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Reclaim what was stolen in this instantly accessible action adventure!

Once upon a time, everything was peaceful in King Trouserheart's realm. On one fateful day, a mischievous blockold infiltrated the throne room and stole what was most precious to the king: His majestic leather trousers.

Now you, as King Trouserheart, must adventure across the realm, fight monsters, slay bosses, hoard treasure and upgrade your sword, shield and armor until you get back your trousers!

Developed with the state of the art Unity technology, Trouserheart offers fun, instantly accessible, pick up and play hacknslash gameplay with playful art style and humorous tone. Super fluid controls with several options make the game a joy to play for beginners and veteran gamers alike. There's even an optional perma-death mode for the bravest of adventurers!

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