a few pot shots at the huge turret
and its partner, the medium sized turret, before they fully come onto the
screen.  Now press and release two super-shots as quickly as you can(now you
know why we need all the super-shots) and quickly cut to the left because the
two turrets will rain destruction up on you in the form of very quick aimed
blue shots.  Hopefully the two super-shots will have taken out the two turrets.
If not then just the medium sized one, and the big one will be blinking red
and a few shots away from joining its buddy.

If you have one more super-shot feel free drop it on the superstructure/mini-
turrets, while cutting back right to finish the big turret.  If the two turrets
are not destroyed, and you are stuck on near them, you are in trouble, because
the superstructure is about to shoot some fast sprays at you.  That along with
the shots from the turrets, and the slow pink bullets all around makes for some
fancy dodging.  I have only done it a few times on 1-4.  The same bullet always
hits me.  It's pretty funny and depressing.  Usually if I have no supershots
left, and I get stuck in that position, I use a bomb. The times I died with six
bombs in that part I almost fell down.  After the fast sprays, it will shoot 4
single aimed shots at you, one by one, in two waves.  Keeping shooting the
superstructure, and pretty soon, it will blow up(it always amazes me how a
single well-placed super-shot from the Zero, at the medium turret, can take
this boss out even at 1-4).  Out of the wreckage flies part two of the boss.

Part 2

Part two of the boss is a orange/brownish/reddish triangular cool looking
machine with a cannon pointing downward.  It will move left and right, and
shoot different patterns of shots to try to send you digging for another
quarter.  For its first attack it will shoot a big pink bullet toward the
center of the screen, and once there it will explode into a bunch of big pink
bullets.  There should be gaps on the left and right side of the screen.
Quickly move back to the middle of the screen, and about 1/3 from the bottom of
the screen.  Next the boss will start from the left and move to the right while
firing a bunch of slow pink bullets.  Don't be intimidated by them.  It may
look scary, but to avoid getting hit simply stay in the middle, when the
bullets are about to reach you move a little to the left and curl around and go
through the gap.

Next the boss will hover near the top right and disgorge three streams "claw
formation streams" blue shots.  Simply stay between them, and move left or
right when necessary.  Try not to panic.  The boss with repeat this attack
again, this time on the top left side I think.  After that attack the boss will
go to the top right, transform into a cool looking thing, and move to the left
while letting loose with lots of pink bullets.  Right about the same time a
flight of five ALFs will come down on the left side.  This attack is avoidable.
Simply cut to the right and up to avoid the whole mess, and it puts you in an
excellent defensive position for the next attack.  If you are using the
Pancake, your tracking lasers will take out the ALFs.  Spitfire users, if you
want those points, simply time it so you sweep from left to right, taking out
the ALFs and make it safely around the slow pink bullets to the top right area.
Be careful on 1-4 there will be some pink bullets that are fired horizontally
so you only have a small safe spot to take refuge.

Next the boss transforms again on the left side of the screen, and will unload
a bunch of fast blue shots, not aimed.  Start at the top right or middle right,
and move downward step by step.  The boss will then whip out some type of laser
whip/beam/club thing and whip it downward(don't get caught in it) and on the
higher levels, it will result in an explosion of un-aimed blue shots.  On 1-3
there's a big gap.  On 1-4 there's a smaller gap but still manageable.  The
boss will then move to the right, on higher levels shooting pink bullets as he
goes, and stop about the middle of the screen, and repeat his laser thing
attack.  Then he will move to the right and do it one more time.  This is kinda
scary on 1-4 because you have to squeeze between the streams of pink bullets,
being careful not to smack into the right ones exiting the screens, and curl up
and left before his laser attack, and get down into position to avoid the
incoming fast blue un-aimed shots resulting from his laser attack.

If the boss is still alive, he'll then move to the middle of the screen, and
you know he's up to something.  He'll then fire fast sprays of blues at you
twice.  Dodge that, shoot down the flight of ALFs coming in from the right,
keep shooting and the boss should disintegrate.  If not, it will transform back
to it's previous form, and shoot the big exploding pink bullet attack again.
Only this time it will move to the left while shooting blue shots downward,
which I'll admit caught me by surprised and splashed me the first time because
I was right underneath it shooting at it. O_O

Note:  From mission five on the levels are fixed. Once you reach the second
loop, the levels will be in the same order as the first loop of the same game.


5.  Mission 5 - Ruined Town and Castle/Chateau/Fortress and Desert Environment

Level five start off with a few ALFs coming from the top.  Before long you are
gonna see the edge of something rectangular.  It gets bigger and bigger.  Holy
crap, it's a big land carrier thing with dark colored ALTs on its back!
Trouble spot coming up.  You will have that land carrier thing and its ALTs, a
couple of ALTs on the right side, and a medium bomber coming in from the left.
This part is tricky.  With the Pancake, it is easy to super-shot sweep all of
them.  With the Spitfire this is what I do.  I regular-shot the ALT on the
right, right before the bomber shows up.  Then I go and drop a super-shot on
the land carrier to kill of its ALTs, then I shoot, shoot, and shoot the
bomber.  The ALTs all will shoot slow pink.  The land carrier will shoot fast
aimed blue shots(one or two), and the green bomber will shoot volleys of blue
shots, anywhere from one to five shots each time.  You will have to dodge some
of that.  Be careful of the crossfire from the land carrier's blue shot and the

The land carrier will still be alive.  It probably isn't even blinking red yet.
It's gonna take a while.  More ALFs.  Another trouble spot.  There will be a
couple of ALTs on the right.  Another of those bombers will come out from the
right and a medium size tank with a long cannon on the left.  The bomber will
shoot the same volleys, and the medium tank will shoot fast aimed blue shots.
I blow up the ALTs on the right, drop a super-shot on the bomber as I start
moving left slowly.  Watch out for the aimed blue shot from the land carrier
and the volleys from the bomber.  Then I go to the left and take out the medium
tank.  Watch out for the crossfire from the land carrier and the medium tank.

With that threat eliminated, keep pouring fire into the land carrier.  It
should be blinking red by now.  Try not to use a super-shot.  I normally just
use one, and that is to take out the ALTs on its back.  It should blow up and
give you a P icon.  There's a couple of ALTs to take care of.  Things will be
quiet for around 3 seconds, and then another bomber will emerge from the left.
But since this is one on one it is easy.  When it blows up it gives you a bomb.
Get that and quickly go to the right and blow up the little house structure
there.  There's some gold underneath.  But be careful, a bomber is about to
come out near there from the right, so don't crash into it.  Normally I use my
regular shots to take it out.

A difficult part is coming up.  After the bomber, you will have two turrets on
the left, two turret on the right, a bomber on the left, and finally a single
turret that comes up after the others on the top left.  Add to these ALFs.  Wow
what a mess.  The best way to get through this is to wait until the last
second, then use your bomb.  It will kill about 2-3 turrets, depends on how
much you've weakened the turrets of your choice, and only thing left after the
bomb is through is the single turret on the upper left.

If you don't want to use a bomb, the times I have made it through is I drop a
super-shot on the left two turrets, quickly go to the right and drop one on the
right two turrets, then cut back left, dodging the whole time, drop one on the
bomber and turret, make that very crucial cutback, and dodge the remaining
shots.  Your success depends on how much turrets have been taking out,
especially the two on the right.

After that(whew) there will be another bomber from the right side, with a ALT
and some funny looking little planes that launches mini-planes at you(both
destroyable).  If you still have a super-shot left use it on the bomber, then
get rid of the ALT, then go and take out those little planes and mini-planes.
Three of them will come on the right, and three on the left.  After that,
there's will be one of those medium tanks on the top right asking to be blown
up.  Don't get shot by that fast-aimed shot, which seems to be super fast.

Next there will be two ALTs in the middle and a wave of six planes(three from
the left, three from the right) that look like the ones from the sky stage,
except they are different in color.  They shoot aimed blue shots at you, so
with six of them, his part can be tricky, and you don't want to bite the dust
right before the boss.  If you want you can drop a super-shot on the left or
the right it'll make life easier.  Other wise stay in the middle, and just move
left and right and take them out.  Watch out for the pot shots from the ALTs.
After that it's boss time!

Boss - Mini turrets + Big Cannon + Scorpion Mech (Four Total Parts)

Part 1

You will soon see the edge of a castle-like structure.  Then you will see some
turrets.  Be careful there will be a blue shot that comes out of nowhere right
about now.  When the screen stops scrolling, you will see nine turrets: five in
the middle, and two on each side.  They all shoot aimed shots at you.  Take out
the ones in the middle.  Drop a super-shot on the left or right, and finished
the remaining two with guns.  You can manipulate the shots.  Once the turrets
are destroyed you will meet the next part.

Part 2

An extremely huge cannon, and its two sidekicks(cannons on a cart).  The huge
cannon moves up and down, while the two sidekicks move diagonally.  The two
sidekicks can be destroyed, but they are replaced right away.  The big cannon
is your target.  Right when the cannon shows up or is about to show up you will
hear a sound, like a screeching as the big cannon comes to a halt.  It will
then shoot a three stream "claw formation stream" shot at you.  You can stay
within them, or just next to them.  The sidekicks will start moving and letting
out volleys of aimed blue shots of three shots each.  Just move halfway across
the screen left and halfway across the right to dodge them.

The big cannon will then let loose this exploding mess of fast blue and slow
pink combination, with the sidekicks joining in with blue shots.  I think the
sidekicks have stopped moving.  Maybe not.  Anyway this mess is tough, because
it's tough to spot an opening.  When I do this mostly I use a bomb(I know) and
keep shooting the boss and it will blow up.  But if I dodge it, I stay somewhat
halfway between the center and the edge of the screen, either direction, I
prefer the right, and on a good day, I will spot the gap, and make it through.
I know it doesn't sound too good.  Right after making it through the gap, you
have to dodge around six blue shots each from the sidekicks, but that one has
more room.  After that the big cannon retreats near the top then come back down
and shoot blue aimed shots in 5-8 directions, about 4-6 times with the
sidekicks(now moving again I think, or maybe not) joining in.  This part I stay
somewhat near the right and dodge the first couple from the big cannon, then
quickly watch out for the ones from the sidekicks.  I maybe mistaken about the
numbers, but it gives you a general idea about the pattern.  After that the
boss should blow up.  Don't get caught up watching the big explosion; there
might still be a couple of blue shots heading your way.  Don't want to lose
before the boss does. O_-

Part 3 - Scorpion Mech

I love fighting this boss.  This boss is a dark colored crawler type mech with
two claw guns and a big tail gun.  He moves backwards the whole time you are
fighting him.  He'll try to whoop you by launching a combination of streams of
blue shots and big pink shots.  Easily avoided by moving to left or right as it
comes.  The next part is trickier.  Right after the first attack, the boss will
shoot sprays of big pink bullets to try to trap you, and aimed blue shots,
followed by a stream of aimed blue shots.  If you don't blow off the claws, it
will shoot this sprays of blue shots at you in quick succession.  There are
different ways to avoid this.  You can start at the left end or the right end
of the screen, and just keep cutting to the other side of the screen between
the big pink bullets, and go up and around the boss to avoid the long stream of
aimed blue shots.  That technique is somewhat riskier.

The technique I used is right after the first attack go to the center under
the boss, and just cut left/right or right/left and then cut left and up
clockwise around the boss.  Come back down and drop a super-shot to blow the
claws off the boss.  After the claws are off, it will shoot volleys of three
blue shots.  Stay just off center to avoid it.

Its next attack is similar to attack number two, except the blue shots comes
further in between.  The way to deal with this is to stay off center, let the
first blue shot go by, then go into the "center alley" and dodge the blue shots
by moving left or right according.

The boss will then launch an attack where it will shoot a whole mess of pink,
blue, big pink, and more at you, first from its tail gun first from northwest
to southeast, then from northeast to southwest.  For this I stay on the right
side the whole time whether than cutting back and forth, and there are gaps in
between.  Just try not to move your fighter too wildly, because you might smack
into a bullet or two.  After this the boss repeat the same attacks starting
from the volleys of three blue shots.  Before long it'll be blinking so red it
makes my eyes hurt, and it'll blow up, and you'll be off to level six.


6.  Mission 6 - Jungle/Cliff

Mission six annoys me.  I hate level six with a passion.  The only good thing
about this level is you get the 1-UP, assuming it's set to 600,000 points.
Anyway at the start there'll be an ALT on the left, and some ALFs will be your
welcome party.  Dispatch the ALT quickly then move to the right and take down
the big house-like structure, which shoots sprays of blue shots.  There is
plenty of room in between shots.  You can stay on the left to avoid the spray
too, but I like to stay right beneath the house, because I can shoot it and
charge up my super-shot meter.  Next there will be an ALT on the left, follow
by another house.  This house shoots a different pattern of blue sprays.  Be
careful if you don't kill it after its first volley, it will shoot a second set
of different pattern sprays, which is scarier because you'll be closer to it,
which cuts into your distance and reaction time.

Next part is tricky.  An ALT will be shooting on the left, and a brownish color
bomber will come out on the right.  Also some spinning things(helicopters?)
will enter from left or right.  The bomber will let lose with a lot of blue
shots, same with the spinning thing.  The best way to handle this part for me
seems to be taking out the ALT, then slowly move to the right while blowing up
the spinning things, then take out the bomber.  Another way is to take out the
bomber first by two super-shots, then cut left quick, take out ALT, if the
bomber hasn't die yet, he will shoot a spray of three streams of three blue
shots at you.  You have to curl around them, cut back right, watch out for the
spinning things and its bullets, and take them out and the bomber.  Sweeps seem
to really help here because the spinning things can't lock on to you.

Next there will be a lone bomber on the left.  After he's gone there will be
ALTs on both sides, and lots of ALFs.  There will be a house that don't shoot,
and when you blow it up, a bomb icon will pop out.  After that you will see two
houses that will shoot; each shooting sprays of four big pink bullets in three
directions, and a set of railroad tracks at the top of the screen.

Mid-boss - Tank on Tracks

If you haven't taken out the houses, this part might get tricky.  The boss will
start off with a clockwise direction spray of blue shots.  There are gaps just
off center.  He will follow that up with volleys/sprays clockwise and counter
clockwise directions.  If you have a slow plane, it'll raise your blood
pressure.  This is follow by a counter clockwise spray.  Then the boss will
move from left to right while firing downward with single blue shots.  The easy
way to beat this boss is when he rolls out from the right, go above him, and
overlap him, and he can't get to you.  Just don't stay near his gun.  That's
why it's crucial to take out those two houses, because they can mess up your

After the tank is gone, a flight of five ALTs will come down.  Before you know
it it's boss time!

Boss - Big Weapons Platform + Mech (Two Total Parts)

Part 1 - Big Weapons Platform

The weapons platform has multiple weapon placements you can blow off.  It
shoots rotating patterns of slow pink, and lots of pink, blue.  This is one of
the bosses in the game that gives me a headache to try to dodge.  So if you use
a bomb, use it right before a bullet is about to hit you, and shoot it for a
while, drop a super-shot, and it'll be gone.  If you want to dodge it, I have
only done it once on full speed.  When I did it, I was somewhere on the right
side halfway between the center and the edge of the screen, and I slowly move
to the left.  To my amazement I made it through.  Scary.  The trick is to spot
that opening to make the first cut left.

Part 2 - Mech

After it's history a mech will come out, along with six ALFs.  The mech will
fire slow pink with fast aimed blue shots of two shots each.  This is easily
avoided by starting in the center, then cut left and up.  The boss will then
fire cool looking sprays of blue shots everywhere, and two circle support orbs
will come out.  For this part, just go left or right; there will be a big
opening, and take out one of the orbs.  If you don't take out one of the orbs,
it will be trouble because they shoot a lot of blue shots.  Then if you wish go
after the other orb before it goes off the screen, or keep shooting the boss.

Next the boss will let loose some slow pink, while six destroyable rockets will
come down from nowhere.  After that the boss will let loose some crazy blue
shots.  To do this part I drop a super-shot on the left side, taking out two
rockets.  Then I go to the right, and when it releases the blue shot, I cut
left past the bullets coming down the middle.  There will a space there, cut in
and go back to the right past the bullets coming down the middle, there will be
a space there too, cut in and go back to the left past the bullets coming down
the middle, space again, cut in and back to the right and you are safe.  Once
again, spotting the opening in all those bullets is the trick.  The boss will
then repeat the first attack, and so on.  If you want don't beat it until the
two orbs come out again for more points.


7.  Mission 7 - Enemy Base/Construction Factory/Weapons Plant Place

The bad guys are probably sweating now, since you are in their base.  Time to
wreck havoc!  The level starts off with a spinning turret near the right side.
Then a moving gun cart will move up and down on the left side.  Both of those
shoot pink shots.  A bomber will show up on the right side.  Then another on
the left.  A gun cart again on the right, then a bomber from the left, and
right, and an orange tank that you will come to hate.

For this part, I wait until the left bomber comes near the spot where the
orange tank emerges, near the top left, then I drop a super-shot.  Then I go
near the middle, and when the right bomber shoots(the bombers shoot aimed blue
shots volleys), I go right and curl up, while being careful of the orange
tank's volleys of aimed blue shots.  Finish up the right bomber, the gun cart
if its still alive, then the orange tank.  The above area is perfect to
manipulate aimed shots by getting the bombers to shoot at where you want them
to shoot at.

A spinning turret on the end of a crane is next.  Finish it quick then get
ready for a bomber from the left.  After that you will have two little turrets
and an ALT and a house that don't shoot.  The house will give you a power-up.
From this area on it is gold bars galore.  ALFs will show up in waves, as you
get ready for the mid-boss.

Update - It's either the house or some other enemy around here that gives you a
power-up.  Or it might only give you a power-up if you are not fully powered-up
yet.  I am not too sure.  0_0?

Mid-boss - Two different ones, only have to face one(not sure if there's a way
to trigger which one you will face).

Mid-boss one - Big Robot With Vents

This guy is easier in my opinion.  Don't shoot your super-shots too early when
he first start to show up, because they'll miss.  Tough lesson learned
especially since it was the Zero's super-shot.  Flew right through the boss and
off the screen while I stood there wide-eyed.

It'll begin its attack by launching four spinning droids(I think they are the
same ones from the railroad level boss) from the two vents, two on each side.
They will shoot pink bullets when they explode when you destroy them later, but
if you destroy them as they first come out they won't shoot I think.  The boss
will also shoot pink.  After this the boss will shoot blue shots.  For this
part, I shoot a super-shot, and destroy the two left droids before they shoot.
I then make my way through the pink bullets to the left, and do a little curl
up and left clockwise to get around the blue.  Then I make my way back to the
center for the next attack.

The next attack the boss will fire fast volleys of blue shots.  Really fast.
Four or five or six shots each sprays.  Move left and right according, and stay
calm.  I think there are only one or two shots that can hit you if you stay in
any one place.  You can either stay in one place and dodge, or you can cut
left, left, left, or right, right, right in small intervals.

After this the boss either fires some more blue shots or goes back to the droid
launching attack.  Either way drop enough super-shots to destroy it, but make
sure you save at least one super-shot.

Mid-boss two - Robot With Shields.

This guy is harder in my opinion.  Not because he has "snickers" shields, but
his patterns are more annoying.  Just to point out a Zero super-shot will send
both of them packing with one shot, shield or no shield.  Anyway this guy will
start off with some slow pink(don't they all), then five fast blue shots
straight down.  Stay off center to avoid that.

Next you can tell it's about to do something dramatic, because it's charging
up.  It will then shoot a spray of blue shots, where in the spray, two shots
are close to each other, and there are at least eight or more of these "two-
shots close together shots"(close enough).  I am not sure if they are aimed or
if they are the same each time.  It is hard to spot a gap until the last
second.  To make it worst the boss is somewhere near the middle of the screen,
so reaction time is cut.

Should you make it through, the boss will shoot slow pink and shoot five blue
shot volleys that track.  This part is very annoying.  If it is only the blue,
then it is easy, but the slow pink are designed to throw you off.  I cut left
and right between the blue shots and curl around the pink when necessary.  The
boss's shields should be gone now, and should be blinking red.  After this the
boss will begin it's first attack again.  Try to destroy him before he does
that two bullet close together spray again.  Be sure to save at least one

After the mid-boss is bested, it will give you a bomb.  Next you will have an
orange tank that comes out from underground, with two ALTs coming out from left
and right, totaling four ALTs.  They will shoot pink to trap you, while the
orange tank will shoot aimed blue shots at you.  Drop a super-shot at the
orange tank, then get away from its return fire.  Take out the ALTs.  Be
careful not to get trap in the corner.  This area is perfect to use the bullet
manipulation technique too.

After that you will have turret houses, houses that don't shoot, ALTs and ALFs.
You can retire from getting all the gold bars they left behind, except from the
ALFs.  Be careful not to hit a pink bullet when you are going around collecting
points, because this part is notorious for slow downs because there are so many
stuff on the screen.  What's worse is sometimes it'll be normal, then slow
down, then normal, so it can really mess you up.  Before long you will have
four moving turret carts coming out.  They will all spin and shoot pink bullets
everywhere.  Be careful since you will get closer and closer to them, and it's
hard to keep track of the four spinning turrets to see which ones are spinning
in your direction.  Next thing you know, it's boss time!

Boss - Giant Crane and Mecha(Some Assembly Required - Two Total Parts)

Part 1

I really hate the first part of this boss.  It is a giant crane with two crane
arm things.  How can a crane be so heavily armed?!  Anyway a light will start
to glow on both the arms, and you know nothing good will come out off it.  It
will then unleash this terrible mess of fast spray, slow spray, blues, pinks,
fast and slow, big pinks, etc at you.  You have to see it to believe it.  On
full speed this part is very difficult.  The safe path(My success rate is about
75% each time using this)on fast and slow speed that I use is to start
somewhere between the center and the left edge of the boss, then right when it
unloads, I cut left and up and down in one quick and smooth motion.  Chances
are you have to dodge two to four times of this attack for this battle.

The boss will then shoot slow trapping pink bullets and three volleys of
five blue shots.  If you move a little to the right, u can get it to shoot the
blue shots at the center, instead of to the left.  After the last volley, be
careful of any remaining slow pink bullets.  The boss will then repeat the
exploding spray cheap attack.  Try to drop one or two super-shots at it to
quicken its demise.

Part 2

Part two is much easier than the first.  After the crane blows up, the second
part of the boss is literally put together right before your eyes.  Too bad you
can't shoot it as it is being assembled.  It's a shame it'll fall apart about a
minute later.  After it is finished, factory new, it will be a robot with a big
jet pack/weapons launcher/big rifle combination on its back.  It will float to
the top center of the screen, and unload two waves of quick blue shots/sprays
at you.  I dodge this by staying in the center, then move left twice through
the gap.  After that the boss will move right and left shooting slow pink and
blue shots(I don't think they are aimed).  I go to the top left, then back down
to avoid this.  Try not to use your super-shots too early against this guy.

The boss will then settle in the upper left, and shoot some big pink bullets
and some tracking missiles at you.  Stay underneath him and shoot him and the
missiles.  When the missiles explode, they will explode into little pink
bullets.  They shouldn't be much of a threat.  The next attack will be a
threat.  The boss will slowly move to the right while shooting twirling slow
pink shot and two beams that is like the Pancake's super-shot, and aimed blue
shots.  Don't even use a bomb because the moment the beam touches the bomb,
your bomb will fly away right away.  I go to the upper right, then slowly move
down between the blue shots, and curl around right and up around the pink and
blue shots.

Next the boss will repeat the missile attack, this time on the right side.  If
you want you can finish it with a couple of super-shots here.  It seems no
matter how much you weaken it earlier, it can be destroyed here with some
super-shots.  But I prefer to save some super-shots for the next level.  After
the missile attack the boss will fire a crazy blue shot spray attack as it
moves from top right to top left.  Just stay in the middle and move left

After that it will perform the green beams attack again.  This time stay
between the green beams and destroy it.  It's really cool if you are the
Pancake, and as it shoots you with the green beam, you shoot it with your own
beam.  Seeing him succumbs first is priceless.  That's what happened the very
first time I beat this guy.  No bombs, no lives left, just a super-shot.

Are you ready for the last level?  If you still have at least a couple of
super-shots you are ok.  If you have none in your stock, ehhh, no problem, if
you have some bombs.  If you don't have bombs or supershots, or extra lives
welcome to Desperadoville.


8.  Mission 8 - Enemy Underground Base/Alien Hiding Place

This is it, the last level of the first loop.  The mission starts with two
turrets on each side, both firing fast aimed blue shots, and an ALT in the
middle.  Take out the left turrets quick, and hover in the middle between the
right two, I think they don't shoot.  Otherwise just destroy them from the
bottom.  Next you will have ALTs and level seven's orange tank's flying
cousins, the even more annoying flying orange gun round globes.  These pests
fly around shooting slow pink and fast aimed blue at you.  You can manipulate
their shots, but you have to be quick and precise.  You always have to squeeze
between the pink shots that it shoots.  Try to super-shot these things as quick
as you can.  If you don't have any then you have to sweep back and forth.  Easy
when there's only one globe, but hard when there's two of them plus turrets and
ALTs(more on that).

Next there will be another orange globe, follow by funny zigzagging silver orbs
that shoot pink.  Then there will be an ALT on the left and right, follow by
two orange globes, one right after the other, then EIGHT turrets(four, then
two, two).  If you are really lucky, drop a super-shot on the right side when
the last two orange globes lines up.  The super-shot will take out the two
orange globes, and the two turrets behind it(better than a strike in bowling).
If you have no super-shots in this part, very liking you will have to use a
bomb.  Otherwise what I do is I start on the right, right before the orange
globe and the turrets shoot, I curl slightly up and left, then cut back like
crazy.  The times with no super-shots, I have only done it a few times
successfully without a bomb so I don't have much confidence.  I did it once
with the Zero, I still don't know how that happened.

After the turrets/orange globe mess, it's mid-boss time.

Mid-boss - Something That Resembles the Orange Globes but bigger and With a
Scary Big Laser Beam.

The mid-boss will detach from its restraining devices, fly down a tunnel with
you, and it's go time!  Most first timers not reading a FAQ will die right off
the bat.  Why?  The boss's first attack will be a huge laser beam resulting in
instant death to anything caught under it.  Once again if you use a bomb, the
moment your support plane(s) touches the beam, it(they) will flash red like
crazy and fly off.  Oh, and if you are hiding under your support, you'll be
gone too because the beam goes right through your support.  I know as a rule
you probably shouldn't stay directly underneath an enemy while playing a new
shmup especially a boss.  But this beam is so wide even slightly off center you
will get hit.  Very cheap indeed.  Lucky it doesn't come often.

Following the beam attack, the boss will shoot a spray of blue shots, follow by
slow pink shots, then a beam, two sprays of blue shots(difficult because there
will be slow pink everywhere, and the boss is close to you when it shoots the
blue sprays), more slow pink sprays, a beam, and two more sprays of blue.  Then
it will shoot a beam again.  I might have the above order mistaken, but it
should be right.  The part you have to really watch out for is the fast blue
sprays amid the slow pink.  As far as I can tell, every time the boss seems to
move downward, it's ready to shoot the big beam.  When it stops moving, it will
shoot the sprays of blue.  For dodging the sprays, you can try going in a
circle around the boss, or you can anticipate the pink, move away from it and
dodge the blue sprays while staying around the middle on either edge of the
screen.  For the daring and truly skilled(not me) you can take on this mid-boss
in the most dangerous way, by dodging the blue sprays while inside the pink
shots. :)  If you more bombs feel free to use them, just not when it's about to
shoot that beam.  Also if you get shot down, and you come back(assuming you
have an extra life), and the boss is about to be destroyed(blinking red), use
regular shots to finish it, and save the super-shot.  I know it's hard to
resist not using the super-shot.

After it's gone it leaves behind a lot of power-ups and a bomb.  If you are at
full power, then that's a lot of points.  If you got shot down, then you get
those to get to full power, and whatever it's left will be points.  The next
part will be 12 of those silver orbs, no big deal.  But then you will get two
of those annoying orange globes, at the same time!  This part is dangerous
because you don't want to get shot down before the boss.  If you have a super-
shot then drop it down the middle, and shoot like crazy.  They should be
destroyed before they shoot the blue shots.  If you have no super-shots, then
you have to cut back and forth and if you mess up your timing, use a bomb.  But
saving an extra bomb will be a big help in the upcoming boss fight.  Time for
the last boss!

Boss - Alien Mastermind - (Four Total Parts)

You knew it has to be aliens behind all of this.  Well time to give it an old
fashion behind the woodshed grade A Earth style whooping.  The last fight takes
place in a cave filled with lava(wouldn't it be cool if the aliens and all
their weapons are powered by harvested lava energy?  But if the aliens are not
afraid of the heat from the lava, how can regular weapons hurt it?  Oh well,
back to the whooping).  This means the alien base is probably in a volcano
somewhere.  Haha.  The boss has four parts.

Part 1

Part one is a huge pink/purple colored round-ish object that's encased in some
type of armor, with tentacles.  It takes up pretty much the whole screen.  The
good thing about that is, no matter where you are, your shots will hit it.
This part of the boss will take a lot of punishment.

For its first attack the boss will shoot slow pink in all directions, and un-
aimed blue shots in clockwise directions.  He will shoot this from both his
left and right side, creating somewhat of a cross fire.  This attack is easily
avoided by stay near the center on the right side between the center of the
screen, and the edge of the screen.  When the blue shots come near you, just
move out of the way.

Now that you have a taste of the boss's wrath, it gets a little more serious.
Its second attack will be rotating streams of slow pink, and fast blue, from
left and right again.  The bullets are really close to each other, and will
intersect each other.  When I dodge this part, I stay almost near the corner on
the right side, and slip between the blue shots, then quickly curl around the
slow pink.  This part is pretty scary, because timing is kinda difficult.  If
you have bombs feel free to use one.

Next attack is an attack that I like.  It will shoot lots of slow pink blue,
and a stream of aimed blue shots(about eight bullets per stream).  The trick
here is to minimize your movements, because if you move left and right too
fast, the stream will widen, and it'll easy to smack into a slow pink bullet.
Try to avoid getting trap in a corner.  If you have a couple of super-shots,
feel free to drop them here, and it should destroy this part.  If not, the boss
will stop shooting for a second, as it prepares its next attack.

Its next attack will be fast aimed blue shots from both sides, creating a very
nasty crossfire.  When the boss stops shooting briefly, go near the right, then
quickly cut left and up, while careful of the remaining slow pink shots that's
leaving the screen.  If you are quick enough, you should be able to miss the
blue sprays(the boss will shoot about four times of those sprays).  The key is
to be in position(bottom right, just off center), and moving left as the boss
starts firing.  If you mistimed, use a bomb, or you can try squeezing between
the aimed shots, but it is very hard.  This part of the boss should be
destroyed now.  If not the boss will repeat with the second attack.

Part 2

Part one's armor thing will blow off, to reveal part two of the boss.  Part two
is slightly smaller than part one, and it is also in some type of armor.  It
has two crane-type gun arms.  In my opinion this is the easiest part of this
boss.  Let's rock!

For its first attack, the boss will raise those arms and spew forth volleys of
around 10 blue shots, first from northeast to southwest, then northwest to
southeast, then repeats.  This attack is easily avoided by stepping into the
blue shots, and keeping your movements small and precise, and hugging the
bottom of the screen.  Do not move wildly or you'll smack into a bullet.  When
moving from the left volley, to the right volley, you don't have to move that
far.  If you move too fast and too wildly, the boss gets angry and shoots them

Next the boss will shot a rotating stream of fast blue shots and slow pink
shots in a clockwise direction.  The danger of this attack is when the blue and
pink wind up nearly in the same place when it gets near you, leaving you with
very little room.  Dodging this is almost the same as part one's rotating
attack.  After slipping between the blue, be wary of the slow pinks that will
be there.

Fortunately after this attack, it gets much easier.  The boss will shoot the
rotating streams of pink and blue again, but this time one after another.  You
will have plenty of time to dodge each one separately.  First go up a little
and dodge the first rotating stream, before the next one come.  Then dodge the
rest.  Fortunately they are not that fast.

Next the boss will shoot three or four volleys of blue shots at you straight
down, but there are big gaps between them.  After this the boss will repeat the
first attack.  Try to finish it with regular shots.

Part 3

Another part that I truly hate.  The armor finally comes off for good to
reveal a gigantic purplish alien being.  It has two arms, a big blob-ish body
and ranks in the negatives in the ugly and annoyance scale.  It also takes a
lot of punishments to go down, and it has an attack that is hard to avoid.

For its first attack, it will shoot pink shots from its arms.  First its arm on
the left side, then right(or it could be the other way around, I am not sure),
then both arms at the same time.  For the first part, you can slip between the
pink shots as they come individually.  When it comes together, it creates a
nasty cross fire of slow pink.  Right before both arm releases the slow pink
spray, you can fly up between the arms, and under the boss's face to avoid
that.  But be ready for the next attack, which is coming right now.

The next attack I just hate.  The boss will lower itself toward you and shoot
two waves of horizontal blue shots at you.

Update:  After experimenting with different ways, the way I found to be the
most effective is after dodging the pinks move up at the boss's face, and you
should squeeze through the gap as the blue sprays closes.  I think there are
some pink around the top, but they are manageable.  After watching my friend
using this technique, I decided to give it a go.  It's actually much more
effective then my original technique.  Credit to D.L.  But I'd still use a bomb
if I have one to spare. ^_^

After the blue shot attack the boss will shoot clockwise/counterclockwise slow
pink, following by big pink, then lower itself to do the blue shot attack
again.  Since this part is very durable, chances are you will face its attacks
two to four times.  If you have an extra bomb to spare use one.  Drop one or
two super-shots to encourage the boss's destruction.  Try to save a super-shot
and a bomb for the last part.

Update:  I have seen different ways of countering the blue shots.  One is
simply cutting left and left a couple of time between the two waves, while
watching out for the crossfire.  The other way I have seen is flying straight
up at the boss as the two waves closes, and squeezing through.  Either way is
scary. O_O

Part 4

If you have two bombs left, chances are victory will be yours.  If you have a
bomb and two super-shots, victory will most likely be yours.  If you have a
bomb and one super-shot, make sure your super-shot don't miss, because it's
easy to miss since the boss move around so much(personal experience).  If you
have no bombs, be prepared to dodge like crazy.

Well here it is, the last dance.  After you blow up the ugly from part three,
all that's left will be a floating brain-like entity.  It moves left and right
and down a lot, and it makes it very hard for you Spitfire super-shot to hit
it.  The Pancake is easy to hit it if you stay under him.  The Zero super-shot
is also hard to hit it if you fire from way in the bottom of the screen.  No
worst feeling then seeing it miss the boss and fly off the screen.  But if it
hits it, game over for the boss.

For the first attack, the boss will fly around left and right and up and down
letting loose big pink bullets.  I think there are some slow small pink in
between.  Next the boss will start on the left, cut right while letting loose
three streams of blue shots.  This is hard to avoid.  When I did avoid it, I
start on the left, cut right, just ahead of the stream, and go counterclockwise
(left to right, then up) then around the boss(Please read the update in the
next paragraph).  Be careful when you are above the boss, because he will shoot
you with slow pink.  Sometimes I still get hit when I am on the right side of
the screen next to the boss.  I hate this attack.  You can try to slip between
the outer left stream and the center by going from right to left, but it takes
very, very good timing.  After that boss will shoot the big pinks again.

Update:  I went to the last part using the Pancake with no bombs, having used
it all on part 3(I hate that part).  I stay mostly on the right side while
dodging the big pink bullets.  When the boss shots the streams of fast blue, I
cut right and up, and stay right next to the boss.  I think there's a safe spot
there for around a second.  Then I cut back down and dodge the big pink shots
again.  I had to dodge the blue streams three times.  In the meantime, the
tracking lasers keep hitting the boss, and building up the super-shot.  After
the third stream, I had a super-shot, and the boss was history.

With the Spitfire, I went in with a bomb left.  I dodge the big pink bullets,
then used my bomb on the first blue stream attack.  This time I shot the super-
shot down the middle. :)  It didn't defeat the boss.  I was forced to dodge the
blue stream two more times, each time going right and up and staying next to
the boss.  I got power-ed down a couple of times, then on the last time, on the
way back down the boss blew up after getting hit by my level two regular shots.

Ahhh first time memories are the best. ^_-

Most recent update: 2/7/04 - Turns out going around the boss in a counter-
clockwise direction works best for me.  The key is to start moving before it
shoots the blue streams.  After a while, you can tell it's about to shoot it,
and start moving right away.  Once you reach the top of the boss, you can
either continue going around him in a counter-clockwise circle, or stop and cut
back and come back down in a clockwise direction.  Either way be wary of
bullets floating around.  With the Pancake, you have to supershot it at least
twice, and go around it twice, before it is defeated.  The Spitfire since it's
slower might be a little more scarier.  The Pancake is definitely fast enough.

Well there's nothing to spoil since there's really no story or surprises in the
game.  Well after the boss finishes blowing up, you will see the pictures of
all the bosses you fought, how much medals you gained, number of enemies you
shot down in each level, and the time it took to beat each mission(I think).
Press any button to skip this.  You will also see the name of the plane you
flew, your score, and stage where your game ended.  You also get a rank based
on score or stage or both, I am not sure.  At 2-1 where I lost my last plane, I
got the rank "Expert Gamester" or something like that.  After checking, at 1-8
you get the rank "Great Fighter".  After that, prepare for the second loop!  Be
warned, the enemies in the second loop are much more aggressive, and includes
new patterns.  To give you an example, 2-1 is harder than 1-4.

Update - (2/7/2004) - Turns out the score is based on score.  One time after
getting owned in 2-1, I got the rank "Great Fighter".  I didn't have much
points that time.  The end art(Picture art shown on the screen where it tells
you your rank, score, stage) for the Spitfire is a bee with the caption
"Violent Bee" or "Angry Bee"(Crap, I forgot).  For the Pancake is the caption
"Angel Ease" with a picture of a girl(with 40s look, of course):) or a rabbit.
I am not sure if losing at different stages of the second loop will get you a
different picture.

Update/Correction - (2/21/2004) - Pancake - "Angel Fase", Spitfire - "Vaiolent

I finally credit-feed to see it all.  Me and my friend D.L. decided to see what
it's like.  With the Pancake, I died on 1-8's boss the last part, then I
figured what the heck, let's credit feed.  It took about a quarter per level in
the second loop, with each of us playing a level/quarter.  Good thing is
whenever we got shot down we get at least one bomb back.  I have to say I felt
good when I dodged the 2-8 turrets attack right before the mid-boss.  Took us
about $2.50.  Once again I have the utmost respect for those who can go to 2-2
and above.

Well that's it for the walkthrough!


V - Miscellaneous

As mentioned before, my strategies are not perfect, but if you follow them,
with a little practice, last boss is reachable consistently.  If you want you
can check out the replays, those guys definitely have better strategies than
me.  One day with a much faster connection, maybe I should check them out, and

This game is really fun with two players.  You can try out different ship
combinations, and cover each other's weaknesses.  Here are a few things on two

The enemies' aimed shots always fire on player one, until player one dies, then
they will target player two.  If player two dies, it goes back to player one,
or whoever has more lives or bombs, I am not sure.  But in the beginning,
definitely targets player one.

Try to tell each other when you are use bombs.  You don't want both of you
using a bomb at the same time, because the moment a new bomb is used, the
old one that's on the screen leaves right away.

Still very important to get a 1-UP.  What my friend and I do is in the first
two level, I let him shoot mostly everything, and I only get one power-up.
After he reaches full power, the red ALFs will keep coming, but I don't get
another power-up.  I let him get all of them(4,000 points each).  That way
he'll get the 1-UP around 1-7.  But be careful around the bosses because
sometimes the ALFs can mess up your patterns, notably during the sky stage
boss's stream attack where you have to stay in between.  Nothing worst then a
slow pink bullet in the stream to mess you up.

Funny stories/bloopers - I tried to take out a flight of power-up giving ALFs
in the railroad mech boss part, and somehow stood under its gun and got
blasted.  To this day I still don't know why I stood under the big gun that was
aimed downward.

Remember to leave beverages in a secure spot.  You don't want to accidentally
spill Dr. Pepper all over the controls with an annoyed swipe of your hands.

This has to be the funniest that ever happened in my Stikers 1945 Plus playing
experience.  While playing two players, my friend got shot down.  He got so
distressed he hit his head on the controls, and his head hit the bomb button.
He didn't even know until he looked up again.  The Pancake's bomb flew out, and
I cracked up.  Lucky the Pancake's bomb was out and protected me, because I
surly would have gotten shot down too because I was too busy laughing.  I am
laughing thinking about it now.

My co-pilot would use the Pancake, and I the Zero.  Both have good bombs, and
good super-shots(in the Zero's case I like to call the super-shot the MOAB -
Massive Ordinance Air Burst - the 21,000 pound bomb used by the U.S. military).
Since the enemies aimed shots are chasing him, he can dodge it quite well with
the Pancake's speed.  I would provide support fire, and take out
bosses(especially the battleship on 1-4, and the big cannon on 1-5, and the
weapons platform on 1-6).  Also sometimes if I have a super-shot but no bombs,
and my friend has no bombs and extra lives, he would suicide, come back, use a
bomb, while I let loose my super-shot.  Wouldn't want to waste a Zero super-
shot.  If I get shot down, I would come back with another super-shot, and the
last boss is history.  This works extremely well on the last boss.

Since the first player is getting shot at, sometimes the second player should
get more bombs, or the first player should use their bombs first.  The downside
is if the second player gets hit stupidly by a pot shot, that's a lot of bombs
lost. *cough cough again*

Well that's about it.


VI - "How to Use the 10 Bombs in First Loop to Clear First Loop" - for the

This is my own technique of how I use my bombs in the first loop to
"guarantee"(most of the time) of passing the first loop with the Pancake.

This is assuming I do not lose a plane in the first loop.  If I do lose a
plane, it's usually in 1-8, maybe with one or two bombs left.  I like to go
into 1-5 with four bombs in stock.  Since I start with 2 bombs on my first
plane, and the first four levels give me four bombs, that's six bombs going
into 1-5 if I don't use any.  Since my goal is to go into 1-5 with four, I can
use three.  The following will illustrate the tough stage areas and where I
would use my bombs.

1-1	- No bombs
1-2	- No bombs
1-3 - If it is the air stage, I might use a bomb if I don't feel like dodging
the boss's spray attack cross fire with the slow pink bullet that floats toward

If it is the train stage, I might use one at the part where the two trains come
up from the bottom.  If I fail to destroy the left one, or can't get to the
right one in time, I use a bomb.

If it is the land/air stage, I don't use a bomb.  Same for the sea level.

1-4 - Sea stage - I use a bomb on the big battleship.

Train stage, same as 1-3.  Also I might use a bomb on the first form of the
boss, if I mess up, or don't destroy the turrets.  Sometimes, I might also use
one when the mech shoots the exploding pink along with the fixed sprays of
blue(when I don't feel like dodging the big pink bullets when I am above him).

Land stage - I use two bombs for the last part of the boss.  Maybe one
emergency bomb if I mess up on the level or the boss.

1-5 - I use a bomb on the 5 turrets/big plane combo.  I use another one on the
big cannon.

1-6 - I use one on the first part of the boss.  I use one on the second part of
the boss when it shoots the aimed blues, after the rockets come down.

1-7 - When I go to 1-7, I like to have one or two bombs in stock.  I use one on
the mid-boss(either one).

1-8 - I might use one in the level if I mess up, especially if I don't destroy
the two turrets behind the orange thing near the end.  I use another one on the
midboss.  After destroying the midboss, if I have no supershots for the two
orange things, I use a bomb.  Ideally, I like to go into the last boss with one
bomb in stock.  I use one on the first part when it shoots the
clockwise/counterclockwise sprays.  Then I dodge everything else.  If I have
any more bombs, they are used in screw ups, I mean emergencies.

Crap, I lost count if that's 10 bombs...

Anyway to sum it all up, this is how I use my 10 bombs with my first plane(Set
to hardest stage order in my opinion, and no bombs used for mistakes).

1-1	- Sea Stage - None
1-2	- Sky Stage - None
1-3	- Train Stage - 1 bomb
1-4	- Land/Air Stage - 2 bomb
1-5	- 2 bombs
1-6	- 2 bombs
1-7	- 1 bomb
1-8	- 2 bombs


VII - Legal Stuff

Strikers 1945 Plus
Walkthrough/Tips/Hints with the Spitfire MK VI
Written By Daniel Y Chan

If I missed anything, made mistakes, and/or if you have good strategies and
tips to share, please email me at RollingNapalm at Hotmail.com.  I will add it
if it's legit, and give full credit.

I'll use the copyright warning recommended by Gamefaqs.


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The current entities that have permission to use this guide are:

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VIII - Credits

I like to thank(not in order of importance):)

- Miriam Yeung because I listened to her music the majority of the time while I
put this guide together. :)

- Yumiko Cheng, Jade Kwan, Gigi Leung, Joey Yung, Shania Twain, Six Pence None
the Richer, Mandy Moore, Michelle Branch among others also for their music to
keep me awake while putting this guide together through the twilight. -_-

- GameFaqs for hosting this FAQ.  One great site.

- Mav for the excellent guide, which helped me when I first started playing,
and advice when I first started this guide.  Please read that guide for all
the necessary info, including the P-55 Ascender!

- My school for having this arcade, and Raiden Fighters Jet - go Judge Spear
Slave!  I hate level 45!  Next please put in Strikers 1999.  Any student union
people reading this, hint hint, there will be people that will play it.  I

- My friend D.L. for the "forehead hitting bomb button" moment, and for
sacrificing during the 1-8 boss, and discovering the 1-8 third part technique.

- An excellent website - Raiden Fighters Emporium.  Check out the Strikers 1999
boss fights videos there.  They make the 1945 Plus bosses look easy.

- Shmups.com - A great site for all shmups fans.  Thanks to all(Venom, Mode7,
Ex_mosquito, and many others) for tips on Strikers 2 for the Playstation.

- PSiKYO for all its excellent shooters.

- The original TGG - She's cute.

- Myself.

Well that's about it.  I had fun writing this.  Thanks for reading it.  I hope
you benefited from this.  Fin(I always want to write that).
- Daniel

This Guide Copyright (c) 2003  Written By Chan, Daniel Y


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