Why am I getting random rare flowers?

  1. Hi, a few days ago my yellow mums I had sitting next to each other made a green mum after a rainy day. And just today, my yellow hyacinths made a purple. Are we missing something here or is it a bug?

    User Info: AliveEconomist3

    AliveEconomist3 - 4 weeks ago
  2. wow, you too? This just happened to me with my mums. It appears I have purple mums growing - and I didn't even know there were purple mums! The flowers surrounding it were yellow, white, pink, which was the only hybrid mum I've gotten so far. Then I am growing a section of only yellow and white roses, so no hybrids from those, right? Well, it looks like I have either orange or pink rose buds about to bloom. A lot of it seems totally random.

    User Info: AVM

    AVM - 4 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. normal flowers can be bred from hybrids and thus they can make rare flowers with their recessive genes, the easiest one to see here is that both your yellow mums were secretly "orange" on the inside so they had the green genes and happened to breed one

    User Info: herefortrades

    herefortrades - 4 weeks ago 2   1

Other Answers

  1. Thats how it works though? You leave space next to the right flower color combo and if you are lucky you get a rarer one.
    There is an app for animal crossing that helps with flowers and pretty much everything else in the game.

    User Info: KatarinaRPG

    KatarinaRPG - 4 weeks ago 0   2

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