Sold a mermaid clothing item by mistake. Will Pascal ever give me a replacement?

  1. Here's the situation:

    Having gone swimming and caught several sea creatures, I returned to land to sell them. However, I also had a mermaid clothing item in my inventory at the time. I'm usually very careful not to sell stuff that I want to keep, but it must have slipped by me just this once, as I checked my inventory after selling, only to see that it wasn't there. The game had already autosaved by the time I realised what had happened.

    And so my question is this:

    Will Pascal ever give me the same item again?

    I know this may sound slightly silly, given that he is bound to run out of new stuff to give me eventually, but I can't help feeling concerned at the fact that I sold an exclusive item. I also don't know how Pascal is impacted by time travelling, so if you can't find out, that's okay.

    User Info: StrawDeath

    StrawDeath - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Yes, it's the same thing with duplicate recipes. He always has a chance of giving you the same thing multiple times.

    User Info: ImnotOasisGamer

    ImnotOasisGamer (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 1   1

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