How long do you have to be inactive to get bedhead without time travel?

  1. Bedhead is my favorite hairstyle, and would like to get it pretty quick - but don't want to time travel really...

    Is there any other way to get it?

    User Info: Eyja

    Eyja - 6 days ago
  2. You can change your character's facial appearance by using any furniture piece that contains a mirror as part of its construction.

    This includes your hairstyle which, luckily for you, the Animal Crossing developers decided to include the bedhead hairstyle as an option unlocked from the start.

    Hope this helps answer your question.

    User Info: Agent_Stroud

    Agent_Stroud - 5 days ago


  1. When you haven't played for quite some time, your character does get bedhead, but as soon as you open up the game and play, it'll get redone into your original haristyle. The only option is to go up to a mirror and change your hairstyle to the bedhead, this way it'll stay the same.

    User Info: mahdoe

    mahdoe - 4 days ago 1   1
  2. In New Leaf you would get bedhead from wearing a hat for, I believe, one week straight.

    I'm currently trying that method out again.
    We'll see if it works.
    I won't be time traveling either.

    User Info: xHerosShade

    xHerosShade - 3 days ago 0   1

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