How can a second player make progress in this game? Tom Nook dialogue option missing, intentionally bad game design?

  1. I set up an island on my switch and my partner and I were playing in local coop yesterday. Now she's playing on her own but can't make any progress because Tom Nook does not give her the dialogue option to trade bugs and fish in order to get Blathers' museum.
    What's even worse is that she can't even get the flimsy axe crafting recipe so she is stuck with the starting tools.
    Has anyone else experienced this? Is this intentionally bad game design or maybe a bug? Or am I missing something?

    User Info: ProudCommando41

    ProudCommando41 - 2 weeks ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Just found out the answer myself, you can buy the crafting recipe from Timmy (or Tommy, dont know who is who) in Tom Nooks tent.

    User Info: ProudCommando41

    ProudCommando41 - 2 weeks ago 17   3
  2. I'm having the same problem. The DIY kit for beginners doesn't include any of the recipes you get from donating and it doesnt unlock Blathers. I think this is a bug.

    User Info: SpaceTrash

    SpaceTrash - 2 weeks ago
  3. You've probably discovered it yourself by now, but Blathers is unlocked after you donate several things to Tom, then he'll move in the next day, and unlocks the museum after donating 15 more items to him. Hope that helps :)

    User Info: GhostlyBadger88

    GhostlyBadger88 - 1 week ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Only the original islander (Island Representative) can move the island forward. Your partner can buy any essential recipe that's unlocked from Timmy but will not trigger events like building the museum or housing additional villagers.

    User Info: PyjamaHero

    PyjamaHero (Expert) - 2 weeks ago 29   3

Other Answers

  1. This is horrible game design. Not sure what they were thinking honestly. A family that has two kids (or more) is inevitably going to share the family Switch. Making it possible for only the first person who started the game to progress the game was idiotic.

    User Info: frankspank

    frankspank - 1 week ago 30   14
  2. Well, Nintendo wants you to buy more Consoles and Cartridges.

    User Info: dra6o0n

    dra6o0n - 1 week ago
  3. And Nintendo ALWAYS do stupid crap in games the would be perfect otherwise

    User Info: Sukiyw

    Sukiyw - 1 week ago
  4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for one begs to differ.

    User Info: TheNextAvatar4

    TheNextAvatar4 - 1 week ago
  5. As someone with a little brother who I let play on my Switch, I like this system, I get all the progression, but he gets a game to enjoy, besides, if anything, it's more like the original Animal Crossing for the other players, albeit with tools that break. New Leaf had this same system with one Mayor but others were just regular villagers.

    User Info: dantrr

    dantrr - 1 week ago
  6. It's Nintendo. They did it on purpose so those families with 2 kids buy 2. Nintendo is one of the most innovative companies on the planet at squeezing every last penny out of gamers.

    User Info: Jeremy2020

    Jeremy2020 - 6 days ago
  7. The 'main' player (the one who names the island, picks the layout, etc) dictates the pace of story progression. The 'secondary' players cannot exceed the pace set by the main player. It also means that all secondary players won't receive storyline unlocked recipes for free.

    So for your partner to get those crucial recipes they must pay bells in order to unlock them at Nook's Cranny while they're open.

    User Info: Kimberly

    Kimberly - 1 week ago 5   0
  8. Supposedly she needs to be the Primary player, if you're playing on the same Switch. Progress is tethered to the current Primary player.

    If she's on her own Switch and it's still not working, I'm not sure. Maybe she can buy the recipes from your Nook shop?

    User Info: megafierce

    megafierce - 2 weeks ago 3   6
  9. the only thing i did to unlock rblathers was donating 5 creatures to nook

    User Info: Nabiki_Tendo

    Nabiki_Tendo - 2 weeks ago 1   13

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