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by KyoraStryker

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FAQ by KyoraStryker

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/02/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2020 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide

Getting Started


Your decision to chose a Nook, Inc. Deserted Island Getaway Package is the first step towards your new life!

When you start the game for the first time, you'll be greeted by Timmy and Tommy who will guide you through the initialization process.

Start off by entering your name. This is the name that will be used when other players visit your island, and cannot be changed. Once your name is set, set your birthday, keeping in mind that it too cannot be changed.

Once completed with your name and birthday, you'll be prompted to set your appearance to your liking. You're free to spend as much or as little time as you'd like customizing your appearance, as you can always change your appearance at any time. The following options for customizing your appearance are available:

  • Skin Tone: Choose from 8 different skin tones.
  • Hair Style: Choose from 8 different hair styles and 8 different colors.
  • Eyes: Choose from 26 different styles of eyes and 6 different colors.
  • Nose/Mouth: Choose from 3 different styles of noses and 4 different styles of mouths.
  • Cheeks: Choose from 3 different styles of cheeks and 2 different colors.

Your Getaway Package is essentially a save file and consists of the following initialization options for your simulation:

  • Choose your hemisphere: Select either the northern or southern hemisphere for your island, which determines what seasons occur based on the time of the year. It is recommended that you select the hemisphere you are actually located in, but you are free to choose whichever you like. The seasons for each hemisphere occur according to the following table:
NorthernMarch - MayJune - AugustSeptember - NovemberDecember - February
SouthernSeptember - NovemberDecember - FebruaryMarch - MayJune - August
  • Choose your island: Select your physical location (either the game recommendation or elsewhere), which populates four island layouts for you to choose from. Once again, it is recommended to select your physical location, but the choice remains yours.
  • Choose your style: Answer the following question: "If you could bring ONE thing with you to a deserted island, what would it be?" It is rumored that this has an effect on which starting fruit you receive, but there is nothing that confirms this. The answers you can select from are:
    • A sleeping bag.
    • A lamp.
    • Some food.
    • Something to kill time.

Note that, with the exception of your appearance, these selections cannot be changed later, so make sure you've made your desired choices before confirming them. In addition, note that there is only one "save file" per Nintendo Switch console. After you've made all the appropriate selections, an announcement will be made informing you that you're ready for boarding.

Arriving on Your Island

When you land on your island, Timmy will greet you and two other residents (selected at random) and inform you that you should attend a short orientation held by Tom Nook. Follow Tommy and Timmy to the Island Plaza and speak to Tom Nook, who will welcome you to the island and inform you that Nook Inc. staff will be continuously available to help you throughout your adventure. After the short dialogue, speak with either Timmy or Tommy to receive your tent and a map.

Setting Up Your Tent

Your tent is the first house you receive. After the orientation, you are given the option to select where you want to place your tent. When you find a location to your liking, press the X Button to open your inventory and select your tent. An outline of the space that it will take up will be shown on the map, along with any potential issues with the location you've selected. Once you've found an appropriate location, you'll be prompted to make a decision. Selecting "Let me imagine it..." will allow the tent to be constructed so you can see what it looks like in the chosen location without confirming it. If you're happy with the location, select "OK!" to confirm it.

Speak to both of the other villagers that arrived with you and you'll be given the option to choose the location of their tent if you wish. If you don't have a preference where to set their tents, you can select the "This looks good." option when speaking to them; if you want to choose the location of their tent, select the "I'll find you a spot!" option. Doing this will cause them to give you their tent, allowing you to select its location in the same manner as your own.

Your First Quest

Once all three tent locations are determined, speak with Tom, who will ask you to to retrieve 10 tree branches. You can find these scattered among the island as little sticks lying next to some of the trees. To pick one up, press the Y Button and it will automatically be added to your inventory. While you're out and about collecting the branches, feel free to pick up 6 fruits by walking up to a tree that has fruit on it and pressing the A Button to shake the tree, knocking the fruit out of it. Once you've collected the tree branches and fruit, return to Tom and speak with him to hand in the items.

Party Favors

At this point, nighttime has fallen on the island. Tom will properly welcome you to the island and prompt you for an island name, which must be 10 characters or less and acceptable for online play, as this name will be the name that other players see when they visit your island. Choose your name and confirm it, where everyone in attendance will simply vote for your name. At this point, you'll be named the Resident Representative and given the chance to say a word or two. Choose one of the provided options as you deem appropriate. (For laughs, I selected "A word or two!")

Conclude the orientation part by speaking to Tom once more, who will ask you if you're ready to retire for the evening. Since you can't really do anything else at this point, choose the "Maybe I'll go do that." option, and you'll receive a camping cot for you to place in your tent. Navigate to your tent and press the A Button to enter it. Once inside, you'll see two packages that you can open by walking up to them and pressing the A Button. Inside these packages you'll find a lantern and a radio. You can pick these items up by pressing the Y Button, which will send them to your inventory. Open your inventory using the X Button and select the items to place them down to your liking. When you've set up the interior of your tent, walk over to your cot and press the A Button to lay down. Choose the "Rest." option to sleep.

All Day I Dream About K.K

When you fall asleep, you'll have a dream where K.K. Slider tells you to enjoy your island life by your rules and at your own pace, though you should make every effort to play with friends, as it makes the game more enjoyable - after all, this game is a social simulation game. You'll also be informed that upon waking up, your surroundings will be synced with the actual time as recorded by your Nintendo Switch system. From this point forward, island time will match the flow of time in the real world.

Billing for Services Rendered

When you wake up, you'll hear Tom outside telling you that there is more information he needs to give you. Exit your tent and Tom will have two more items for you. The first item is your NookPhone, which serves as a pause menu (more to come on that in a second). The other item is an itemized bill that is the total cost of your new adventure. You didn't think you were getting your Getaway Package for free, did you? The total bill you've incurred comes out to 49,800 Bells, which is the in-game currency. Given that you have none to your name, Tom will tell you that you can pay off the bill using the Nook Miles Program, which rewards you with a type of currency upon completion of various tasks. A list of tasks can be found here.

The Basics

Now that you've completed the orientation phase of play, it's time to start playing! At this point, you are free to roam about your island and fully involve yourself with your new life! Before doing that, however, take a few moments to familiarize yourself with some of the basic mechanics of gameplay.

Using Tools

There is a variety of tools that you can craft and collect that will enable you to perfom various basic activities, such as watering cans, shovels, axes, and more. Tools can either be crafted for free by acquiring the materials required to craft them (and the appropriate crafting recipe), or by purchasing them.

  • Axes are used to chop trees and strike rocks.
  • Fishing rods are used to catch fish and other objects in water sources.
  • Ladders are used to ascend and descend cliffs.
  • Nets are used to catch bugs and other objects floating in the air.
  • Shovels are used to dig up buried objects and plant trees and flowers.
  • Slingshots are used to shoot down floating balloons.
  • Vaulting poles are used to cross bodies of water where bridges are not present.
  • Wands are used to change your appearance on-the-fly, using preset outfits from your wardrobe.
  • Watering cans are used to water flowers.

As of the 1.4.0 patch, there are additional hand-carried items that can be equipped; these items - while classified as tools - serve no real purpose other than to provide additional aesthetics.

  • Balloons are hand-carried items that will float away if you trip and fall. There are five colors: blue, green, pink, red, and yellow. Balloons can be won from Redd's Raffle every Sunday in August after 7PM.
  • Bubble Blowers allow you to blow bubbles, and can be won from Redd's Raffle every Sunday in August after 7PM.
  • Pinwheels are a hand-held toy that will spin while running, and can be won from Redd's Raffle every Sunday in August after 7PM.
  • Sparklers are hand-carried items that emit a shower of sparks when used. Each sparkler can be used once. There are two colors: blue and red. Sparklers can be won from Redd's Raffle every Sunday in August after 7PM.

Each tool has a limited number of uses before it breaks - hereafter referred to as its durability - and there are upgraded versions of each tool that will allow you more use of them before breaking. When the durability of a tool reaches zero, the tool breaks and disappears from your inventory. At present, there is no visual indicator of a tool's durability.

Here is a breakdown of each breakable tool you can acquire, their variations, durability, and more:

Tool ClassVariants and DurabilityCustomizable?Usage Notes
AxesFlimsy Axe40No

Axes will lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Hitting rocks
  • Hitting trees
  • Using Fruit Boost to destroy rocks

Axes will not lose durability under the following conditions:

  • Hitting other players or villagers
  • Hitting anything other than rocks or trees
  • Swinging and hitting nothing

Special considerations:

  • If an axe's durability counter is at 1, the axe will not break if you hit a rock and an item appears from it.
  • If an axe's durability counter is at 1, the axe will not break if you use Fruit Boost to destroy a rock.
Stone AxeNo
Golden Axe200No
Fishing RodsFlimsy Fishing Rod10No

Fishing rods will lose their durability under the following condition:

  • Successfully catching a fish, garbage, or other item

Fishing rods will not lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Casting the rod
  • Failing to catch a fish, garbage, or other item

Special considerations:

  • Using a Customization Kit on a standard fishing rod will reset the rod's durability to 30.
  • If a fishing rod's durability counter is at 1, the fishing rod will not break during the Fishing Tourney! event.
Colorful Fishing Rod30Yes (1 Customization Kit)
Fish Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod
Outdoorsy Fishing Rod
Golden Fishing Rod90No
NetsFlimsy Net10No

Nets will lose their durability under the following condition:

  • Successfully catching a bug or floating object

Nets will not lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Hitting anything that cannot be caught
  • Swinging and hitting nothing

Special Considerations:

  • Using a Customization Kit on a standard net will reset the net's durability to 30.
  • If a net's durability counter is at 1, the net will not break during the Bug-Off! event.
Colorful Net30Yes (1 Customization Kit)
Outdoorsy Net
Star Net
Golden Net90No
ShovelsFlimsy Shovel40No

Shovels will lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Hitting rocks
  • Digging up buried objects, flowers, and small trees
  • Using Fruit Boost to destroy rocks and uproot large trees

Shovels will not lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Digging or filling empty holes
  • Burying an object, flower, or tree
  • Hitting other players or villagers
  • Hitting anything that isn't a rock
  • Swinging and hitting nothing

Special Considerations:

  • Using a Customization Kit on a standard shovel will reset the shovel's durability to 100.
  • If a shovel's durability counter is at 1, the shovel will not break if you hit a rock and an item appears from it.
  • If a shovel's durability counter is at 1, the shovel will not break if you use Fruit Boost to destroy a rock or uproot a tree.
Colorful Shovel100Yes (1 Customization Kit)
Outdoorsy Shovel
Printed-Design Shovel
Golden Shovel200No
SlingshotsColorful Slingshot20Yes (1 Customization Kit)

Slingshots will lose their durability under the following condition:

  • Popping a balloon

Slingshots will not lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Missing a shot
  • Shooting at nothing

Special Considerations:

  • Using a Customization Kit on a standard slingshot will reset the slingshot's durability to 20.
  • A slingshot's durability will decrease when a balloon is popped, regardless if the item can be retrieved or not.
Outdoorsy Slingshot
Golden Slingshot60No
Watering CansFlimsy Watering Can20No

Watering cans will lose their durability under the following conditions:

  • Watering dry flowers
  • Watering an area where no flowers are planted

Watering cans will not lose their durability under the following condition:

  • Watering wet flowers

Special Considerations:

  • Watering cans have a specific area of effect. See the table below for a representation of such areas. Note that the arrow indicates the tile you're standing on and the direction you're facing; the green tiles indicate the tiles that are covered by that can's area of effect.
Can TypeFlimsyColorfulElephantOutdoorsyWateringGolden
Area of Effect
  • Using a Customization Kit on Colorful, Elephant, Outdoorsy and Watering cans will reset the watering can's durability to 60.
  • Using a watering can that targets multiple tiles reduces its durability by 1, regardless of the number of flowers watered.
  • If at least 1 dry flower is watered, the watering can's durability decreases by 1, regardless of the watering can's area of effect.
  • A watering can's durability decreases by 1/20 if there are no flowers within that can's area of effect.

Colorful Watering Can

60Yes (1 Customization Kit)
Elephant Watering Can
Outdoorsy Watering Can
Watering Can
Golden Watering Can100No

Lastly, there are a couple of notes regarding tool usage:

  • Ladders, Vaulting poles, and wands do not have a durability value - you can use these items infinitely.
  • When participating in Local Play, if you are the following player, breakable tools will continue to lose durability when their particular usage conditions are met. However, the durability will never drop below 1, as following players cannot view the tool destruction event while playing.
Bug Catching

Once you've acquired a net, get out there and start catching bugs! There are 80 different types of bugs you can collect. Your net can be used to catch bugs crawling on the ground or flying in the air, and other floating objects. Different species of bugs will appear based on these different conditions:

  • Time of day
  • Month of the year
  • Location
  • Weather Conditions

When hunting bugs to be caught, look in the following locations.

LocationIn-Game Representation
In the air
On trees
On rocks/shrubs
On flowers/rocks/stumps
On the ground
On the water

More information on the different species of bugs, where they can be caught, and more can be found here.


Fishing is a popular activity in real life, so why can't it be equally popular in a game? Fishing allows you to collect 80 different fish and either submit them to the museum, sell them for a profit, or keep them as trophies. As with bug catching, different species of fish appear based on a myriad of different conditions.

Fishing can be done at any water source. Said sources are displayed below.

Water SourceIn-Game Representation
Ocean Pier
Ocean Rocks
River Mouth
Upper River

More information about the different species of fish, where they can be found, and more can be found here.


Shovels are used for various activities in-game, ranging anywhere from planting trees and flowers (or even uprooting them), digging for fossils and other buried items, and even helping others. A couple notes regarding digging:

  • You can plant whole trees, flower stems, or fruit in a hole. Planting a fruit in a hole will result in a tree being grown of that fruit type.
  • Holes can be covered either by using your shovel on the hole, or by simply pressing the Y Button when facing the hole.

When roaming around on the beach, keep an eye out for small dark circles such as this one. You'll see these spots appear occasionally, and they indicate that a clam is buried there. The spot will gradually get dark, followed by a brief squirt of water before it fades out again. Use your shovel to dig at this spot to recover the clam, which can be used in crafting or sold. Note that when you're digging for communicator parts for Gulliver, you'll need to look for these spots as well.

Once per day (after you have a shovel), you'll see a spot on the ground that is glowing gold. Dig at this location to receive either 1,000 or 10,000 Bells! The resulting hole will be glowing gold, which can be used to bury money again and create a money tree. You can bury any amount from 1,000 to 10,000 Bells, at which point and small nursery money tree will be put in its place. You can relocate this tree if you wish, but come back to the tree three days later to see your investment tripled. As such, you should always strive to place 10,000 Bells in this hole whenever your finances allow. Don't place more than 10,000 in the hole; you can only receive up to 30,000 Bells from a single tree.

Once per day (after you have a shovel), one of the rocks strewn about your island will be a money rock. Prior to striking any rock with your shovel for the day, dig two holes on any side of the rock, as the image indicates. Next, stand in between the holes and the rock, and strike the rock with your shovel. The holes serve as a buffer to prevent you from recoiling too much, which allows you to hit the rock 8 times. This allows you to receive over 16,000 Bells each day from one of the rocks on your island.

Shovels can also be used to unearth buried fossils and other items. This image depicts what a buried object appears as, and retrieval of the object is as easy as digging at that spot. Afterwards, you can elect to cover the hole or plant something in its place as usual.

Flower Breeding

A detailed part of the game involves flower breeding. Throughout play, bees will pollinate other flowers and create flower hybrids that can be used to attract rare bugs and craft different DIY items. There are eight different breeds of flowers: cosmos, hyacinths, lilies, mums, pansies, roses, tulips, and wildflowers. By default, your island will spawn with one of these types as the native flower.

To get flowers to breed with others, you'll need to plant multiple flowers of a given type using certain flower color combinations. Here is a breakdown of the different hybrid colors you can acquire for each of the flower types:

Flower TypeDefault ColorsHybrid ColorsCombinations
Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Orange
Orange + Orange = Black
Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Orange
White + White = Blue
Orange + Orange = Blue or Purple
Blue + Blue = Purple
Blue + Orange = Purple
Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Red = Orange or Pink
Red + White = Pink
White + White = Purple
Yellow + Yellow = Green or Purple
Purple + Purple = Green
Purple + Pink = Green
Red + Yellow = Orange
White + White = Blue
Red + Red = Purple
Blue + Orange = Purple
Blue + Blue = Purple
Orange + Orange = Purple

Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Red = Black or Pink
White + White = Purple
Black + Yellow = Orange
Orange + Orange = Blue
Red + Red = Blue

Note that you can only acquire a gold rose by using a gold watering can on a black rose

Red + White = Pink
Red + Yellow = Orange
Red + Red = Black
Orange + Orange = Purple
Black + Orange = Purple
Black + Black = Purple
Red + Orange = Pink
White + White = Blue
Red + Red = Blue
Blue + Blue = Purple
Pink + Pink = Purple
Pink + Blue = Purple
Pink + Red = Purple

It's worth noting that the combinations listed above only scratch the surface of flower breeding. In a future update, I plan on expand on this portion of the guide and go in detail about flower breeding, as well as how to acquire the rarest flowers with the least amount of effort.


This game wouldn't be a simulation of a deserted island if it didn't include weather patterns, now would it? There are six distinct weather conditions for your island: clear, sunny, cloudy, overcast, rain, and heavy rain. Weather patterns - specifically rainy days - not only affect which bugs can be found, but also the possibility of viewing meteor showers, which can provide rare crafting materials for valuable DIY furniture. Weather patterns change every hour, and it's easiest to determine which pattern you're on for a given hour at the top of every hour, since the weather will gradually progress to the next weather pattern as it nears closer to next hour. To determine which weather pattern you're on, look at the skies at the top of a given hour for the following conditions:

  • Clear skies are exactly that - there are no clouds visible anywhere in the sky. If the skies are clear at any point in the day, you stand a chance of being able to view a meteor shower that day (meteor showers are explained below)
  • Sunny skies have limited cloud cover - approximately 25% of the sky is covered in clouds.
  • Cloudy skies have approximately 50% cloud coverage in the sky. Rain will likely fall at some point on these days.
  • Overcast skies have approximately 75% cloud coverage in the sky. Additionally, the sky will be relatively dark (if viewed during the day) compared to cloudy skies. When overcast skies are present, it will most likely rain the following hour.
  • Rainy skies have a light to moderate rain falling. When raining, rain can fall for a single hour and gradually lighten up, or continue for many hours.
  • Heavy rain is, as you would expect, heavy rainfall. Rain coverage is thick, the skies are dark (even during the day), and there may be brief periods of lightning. During heavy rain, you'll likely find all of your residents indoors.
Meteor Showers

The weather conditions for your island play an important role in determining whether you'll be able to witness a meteor shower. Wishing on falling meteors will allow you to collect star fragments, which are rare crafting materials that allow you to craft equally rare DIY furniture and items. Meteor showers will only occur on days that have at least one hour of clear skies, though it is not guaranteed that you'll have a meteor shower every day that clear skies are present. When you see a meteor, press the A Button to wish on it. The star will glow brightly for a brief second and disappear, indicating that the wish was successful.

There are two types of meteor showers: light and heavy. Light meteor showers will have about 5 meteors fall within a one-minute span at some point between the hours of 7PM and 3AM. Light showers usually have two, one-minute periods in a given hour where meteors will fall, though there are some instances where three showers will occur in a single hour. Heavy meteor showers have between 6 and 8 meteors fall within a one-minute span over many different times in a given hour, and will often occur every hour between 7PM and 3AM. A key indicator that you'll experience a heavy meteor shower is Isabelle - she'll inform you that a given night will be a great night for watching meteor showers.

Lastly, it's important to note that you can only wish on 20 stars per night to receive star fragments the next day.


As of the 1.3.0 patch, you are now able to enter the water surrounding your island. This is a welcome change that brings about a host of new creatures to collect. In order to start swimming, you'll need a wetsuit to enter the water. Wetsuits can be purchased from Nook Shopping and from Nook's Cranny.

To enter the water, equip a wetsuit, unequip anything you're holding, and head to the coast. You can enter the water from any point - rocks, the beach, the pier, the dock by the Airport, and even the cape (that small bit of outstretched land located somewhere on your island); however, you can only exit the water by way of the beach. You can swim either on your own island, on a friend's island, or on a Mystery Island; you cannot swim in ponds and rivers.

While swimming, use the A Button to swim. During your swim session, you may happen across some bubbles floating to the surface. These indicate something is able to be captured. Use the Y Button to dive near the source of the bubbles and swim toward the small shadow. When you are positioned directly above the source, you'll automatically resurface with the item in hand.

There are 40 different species of sea creatures you can collect, and information on these creatures can be found here.

As a final note, you cannot use the dressing room feature in the Able Sisters tailor shop with a wetsuit equipped.


There are 44 different reactions that can be collected and used to express your mood. After receiving your first reaction from a villager, you'll receive more naturally through exposure to other villager types. Here is a list of the reactions you can acquire, as well as what villager type will give them. Note that reactions that are listed as high friendship indicate that they can only be received by a villager of that type with whom you hold a high friendship:

  • Any Type: delight, greetings, joy, surprise
  • Cranky: agreement, bewilderment, inspiration (high friendship), sheepishness, worry
  • Jock: distress, encouraging, flourish (high friendship), shocked, sneezing
  • Lazy: bashfulness, mistaken, pride (high friendship), shyness, sorrow
  • Normal: daydreaming (high friendship), fearful, glee, pleased, sadness
  • Peppy: aggravation, curiosity, happiness, mischief (high friendship), sleepy
  • Sisterly: apologetic, cold chill, confident (high friendship), disagreement, laughter
  • Smug: dozing, heartbreak, resignation, showmanship (high friendship), smirking
  • Snooty: amazed, intense, love (high friendship), sighing, thought

As of the 1.4.0 patch, you are now able to enter a dream state. Dreaming allows you to view other players' islands without having to visit the Airport. This feature allows you to visit other islands and interact with them as you please without affecting the actual island. This is a good way to get creating and design ideas from other players without having to physically visit that player's island.

To start dreaming, lay down on a bed inside your home - preferrably the Luna Bed that you will receive for updating to the 1.4.0 patch. You'll be prompted if you want to go to sleep or if you just want to lie down. When you opt to sleep, you'll be visited by Luna, who will give you a brief overview of how dreaming works.

Note: Dream Addresses (as mentioned below) use the following format: DA-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, where X represents a unique identifier for your island.

  • I want to dream. Select this option if you want to visit another player's island via dream space. You will need an Internet connection and a valid Dream Address to visit the island of your choice. Note that while visiting other islands through dreams, you'll always visit the island empty-handed, and you cannot bring items back with you from the dream.
  • I want to share a dream. Select this option if you want to upload your island to the Internet for others to visit. If you've never selected this option before, you'll need to read about the important information regarding this feature, which primarily consists of your consent to gather data about your save file and upload it to the Internet. If you agree to the collection of this data, continue onward and your data will be uploaded to the Internet. You'll be given a unique Dream Address in the format mentioned above. After this process, you'll have a couple new options available to you:
    • Update the dream. The state of your island is saved exactly as it appears when you first create your dream. Selecting this option will allow you to push any changes you made to your island into your dream. This option can only be used once per day.
    • Adjust Dream Address privacy. By default your Dream Address is set to public when you initially create your dream, allowing it to appear on your Passport. Selecting this option allows you to remove your Dream Address from your Passport, thus giving you more control over who can view your Dream Address.
    • Delete the dream. This option allows you to remove your dream from the Internet. Your Dream Address will be deleted, and players will no longer be able to visit your island while dreaming.
  • And...where is this? If at any point you need more clarification on how dreams work, select this option to get more information about visiting other dreams and sharing your own dreams.
  • I want to wake up. When you are finished with using the Dream Service, select this option to return to normal play.

Daily Routine

The daily "reset" occurs at 5AM EDT (2AM PDT) every day. When you load up the game for the first time after the daily reset, you'll be greeted with an island-wide broadcast that summarizes any noteworthy news occurring that day. In addition to this broadcast, there are several activities that will likewise be reset, allowing you to complete them again.

Each day you play the game, focus on completing these activities before completing any tasks you want to accomplish:

  • Speak to every villager on your island.
  • Collect any fruit from fruit-bearing trees.
  • Dig up fossils (once you have a shovel). You can acquire 4 fossils each day from your island, and more from Mystery Islands.
  • Search the beach for a Message Bottle, which will contain a DIY recipe.
  • Find the money rock (it's one of the rocks on your island, selected randomly) and acquire the Bells that you get from striking it with a shovel.
  • Find the buried money and plant 10,000 Bells (or whatever you can afford) in the resulting hole. (If you found the hole before the money rock, seek out the money rock first and return to the hole so that you can always place 10,000 Bells in the gold hole.)
  • Shake trees on your island. Two random trees will reward you with some piece of furniture, five trees will drop a Wasp nest, and at least 15 trees will drop 100 Bells.
  • Pick up any twigs and weeds lying on the ground.
  • Visit the Nook Stop Terminal to keep your activity streak alive.
  • If you're a frequent turnip buyer, check the current turnip prices at Nook's Cranny both before and after 12PM, while the store remains open.