How do I play music on record player?

  1. I bought a record player in new horizons and what I think is an album, but when I go to the record player and press register, it says there is nothing to register!

    User Info: SeaPugilist87

    SeaPugilist87 - 2 months ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The K.K. songs for sell in Nook shopping are what you "register". Once they arrive in the mail the next day, open the package and a music note icon will be in your pocket inventory. Then you can go to your record player, register the music note song, and it will play.

    User Info: Vysion_of_books

    Vysion_of_books (Expert) - 2 months ago 34   5

Top Voted Answer

  1. You can also get music from K.K. Slider during performances every Saturday around 6 or 7 pm once you've progressed the story to a certain point.

    User Info: Zeldaspore

    Zeldaspore - 2 months ago 8   4
  2. You can even get a certain song that is currently missing to you, if before the K.K. Slider performance, you say to him what song should he sing.
    At the end of the music, he will give you that song. But you only receive the album of the first song you ask on each Saturday.

    User Info: GODteam

    GODteam - 1 month ago

Other Answers

  1. You must have the song in your inventory to register to it to a music player.

    User Info: Drill_Dozer

    Drill_Dozer - 1 month ago 6   7

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