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Guide and Walkthrough by Informed_User

Updated: 02/07/2020

This is a guide for Omega Labyrinth Life using the Switch version of the game.
Most of the information here should apply to the PS4 and PC versions. The
controls will differ though. 

This guide was made by Informed_User for posting on GameFAQS.

This guide will have some minor spoilers, names of dungeons and bosses, names
of the characters who join you.

Since Ooraan's guide has the equipment bonus list and character stats I won't
bother listing them here. Check Ooraan's guide for that information:

Thanks and credit to Oorann for some information on codex entries.

The sections of this guide are:
Intro and Tips
Main Story Dungeons
Sage Trials
Challenge Dungeons
Codex Stuff

This game is on the easy side compared to other rogue-like games.

If you are still early in the game then do some extra trips into the first
dungeon. The first dungeon will always have the exact same rooms and items. Keep
collecting the short swords and wood shields to synth them together until they
hit the max luster of 25. Having some 25 extra attack and defense on your gear
should make the early dungeons easy.

Keep 2-3 escape tomes in your inventory or a purse.

Stock up on preservation purses, the more of them you have the more items you
can carry. Also keep your bread food in a purse to protect it from fire and

You level up in dungeons by killing monsters but you will always lose those
levels after leaving a dungeon. You will always start dungeons at level 1.

The two ways you can make a character stronger that you can carry over to most
dungeons are blooming skills and items.

Once you get through a few of the early dungeons you can starting doing blooming
events, the touch mini-games, with the girls. The blooming events will increase
a girls' base stats a little and more importantly each girl gets some special
attacks. Hinata gets attacks that can hit all enemies in a room, good for
dealing with monster rooms.

The other major way to get stronger is getting some good equipment and powering
it up. You can increase the attack and defense of your gear by synthing
identical items together or by using the forge tomes you can find in dungeons.

I recommend using the Ichimonjii, Dojikin, Mikazuki, knife weapons.
These type of weapons let you hit enemies from a distance. You can find
Ichimonjii weapons in the mid-game story dungeons.

Later you will want to use the assimilate option to add some very powerful
abilities to your gear. Get Floating on a bra or panty and you become immune to
traps. Get Protection and you are immune to most status aliments, enemies can
still do bad stuff to your gear though. Get Block-Dequip to stop your gear from
being knocked off. Get Mighty Blow on a weapon and all attacks are critical
hits, 30-50% more damage against everything. Get Dead Aim and your attacks never

I recommend getting the bra/panties abilities: Block-Dequip first, Float second
and then Protection.

For weapons get Mighty Blow first, Dead Aim Second.

For Shields get Reflect Magic, according to other board users it protects
against bust drain attacks from monsters.

If the party leader, character you are controlling, loses all hp in a dungeon
you lose. Even if your partner is alive you still lose. Losing in this game
means you get warped back to the school and lose all items in your inventory
including all your equipment. Losing all your good equipment is the major bad
thing that can happen to you in this game. You can't just reload your save in
this game since the game is constantly auto-saving.

Like I first said though, this game is easier compared to others like it. You
get a lot of ways to protect yourself and protect your gear. Fairy Blessing
potions will auto-revive your leader with full hp, if the leader gets killed.
Get GPS straps from the school store and on put them on the 8 pieces of
equipment you and your partner character use. Straps will teleport your gear to
the school store if you lose, so you can buy them back. Fairy Wing potions let
you keep your items if you die in a dungeon, once you have some good gear you
should always keep a Fairy Wing in your inventory as a safety precaution.

I used the party of Hinata and Yurika to beat most of the story dungeons.
Hinata is good for dealing with rooms full of monsters. Yurika gets the best
healing skill. I would recommend switching out Hinata and replacing her with Mei
once you get a weapon with Mighty Blow. Mei gets a skill that causes her
critical hits to sometimes, around 50% of the time, do triple damage. Mei is the
best damage dealer if you give her a weapon with Mighty Blow and max her
blooming skills.

You start with control of Hinata, the main character. Berune joins you after
clearing the first dungeon. Yurika will join you after you clear the first or
second dungeon and then talk to her at school. The rest of the playable girls
join after clearing their story dungeons.

When using two characters in a dungeon hold the ZR button to access the switch
leader option and party talk. While still holding ZR push left on the left
control stick to access the partner AI settings. I recommend setting all
partners to the don't use skills setting so they don't waste their special

Main Story Dungeons:

All story Dungeons have optional mission objectives, slay X number of monsters
etc. The only reward for completing all of a dungeon's missions is some extra
omega power, money. Not worth it unless you want to 100% the game. You can see
what the missions are before entering a dungeon by pressing left on the left
control stick, while you have a dungeon's name highlighted on the dungeon select

Tips for the challenges:

Slay X number of monsters: in later dungeons you will probably need to spend
some extra time on each floor to get more monsters to appear. Leave the floor
once you get the message about a sweet scent, a reaper will soon appear.

Slay X number of monsters at the same time: use special attacks, Hinata's
Botanical Blaze for example, in rooms that have a lot of monsters. Press and
hold the R button in a dungeon to access the special skills of a character.

Get to specific bust size: Yurika has a skill that gives her extra omega power
from killing monsters, so having her as party leader makes these missions
easier. You can also just wait to farm some Z Bust Tomes from Mei's challenge

Distorting Space 3F
The first dungeon, which serves as a tutorial mode. Unlike most other dungeons
this one is not randomized at all. Floor layout, monsters, items are always the
same. Kill the sleeping moth and then grab your first items, a sword and shield.
On the second floor you can sneak past the monsters or fight them. On the third
floor pick up the rocks and throw them at the Lucanus to kill it.
Hold the R button down a move the control stick left to switch to the ranged
weapons list. Enter the glowing light shaft to clear the dungeon.

A Maze-Like Garden 4F
The first floor is not randomized but the the rest of the floors are.
This is a good place to farm Guiding Tomes, for use in the later dungeons.

Holy Cave of the Holy Blossom 6F
Watch out for Tortos, slow powerful turtle enemies. You can exploit their slow
speed by attacking once and then stepping away from them so they can't hit you.
You must fight a Tomorrow Knight on floor 6. Use magic tomes on it to kill it

Looking for Flower Seeds 6F
This dungeon has Mimicki monsters, mimics. Mimics always start off
looking like items on the ground, but you can tell they are enemies
by the the fact they appear as red dots on the auto-map. You have to
fight 3 Pollys on floor 6. Pollys copy your actions. They only attack
when you attack. You can throw rocks at them to kill them from a distance,
so they can't attack you.

The Search for Mio 7F
On 5F You have to fight 2 Tomorrow Knights and a Skeedaddle. Just use tomes
and/or special attacks to win easy.

The Search for Mio 2 6F
No bosses in this dungeon, not much else to say.

The Search for Mio 3 8F
You fight the Magenta Moth boss on 8F. The boss has around 600-700 hp
and uses attacks that knock you away. Its weak to physical attacks.
Both Mio and Nanami join you after clearing this dungeon.

Chasing Mei 8F
This dungeon introduces several new very annoying enemies.
You will encounter item stealing monsters here, Fancyrat. If they steal
something from you they will teleport to some other room on the same floor.
Hunt down and kill the rat to get your item back. You will also encounter Braman
monsters here, floating suits of armor. Braman can use Dequip attacks on you,
knocks your equipment off. If your equipment gets knocked off and hits your
partner or a monster it will be destroyed, so be careful fighting Braman.
The Waterworker monster, pig man with a bottle, can use Item-Change attacks.
Item-Change turns items in your inventory to into junk. They can only use 
Item-Change on the party leader, so one tactic is to let your partner fight
them. No boss battles in this dungeon.

Chasing Mei 2 10F
A little longer then the previous dungeon, but again no bosses.

Chasing Mei 3 12F
You have to fight the Hades Skull boss on 12F. Knocking out both hands
will stun the Skull's main body for a few turns. The main body has around
800hp and is weak to magic. Mei joins you after clearing this dungeon.

Juri's Scheme 12F
Juri's dungeons have lots of traps. Now would probably be a good time to get
the float ability on a bra or panty. If you don't want to to grind for Float you
could just bring lots of Find Trap Tomes. Also when you attack any traps on the
ground your attacks hit are exposed. You may encounter the Greedrat dungeon
merchant here. You can buy an Ichimonji from it, the tier 1 of the best weapon

Juri's Scheme 2 15F  
Bring some Guiding Tomes to help get though maze floors. You fight Juri
on floor 15. She spreads traps around the room, float over them or just attack
the ground to see them. Juri has around 1000 hp and no weakness. After beating
her she will join you.

A Nightmare Investigation 18F
You must fight an easy battle against the Evil Flower on F10. The flower
boss will run after taking some damage. You fight the Evil Flower for real on
F18. The Evil Flower causes random status aliments with its attacks, have the
protection ability on your gear or drink a protection potion to block aliments.
The boss has around 1200 hp and is weak to fire.

A Deformed Garden 18F
No boss in this dungeon.

To the Holy Blossom Spring 18F
The floors of this dungeon have the darkness effect, you can't see around you as

Saving Flora 20F
You might have a one-time encounter with Alraune here, but not if you redo the

Holy Wind Cave 20F
You have to fight a Germycelium and 2 Chuckmonkeys on floor 20. Use special
attacks to kill the chucks before they start throwing stuff at you. The
Germycelium has around 900 hp and is resistant to most magic except fire.

Holy Ice Cave 20F
You fight the Major Mammoth and 2 Frighters on floor 20. Use special attacks to
kill the 2 Frighters fast. The Major Mammoth has around 1200 hp and is resistant
to physical attacks.

Holy Fire Cave 20F
You have to fight the Pouty Paladin on Floor 20. The Paladin shoots
bullets and acts 2 times. If you have the nimble ability on your gear you can
dodge most projectiles. The Paladin has around 1200 hp and is weak to lighting.

Return to the Holy Spring 25F
You fight the Keeper of Beauty on floor 25. The boss has around 1300 hp and is
weak to ice.

Bramble's Castle 30F
You fight Alraune on floor 30. The boss has around 1200 hp and is weak to fire.

Final Showdown 40F 
The final boss of the game is the Witch of Desires. You fight her on floor 40.
She can summon lots of weak monsters that act as a wall around her. Use special
attacks to quickly clear away the minions. She also has a powerful magic attack
that hits 2 spaces around her. If you do enough damage to her, 500+, you can
cancel the attack before it charges up. You can also just back away to avoid it.
The Boss has around 3000 hp and is weak to fire.

Sage Trials:
The Sage Trials are optional puzzle dungeons. They are all 1 floor and all
have the same rules of: No Partner/No Items/No level up. You get items for
clearing each trial. You can use a character's special attacks to clear a trial,
but you won't get the "Available Actions" reward items. I found it best to do
two runs of most trials. First run, use special attacks to just get through the
trial easily. Then do a second run to complete the Available Actions, AKA don't
use special attacks, and third mission objectives.

If you get stuck in a Sage Trial you can exit by choosing the give up option, ZL

If you prefer a video guide for the trials check out Valizy's YouTube vid:

Sage Trial I
Avoid the sleeping monsters in 2 rooms and reach the light shaft. In the
second room take 2 steps north and then go 1 step diagonally northeast, hold
down the L button so your character can only take diagonal steps. take 2 steps
north and then 1 step diagonally northwest. Step into the light to exit.

Sage Trial II
This trial is full of lube traps that cause you to slide across the floor. Go
north, west, south 4 steps and then east, south around the wall until you slide
to the north side, west, south, east, north, east to the light shaft.

Sage Trial III
Pick up and drink the 4 Risky Potions right away. You need to drink the magic
attack potion and then kill the 3 dragon pups before it wears off. To do that,
before you drink the potion, move so the red pup is 2 spaces north, make sure
you can shoot the green one diagonally without needing to move. Drink the magic
attack potion, shoot the red pup with the Subzero Arrow, without moving shoot
the green pup with the Inferno Arrow. Finally move 1 step east and shoot the
brown pup with the Thunderclap Arrow. Pick up the wand and swing it at the gob
to warp north.

Sage Trial IV
Grab all items and then move 3 spaces north of your starting point. Swing the
Hp-Halving wand diagonally at the purple bug 2 times. Take a step west and throw
the wand at the bird in the middle. Move to the northwest corner, so you are 2
spaces west of the first bird. Drink the Pitching Potion and then use 3 gold
bullets to kill each monster. 

Sage Trial V
You can easily clear this trial with the Novice Panties by just killing all the
gobs with special attacks. To clear without using special attacks: use the wand
east of the first gob. Then Move northwest and use the wand on gob 3, move
diagonally between the gobs to pass. Use the wand from the west side on the gob
sleeping in the middle of the four pillars, on the west side. Use the wand from
the west side on the middle gob between the two east pillars, so the gob moves
right under the northeast gob. Move diagonally southeast past two gobs. Throw
the wand at the northeast gob to move it 1 space down. Walk northeast diagonally
past the last gob to reach the exit.

Sage Trial VI
Which side of the room has more items seems to be random. You should usually
start by staying on the right side and trying to get the left monkey to throw
its items at you. Then switch to the left side and get the right monkey's items.
 The monkeys usually don't throw items if you are only 2 spaces away. Even if
you are in range the monkeys don't always throw items, stay in the same spot and
attack the air until they throw the item. Once you have all items step into the
north room and drink the invincibility potion. Then use the 2 Omega Slash tomes
to kill the Fractors.

Sage Trial VII
Pick up the 3 wands and the bullets. Move to the northeast and swing the blast
wand at the Fractor on the west side. The blast magic will get reflected
knocking you over the water and on to the east ledge. Throw the HP-Halving at
the Fractor blocking your access to the tome. After halving its HP, shoot it
with a bullet and grab the tome. Use the magnet tome to get the other items.
Throw the Transfiguring Wand at the gob to turn it into a Fractor. Swing the
blast wand at it to get back to the middle. Move north so you are 2 spaces south
of the north Fractor. Use the Pheromones Tome and then swing the Puff Wand to
get knocked on to the light shaft.

Sage Trial VIII
Swing the HP-Halving wand at the middle monster 2 times. Then throw the wand at
the monster on the left or right side. Throw the splitrock at the middle
monster. 2 of the monsters should die. Position yourself on the right or left
side so you only need to take 1 diagonal step to reach the exit, after using the
bounding wand. Wait, attack the air, for the last monster to move into the
opposite bottom corner from you, then use the wand to get across.

Sage Trial IX
To clear without using the trap: kill the bird with special attacks.
To clear using the trap: Only walk east, don't move up or down and don't use the
tome. Swing the puff wand when the bird is right next to you. Throw it after the
bird gets right next to you again. Use the haste potion as soon as you reach it.
Keep walking east over the trap and take 1 step past it. Step back onto the trap
to kill the bird.

Sage Trial X
Pick up all items and use the tome. Put all the potions in the transform purse.
Throw the purse at a wall to break it and get the lotions. Walk into the north
room and use a lotion to slide into the west wall. Slide north into the Gob.
Make sure to use a character who can survive 1 hit from the gob, for example
Yurika. Slide northeast into the pillar.

Sage Trial XI
Throw the rock, diagonally, at the Robin to wake it up. Step north 1 space and
attack the air to the west. This should cause the Robin to attack and kill the
gob. Step back 1 space and use the wand to switch places with the Robin. Use the
Robin to kill the rest of the gobs. Pick up the second wand and use it to get
back to the west side.

Sage Trial XII
Use the blast wand to knock the gob east. Then use the exchange want to swap
places. Get the 2 other wands and then swap with the gob again. Use the Puff
wand to knock the gob all the the way east. Swap with it one last time.

Sage Trial XIII
To clear without using the trap: use special attacks to kill all enemies. Then
use the bounding wand by standing in the southeast and aiming diagonally
northwest. To clear using the trap: pick up all items, do NOT read the tome.
Step on the trap in the southwest to lower your hp. Throw the hp swap wand on
the middle monster. Next throw the tome at it to kill it. Swing the hp wand at
one monster and then throw it at a different one. Shoot 1 shadow arrow at one of
the monsters you used the halving wand on. Wait until the monster with the
lowest hp is surrounded by the other 3, then throw the burnrock at it. A chain
reaction should start that kills 3 of the 4 monsters. Use the last shadow arrow
to kill the last monster. You can reach the exit by using the bounding wand by
standing in the southeast and aiming diagonally northwest.

Sage Trial XIV
Equip the bra and panty and you can throw items over walls. Throw a wand east to
swap with a gob and get access to another wand. Throw the second wand at the
southeast gob. Throw northwest and grab another wand. Throw southeast. Throw
north to get 2 wands. Throw west and then throw north. Grab the 2 wands and walk
next to the sleeping gob. Aim southeast diagonally and swing the bounding wand.

Sage Trial XV
This trial sucks. It's  super annoying to try to clear it without using special
skills. I would recommend just using special attacks to kill all enemies and not
bothering with the Available Actions reward, P. Forging Tome. If you *really*
want to get that P. Tome: grab the potion and then step diagonally to get the
tome. Take 1 step diagonally northeast and then drink the potion. Take 3 steps
north, 1 step northwest, 1 step northeast to get the next potion. Drink the
potion and then go 3 steps north, 1 northwest. Walk east to the next potion,
then take 1 step back southwest. Drink a potion then go 1 step northeast, 2
steps east, 1 step southeast. You have to move around the potion without picking
it up. Take 1 step northeast, 1 step southeast, 1 step northeast to get the next
potion. Drink the potion then step north west to get the second potion. Go back
and grab the potion you had to skip, then go, without using a potion, south,
northeast, southeast, northeast to get back. Now with 2 potions, 1 step north
and then drink a potion. Take 4 steps north until you step on a trap. Drink your
second potion then go 3 north, 1 northwest.

Sage Trial XVI
Swing the HP-Swap wand and then swing the HP-Halv wand at one of the monsters on
the right or left side, not the middle one. Shoot an arrow at the middle monster
to wake it up. Stand close to the water and lure the monster close to you. Throw
the Hp-Swap and then the HP-Halv at it. Move to the upper left or right to lure
the middle monster close to the other monster with low hp. Throw the Burnerock
to kill 2 of the monsters. Lure the third monster close and then throw the
exchange wand at it.

Sage Trial XVII
To clear with the Novice Panties: use Yurika's Paradise skill to float.
To clear without the panties: throw wand at north gob and then use the bounding
wand to warp near the exit.

Sage Trial XVIII
Use the Entice Wand to drag the first gob north. Do the same to the second gob.
Move the third gob north and throw the wand to move the fourth gob east. In the
room with 5 gobs, first move the bottom left gob 2 spaces northwest, swing your
wand diagonally towards it. Pick up the third wand. Move the upper left gob
northwest, next to the gob you moved before. Move the upper right gob 3 spaces
west. Move the top gob 1 space southwest. Walk diagonally past the gobs to get
past this room. In the room with 2 gobs positioned up left and the other down
right, move the down right 2 spaces north. Get the next wand and then move the
bottom gob east next to where the wand was. Move the gob blocking the north
hallway 6 spaces south. You should now be able to reach the room with gobs
surrounding the exit. In the exit room move the upper left gob 1 space west.
Throw the puff wand at the middle gob to wake it up. Move in a circle to avoid
the gob and reach the exit.

Sage Trial XIX
Use the blast wand 2 times on the Robin to knock it to the east side. Move up
and then attack the air to get the Robin to kill the gobs. Use the exchange wand
on the Robin and then grab the items. Use the puff wand to knock the Robin to
the west side. Use the Bounding Wand to move your self to the west side. Move
around until the robin gets stuck next to the north pillar. Use the puff wand to
knock the Robin next to the gobs blocking the exit. Use the Robin to kill the
gobs and then use the exchange wand on the Robin.

Sage Trial XX
This is the last Sage Trial. I am still trying to figure it out on my own, I
don't want help. To clear with special skills: use Yurika so you can float.
Rename 1 tome "Charger" and the other "Absorb". Put the water into the purse to
get a Bounding Wand. Use the Absorb tome to get the wand out of the purse and
then use the Charger tome to give the wand a charge. Use the wand to get over
the water. Equip the bra and panty and then throw the wand at the bird to get
across. You can now use Yurika's skills to kill all monsters and float to the

Challenge Dungeons:
The Challenge Dungeons are, extra-hard, optional dungeons.

Each of the 7 Playable girls has a unique challenge dungeon. You can only
use the specific girl named for the dungeon, alone and with no items, to
get through these dungeons the first time. After clearing a girl's dungeon once
you can select a different girl for later runs, but you still must go alone and
with no items. All girl dungeons are 10 floors.

I recommend waiting until you have all 4 of a girl's blooming events raised to
at least 20 before trying their dungeon.

You fight a Grim version of each girl as a boss of their trial. The strategy for
all these bosses is pretty much just use any haste and invincibility potions 
you have. Also spam your characters special attacks.

Hinata's Trial
You will encounter some strong monsters early in this dungeon. Use Botanical
Blaze to wipe out the stronger stuff in here. Try to conserve most potions for
the boss on floor 10. The Grim girl bosses of these dungeons are always immune
to aliments so don't bother to conserve any status affect wands you find.

Berune's Trial
Both you and all enemies will have the Mighty Blow effect, all attacks are
critical hits. A lot of the items in here will be unapprised so bring some omega
power, 1000 or 5000, so you can size up. Look for an Ichimonji weapon and use
it, so you can hit enemies from 2 spaces away.

Mei's Trial
You start with Z bust boobs and can usually find 1 Z Bust Tome per floor.
This dungeon has 2 very powerful monsters that can easily kill you in 1 hit.
There are the Trickykitty On lower floors and the Blaze Draigs on floors 7+.
Your should try to avoid these monsters while picking up all the items you can
on each floor. While you have Z boobs You can use the Hyper Omega Slash attack
which does 999 damage to enemies in front of you, but your boobs will shrink
down to their default size after the attack. Use that move if you get trapped by
a Trickykitty. Blaze Draigs have more then 999 hp, 1300 or so, so you can't kill
them with just 1 Hyper Omega Slash. 

Mio's Trial
There is very little equipment in this dungeon. Mostly you will find bullets and
stones. Most items in this dungeon are unapprised, so bring some omega power. 
Conserve your ammo for the higher floors, 7+, just use punches and special
attacks on the early monsters. Mio's Trial is a good place to find Lotion.

Nanami's Trial
This dungeon has lots of traps. You can use Nanami's Queen's Gaze ability to
reveal all the traps on a floor. Bring some omega power to Size Up items.
Namami's Trial is a good place to find Counter Potions.

Juri's Trial
Both you and all enemies have the Dead Aim effect, never miss. A strategy you
can use with Juri is to let weak enemies keep hitting you until Juri gets angry
and then use Miracle Wink. If angry Juri will drain twice as much omega power,
so her boobs will grow faster.

Yurika's Trial
You can encounter the Greedrat in this dungeon. Bring some omega power, 5000, so
you can buy gear from it. 

The Secrets of the Clock Tower 99F
The Clock Tower is the second-hardest dungeon in the game. But since you are
allowed items and a partner it is much easier then Distant Garden. You can buy
access to the Clock Tower after most of the main story dungeons. I would
recommend finishing all story dungeons before trying Clock Tower.

You will have to fight a lot of the game's most most powerful monsters, tier 3,
as you reach the higher levels of the Clock Tower. On the higher floors you will
encounter Lesson Learned monsters, tier 3 ratmen. They can easily steal the
equipment you are using. Either get the Block-Theft ability or get the rogue bra
and panty set to get theft protection. Another monster to watch out for are the
Beezlewrights. They can use instant death attacks. So get the Block-Instdeath
ability or bring lots of Fairy Blessings potions, 5+.

On floor 99 you will get 4 pieces of Goddess equipment; spear, shield, bra and

Rinka's Test Site 24F
You can buy access to this dungeon after clearing Final Showdown. The test site
is a boss rush dungeon, you have to fight almost every boss in the game again.
Many of the earlier bosses have extra high stats in this dungeon. You can bring
any items, but you can't have a partner and you can't level up. Powerful gear
and lots of items is a must for this dungeon. You don't really need food in this
dungeon, though you may want to bring a few Mei's Dark Lunches to recharge skill

If trying to clear this dungeon for the first time: I recommend using Mei with a
Mighty Blow ability weapon and max level, 30, blooming skills. Have all your
gear be at least Max Luster 50 and be at +50 power. Bring at least 2 Z Bust
tomes, 5 fairy blessings , 10 super potions,and at least 5 risky potions though
more is better. You will find some haste, hyper and invincibility potions in
this dungeon, but you may also want to bring some extras with you.

Use a Z Bust tome on floor 1 right away. Also use your 10 super potions and all
risky potions on floor 1 to get a big boost to HP and other stats.

Rinka's Test Site is the best dungeon to farm forging tomes since you are
guaranteed to find +forge tomes here, floor 14.   

A Distant Garden 99F
You can buy access to this dungeon after clearing Final Showdown. The hardest
dungeon in the game, no items, no partners and it's 99 floors. I recommend
"CHEATING" if you can. If you have access to a cloud save system on your Switch
console then use it here. For example you can make a suspend save every few
floors in this dungeon by Pressing the ZL button on the Switch and choosing the
return to title option. This makes a temporary save that you can turn into a
permanent save by using the copy saves to cloud files option. Press the home
button from this game's title screen to return to the game select menu and there
will be an option to access cloud saves under the Omega Labyrinth game image.
Keep making cloud saves and reload them if you die in this dungeon.

Codex Stuff 
Most weapons in this game are part of a 4-tier set.
Tier 1 are the weakest types with the lowest base stats and a max luster(ML) of
Tier 2 have higher starting stats then 1's and an ML of 50
Tier 3 are stronger then 2's with an ML of 75.
Tier 4 are the most powerful versions of each weapon type, the Goddess weapons.
They have the highest base stats and an ML of 99.

ML is the max number of times you can increase an items power, either by
synthing 2 of the same
item together or by using a forge tome on it. In the case of weapons you need W.
or +W. tomes to
increase their power.

You find tier 1 weapons in the early story dungeons. You can get tier 2 weapons
in the middle and end
story dungeons. To get tier 3 weapons you need to either synth two specific tier
2 weapons together or
go though the Clock Tower, an optional challenge dungeon that is unlocked near
the end of the main story.
To get tier 4 weapons you need to synth the tier 3 with a Pure Omega Sword. You
get Pure Omega Swords in the Clock Tower.

1, Short Sword
2, Gladius
3, Laevateinn
4, Goddess Sword
5, Katara
6, Onimaru
7, Masamune
8, Goddess Katana
9, Lance
10, Vajra
11, Gungnir
12, Goddess Spear
13, Life Taker
14, Adamas Scythe
15, Death Scythe
16, Goddess Scythe, Reapers drop this.
17, Big Hammer
18, Warhammer
19, Mjolnir
20, Goddess Hammer
21, Claymore
22, Balmung
23, Excalibur
24, Goddess Greatsword
25, Ichimonji
26, Dojikiri
27, Mikazuki
28, Goddess Dagger
29, Battleaxe
30, Silver Axe
31, Golden Axe
32, Goddess Axe
33, Saber
34, Shining Saber
35, Force Saber
36, Goddess Saber
37, Magician's Rod
38, Sorcerer's Rod
39, Caduces
40, Goddess Rod
41, Glass Blade
42, Jeweled Blade
43, Crystal Blade
44, Goddess Blade
45, Large Harpoon
46, Trident
47, Gae Bulg
48, Goddess Trident
49, Fan (Plum)
50, Fan (Bamboo)
51, Fan(Pine)
52, Goddess Fan
53, Meowkin's Paw
54, Meowee's Paw
55, Meowster's Paw
56, Ms. Meowzers' Paw
57, Broom
58, The Sweeper
59, Great Comet
60, Goddess Besom
61, Lucky Mallet,
62, Celebration Mallet
63, Demon Mallet
64, Goddess Mallet
65, Frail Greatsword
66, Frail Grand Sword
67, Omega Sword,
68, Fierce Omega Sword
69, Pure Omega Sword
70, Holy Omega Sword
71, Holy Flora Sword
72, Omega Flora Sword

Like weapons, most shields are part of a 4-tier set. You need S or +S forge
tomes to boost shields. As meantiond by Oorann, you need to snyth the tier 3
shields with an Ochain to get the Tier 4 shields. You can find the Ochain
shields in the Clock Tower.

1, Wood Shield
2, Gold Shield
3, Ash Shield
4, Holy Wooden Shield
5, Knight's Shield
6, Twin-Winged Shield
7, Ochain
8, Goddess Shield, you get this on floor 99 of the Clock Tower
9, Buckler
10, Cross Buckler
11, Svalinn
12, Noble Cross
13, Fairy Shield
14, Witch's Shield
15, Spirit Shield
16, Astral
17, Battle Shield
18, Carbon Shield
19, Cosmo Shield
20, Adamant Shield
21, Edged Shield
22, Bladed Shield
23, Fanged Shield
24, Razor Shield
25, Magic Shell
26, Protect Shell
27, Beam Shell
28, Aurora Shell
29, Warrior's Shield
30, Hero's Shield
31, Achilles' Shield
32, Aegis
33, Yuyu's Pot Lid
34, Cook's Pot Lid
35, Chef's Pot Lid
36, Momo's Pot Lid, The final boss of Rinka's Test Site sometimes drops this.
37, Meowkin's Shield
38, Meowee's Shield
39, Meowster's Shield
40, Meowzer' Shield
41, Dustpan
42, Hefty Dustpan
43, Stardust Heart
44, Goddess Dustpan
45, Bells Fleur Shield
46, Shield of Fleur

Bras and Panties:

All Bras and panties are part of a matching set, for example the Novice Bra gets
a combo bonus with the Novice Panties. You need P. and +P. tomes to boost bras
and panties. Bra's give physical defense and panties give magic defense.

To save time I'm just going to list the unique name of each bra and panty pair.

1, Novice
2, Amazonian
3, Frilly
4, Magician
5, Breeze
6, Glacial
7, Blazing
8, Experienced
9, Angelic
10, Obsidian
11, Polka Dot
12, Golden
13, Ninja
14, Clear
15, Rogue
16, Sports
17, Feather
18, Goddess, you get both the Goddess Bra and Panties on F99 of the Clock Tower.
19, Safra
20, Loretta
21, Scree
22, Catherine
23, Elise
24, Camille
25, Sybill
26, Vert
27, Blanc
28, Rouge
29, Lumienne's
30, Flora's
31, Bikini
32, Bust Wrappings*
64, Loincloth*

*"These are dropped often dropped from Blaze Draig." according to Oorann.

Ranged Weapons:
1, Hard Stone
2, Really Hard Stone
3, Burnerrock
4, Splitterock
5, Exploderock
6, Wooden Arrow
7, Iron Arrow
8, Poison Arrow
9, Shadow Arrow
10, Thunderclap Arrow
11, Inferno Arrow
12, Subzero Arrow
13, Lead Bullet
14, Silver Bullet
15, Gold Bullet,
16, Diamond Bullet

Mio's challenge dungeon is a good place to get ranged weapons.
You can also buy the elemental arrows from the school shop.

1, Fire Tome
2, Flamelord's Tome
3, Ice Tome
4, Icelord's Tome
5, Lighting Tome
6, Thunderlord's Tome
7, Guiding Tome
8, Escape tome
9, Trap Finder
10, Trap Remover
11, W. Forging Tome
12, S. Forging Tome
13, P. Forging Tome
14, Magnet Tome
15, Pheromones Tome
16, Purification Tome
17, Somnambulance Tome
18, Confuse Tome
19, Tome of Ascending, Clock Tower dungeon only.
20, Tome of Descending?, Distant Garden dungeon only, according to Oorann
21, Summoning Tome
22, Roomy Tome
23, Blank Book
24, Protection Tome
25, Omega Slash Tome
26, Absorption Tome
27, Purse Fattner
28, Wand Charger
29, Windlord's Tome
30, Tome of Regression
31, Grimoire
32, W. Forging Tome+, Rinka's Test Site is the best place to get the + Tomes.
33, S. Forging Tome+
34, P. Forging Tome+
35, Z Bust Tome, Mei's challenge dungeon is the best place to get these.

Swing a wand to use its ability on an enemy. If a wand has 0 charges left you
can still throw it to get one more use of its ability.

1, Healing Wand
2, Slowing Wand
3, Drowsy Wand
4, Confuse Wand
5, Warp Wand,
6, Blasting Wand
7, Wand of Exchange
8, Sealing Wand
9, HP-Swapping Wand
10, Magic Wand
11, HP-Halving Wand
12, Bounding Wand
13, Transfiguring Wand
14, Blinding Wand
15, Paralyzing Wand
16, Silencing Wand
17, Enticing Wand
18, Lethargy Wand
19, Waning Wand
20, Puff Wand
21, Doom Wand


1, Potion
2, Super Potion
3, Hyper Potion
4, Lotion
5, Detoxifier
6, Panacea
7, Mic
8, Sleep Potion
9, Confusion Potion
10, Poison Potion
11, Haste Potion
12, Warp Potion
13, Invisible Potion
14, Invincible Potion
15, Boost Potion,
16, Filling Potion
17, Cast Away Potion*
18, Counter Potion
19, Reflect Potion
20, Physical ATK Up
21, Physical DEF UP
22, Magic ATK Up
23, Magic DEF Up
24, Risky Potion
25, Amnesia Potion
26, Fairy Blessing, Auto-Revives the character you control, not your partner.
27, Fairy Luck
28, Fairy Misfortune*
29, Fairy Wings
30, Plain Ol' Water
31, Protect Potion
32, Sadist Potion
33, Masochist Potion
34, Pitching Potion
35, Hallucinogen

* I only ever got a Cast Away Potion as a present from Yurika. Talk to her
in a dungeon when she is not in the party.

* I got the Fairy Misfortune by having an Emboozler monster use Item Change on
my items. You can find Emboozlers in the Clock Tower.

"Fairy Misfortune can be found in 30+ dungeons if you're lucky enough with a
random spawn as well as Distant Garden and Clock Tower. Poorilla(purple monkeys)
has a chance to throw them at you when you're chasing them.

Cast Away Potions can found in later floors of Clock Tower/Distant Garden on the
2x2 plot of land surrounded by water that you need float to reach or magnet tome
or a combination of puff/blast wands on a monster and an exchange wand to
switch." Quoting Oorann's board message.

Most food is bread type items, but there are also 7 lunch box items, bentos.
If you get hit by a fire attack, bread in your inventory may turn into Charred
Bread. If you step on a mold trap bread in your inventory becomes Moldy Bread.
Keep your bread in a purse to protect it from fire and mold. Bentos are immune
to fire and mold.

1, Hot Dog Bun
2, Huge Cream Puff
3, Cream Bread
4, Curry Bread
5, Herb Bread
6, Charred Bread
7, Moldy Bread
8, Ramen Burger
9, Burnt Bread
10, Jelly Donut
11, Pickle Bread
12, Light Bread
13, Super Curry Bread, you can find this in the Clock Tower
14, Lady Bread
15, Hinata's Rice Ball
16, Berune's "Meal"
17, Mei's Dark Meal
18, Mio's Flower Lunch
19, Nanami's Fine Meal
20, Juri's Box Lunch
21, Yuri's Steamy Meal

You unlock the bentos by talking to each girl at night, after they join you.
You can get 1 bento per dungeon visit by talking to the girl standing outside
the school store.

1, Preservation Purse
2, Hardened Purse
3, Transform Purse
4, Omega Purse
5, Locker Purse

Album Images:
I assume most of the album images are not available in the PS4 version of this

Skill Blooms:
Just do each of the 7 Playable girls' 4 blooming events. You can then buy the
album images from the school shop. Blooming events are unlocked by clearing the
story dungeons and then buying them from the school shop.

Tit for Tat and Size Up:
The top row is the TfT of the 7 playable girls.
Second row is the TfT with Yuyu, Momo, Flora outside a dungeon, Zephyr, Glacia,
Ignia, Flora inside a dungeon. Third row is the Size Up images of each of the 7
playable girls. You have to do a size up with each girl at each of the 4 bust
sizes to unlock all images. The bottom Row is the Size Up with Yuyu, Momo,
Flora, Nem alone, Pai alone, Nem and Pai together.

You can buy the Size Up images of Yuyu, Momo and Flora, from the school shop,
after finishing the last story dungeon.

Spa and Bugcatching:
First row is the 7 playable girls in the bath. Second row is Yuyu, Momo, Flora,
Zephyr, Glacia, Ignia, Flora, in the bath. Third row is, Bugcatching with little
flora, Bugcatching with big Flora.

You can buy the images of Yuyu and Momo in the bath from the school store, after
clearing the final story dungeon. There are 2 images of flora in the bath. I
think the first is if you find her in Bramble Castle and the second is from
Final Showdown.

Flower Items:

All Vert, Blanc, Rouge, Lumienne and Flora seed items only start appearing after
finishing the main story.

1, Safra Seeds
2, Loretta Seeds
3, Scree Seeds
4, Catherine Seeds
5, Elise Seeds
6, Camille Seeds
7, Sybil Seeds
8, Vert Seeds
9, Blanc Seeds
10, Rouge Seeds
11, Lumienne Seeds
12, Flora Seeds

1, Safra Bouquet
2, Safra Parfait
3, Loretta Bouquet
4, Loretta Parfait
5, Scree Bouquet
6, Scree Parfait
7, Catherine Bouquet
8, Catherine Parfait
9, Elise Bouquet
10, Elise Parfait
11, Camille Bouquet
12, Camille Parfait
13, Sybil Bouquet
14, Sybil Parfait
15, Vert Bouquet
16, Vert Parfait
17, Blanc Bouquet
18, Blanc Parfait
19, Rouge Bouquet
20, Rouge Parfait
21, Lumienne Bouquet
22, Lumienne Parfait
23, Flora Bouquet
24, Flora Parfait

1, Safra S Fruit
2, Safra M Fruit
3, SafraL Fruit
4, Safra Scent Fruit
5, Safra Superb Fruit
6, Loretta S Fruit
7, Loretta M Fruit
8, Loretta L Fruit
9, Loretta Scent Fruit
10, Loretta Superb Fruit
11, Scree S Fruit
12, Scree M Fruit
13, Scree L Fruit
14, Scree Scent Fruit
15, Scree Superb Fruit
16, Catherine S Fruit
17, Catherine M Fruit
18, Catherine L Fruit
19, Catherine Scent Fruit
20, Catherine Superb Fruit
21, Elise S Fruit
22, Elise M Fruit
23, Elise L Fruit
24, Elise Scent Fruit
25, Elise Superb Fruit
26, Camille S Fruit
27, Camille M Fruit
28, Camille L Fruit
29, Camille Scent Fruit
30, Camille Superb Fruit
31, Sybil S Fruit
32, Sybil M Fruit
33, Sybil L Fruit
34, Sybil Scent Fruit
35, Sybil Superb Fruit
36, Vert S Fruit
37, Vert M Fruit
38, Vert L Fruit
39, Vert Scent Fruit
40, Vert Superb Fruit
41, Blanc S Fruit
42, Blanc M Fruit
43, Blanc L Fruit
44, Blanc Scent Fruit
45, Blanc Superb Fruit
46, Rouge S Fruit
47, Rouge M Fruit
48, Rouge L Fruit
49, Rouge Scent Fruit
50, Rouge Superb Fruit
51, Lumienne S Fruit
52, Lumienne M Fruit
53, Lumienne L Fruit
54, Lumienne Scent Fruit
55, Lumienne Superb Fruit
56, Flora S Fruit
57, Flora M Fruit
58, Flora L Fruit
59, Flora Scent Fruit
60, Flora Superb Fruit

1, Flower Pearl

You get the drops from doing each girl's blooming events.

1, Ruby Drop
2, Topaz Drop
3, Onyx Drop
4, Sapphire Drop
5, Diamond Drop
6, Turquoise Drop
7, Amethyst Drop

Curio List:
I know some curios are obtained by doing special requests for people on the
school grounds, for example Pai gives you one and Yayu gives you one. I do not
remember which curios you get from these requests. You also may unlock new
curios by buying and placing others.

1, Stone Fan Statue
2, Stone Florist Statue
3, Stone Mech Statue
4, Stone Miser Statue
5, Stone Sly Statue
6, Stone Baa Statue
7, Stone Seed Guard
8, Stone Reaper Statue
9, Stone Drake Statue
10, Stone Raccoon Statue
11, Stone Fox Statue
12, Stone Moth Statue
13, Stone Bone Statue
14, Stone Flower Statue
15, Bronze Fan Statue
16, Bronze Mech Statue
17, Bronze Florist Statue
18, Bronze Miser Statue
19, Bronze Sly Statue
20, Bronze Baa Statue
21, Bronze Seed Guard
22, Bronze Reaper Statue
23, Bronze Drake Statue
24, Bronze Raccoon Statue
25, Bronze Fox Statue
26, Bronze Moth Statue
27, Bronze Bone Statue
28, Bronze Flower Statue
29, Bench-Teak
30, Bench-Dark
31, Chic Bench-Teak
32, Chic Bench-Dark
33, Style Bench-Dark
34, Style Bench-Teak
35, Round White Table
36, Tile Table
37, Round Wooden Table
38, Round Chic Table
39, Exotic Round Table
40, White Chair
41, Square Chair
42, Wooden Chair
43, Chic Chair
44, Exotic Chair
45, Simple Lamp
46, Three-Headed Lamp
47, Hanging Lamp
48, Fountain
49, Toy Duck
50, Swan Boat
51, Queen of the Spring
52, Natural Spa
53, Round Tree
54, Green Tree
55, Square Hedge
56, Discreet Hedge
57, Known Grand Garden
58, Brick Floor
59, Cool Square
60, Wild Road
61, Beast
62, Chic Pavement

1, Spiderweb Bench
2, Dubious Lamp
3, Jack-o-Lantern
4, Bat Statue
5, Suspicious Tomb
6, Lonesome Tree
7, Creepy Fence
8, Spiderwebs

1, Ice Sofa
2, Wintry Lamp
3, Igloo
4, Wolf Sculpture
5, Snowman
6, Frozen Tree
7, Ice Block
8, Icy Grand Garden

1, Tatami Bench
2, Whitestone Lantern
3, Five-Tier Pagoda
4, Torii
5, Mt. Fuji
6, Pine Tree
7, Elliptical Hedge
8, Feng Shui Garden

1, Feminine Bench
2, Fairy Tale Lamp
3, Ferris Wheel
4, Coffee Cup
5, Blue Wood Horse
6, Bear Topiary
7, Cute Hedge
8, Lovely Pink

1, Pipe Bench
2, Steam Lamp
3, Steam Train
4, Steam Suit
5, Steam Dragon
6, Geared Curio
7, Unknown Device
8, Steam Era Arrives

Most, non-boss, monsters are part of a 3-tier set. The level 1 version is the
weakest and the level 3 are the most powerful types. If a monster kills
anything; one of your characters, one of the girls wandering the dungeon or even
another monster, then the monster that got a kill will evolve to the next level
version of its type. Early in the game you should probably run away if a monster
evolves. Level 3 monsters don't evolve since they are already at max level.

You will encounter all the level 1 monsters and some level 2 monsters, in the
main story dungeons. Most level 3 monsters appear in the Clock Tower dungeon.

1, Mothy Moth
2, Fighty Moth
3, Grinny Moth

They are called "Moth" but are actually catapillers. level 2 and 3 can use
Shadow-Bind on you, stops you from moving for a few turns. Nature type, no

4, Grime Gob
5, Mud Gob
6, Sludge Gob

Gobs seem to have pretty high HP but are otherwise unremarkable, Puppet type, no

7, Leercrow
8, Fearcrow
9, Dreadcrow

No special attacks as far as I know. Puppet type with a weakness to fire.

10, Rockin' Rubble
11, Growlin' Gravel
12, Rollin' Golem

No special attacks as far as I know. Puppet type with a weakness to ice.

13, Bot
14, Slo-Mobot
15, Flobot

No special attacks as far as I know. Puppet type with a weakness to lightning.

16, Woodoll
17, Ironoll
18, Mechaquin

No special attacks as far as I know. Puppet type with no weakness.

19, Lucanus
20, Cervus
21, Lucantlers

No special attacks as far as I know. Nature type with a weakness to magic and

22, Kabutomushi
23, Kabutosmashy
24, Kabutobashy

Charges at you and sometimes kills other monsters. Nature type with a weakness
to magic and ice.

25, Carapace Caller
26, Horn Honer
27, Coleo Caitiff

Summons other monsters. Nature type with a weakness to magic and ice.

28, Happy
29, Lucky
30, Wealthy

These mostly just run from you. Critter type, they take less damage from
physical and magic, but normal damage from ranged weapons.

31, Skeedaddle
32, Hotfoot Herb
33, Scooter Swine

These mostly just run from you. Critter type, they take less damage from
physical and magic, but normal damage from ranged weapons.

34, Gusty
35, Blustery
36, Stormy

Moves and attacks 2 times for each move you make. Nature type.

37, Pterobird
38, Pterofowl
39, Pteroace

Moves 1 time but can attack 2 times. Nature type.

40, Hiss
41, Whoosh
42, Zip

No special attacks as far as I know. Nature type.

43, Itty Drake
44, Bitty Drake
45, Lil' Drake

Will sometimes use tail swipe, hits both you and partner. Reptile type.

46, Chaparall
47, Forsythia
48, Brambler

No special attacks as far as I know. Reptile type, weak to fire.

49, Magma
50, Lahar
51, Pyroclast

No special attacks as far as I know. Reptile type, weak to ice.

52, Zragau Broze
53, Zragau Silver
54, Zragau Gold

No special attacks as far as I know. Reptile type, weak to lighting.

55, Mimicki
56, Mimickri
57, Mimicellent

Mimics always start off looking like items on the ground. They will still appear
as red dots on the automap though, so it's not hard to tell which items are
mimics. Critter type, no weakness.

58, Vulpine Vixen
59, Foxy Female
60, Slick Sista

These monsters start off looking like one of the 7 playable girls. The ears
and tails are a hint that they are monsters. Critter type, no weakness.

61, Fangaroo
62, Kangaroot
63, Pompomroo

These monsters can use buff skills on other monsters, Attack up, Anger, Haste.
They will also use the buffs on you if you stay next to one. Critter type,
reduced damage from everything.

64, Braman
65, Braman Knight
66, Braman King

These monsters use the De-Equip ability, knocks off your equipment.
Usually being De-Equiped is only a minor annoyance, just go pick up
your equipment off the ground and re-equip it. However, according
to some board users, if your equipment gets knocked off and hits a monster
it will be destroyed. So be careful about fighting these guys if another
monster is behind you. Get the Block D-equip ability on one bra or panty
to prevent knock off on all gear. Object type, weak to magic and lighting.

67, Lancefish
68, Skewerfish
69, fishkebab

Their attacks hit 2 spaces in front. Object type, weak to magic and lighting.

70, Flector, reflects physical attacks, weak to lighting.
71, Framer, reflects magic
72, Fractor, reflects physical and magic

Object type.

73, Tomorrow Knight
74, Future Knight
75, Dimension Knight

Knights' attacks always hit 3 spaces in front. Object type, weak to magic and

76, Torto
77, Megatorto
78, Gigatorto

Slow, acts 1 time for each 2 moves you make. Reptile type, lightning weakness.

79, Treadapin
80, Rippersnapper
81, Shellshock

Slow, acts 1 time for each 2 moves you make. Reptile type, lightning weakness.

82, Torcan
83, Torcano
84, Terruptor

These monsters shoot rocks at you that do set damage, iqnores your defense.
Slow, acts 1 time for each 2 moves you make. Reptile type, ice weakness.

85, Frighter
86, Affrighter
87, CryFrighter

These Mystic type monsters attack you with spells if you are more then 1 space
They use a weak physical attack at close range and are weak to physical hits.

88, Shamanite
89, Shamender
90, Shamonger

These Mystic type monsters attack you with spells if you are more then 1 space
away. They use a weak physical attack at close range and are weak to physical

91, Magus
92, Mystician
93, Charlatan

These Mystic type monsters attack you with spells if you are more then 1 space
away. They use a weak physical attack at close range and are weak to physical

94, Bookworm
95, Graduate
96, Valedictorian

These Mystic type monsters attack you with spells if you are more then 1 space
away. They use a weak physical attack at close range and are weak to physical

97, Summonite
98, Summonere
99, Summonera

These Mystic type monsters summon other monsters. They use a weak physical
attack at close range and are weak to physical hits.

100, Blowvine
101, Honxen
102, Hoofpoof

These Mystic type monsters summon other monsters. They use a weak physical
attack at close range and are weak to physical hits.

103, Bone Banger
104, Rib Culler
105, Skullfore King

These Mystic type monsters summon other monsters. They can also move though
walls and pillars. You can't hurt them with weapons if they are in a wall, but
you can hurt them with special attakcs that hit all enemies.
They use a weak physical attack at close range and are weak to physical hits.

106, Bobbyghost
107, Bobbyghoul
108, Bobbygeist

These ghost type monsters move though walls and pillars. You can't hurt them
with weapons if they are in a wall, but you can hurt them with special attacks
that hit all enemies. Weak to magic and fire.

109, Petrikin
110, Phantokin
111, Polterkin

These ghost type monsters move though walls and pillars. You can't hurt them
with weapons if they are in a wall, but you can hurt them with special attacks
that hit all enemies. Weak to magic and fire.

112, Beelzeghost
113, Beelzewight
114, Beelzewraith

These ghost type monsters move though walls and pillars. You can't hurt them
with weapons if they are in a wall, but you can hurt them with special attacks
that hit all enemies. Beelze monsters move and attack 2 times. Wight's can
inflict Death Brand, kills the character after 10+ turns. Kill the Wight to
cancel Death Brand. Wraith's can inflict Instant Death. weak to fire.

115, Fancyrat
116, Fatrat
117, Needrat

These guys steal your items. Pest type, no weakness.

118, Touchy
119, Looky
120, Feely

These guys steal your omega power. Pest type, no weakness.

121, Drawer Dropper
122, Blade-Baiter
123, Lesson Learner

These guys steal your equipment. Pest type, no weakness.

124, People Pleaser
125, Good Doer
126, Dimension Dealer

Give you items, Pest type, no weakness

127, Slugger
128, Crowder
129, Southpaw

Their attacks will sometimes knock purses out of your inventory. Most purses
will break if they hit a wall. The purse attack only works on the party leader,
so let your AI controlled partner fight them. Pest type, no weakness.

130, Chuckmonkey
131, Chimpanchill
132, Poorilla

These monsters pick up items off the ground and throw them at you.
Pest type, weak to magic.

133, Chest Drummer
134, Chest Thumper
135, Chest Pounder

These monsters pick up items off the ground and throw them at you.
Pest type, weak to magic.

136, Robbin' Hood
137, Throwin' Hood
138, Revengin Hood

These monsters pick up items off the ground and throw them at you.
Pest type, weak to magic.

139, Boomerector
140, Boomventor
141, Boomeruptor

After losing all HP these monsters explode which takes off a % of your HP.
Inflicting Seal on them stops them from exploding. Nature type, weak to fire.

142, Lostshroom
143, Abashshroom
144, Chefshroom

Upon death these monsters release spores which inflict status effects:
hallucenation, anger, haste. Nature type, weak to fire.

145, Popper
146, Sploder
147, Kaboomer

Their attacks can drain omega power and HP. Ghost type, no weakness.

148, Toxiroot
149, Rootdeemer
150, Rootkeeper

Their attacks can poison you. Ghost type, weak to fire.

151, Rumbly
152, Tumbly
153, Grumbly

Their attacks lower your belly, more hungry. Ghost type, no weakness.

154, Bustap
155, Bustfeel
156, Bustsnatch

Their attacks cause Bust Down, shrinks your boobs. According to various board
users having Magic Reflect on a shield blocks that. Ghost type, weak to

157, Jinxcoin
158, Humcoin
159, Hexcoin

Can cause random status aliments. Object type, resistant to all
magic except lightning.

160, Nostalclassic
161, Nostalvintia
162, Nostaltique

Can rust your equipment, lowering their stats. Use a Protection Tome on your
gear to block rust and curses. Object type, resistant to all magic except fire.

163, Fawkes
164, Mofawke
165, Fauxfawke

Can curse your equipment, can't remove it. Entering a spa, using a Purification
Tome or leaving a dungeon will remove curses. Use a Protection Tome on your gear
to block rust and curses. Object type, resistant to all magic except fire.

166, Polly
167, Ava
168, Robin

These monsters copy your actions, they only attack if you attack.
Nature Type, no weakness.

169, Flour Scorcher
170, Dough Muncher
171, Bread Basher

They can use Item Change on items in your inventory, turns good items into junk.
Item Change only works on the party leader, so have your AI controlled partner
fight them. Pest type, resistance to both physical and magic attacks.

172, Waterworker
173, Daydrinker
174, Emboozler

They can use Item Change on items in your inventory, turns good items into junk.
Item Change only works on the party leader, so have your AI controlled partner
fight them. Pest type, resistance to both physical and magic attacks.

175, Bandit Biter

The guard dogs that appear if you try to leave one of Rinka's dungeon shops
without paying for something. They also often appear in the higher floors of
the Clock Tower dungeon. Moves and attacks 2 times. Critter type.

176, Magenta Moth

Nature type, weak to physical attacks.

177, Magenta Moth Egg

Nature type, weak to physical attacks.

178, Hades Skull

Ghost type, weak to magic.

179, Evil Flower

Nature type, weak to magic and fire.

180, Germycelium

Nature type, resistant to all magic except fire.

181, Major Mammoth

Pest type, resistant to physical attacks.

182, Pouty Paladin

Object type, moves and attacks 2 times, weak to lightning.

183, Keeper of Beauty

Reptile type, weak to ice.

184, Flower of Grief

Nature type, weak to fire.

185, Alraune

Witch type, weak to magic and fire.

186, Witch of Desires

Witch type, weak to magic and fire.

187, Petal Gob

You can buy flower items from this gob. Appears in various dungeons.

188, Greedrat

You can buy items from this rat. Appears in various dungeons.

189, Rinka Kuon

The final boss of Rinka's Test Site. Witch type, moves and attacks 2 times.

190, Reaper

Reapers appear on any dungeon floor if you stay on them too long. They have very
high defense and can use Instant Death attacks. Moves and attacks 2 times. Ghost

191, Fantastic Flan

Appears in Rinka's Test Site. Nature type, weak to fire.

192, Siphon Skull

Appears in Rinka's Test Site. Ghost type, weak to lightning.

193, Trickkitty

Appears in Mei's challenge dungeon. Pest type.

194, Blaze Draig

Appears in Mei's challenge dungeon. Reptile type, weak to ice.

195, Grim Hinata

Appears in Hinata's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

196, Grim Berune

Appears in Berune's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

197, Darksider

Appears in Mei's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

198, Grim Mio

Appears in Mio's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

199, Grim Nanami

Appears in Nanami's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

200, Grim Juri

Appears in Juri's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks.

201, Grim Yurika

Appears in Yurika's challenge dungeon. Witch type, resistance to all attacks. 

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