Gooigi Tutorial - Blower stops and can't get Luigi out of cage?

  1. I’ve just received Gooigi and I am walking through the tutorial on how to use him. While using Gooigi’s blower to lift the cage to free Luigi, every time I press R & down joystick it switches from Gooigi to Luigi, but Gooigi’s blower stops and the cage drops.
    Thanks for any help!!

    User Info: MS7119

    MS7119 - 9 months ago
  2. Keep ZL held down as you switch from Gooigi to Luigi. That way he'll keep blowing even if you're not controlling him.
    You'd better keep this in mind because you'll be using it pretty often in the future.

    User Info: AndyKusanagi

    AndyKusanagi - 7 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. You're ether letting go of the blower button when you press down on the joystick or, more likely, you're moving the joystick when you press it down, causing Gooigi to move enough so they he's no longer blowing on the fan when you switch (this happens to me a lot). Just keep trying and you'll get it eventually.

    User Info: CardTamer

    CardTamer - 9 months ago 34   31

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