1. Easy Balloon Farming

    You can make a wall using either the Climbing Wall item or Jail Bars diy on the grassy part of the first level of the island. Make sure that it is one long line with no gaps in it or the balloons might escape. Then just sit on the bottom of wall and wait for the balloon to come to you. While the diys you get are still random, it will make it so that you don't miss a balloon again.
    If you have a river that exits out the left or right side of the map you could use terraforming to put earth at the closest to the river mouth you can, then build the wall from there to make sure its one long line.
    Contributed By: greywitch
    20    4

  2. Making a 1 squared tree on a cliff

    To perform this, you need the island designer tool, Make a 3x3 cliff but any corner, make a little river but the one near the 3x3 cliff must be curved. Then, go to the cliff and put a tree on the middle, the game will think it's a 3x3 area. Take out the river and demolish the cliff by corners. At the end, make a curved cliff and another one in the other end, then demolish the middle cliff then you get a 1 squared tree for decoration.
    Contributed By: Knightbot
    12    3


  1. Alternate hedge DIY collection method

    If you did not get the hedge DIY from May Day, you can’t time travel and get it anymore. But if you buy 50 hedges from Leif every time he visits for 3-4 visits, he will eventually gift you the hedge DIY.
    Contributed By: TrainerNeo_02
    6    1

  2. Bedhead (messy hairstyle)

    If you don't play the game for at least 30 days, your character will wake up with messy hair the next time you play and it will become one of the hairstyles you can select from your mirror.
    Contributed By: Tom_Wake
    42    10

  3. DAL rewards

    There are 11 DAL exclusive items you can get for flying via Dodo airlines. You unlock them based on a hidden reward system.

    You get 1 reward point each time you visit another player's island. Up to 3 points per day.
    You can also get 1 reward point per day if you go on a Mystery Island or Harvey's island.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    DAL apron100 reward points
    DAL backpack200 reward points
    DAL cap130 reward points
    DAL eye mask15 reward points
    DAL model plane300 reward points
    DAL mug50 reward points
    DAL pilot jacket250 reward points
    DAL slippers30 reward points
    DAL sunglasses75 reward points
    DAL tee5 reward points
    DAL umbrella160 reward points
    Contributed By: Samurai Bandit
    35    8

  4. Happy Home Academy (HHA) Rewards

    HHA is a service that evaluates your house interior design every Sunday with a letter. HHA assigns a number score and a rank (B/A/S), along with a tip on improving your score.

    1. Exclusive One Time Rewards
    HHA will send you exclusive one-time rewards for meeting certain score thresholds (see checklist below). They will send you only one gift per week, starting with the lowest requirement reward then working their way up.

    2. House Upgrade Rewards
    HHA will send you a gift each time you upgrade your house, for a total of seven gifts. Tent to house upgrade is usually a DIY, then followed by furniture gifts.

    3. Extra Furniture Gifts
    HHA can also send you furniture gifts if you follow their advice and resolve their critiques. Ex: Furniture having a unified color, no cockroaches, no non-furniture items on the floor, etc.

    4. Tips for Improving your HHA Score:
    Display rare furniture, multiple items from the same set or theme, essentials (bed, table, chair, dresser), Feng Shui (red items on east side, yellow on west side, green on south side), furniture having a unified color theme, and in season furniture. Make sure furniture aren't inappropriately facing the wall, that there are no cockroaches, no trash and no non-furniture items littering the floor.

    Source: Companion Guide
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bronze HHA Plaque20,000 Points
    Bronze HHA Trophy70,000 Points
    Gold HHA Plaque50,000 Points
    Gold HHA Trophy150,000 Points
    HHA Pennant10,000 Points
    Silver HHA Plaque30,000 Points
    Silver HHA Trophy100,000 Points
    Contributed By: Wetflix
    11    4

  5. Reactions

    After unlocking Nook's Cranny, island residents can randomly teach you up to 1 reaction per day. Different resident personalities will teach you different reactions, however some reactions can only be obtained once you are best friends with a resident. There are 40 total reactions to unlock.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Agreement, Worry, Sheepish-ness, BewildermentCranky personality
    Bashfulness, Sorrow, Mistaken, ShynessLazy personality
    ConfidentBig sister personality (best friend)
    DaydreamingSweet personality (best friend)
    Delight, Joy, Greeting, SurpriseUnlocked by default
    Encouraging, Sneezing, Distress, Shocked!Jock personality
    FlourishJock personality (best friend)
    Happiness, Aggravation, Sleepy, CuriosityPeppy personality
    InspirationCranky personality (best friend)
    Intense, Thought, Sighing, AmazedSnooty personality
    Laugher, Cold chill, Apologetic, DisagreementBig sister personality
    LoveSnooty personality (best friend)
    MischiefPeppy personality (best friend)
    Pleased, Fearful, Sadness, GleeSweet personality
    PrideLazy personality (best friend)
    ShowmanshipSmug personality (best friend)
    Smirking, Resignation, Heartbreak, DozingSmug personality
    Contributed By: Samurai Bandit
    26    3

  6. Sable's pattern designs

    After opening the Able Sisters tailor shop, be sure to talk to Sable (the brown hedgehog in the back) at least once every day. She will be quiet and reserved at first, but will slowly become friendlier with each day that you talk to her. After 7-10 days, Sable will greet you with a pack of special patterns that you can use in customizations. You can get one new pack per day, there are 10 packs in total, and each comes with 20 patterns.
    Sable's patterns do not appear in your Custom Designs app; you can only see them by opening the customization screen on an item that accepts custom designs, then choosing the new "Pattern" option to the left of "Custom Design."
    Contributed By: scratchohey
    31    4

  7. The Roost

    Talk to Blathers and he will mention Brewster and give you a photo of him. Go to Kappa’n and take a boat ride for 1,000 points. Search the island you land on to find Brewster and talk to him. Return back to your island and talk to Blathers again. He will close the Museum the next day, and the following day, the Roost will be available.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    The RoostSearch island Kappa’n takes you to after talking to Blathers
    Contributed By: TyVulpine
    3    1

  8. The Roost amiibo Visits

    In The Roost, there's an amiibo Phone in which you can use to invite villagers or NPCs to The Roost and get some coffee. Some of the amiibo figures are NPCs not seen in the game yet, but now you can use their amiibo in game for The Roost and Photopia. In The Roost, some will bring along company which some villagers they bring along were never even referenced in the game before. These are all of who the amiibo figures bring along in The Roost. (not including amiibo cards)
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    BlathersCeleste (and vice versa)
    DigbyIsabelle (and vice versa)
    K.K. SliderHimself
    Kapp'nLeilani, Leila and Grams
    LottieWardell, Niko (does not require DLC)
    MabelSable, Labelle
    ReeseCyrus (and vice versa)
    RoverTom Nook
    Timmy & TommyThemselves
    Contributed By: PlushUmaru-chan
    3    0

  9. Unlock Golden Tools

    You can get the Golden Shovel DIY from Regular Gullivar (communicator task) by TT. The secret is, when you find him on the beach (pay attention to the date), complete the task of finding the 5 communicator chips, give them to him, save and exit, then close the game. Set your date to the day before the day you found him (leave the time alone). Open the game, and then, once you come out of your home, save and exit, and close the game. Then, set your date back to the next day (which is the date you found him—leave the time alone), open the game, find him again, complete the task, and repeat the steps 30 times. Once you’ve given him the chips 30, save, exit, and close THEN…this is the trick…change the date FORWARD to the day after the date you found him. Ex: you find him on 10/15…you’ll be going back to 10/14 opening, saving, closing…changing back to 10/15 opening, finding him again, completing task, save, exiting, and closing…do this 30 times and the 30 time you will save, exit and close the game…change the date to 10/16 and open and your Golden Shovel DIY will be in your mailbox.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Golden AxeBreak 100 of any axe type
    Golden NetDonate all bugs to the museum
    Golden RodDonate all fish to the museum
    Golden ShovelRescue Gulliver 30 times
    Golden SlingshotShoot down over 300 balloons to enable a gold balloon to spawn. Pop it and the recipe is inside
    Golden Watering CanGet a 5 star Island Evaluation
    Contributed By: Grubmeyer
    86    42

  10. Unlockable Locations

    Various buildings, stores, and services can be added to your town by speaking to certain characters and fulfilling requests.
    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Able SistersBuy at least 5,000 bells worth of clothing from Mabel at Nook's Cranny, then talk to her the third time she's in town.
    MuseumOnce you have Blathers in your town, donate 15 different specimens of fish, bugs, or fossils to him.
    Museum UpgradeWhen Redd visits your town, buy the painting he offers for 4,980 Bells and offer it to Blathers, who then will upgrade the Museum the next day
    Nook's CrannyAfter your first house upgrade, talk to Timmy, collect and give him 30 pieces each of wood, hardwood, and softwood, and 30 iron nuggets.
    Nook's Cranny UpgradeAfter 30 days have passed and 200,000+ Bells have been spent at Nook's Cranny, Isabelle will announce that the store is being expanded.
    Resident Services BuildingAfter the three villagers you build houses for arrive, Tom Nook will announce the upgrade.
    51    19


  1. Faster Crafting

    Once you begin to craft a recipe and the materials are being tossed around, press the A button repeatedly and it will speed up the process.
    Contributed By: 326jordan
    59    8

  2. Increase chance of flowers cloning/breeding

    Having players who don't live on your island water your flowers increases their chance of cloning (making a duplicate of the flower) or cross-breeding (having two touching flowers create a new flower). The more people who water the flowers, the better the odds get. Having five different people water your flowers gives the maximum effect, and will give them a gold sparkle.
    Contributed By: Fryizle, SBAllen
    28    1

  3. Money From Rocks

    Each day, one randomly chosen rock in your town will produce bells if you hit it with your shovel. You can hit it up to eight times, resulting in successively larger payouts per hit. Be sure to dig holes behind your character beforehand so they won't get knocked backward upon impact.
    Contributed By: discoinferno84
    82    13

  4. Money Tree

    When you see a glowing gold crack in the ground you'll dig up a bag of bells. If you bury a bag of bells of any amount in the glowing hole, you will grow a money tree with three bags of bells on it when it fully grows that are each equal to the amount planted.

    Note: If you plant a bag with more than 10,000 bells in it, there's a chance that the bags on the tree will only have 10,000 bells in them.
    Contributed By: Krim2k10
    51    3

  5. Never get stung by wasps again

    Tired of getting a face-full of wasps when you shake a tree? Here's an easy way to safely catch them every time:

    Before you start, equip your net. Before shaking, make sure that the squares of land down-left and down-right of the tree are clear of items, plants, or any other obstacles. Shake the tree while standing due south (with the tree directly "above" you from your perspective). If a wasp nest falls out, your character will briefly turn toward it in shock before the bugs start chasing you. However, with your net already equipped and your character automatically facing the swarm, you can simply mash the A button repeatedly. As soon as you regain control, you'll drop the net right on top of the wasps.
    Contributed By: scratchohey
    37    11

  6. Plant and Grow Coconut Trees Anywhere on Your Island

    Coconut trees will not grow and mature on grass unless you place down a square of the sand path via the Island Designer App and plant the coconut tree on the sand path tile.
    Contributed By: ZombieGirlN64
    23    4

  7. Resetting Tool Durabillity

    To completely reset your tool's durability, customize it at any workbench. Note that this does not work on flimsy tools or on axes.
    Contributed By: asagii
    44    4

  8. Star fragment farming

    Finding the date of a meteor shower is random, but once you do find it, you can constantly go back to that date for a meteor shower via time traveling. Simply wish on a star 10 times, go forward 1 day, then backwards, and repeat.
    Contributed By: TrainerNeo_02
    5    1

  9. Trees with Furniture

    Every day, there are two trees on your island that will give you a piece of furniture if you shake them. There's at least one tree at each mystery island that will drop furniture as well. Keep in mind that it only falls if you shake the tree rather than hitting it with an axe, and that fruit trees don't drop furniture.
    Contributed By: 326jordan
    57    1

  10. Villagers Crafting DIYs

    You may come across an animal villager crafting in their home. Talking to them will provide you with a DIY recipe. The villager will continue crafting for approximately 3-4 hours before a different villager begins crafting in their own home. You can get a maximum of 3 recipes per day from your own island villagers. A villager will usually be crafting when you first open your file on a new day, except when they are sleeping, in which they will be crafting upon waking up. This cycle is consistent except when a 2nd island resident logs in, which can alter the villagers' crafting schedules such as extending the duration a certain villager is crafting or restarting the crafting schedule if one player already received all 3 recipes for the day.
    Contributed By: Wetflix
    15    1

  11. Wish Upon A Star

    If you see a shooting star, tilt the camera up, make sure you aren't holding anything, and quickly press the A button to wish on it. The fragments will wash up on the shore the next day.

    You get 1 star fragment per wish your villager makes for a maximum of 20 fragments. However you can get extra star fragments if you have visitors on your island that also make wishes; for every 5 wishes your visitor makes then you will get 1 extra star fragment. You can get a max of 20 extra fragments from visitors for a total of 40 maximum fragments per day.

    Note: Only 10 fragments can show up on the beach at a time. Pick the fragments up and check back later to find more.
    Contributed By: discoinferno84, Samurai Bandit
    83    27

Secret Items

  1. Secret K.K. Slider Tracks

    When K.K. Slider hold concerts in your town square on Saturdays, he will take requests for songs after 6 p.m., and players can enter in the title of any track they wish to hear and obtain a copy of the first track they request each week. There are three tracks that do not appear in the Special Goods section of Nook Shopping and must be obtained by requesting the title from K.K. Slider when he is giving a concert in your town square.
    Animal CityK.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.
    Drivin'K.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.
    FarewellK.K. Slider concert, Saturdays after 6 p.m.
    Contributed By: MegaNiko17
    26    7

Area/Level Hints

  1. The Secret to 5 Star islands.

    The Key Thing required to push a Island from 4 to 5 Stars is decoration coverage.
    Every white chequered square on your minimap and main map designates a area, Similar to the first games Screens. To be eligible for 5 stars you need to have at least 1 decoration in every square on that map.
    Including the rocky areas in the top corners of the map and all the beaches.
    After that it's simply a matter of having enough total decorations, villagers and facilities to get your Islands hidden point score above certain Thresholds.
    Contributed By: Nintyuk
    62    14

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