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by KyoraStryker

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FAQ by KyoraStryker

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/02/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2020 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide




There are 95 different songs from K.K. that you can collect. Each day K.K. arrives on your island to put on a concert, you will receive a copy of the first song he plays. Songs that may be played if you tell K.K. you're in a certain "mood" can be purchased from the Nook Stop Terminal for 3,200 Bells. Some songs cannot be purchased and must be specifically requested; others can only be obtained under special circumstances. When requesting a song by name, the spelling must be exact - K.K. will not be able to play the song if there are spelling errors in your entry, and will result in him playing one of three random songs specifically played when this instance occurs.

  • A little blue... Comrade K.K., K.K. Ballad, K.K. Chorale, K.K. Condor, K.K. Dirge, K.K. √Čtude, K.K. Lament, K.K. Lullaby, K.K. Milonga, K.K. Sonata, K.K. Waltz, K.K. Western, Only Me, Stale Cupcakes, Steep Hill, Two Days Ago
  • A little grumpy... DJ K.K., Go K.K. Rider, Imperial K.K., K.K. Adventure, K.K. Bazaar, K.K. Casbah, K.K. Cruisin', K.K. Flamenco, K.K. House, K.K. Jongara, K.K. Metal, K.K. Rock, K.K. Safari, K.K. Steppe, K.K. Tango, Lucky K.K., Rockin' K.K., Surfin' K.K.
  • I feel good! Bubblegum K.K., Caf√© K.K., K.K. Calypso, K.K. Country, K.K. Disco, K.K. Dixie, K.K. Groove, K.K. Mambo, K.K. March, K.K. Mariachi, K.K. Parade, K.K. Ragtime, K.K. Rockabilly, K.K. Salsa, K.K. Samba, K.K. Ska, Mountain Song, Neapolitan, Spring Blossoms
  • It's hard to say. Agent K.K., Hypno K.K., K.K. Blues, K.K. D&B, K.K. Folk, K.K. Gumbo, K.K. Marathon, K.K. Oasis, K.K. Rally, K.K. Song, K.K. Soul, K.K. Technopop, Space K.K., The K. Funk, To The Edge
  • Laid back. Aloha K.K., Forest Life, I Love You, K.K. Aria, K.K. Bossa, K.K. Faire, K.K. Fusion, K.K. Island, K.K. Jazz, K.K. Love Song, K.K. Moody, K.K. Reggae, K.K. Stroll, K.K. Swing, K.K. Synth, Marine Song 2001, Mr. K.K., My Place, Pondering, Soulful K.K., Wandering
  • Specific Requirements:
    • Animal City, Drivin', and Farewell must be specifically requested.
    • Welcome Horizons will be played the very first time you see K.K. perform on your island.
    • K.K. Birthday will be played the first time you see K.K. perform on your birthday.


Fences are a way to section off parts of your land, either for logistic or aesthetic purposes. All fencing types are constructed via DIY recipes and are unlocked after five villagers have moved to your island. The recipes can be purchased by redeeming 1,000 Nook Miles at the Nook Stop Terminal. Two random fence recipes will be available for purchase, and the selection changes daily. Fences occupy a 0.5 x 0.5 space when deployed, and 50 fence pieces can be stacked on a single inventory slot.

The different fence types (with their selling prices - in Bells - in parentheses) are listed below.

Bamboo Lattice (960), Barbed-Wire (1,980), Brick (1,200), Bunny Day (2,400), Corral (720), Country (720), Hedge (55), Imperial (1,200), Iron (4,500), Iron-and-Stone (3,150), Lattice (960), Rope (3,000), Simple Wooden (720), Spiky (960), Spooky (585), Stone (600), Straw (560), Vertical-Board (960), Wedding (411), Zen (3,300)


Construction items refer to bridges, inclines, and housing upgrades. These items are unlocked as you progress through the game by meeting certain conditions.

Bridges and Inclines

These items are unlocked after you have upgraded Resident Services.

  • Bridges
    • Log Bridge (98,000)
    • Suspension Bridge (129,800)
    • Stone Bridge (168,000)
    • Wooden Bridge (168,000)
    • Brick Bridge (198,000)
    • Iron Bridge (228,000)
    • Red Zen Bridge (228,000)
    • Zen Bridge (228,000)
  • Inclines
    • Natural Ramp (98,000)
    • Blue-Plank Ramp (128,000)
    • White-Plank Ramp (128,000)
    • Log Staircase (168,000)
    • Stone Staircase (168,000)
    • Brick Staircase (198,000)
    • Blue Steel Staircase (228,000)
    • Red Steel Staircase (228,000)
Housing Components

After you upgrade your tent to a home, you'll begin unlocking customization components for your home. You will be required to pay 5,000 Bells for any housing modifications that are not a part of the upgrade process itself; after your house is fully upgraded, you'll be able to completely change the appearance of your home once per day at no charge.

The customization components below are first sorted by type and color, with the variants available to each color being listed next to it.

  • Mailboxes - Unlocked after your third home upgrade (adding the left-side room to the house)
    • Black: Large, Ordinary, Square
    • Blue: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • Green: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • Pink: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • Red: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • White: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • Yellow: Large, Ordinary, Square, Wooden
    • Plain: Large, Ordinary, Rustic, Square, Wooden
  • Doors - Unlocked after your fourth home upgrade (adding the right-side room to the house)
    • Beige: Basic, Simple, Windowed, Wooden
    • Black: Common, Fancy, Imperial, Latticework, Rustic, Vertical-Panes, Zen
    • Blue: Basic, Common, Fancy, Iron, Latticework, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Simple, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden
    • Brown: Imperial, Latticework, Metal-Accent, Zen
    • Burgundy: Basic
    • Cyan: Vertical-Panes
    • Dark-Brown: Iron Grill
    • Deep-Green: Simple
    • Gray: Common, Iron, Iron Grill, Latticework, Simple, Windowed, Wooden
    • Green: Basic, Common, Imperial, Iron, Iron Grill, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden
    • Green-Apple: Basic, Common
    • Light Green: Rustic
    • Maple: Iron Grill, Rustic, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden
    • Pale-Blue: Basic, Iron Grill
    • Pale-Purple: Rustic
    • Pink: Basic, Fancy, Iron, Iron Grill, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Simple, Windowed, Wooden
    • Purple: Common, Iron Grill, Metal-Accent, Simple, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden
    • Red: Common, Fancy, Imperial, Iron, Iron Grill, Latticework, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden, Zen
    • Red-Green: Imperial
    • Walnut: Latticework
    • White: Basic, Common, Fancy, Imperial, Iron, Iron Grill, Latticework, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Simple, Vertical-Panes, Windowed, Wooden, Zen
    • Yellow: Basic, Common, Fancy, Imperial, Iron, Simple, Vertical-Panes, Zen
    • Plain: Basic, Common, Imperial, Iron, Iron Grill, Lacquered Zen, Latticework, Metal-Accent, Rustic, Vertical Panes, Windowed, Wooden, Zen
  • Roofing - Unlocked after your fourth home upgrade (adding the right-side room to the house)
    • Aqua: Tiled
    • Beige: Curved Shingles, Stone
    • Black: Curved Shingles, Stone, Thatch, Tile
    • Blue: Curved Shingles, Stone, Tile
    • Brown: Curved Shingles, Stone, Thatch
    • Deep-Green: Thatch
    • Fresh-Grass: Thatch
    • Golden-Brown: Thatch
    • Gray: Stone, Thatch
    • Green: Curved Shingles, Stone, Tile
    • Orange: Curved Shingles, Stone, Thatch
    • Pink: Curved Shingles, Tile
    • Purple: Tile
    • Red: Stone, Tile
    • White: Thatch
    • Yellow: Curved Shingles, Tile
  • Siding - Unlocked after your fifth home upgrade (adding the upper floor to the house)
    • Beige: Stucco
    • Black: Chalet, Common, Stucco
    • Blue: Cobblestone, Stucco
    • Blue-Trim: Common
    • Brown: Chalet, Cobblestone
    • Chic: Cobblestone
    • Cream: Chalet
    • Gray: Cobblestone, Stucco
    • Gray-Trim: Common
    • Green: Cobblestone
    • Light-Blue: Chalet
    • Orange: Chalet, Cobblestone
    • Pink: Common, Stucco
    • Red: Chalet, Cobblestone, Common, Stucco
    • Red-Trim: Common
    • White: Stucco
    • Yellow: Chalet, Common, Stucco
    • Plain: Chalet, Cobblestone, Common