I think I time traveled too far. Any similar experiences?

  1. I went all the way to 2060 and back and now my campsite doesn't work at all unless I go all the way back to the future. I've also traveled day by day for a month and not had a single meteor shower announced. Anyone else having any similar issues? I've been told that some events don't happen if you initiate them in the future and go back in time. I've completed the main story and have had max villagers for a while. This happened while trying to kick some villagers out and I'm also suspecting that time travel may have affected their ability to leave.

    Really hope I didn't break my game and I'm hoping that I'm just paranoid but I've been time traveling day by day for hours and haven't received any new announcements from Isabelle.

    User Info: AstraLiatrus

    AstraLiatrus - 1 week ago


  1. I tend to wonder if maybe its like in Pokemon when you "time travel" and it locks daily events from progressing for the next 24 hrs when you turn the time back to normal. Maybe something like that is in effect here?

    User Info: panforis

    panforis - 1 week ago 1   1
  2. I think because you travelled to 2060, the day in 2020 already "passed" and the game has already passed all the stuff for that day if that makes sense.
    Basically, you're stuck in the year 2060 if you want to play normally again. This is just my interpretation though because I haven't time travelled and can only go off of this and other things I have heard but it might be what has happened.

    User Info: Dragon-Thing

    Dragon-Thing - 1 week ago 1   1
  3. Game works just fine outside of the campsite which I don't really need anymore now that I'm satisfied with my villagers.

    User Info: AstraLiatrus

    AstraLiatrus - 1 week ago
  4. Nintendo detected your cheating and now you have to start a new game and play fair

    User Info: zammox

    zammox - 1 week ago 1   3
  5. Everything else works just fine and I don't need my campsite anymore :)

    User Info: AstraLiatrus

    AstraLiatrus - 1 week ago
  6. Just start over and do it properly this time bro... Enjoy it as intended, and btw there is no "story", you just TT, spoiled the expansions and glitched the systems of the game for yourself in probably two days. Anyhow it was your $60.

    User Info: judgexp

    judgexp - 1 week ago 3   7
  7. Still playing the game nonstop and enjoying it :)

    User Info: AstraLiatrus

    AstraLiatrus - 1 week ago
  8. @judgexp Time traveling is a perfectly acceptable way to play the game - to each their own, no need to tell people how they can and can't play the game that they bought for their own enjoyment :P

    User Info: wdciii

    wdciii - 1 week ago

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