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by KyoraStryker

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FAQ by KyoraStryker

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/02/2020
FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2020 | Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide

Blathers' Museum

Once you've built the museum tent, enter it and talk to Blathers. He will ask if you were responsible for choosing the location, then inform you about his aspirations to open a grand museum and is requesting your help in collecting every wildlife specimen available on the island. In order to do this, he needs 15 additional specimens to place on exhibit; he's already taken the 5 you gave Tom into account.

In anticipation of your eager participation, Blathers will give you the recipe required to craft a Vaulting Pole, which will enable you access to other areas of the island. He will also give you the recipe required to craft a Shovel so that you can dig up areas that contain fossils, another interesting specimen for Blathers' museum.

As you collect the local wildlife and donate them to Blathers, he'll give you some interesting facts about the creature, if you're interested in listening. If you submit multiple specimens simultaneously, he won't give an explanation. The same holds true for fossils; donating a single fossil will give you the option to hear more about the create that the fossil represents, taking note that different parts of the same creature will yield the same description as before.

Once you've collected the 15 required specimens - both wildlife and fossils alike will count - Blathers will inform you that the expansion application is ready for submission. From here you will be unable to donate any further creatures until construction of the new museum is complete. However, you will still be capable of getting fossils appraised. By all means, continue to get as many appraised as possible.

The day after the expansion application is submitted, construction will begin. You'll need to wait the standard day for construction of the new building to complete. When construction is complete, you'll be able to donate new creatures and fossils to Blathers in the usual manner.

When construction of the museum has completed, the true fun begins! There are over 200 unique specimens to add to your collection. All of the donations you've made up to this point will be showcased in their respective exhibits, along with the donator and the date of the submission. There are four main exhibits of the museum - click their names to be taken to their respective section in this guide for more detailed information about those items:

  • Artwork Exhibit - second floor
  • Bug Exhibit - first floor, west wing
  • Fish Exhibit - first floor, east wing
  • Fossil Exhibit - basement