Where Are the Famitsu Costume Colours? (Colour #23)

  1. I know that Centralfiction: Special Edition has all the DLC for the PC / Xbox / PS Versions of Centralfiction, but after completing Story Mode, Arcade Mode (both 100%), and 71% of the Gallery (In-Progress) I'm missing character colour #23 for every character (comparing it to the PC version of CF I Have), and the wiki states "everything from the console versions is here, plus an addition bonus #25 Character Costume Colour" thrown in for good measure.

    What's further odd is that...

    Colour #22 (PS4 System Colours)
    Colour #24 (Dengeki Colours)
    Colour's #16, #17, #18 (Additional Colour's 1 & 2 Set A)
    Colour's #19, #20, #21 (Additional Colour's 1 & 2 Set B)

    ...are all present in the Special Edition...

    plus the character select skips over #23

    so how do I get the Famitsu Colours in Centralfiction Special Edition?

    User Info: kiosuke124

    kiosuke124 - 2 years ago

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