Why don't I have celestial blades on my 1 hit sword skill am I supposed to meet the requirement for it to show itself?

  1. I have gotten to the end of the skill tree and I don't see celestial blades on their do I need to meet the requirements to get the blades

    User Info: NOScaden

    NOScaden - 1 month ago


  1. As I only got it just a few days ago, as it turns out based on my research and through my own experience, you need at least 500 one-hand sword skills (which I assume you already did especially you already finished its skill tree), and 2000 Sword Skills that had contact with a foe.
    There is a counter of how many sword skills you used just below the skill in the Skills Window but it doesn't tell you how many of them actually hit the enemy...
    This is the most frustrating for me especially I used 5000+ skills already before I realized it does not count how many foes I hit with sword skills.

    I wish you counted how many skills you used on an enemy because you need to land 2000 swords skills on enemies...

    User Info: akaichikun15

    akaichikun15 - 2 weeks ago 0   0

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