Are there Penalties to Time travel?

  1. I've heard whispers but haven't been able to confirm if true or not. Every outlet and video I've seen seems to simply imply "you can't access events via time traveling"... However, some in my friend group and streamers have said if you time travel you will be banned from seasonal events entirely. Or at least banned in the sense that they just will no longer happen once your clock is desynched.

    Is this in fact the case? and if so could I please get a source? I'm fairly new to animal crossing as well But pretty savvy with Nintendo, feel like this would have been made clear. Frankly I think the people saying this are either mistaken or trolling.

    Anyways Clarification would be helpful.

    User Info: RaiseDaishi

    RaiseDaishi - 1 week ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The Easter event was in the day one patch notes. If you travel to April 1st right now which is when the event starts there will be no event still. The event is in the day 1 data but can't be experienced while time traveling. From Japan Animal Crossing website: "Please note that even if the update data has been downloaded, the event will not start just by changing the main body date to the date of the Easter period. After April 1, 2020 in real time, it is necessary to start the software with the main unit connected to the Internet and set the version to "1.1.0a". * In order to experience Easter, it is necessary to link the user with the Nintendo account and play the console in a place with Internet communication environment after the date." So idk if you will be banned from events but you will definitely have to be properly synced up with the time meaning you'll probably end up travelling back in time to experience these events, possibly causing more problems for your town.

    User Info: Lazaruss

    Lazaruss - 1 week ago 5   2
  2. The last bit is just an assumption and possible that even that will not work but it sounds like the best case scenario is traveling back in time and the worse being unable to experience events at all.

    User Info: Lazaruss

    Lazaruss - 1 week ago

Other Answers

  1. You won't be "banned" from events if you time travel, Nintendo is trying to curb it by releasing events as game updates.
    So if you travel to Thanksgiving, or Christmas, the events won't happen. It's not because you TT'd, it's because the events aren't in the game files. We're all going to have to wait ... unfortunately.

    User Info: DiablosDestroyr

    DiablosDestroyr - 1 week ago 3   5
  2. I THINK that what this means is that since they're releasing the events as updates, then it will only matter for the first year it is out. Once we update our games to have the holidays, the holidays will then be in the game data and time traveling to them should work. Right? So like on April 2nd, if you want to go to Easter, you can.

    User Info: Iren06r

    Iren06r - 1 week ago 0   4
  3. No, read the quote I posted from AC Japan. Easter is in the data now and can't be time traveled to or accessed. Must be connected to internet and time synced correctly at or in the window of the event.

    User Info: Lazaruss

    Lazaruss - 1 week ago
  4. I have tested this and can confirm that you are able to use time travel to update things (i.e. blathers tent, players house, etc.)

    User Info: Indianas_hoes

    Indianas_hoes - 1 week ago 0   10

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