Why won't Tom Nook give me May Day tickets?

  1. so the May Day event is starting today and Tom Nook won’t give me the tickets??? I don’t understand why.... my game is completely open so what’s going on???

    User Info: legend_of_m0ist

    legend_of_m0ist - 4 weeks ago
  2. Heh more like Tom NUKE!!!

    User Info: Catqueen557

    Catqueen557 - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. It doesn't start until may 1st. So unless it is currently May 1st on ur island u can't get the ticket.

    User Info: hedgydoesgaming

    hedgydoesgaming (Expert) - 4 weeks ago 2   26
  2. it was May 1st on my island.

    User Info: legend_of_m0ist

    legend_of_m0ist - 4 weeks ago
  3. I also am having this problem. I have the latest update 1.2.0 but nook wont let me know about the event. The event is posted on the bulletin board outside resident services even. I also have forced a complete reload of the updates and still nothing. For some of us this game is full of bugs that Nintendo needs to address. I also didnt get to do the bunny day junk either... never showed up even when i had the correct updates and time. Anybody have a clue?

    User Info: tooter

    tooter - 4 weeks ago
  4. You need to have a Nintendo Account to take part in these events

    User Info: Sopheroo

    Sopheroo - 4 weeks ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You don't actually get a physical ticket like the Nook Miles Tickets. Instead the airport already has the ticket and you just need to go and talk to Orville after speaking to Tom Nook.

    User Info: AlfredoJones

    AlfredoJones - 4 weeks ago 21   3

Other Answers

  1. You also need to have a linked Nintendo Account and connect to the Internet during events.

    User Info: SpaceAlbin

    SpaceAlbin - 4 weeks ago 12   1
  2. maybe he does not like u lol

    User Info: PewuPewu

    PewuPewu - 1 week ago 0   4
  3. Lol yea

    Girl: is that the Declaration of Independence?

    Tom nook: no that's your det

    User Info: Catqueen557

    Catqueen557 - 1 week ago
  4. Tom nook: no tickets for u

    Girl: why?

    Tom nook: your too stupid

    Girl: wah I wanted to buy a boat

    Tom nook: u can't buy a boat :/
    ( not saying u t the girl legend of m0ist)

    User Info: Catqueen557

    Catqueen557 - 1 week ago

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