Best way to safely quit playing without everyone hating me?

  1. I know In the past games villagers would get made and the town would get weeds all over, so what’s the best way to quit playing without anything bad happening long term?

    User Info: LRangelus

    LRangelus - 4 weeks ago
  2. In AC New Leaf for 3DS you could actually set it to where Isabel would watch the town for you while you are away. SO FAR, I don't see any consequences in the new game for not playing weeks at a time, whatsoever. I only pop in every now and then and it seems like the only thing that happens is like what everyone else says. Just some extra weeds to pick up.

    User Info: ExtremeCheese

    ExtremeCheese - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Pretty much the only bad thing that happens when you stop playing for a while is weeds, which don't take long to pick up. Villagers no longer comment on your absence, nor will they randomly move out like in previous game.

    User Info: 5963

    5963 (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 6   1
  2. Your house can get infested with cockroaches as well.

    User Info: Aeptia

    Aeptia - 4 weeks ago
  3. ^ forgot about that, but that also takes like 3 minutes to fix.

    User Info: 5963

    5963 - 4 weeks ago

Other Answers

  1. I always just right down the date when I stopped playing, then when I want to start up again, I just change the date so that it's the day after I stopped. If you want to get the date back to the iRL, you can easily play 2+ in-game days in 1 IRL day by just TTing forward when you've done everything you want to in a an in-game day.

    User Info: CardTamer

    CardTamer (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 2   1
  2. Villager will comment on your absence they even told you how long you been absent , but you dont lose any friendship point for not talking to them.... so nothing bad can happen !!

    User Info: Amayelle

    Amayelle - 4 weeks ago 1   0

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