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by KyoraStryker

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FAQ by KyoraStryker

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/02/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2020 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide

NookPhone Features

Now that you've completed your orientation, let's dive into an important piece of technology that was included as part of your Getaway Package: the NookPhone.

Your NookPhone serves as a "pause" menu or sorts, but has the added benefit of providing helpful features and services to assist you in your transition to island living. This section details each of the available features. Note that some of the features listed below will not initially be available, but will be unlocked as you progress through the game.


Use the camera to take pictures of anything you wish using various filters and effects. Pictures you take are saved to the album on the HOME Menu, allowing other users of your Nintendo Switch system (if any) to view them. Here are the controls for the camera interface:

Left JoystickCharacter movement.
Right JoystickAdjusts the camera tilt. Move the joystick up to reduce the tilt, making the shot more horizontal. Move the joystick down to increase the tilt, angling it towards the ground.
D-Pad Up/DownRaises and lowers camera height.
D-Pad Left/RightMoves camera to the left and right.
L Button

Adjusts the camera effect. Select from the following options: none, frame, cinema, time, date, frame + date.

R ButtonCalls/cancels your character's attention toward the camera's focal point.
ZL ButtonAdjusts the lighting effect. Select from the following options: normal, sharp, pop, soft, dramatic, film, monochrome, antique.
ZR ButtonUse a Reaction. Unlocked after you receive your first reaction.
X ButtonZoom in.
Y ButtonZoom out.
+ ButtonTake the photo.
- / B ButtonsExit Camera Mode.

Nook Miles

Tom Nook took the liberty of enrolling you in the Nook Miles Program as a means to pay off the debt you incurred for purchasing your Getaway Package. This feature displays all of the activities you can complete to earn Nook Miles, as well as the number of miles you currently have. Nook Miles can be used to purchase various goods and services at the Nook Stop Terminal, which can be found in Resident Services. More information on the activities that can be completed to earn Nook Miles can be found here.


Unlocked after you submit your first island creature to Tom.

This compendium provides a list of every bug, fish, and sea creature you've caught. For species that you've captured, you can view important information about what months and times of the day they're active, as well as where they can be found. More information about these critters can be found here.

DIY Recipes

Unlocked after completing the free DIY Workshop in Resident Services.

This application provides a listing of every crafting recipe you've learned. Recipes listed in this app will tell you everything you need to know to construct various items. Sorting features are available to assist you in locating the exact recipe you're looking for. More information on crafting recipes can be found here.

Island Designer

Unlocked after K.K. Slider performs a show on your island for the first time.

This application allows you to customize the natural terrain and features of your island. Using this app requires the use of "permits" that perform essential functions. When in Island Designer mode, you will be unable to participate in any online play. Press the + Button while in Island Designer mode to open the menu that allows you to select different path styles or other features of the mode.

  • Path Permit allows you to set walk paths for your island. Initially, you'll only be able to create grass and dirt paths, but you can purchase additional path styles from the Nook Stop Terminal using Nook Miles.
    • A path will be laid on a 1x1 tile grid. Press the A Button to place a path tile, pressing the button again to remove it. If multiple path tiles are connected, pressing the A Button on an outside path tile will round the edges to give curved paths.
    • The different path styles are as follows: grass, dirt, stone path, brick path, dark dirt path, arched tile path, sand path, terra-cotta tiles, wooden path, and custom design. With the exception of the grass and dirt paths (which are available by default), all other styles cost 2,000 Nook Miles each; the custom design path costs 2,800 Nook Miles.
    • The Custom Design path style - as its name implies - allows you to lay path tiles using a custom design.
  • Waterscaping Permit allows you to create and remove sources of freshwater from your island. You must purchase this permit at the Nook Stop Terminal using Nook Miles for this option to become available.
    • Press the A Button to dig out a spot of water while you're on land. Pressing the button again will cover up any water. Note that you cannot cover up any areas designated as a river mouth (where a river connects to the ocean). When multiple water tiles are connected, pressing the A Button on an outside water tile will round the edges to give curves and bends to the water source.
  • Cliff-Construction Permit allows you to build and remove cliffs from your island. You must purchase this permit at the Nook Stop Terminal using Nook Miles for this option to become available.
    • Press the A Button to create a raised tile of land. Pressing the button again will destroy any raised land. Note that you cannot destroy any land on the same level you're standing on - you must be one level lower than the land you're attempting to modify. When multiple cliff tiles are connected, pressing the A Button on an outside cliff tile will round the edges to give curves and bends to the cliff.
    • There are three levels of the island. At default, most of the island is on the base level. You can create cliffs leading up to the first or second levels above the base, but you cannot create cliffs any higher than the third overall level.

If at any point you find yourself stuck, or there are obstacles blocking your desired path, you can open the Island Designer app again and choose to request a cleanup. This will automatically pick up furniture, flowers, or trees directly in front of you. Furniture recovered by this feature will be sent to the Lost and Found bin in Resident Services; flowers and trees recovered by this feature are deleted


The map that you received from Timmy or Tommy (depending on who you spoke to) shows your current location on the island, along with various other points of interest. You can use the map to show where each of your residents' housing arrangements are located, as well as the various buildings on the map. Pressing the X Button while in Map Mode will toggle the mini-map settings while you play, which allows you to set the minimap to Always On, Always Off, or Off While Moving.

As buildings are constructed on your island, you can see a condensed version of what they look like as they appear on your island on the right side of the map. Additionally, you can hover over these buildings and cause them to be highlighted on your map for quick reference.

Chat Log

Unlocked after visiting another player's island (or having another player visit your island) for the first time.

This application is exactly as its name implies: this allows you to view a history of messages that have been sent (if any) while engaged in online play. Messages sent while playing online will be stored in the app for as long as you're playing the game and will be cleared after closing the game. Inappropriate messages can be reported using this app.


Your passport is a basic summary of your game information. Information in this interface is viewable when interacting with other players. Within this interface, you can customize your appearance, title, or comment.


Titles allow you to add a level of uniqueness to your character when playing online. There is a wide variety of titles that are available at the start, and you can unlock even more keywords as you complete activities. For a list of activities you can complete to earn title keywords, click here. When you first start the game, you have the following titles available to you:

  • Left Column: Animal, Arrive, City Folk, Deserted-Island, Festive, Happy Home, Horizon-Bound, New Leaf, Plaza, Pocket, Very First, Wild World
  • Right Column: Animal, Camper, Crossing, Daughter, Grandma, Grandpa, Island Resident, Mama, Older Brother, Older Sister, Papa, Pet, Relocator, Son, Younger Brother, Younger Sister

Best Friends List

Unlocked after you visit Orville at the Airport for the first time.

This handy feature displays a list of friends and Best Friends you've played with. If a player is designated as a Best Friend, you'll be able to see when they are playing online and can send direct messages to them. This feature can be toggled on or off by pressing the - Button; however, you must have at least one friend designated as a Best Friend in order to do so.

This app features five different views:

  • Best Friend Outbox displays all outgoing messages you've sent to your best friends.
  • Best Friend Inbox displays all incoming messages you've received from your best friends.
  • Friends displays a list of friends you've played with either locally or online.
  • Best Friends displays only those players you've become best friends with.
  • All will show your outbox, inbox, and friends.

Call Resident

Unlocked if you have multiple users on the same Nintendo Switch system.

If you have multiple users on the same Nintendo Switch system, you'll have access to the Call Resident application on your NookPhone. This feature allows you to play offline locally in Party Play with up to three other users on the same Nintendo Switch system.

Starting a Party Play Session

When starting Party Play, you will need to make sure you have enough controllers for everyone to play. Once you've rounded up the required number of controllers, select the other residents and confirm the selection. Each player will need to activate the controller they intend to use by pressing the L and R Buttons (or SL and SR Buttons if using an individual Joy-Con) when their name appears on the screen. Each player will have 30 seconds to complete this task, or the game will revert back to normal play.

Leaders and Followers

In Party Play, each player is either the leader or a follower. Leaders can play the game in a normal fashion. The follower(s) are greatly restricted in what they can do. Followers cannot chat, use their own NookPhone, or access items in their pockets. They can, however, use tools, move furniture, and assist the leader in whatever they're doing. Any items that followers receive will be sent to the recycle box in Resident Services.

Players do not have to remain in their initial roles for the entire session. At any time, the leader can elect to pass leadership to another player by gently shaking their controller, or by selecting the Change Leader option in the app. Changing the leader allows for all players involved to have a chance to perform actions and functions that are only available to the leader of a Party Play session.

Rescue Service

If at any point during your adventures, you become lost and can't seem to find your way back to familiar areas, use this interface to be whisked away directly to either your tent or Resident Services, whichever is closer. Take note that using this service costs 100 Nook Miles to use. In the event that you can't pay for this service, you'll lose the ability to choose your drop-off location.