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by Andrew Testa

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Guide and Walkthrough by Andrew Testa

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 04/19/2020
Official GameFAQs Guide Official GameFAQs Guide


Welcome to my GameFAQs-exclusive guide for Luigi's Mansion 3!

  • Answers section (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/switch/248065-luigis-mansion-3/answers)
  • Message boards (https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/248065-luigis-mansion-3)
Version History

Version 1.3 -- Now with over 100 images of support.

Since 2002, Andrew Testa has written over 100 strategy guides on series including Final Fantasy, Zelda, God of War, Grand Theft Auto, Pokemon, Call of Duty, Fallout, Halo, and Fable.