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FAQ/Walkthrough by horror_spooky

Updated: 01/05/15

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have done it all. They've created one of the most 
successful animated television programs in history. They've had major success 
in the film industry. They've even created an award-winning musical. Now two 
of the greatest satirists of our time have teamed with Obsidian to create an 
RPG based on their most well known work in South Park: The Stick of Truth.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Guide
Written by Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper and Trade
Copyright 2014

The *ONLY* sites that have permission to use this guide are CheatMasters.com 

Contact Information
E-mail: horror_spooky@hotmail.com

Legal Information
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This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private
use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly
without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or
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All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

1. Introduction and Controls
2. Main Quests
   The New Kid in Town
   Call the Banners
        -> Gate Crashers
        -> Hot Coffee
        -> Detention Sentence
   The Bard
   It's Late!
   Alien Abduction
   Gain New Allies
        -> Recruit the Goth Kids
   Attack the School
   Go Back Home
   Defeat the Underpants Gnomes
   Forging Alliances
        -> Recruit the Girls
   O Canada
   Beat Up Clyde!
   Betrayal from Within
3. Side Quests
   Flower for A Princess
   Mr. Slave's Package
   Find Jesus
   Vulcan Around
   Hide 'n' Seek
   Mongolian Beef
   Rats in the Cellar

   The Timmy Express
   The Homeless Problem
   Dropping the Kids Off
   Unfriend Al Gore
   Magical Songs
   The She-Ogre
   Restoring the Balance
   Wasted Cache
   Defeat ManBearPig

   Phase 1
   Nazi Zombie Bounty
   Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo
4. Equipment
   Day 1 Missables
   Day 2 Missables
   Day 3 Missables
   Purchasable Items
   All the Rest
5. Collectables
6. Characters
7. Conclusion

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The ancient battle between the elves and the humans wages on in the sleepy 
mountain town of South Park, Colorado. As the new kid in town, it is your duty 
to join the other kids on the epic quests and adventures all revolving around 
the mysterious Stick of Truth.

LT - Activate Tools/Aim
LB - Cycle Tools/Radial
RT - Use Aimed Tool
RB - Cycle Magic/Radial
Y - Toggle HUD
X - Smash/Attack
B - Sprint
A - Use/Open/Loot
LS - Move/Aim/Modulate Magic
RS - Activate Magic
D-pad (up) - Map
D-pad (left) - Inventory
D-pad (right) - Quests
D-pad (down) - Party
Back - Profile
Start - Game Options

LS - Menu Navigation/Targeting
Y - Magic Attack
X - Heavy Attack
A - Attack/Block/Select

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Main Quests
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Welcome to the quiet little mountain town of South Park, Colorado! Before you 
start the game, you need to customize the appearance of your character. Choose 
the clothes they will wear, their hairstyle, and whatever accessories that you 
can add.

As the new kid in town, your parents understandably want you to go outside 
and make friends. When they're done talking to you, feel free to explore your 
bedroom. The toy chest in front of your bed acts as storage. The closet has 
some loot inside, so grab it. Then head out into the hallway.

For more loot, take a left and go to the bathroom. You can also use the toilet 
in here by mashing on the A button to create a "Shit Nugget" that can be used 
in battles.

When looting, always look for drawers and cupboards and whatever else with 
gold handles. These indicate containers that can be opened. Head downstairs 
and loot the stuff in the living room first, then head to the kitchen. Grab 
money off the counter and loot the cupboards. This will prompt your dad to 
come into the room and give you crap, forcing you outside.

Before continuing to the next screen, open the garage door. Climb the ladder 
and you will find a chest sitting in the attic of the garage that has even 
more loot for you. Then feel free to go across to the next screen where you 
will find Butters being beat up by one of the elves.

Save Butters by walking up to the elf and pressing X to punch him. Then 
follow Butters to Cartman's house. You can loot stuff in Cartman's house; 
most notably, the end table in the living room has quite the stash of items, 
including the key to Cartman's garage and the goatee of Evil Cartman from the 
classic early Halloween episode with the Spooky Vision!

Follow Cartman and Butters to Cartman's backyard. This is also known as Kupa 
Keep, and it is the center of Cartman's kingdom as the Grand Wizard. 
Introduce yourself to Clyde and Scott. If you want to initiate the first 
side quest, pick the daffodil in the leftern most part of Cartman's yard.

Talking with Clyde and Scott will have them become your friends on Facebook, 
and that is in turn how you unlock new perks for your character, by amassing 
Facebook friends. Just like in real life!

When you're done checking everything out, speak to Cartman. Now you get to 
name your character. Name him whatever you like, Cartman and all the other 
kids are just going to call you douchebag anyways.

You also get to choose your class now. These are the four different classes 
that you can choose from:

Jew (basically a paladin but...what's a paladin?)

The four different classes have their own abilities, as well as unique weapons 
and armor. I will make a separate guide for the four different classes to go 
in depth as possible, but for now it doesn't really matter which class you 
pick as the game is just going to teach you the basics of combat here anyway.

So pick whatever class suits you best and then go talk to Clyde again. He runs 
the item shop. Right now you can only purchase one thing from him, which is 
whatever starting weapon is unique to your class. Purchase the weapon and then 
equip it. To access your inventory, you can either use the d-pad or by pressing
the "back" button on Xbox 360 (obviously "select" on PS3).

Cartman will have you fight Clyde to teach you how to fight in The Stick of 
Truth. Combat is fairly simple. To perform a regular attack, first choose the 
regular attack option from the menu and then press A again when the weapon 
flashes to deal damage more effectively.

To deal a more powerful attack, press X instead of A when the weapon flashes. 
Clyde will also get some hits in, so to block wait for the symbol to appear 
beneath your feet and then press A to perform a successful block. To put 
Clyde out of his misery, deal two of your special ability attacks on him, 
which use the PP resource. You will have enough to perform two of these 
attacks. Do whatever you have to in order to perform these attacks 
successfully. For example, if you picked the Mage class, you will need to 
mash on the A button during the attack in order to deal the most damage to 

When Clyde has been defeated, go into the tent with Cartman. Inside the tent, 
Cartman will tell you about the mystical Stick of Truth. Butters will then 
run in freaking out beacuse the elves are attacking. Leave the tent and 
confront the elves!

There are three groups of elves in this area. One is beating up Butters, 
another is to the south of the tent, and the third is beating Cartman's cat 
with a stick. It doesn't matter what order you fight these guys in, just go 
up to one and hit them by pressing X to initiate the fight.

More combat basics are taught here, including dealing with ranged enemies and 
how to counter. If you block two attacks in a row, you will perform a counter 
on your opponent, which leaves them wide open to extra attacks from you. You 
will have to fight archers and regular fighters here, always one of each for 
this part, so get rid of the first two.

When you fight the next two, you will be taught about different combat stances.
For example, the first stance that the enemy goes into will make it so they 
will constantly counter your attempts at regular attacks. The archer will be 
hiding behind this guy, so use the bow to take him out on Cartman's orders, 
then the fighter will change stance to block arrows. This means he is open 
to regular attacks again, so take him out.

Finally, the third group of enemies will teach you about armor and shields. 
The first guy will whip out a wooden shield, but the shield is easily destroyed
so do not fret. Just run over to him and mash on the A button to destroy his 
shield, then you are free to keep beating him up.

The second guy will be fully armored, so use heavy attacks on him to deal the 
most damage. When these two enemies have been defeated, the first quest of 
the game will be complete. Be sure to loot their knocked out bodies after 
the battles, by the way, for some extra loots!


Cartman instructs you to recruit the "Warriors Three" so that the Stick of 
Truth can be retrieved. The people he is referring to are Craig, Token, and 
Tweek. Go to Craig's house first because his dad will tell you that he is in 
detention for flipping off the teacher, so that crosses him off the list right 

You can go after Token or Tweek next in any order. They have their own quests 
within quests that accompany the recruitment process of getting to them and 
having them go to Cartman's house.

Token's quest is called "Gate Crashers" while Tweek's quest is called "Hot 

For Token's quest, approach his security guard, and you will wind up getting 
pepper sprayed. After that, head to Jimbo's Guns and purchase a gas mask from 

Equip the gas mask and return to Token's security guard. Talk with him again, 
and he will be dumbfounded that you have found a way to counter his pepper 
spray. There is then a fight with him that is fairly simple, and he is not 
considered a boss so you can use any summons that you have against him if he 
does wind up giving you trouble for whatever reason.

After he's been defeated, go to Token's front door and talk to Token. He will 
then go to Cartman's house automatically.

--->HOT COFFEE<---
Head to the coffee shop that is run by Tweek's family. Talk to Tweek's dad, 
and then go to the back room where Tweek is working endlessly like a slave. 
Talk to him, and he will ask you to pick up the delivery that he usually picks 

Go to Kenny's house. Talk to Kenny's mom, and she will give you the key to 
the garage. Open the garage shutter, and then use the key to unlock the locked 
door behind the shutter.

Once inside, there will be some meth heads to deal with. Defeat them, loot 
them, and then start climbing up on the wooden shelves. Hit the weak beam to 
create a bridge so you can get all the way around to the delivery that Tweek 
was supposed to pick up.

Use the matress to get down. Turn the valve to put out the fire, and now return
to Tweek and talk to him about your success in this endeavor, and he will also 
go to Cartman's house to meet you there.


After you've successfully recruited Tweek and Token, meet up with everyone at 
Cartman's house in the backyard. Craig is required to get back the Stick of 
Truth, so it's time to bust him out of detention. But first, Cartman has to 
teach you a new trick!

Cartman teaches you how to utilize your farts in a way that is relevant to 
combat and environmental interaction. Pull down the right stick, and then 
rotate the left stick until the vibration of the controller is at its highest.
Then push up on the right stick to perform the fart attack successfully.

Cartman will have you practice on the dummies as well as Kenny. Poor Princess 
Kenny. When that's done with, go to the school. You now have both Kenny and 
Butters in your party, and you can switch between them at will. Right now 
you should have Kenny in your party because he is needed for the first Buddy 
Command that you have to do.

Enter the front doors of the school. The ginger kid will then attack after 
you have been in there for a bit. He is easily defeated, but if he touches you,
your characters will suffer from "gross out" which is a status ailment that 
continuously causes damage throughout battle. Just something to think about.

Go through the only door that you can in here. The basement is locked, and 
there are more ginger kids that are on the other side of the barricade. You 
can turn on the sprinklers and then knock an intercom off the wall to make it 
land in the water, which will take them both out automatically and instantly 
reward you with the victory.

Most encounters can be completely avoided in this way. Think of them as little 
environmental puzzles that allow you to reap the benefits of combat without 
ever really getting your hands dirty. Keep in mind that not ALL battles can be 
bypassed in this manner, but a decent chunk of them certainly can.

Now to get beyond the barricade, you need to use your farting powers to blow 
the flames into it. Just pull down on the right stick while standing by the 
fire and perform the attack just like you always would to destroy the 

The next ginger kid you come across, a little ways down the hall, can also be 
taken out via environmental attacks. First you need to hit the payphone with 
an arrow to make him run over to it. Then shoot the stack of chairs that he is 
standing by to make the chairs crush him, instantly defeating him.

Keep going down the hall until you reach a barricade blocking your way to the 
ginger kid that has the bronze key. This is where Buddy Commands come into 
play. You know how normally you have "Shoot" equipped, and you pull LT to 
shoot objects in the environment? Well instead hold LB to bring up a wheel. 
"Buddy Command" will be a new option.

Equip this and make sure Kenny is the selected companion in your party. Hold 
LT and point the finger at the ginger kid on the other side of the barricade. 
Kenny will effectively seduce him, allowing you access through to the other 
ginger kids. You can fight them one on one or take them out with the 
environment. When they're defeated, you'll have the bronze key.

The bronze key opens the door that you passed which is marked "FACULTY ONLY". 
Go in here, and then what you need to do is to shoot the fireworks to cause 
them to damage a ginger on the other side. This will cause another one to 
move into position so you can shoot the stacks of books onto him.

The other two gingers will be badly damaged when you fart your way through the 
barricade. Smash the subsequent barricade, and then switch your active party 
member to Butters. Use the Buddy Command to make Butters tend to the wounded 
kid in the corner. He will hand over the silver key so that you can get into 
Mr. Mackey's office.

Go to his office. Shoot the gold key off the shelf. Pick it up and then go to 
the cafeteria doors. This will initiate a


with a Hallway Monitor. He will be aided by two other ginger kids, but they 
can be mostly ignored. Once the Hallway Monitor has been defeated, the other 
kids will be defeated automatically as well, so just focus all attacks on him 
and this should be a breeze.

Keep in mind that at one point, the Hallway Monitor will start to power up. 
You are supposed to use the Dragon Shout farting attack on him to disrupt this 
attack. You probably have something that you can consume to increase your mana,
but if not just go about the battle as usual.

When he's defeated, loot his downed body to get his key. His locker is the 
one that you passed earlier that was unlocked, and higher up than the others. 
There's some good loot in there, so don't pass up the chance to loot his locker
before releasing everybody from detention.

Back at Cartman's house, Cartman will teach you a new farting ability where it 
is ranged. It's ranged because what you do is cup your fart, catch it in your 
hand, and then throw it at your opponent. The set-up is the same as the 
regular Dragon Shout, except when you are looking for the vibration with the 
left stick, you have to move it more towards the right rather than "up" like 
you did with the Dragon Shout attack.

Practice this attack, and then practice it again on Scott when Cartman asks 
him to come over to help you try out your new move.

Cartman and the gang will automatically take you to the Inn of the Giggling 
Donkey. Go to the basement with them, and then you can find Jimmy the Bard 
by walking around all the junk on the floor. You can see his silhouette in 
the darkness.

Jimmy has an inability to get everything out that he needs to say as fast as 
the other kids. You can sit there and let him finish his sentence, or you can 
hold B to skip whatever he has to say. At any rate, the elves will then 
attack, but you can get rid of all of them using the environment.

First of all, shoot a fart (I can't believe I just typed that) at the candle 
to cause a small explosion to take out the two elves behind the nearby 
barricade. Craig will then show up in the basement window. Shoot the basement 
window with an arrow to let Craig into the basement.

The poor kid will hurt himself. Continue shooting the farts long distance to 
injure the other kids and then send Butters over to tend to Craig. Defeat any 
remaining elves and loot their bodies before heading upstairs.

You'll find Cartman in the kitchen, badly hurt. You can hit the light on the 
ceiling to make it land on one of the kids and injure them. Defeat the elves 
in here and talk to Cartman. He'll tell you that Princess Kenny is upstairs, 
presumably getting raped.

To get upstairs, you need to walk all the way to the front door. Tweek and 
Token will be trying to get in, so smash the glass on the kerosene lamp and 
shoot a fart at the fire to blow down the door and let them through. Token 
will smash the baby gate that is keeping you from joining with them. Help 
Tweek break the table barricade and then there is a boss fight of sorts with a 
really tough elf.

This guy has an insane amount of armor and deals quite a bit of damage. It 
may be a good idea to get rid of his partner before worrying about him at all, 
and don't worry about using any of your magical farting abilities on him 
because the gas mask (or Bane mask? Hard to tell) he is wearing makes him 
immune to such things.

Go up stairs when that's done and you will be hearing the horrible things 
that is happening to Princess Kenny behind the door! Oh no! Loot the end 
table for the key to the door and open the door. Inside you'll see Princess 
Kenny tied up and a kid jumping on the bed.

Shoot the lamp. Then keep shooting the objects on the far wall so that you 
can get up to the piece of ceiling that is keeping the lamp from falling 
onto the bad. Smash it with a melee attack and the bed will then snap in 
response, allowing you to get on the bed yourself and free Princess Kenny, 
who will once again be a playable part of your party, and I highly recommend 
making her the active party member right now. He/she is truly invaluable in 
the upcoming boss battle.

Jimmy the Bard is holding the door shut, which he can totally do since he has 
the Stick of Truth and can do whatever he wants. Look to the ceiling and you 
will see an elf in the attic. Use Kenny to seduce him and he will lower the 
ladder for you to get to the attic yourself.

The attic is easy to get through, but there are rats up here. There is also a 
Chinpokomon, so be sure to grab it before dropping through the hole at the 
end of the attic to do battle with Jimmy the Bard.

Jimmy will summon a group of rats to help him out. When it's your turn, hit 
Jimmy with a ranged attack. Then use Kenny's rat ability to wipe out the 
enemy rats and deal significant damage to Jimmy at the same time. To use this 
ability of Kenny's, shake the left stick from left to right repeatedly so 
that Kenny shakes the rats off his body and then sends them charging in a 
huge tidal wave at your opponents.

Jimmy has a variety of attacks, but some of them are more...uh, interesting 
than others. The less interesting one involves trying to put you to sleep 
with his songs. To counter this, mash on whatever button pops up on the screen 
during his music playing. Unfortunately, Kenny (or Butters if you decided to 
use him instead for some reason) will for sure pass out from this.

The other ability of Jimmy is that he performs the dreaded Brown Noise, which 
can fill up your Mana to ridiculous amounts and make you literally shit your 
pants. Try to block it as best you can, but you will want to let him fill your 
mana up to the point that you shit so you can get the achievement for doing 
so. And pardon my language...I don't usually swear in guides (professional 
courtesy and all that) but this is the freaking South Park game after all, 
what do you expect from me?

Upon defeating Jimmy, don't forget to loot his room for goodies. Talk to 
Cartman when you're ready to leave, and he will automatically transfer you to 
the Kingdom of Kupa Keep.

Cartman's mom will make him go to bed, and then your parents will be out to 
get you very shortly after. When your parents find you, you will be put in 
your room automatically.

There's not much to do in your room. You can mess around with your storage or 
use the computer, but the computer is the same as your "Profile" info that you 
probably access all the time anyway.

When you're ready to complete this quest, simply hop into bed and go to 

You didn't think you'd get a peaceful night's sleep in South Park, did you? 
Mash on the A button to clench your ass cheeks together to destroy the two 
alien anal probes that they attempt to use on you.

The aliens will then retreat. You can escape the forcefield by equipping the 
anal probe satellite (it is in the same radial menu as the Buddy Commands and 
"Shoot"), and point it at the satellite "eye" that is on the wall. There will 
then be a blue silhouette of yourself that you can move around and teleport 
to anywhere else you want to be on the ship by then pulling the right trigger.

You've probably noticed those alien devices all over town. Well, now you 
can utilize them with your very own ass teleportation device! But first of 
all exit this room because Randy needs your help in escaping.

The aliens will pull the alarm, blocking your entry. Of course, you can 
simply teleport beyond the beams. I recommend shooting the ceiling first to 
cause a slight explosion that will get rid of most of the aliens so you can 
have a fairly easy battle ahead.

Aliens are pretty easy to defeat, though they have a tendency to be extremly 
defensive. For example, they will activate shields, or they will take the 
"ultimate dodging stance", in which case you need to use your special abilities
on them to deal damage because they will just wind up dodging literally 
everything else you throw at them.

When you're ready to continue, Randy will point out that you can interact with 
blue screens using your probe. So aim the probe at the blue screen just like 
you would aim it when you're trying to teleport, and press A to open the 
door into the next area.

In the next hall, there are platforms that you can move using the control 
panel. What you need to do is teleport down to the tube below. Before doing 
that though you can use the control panel above it to make one of the aliens 
follow through the hole. Then you can fight the cop alien, though he will do 
that dodging thing I mentioned earlier...however, you don't really have to 
worry about losing to him in the battle.

You'll come to a control panel that controls Randy's anal probe. It is just 
like Simon Says. Hit the buttons in the correct sequence. You'll have to 
find another way to finish the job though, but if you want to make Randy suffer
a bit, try using the computer again anyway...

Head to the next control panel, which is at the top of this room. Once again, 
just use the teleporter to reach the top. Defeat the aliens up here and use 
the control panel to open the forcefield door to the left. Then go use the 
panel. It will be impossible to complete the Simon Says thing until the final 
one, and at that point, it will just be two button presses. Complete the 
button presses to further along the process of freeing Randy from his 
unfortunately invasive anal probing situation.

Now teleport yourself down to the middle floor again, where you rode the 
elevator down to get there. The forcefield blocking the path to the left is 
now open. Make sure you save before going that way because you have a 
relatively tough boss fight ahead.

When you're ready, confront the aliens. You have to battle a regular alien, 
a guard alien, and the chief of security alien. They are especially weak to 
lightning attacks, so use any lightning attacks you have on them right away. 
Since you are by yourself during these battles, it is best if you heal as soon 
as your health gets to the lower end of 100 to make sure you won't die. 
Remember that using an item does not waste your turn and you can keep going 
with the battle despite healing yourself or doing whatever else you need to 

When they've been defeated, use the console here to disable the forcefield 
that is surrounding Randy. Return to the room that he's in, but before you go 
rescue him, you can fight an alien hobo if you go down the ladder in the 
lobby room right before you go into the room where you and Randy were being 
held captive. He is good for a tinfoil hat armor that is pretty nice to 
have, and he's actually easy to defeat if you just keep pelting him with 
status ailments.

Whether or not you fight the hobo, go to Randy and then activate the console 
that is right next to his table so that you can complete another Simon Says 
thing. Complete this one successfully (this one is a little tougher because 
it has three stages), and then the probing machine will drop the White Power...

Pick up the White Power Core and go to the elevator as Randy suggests. Activate
the elevator with your probe and then ride it to the cockpit. Enter the 
cockpit room and do battle with the pilots. They are also weak to lightning, so
keep that in mind during the fight.

At first, they are being buffed by a machine that constantly boosts their 
defense. Obviously, you need to focus on that machine first and make sure you 
destroy it so that it quits buffing the pilots, then you are free to focus on 
them one at a time. Again, I recommend constantly healing yourself and using 
other consumables such as ones that will raise your PP since you do not have a 
partner to help you out in these battles with the aliens.

Upon waking back up in bed, obviously switch your armor to something other 
than your pajamas so that you are more effective in battle. You can now loot 
your parents' bedroom if you want. In any case, go downstairs and open the 
front door so that Cartman barges in and gives you the next main quest, which, 
like Call the Banners, is split up into multiple sections.

Okay, as soon as you talk to the Goth Kids behind the school, there will 
actually be a quest within a quest within a quest. It's called "Nonconformist"
and that's all you need to know for now.

Anyways, the Goths have a few demands before they will join you as allies. 
They want you to get them a pack of smokes, buy them Dark Roast coffee, 
buy and equip a Goth outfit, buy and equip a pair of Goth gloves, and buy and 
equip a Goth cap.

You can complete these items in any order that you wish, but I recommend 
going to Tweek's coffee shop last. Go to the hobo outside of the U-Stor-It 
storage shed complex to purchase the Goth related clothing items listed above. 
Then equip them on yourself to check three of the goals off the list right 

In the alley between Skeeter's Bar and Jimbo's Guns, you will find the fifth 
(sixth?) grade bullies smoking cigarettes. If you go up and talk to them, 
it won't mean much. Instead you need to go up and whack them to get them 
into a fight. Defeat them in battle and loot their bodies and you'll get 
the cigarettes that the Goth kids want.

Now head to the coffee shop. Talk to Mr. Tweek and purchase the Tweek Bros. 
Dark Roast coffee. When you exit the shop, a group of elves are there to 
ambush you. You can choose to fight them or to just go with them to Kyle's 
backyard. If you do fight and defeat them, they will still just knock you 
out and take you to Kyle's backyard regardless, but you might as well at 
least attempt to fight them so you can get some extra experience points, 

Kyle's proposition to you is that you still recruit the Goth kids, but 
instead of recruiting them for Cartman, you recruit them for Kyle and his 
fellow elves.

After talking with Kyle, Stan and Jimmy are added to your party. Even though 
you are working with Kyle for now, Butters and Kenny do not leave your 
party and can still be used in battle and for exploring the town. Switch 
between them at will, though I recommend testing out their different abilities 
and choosing someone that compliments your skillset and abilities the best.

If for some reason you haven't done everything the Goth kids asked of you 
yet, go do that real quick and then go to the school again. Go behind the 
school and talk to them. They will give you a new task. There is a PTA 
meeting going on at the community center, and they want you to put a sign 
on the table of the parents having the meeting with a sign that says "FUCK 
THE CONFORMISTS". Alrighty then. Pleasant bunch these kids!

Head to the Community Center, where you'll find Randy. When the meeting is 
over, you're free to talk to people if you want. Speak with Mr. Mackey at his 
desk to get a side quest. Go to the bathroom after talking to Randy and he 
will teach you a new farting magical attack!

Randy teaches you how to control your farts and detonate them where you want. 
Again, pull back the right stick, find the frequency with the left stick, 
and then push up on the right stick when using this power in battle. When 
you do this successfully, Randy will then have you perform the move on Mr. 
Mackey when he goes to the bathroom.

Head to the "Taco Bell", which is where South Park Mall once stood. To 
distract the guards, use one of your new ranged fart attacks on them, though 
when using it in town and not in battle it is a little bit different in 

Still pull back on RS, but this time you can use LS to choose exactly where 
you want the fart to detonate. Make sure it is in range of the soldiers (they 
will have a brown aura around them) and press A to detonate the fart. Then 
you can sneak right by them and head deeper inside the "Taco Bell" compound.

There is a single soldier here that you can deal with in a couple of different 
ways. Use your farts to lead him around the area. If you want to electrocute 
him and loot his body, trick him into standing in the puddle and then turn 
on the generator. If you want to trap him in the nearby storage truck, then 
send the fart inside the truck and when he's in it, shoot the handle on the 
door to trap him inside.

Now use the alien anal probe teleportation device to get on the roof of 
"Taco Bell". Use the air vent to get inside. After a scene, you will be in a 
fight with a Nazi Zombie! The Nazi Zombie is actually very easy to defeat, 
especially since there is only one of them to fight right now.

Defeat the Nazi Zombie then turn around and go back into the meeting room. 
Grab the data recorder off the table in the center of the room and then 
exit "Taco Bell" through the front door. More Nazi Zombies will attack, so 
kill them. Nazi Zombies will now be a regular enemy around town for you to 
deal with, so avoid or engage them as you see fit.

Anyway, head back to the Community Center and hand the device over to Randy. 
This whole thing was another quest within a quest within a quest called "PTA 
Problems", but again, no need to separate the guide so damn much.

Be sure to talk with all the other PTA members to get their friend requests on 
Facebook. You can now return to the Goth kids and to recruit them. Remember 
that they are found behind the school.

You now have a choice to make. Side with Cartman or side with Kyle. There are 
no different quests based on your decision. The only thing that changes is 
who you are allied with and you get an achievement for choosing one over the 
other, so that means you will want to go through the game a second time (or 
have multiple saves) in order to get all the achievements in the game.

Anyway, go to whoever you want to team with, and then speak to either Kyle 
or Cartman. Climb to the top of their respective towers, and then you can 
summon the Goth kids to the location.

NOTE: This quest is slightly different depending on who you chose to align 
yourself with. For this initial playthrough, I chose to align with Kyle. I 
will go back through and edit the guide after aligning with Cartman if it is 

To get inside the school, use Jimmy's power on the handicap ramp outside 
the school, where the Goth kids hang out. Exploring the school is very simple, 
but keep an eye out for opportunities to take out kids using the environment 
as much as possible.

Be sure to loot the cafeteria as much as possible. You can find a key in 
there that goes to Chef's PO box, so pocket it and remember to visit the 
post office later to open it up.

You'll come up to a barricade with two torches attached to it. Throw farts at 
the torches to blow up the barricade. Fight your way through any kids you 
come across and then enter the basement. Inside the basement you will find 
Ginger Nazi Zombies.

These guys are seriously tough and will keep coming back to life. The trick 
is to drain one of their lives completely, and then hit them again so that 
they permanently leave the battlefield. This can be accomplished by using 
attacks that have an effect on the whole area of people.

In the next room, smash the pipe and then go up the stairs. Shoot the red 
valve to turn off the water. If you have Stan with you, have Sparky piss off 
the side of the catwalk to make the water extend out to the closest Ginger 
Nazi Zombie to take him out.

Smash through the air duct vent and then follow it to the next grate. Smash 
the grate to make it fall and knock out the kid below. Go to the bottom 
floor and turn the lever to make the electricity stop momentarily. Don't get 
too close to the final kid, but rather shoot the fusebox on the wall and 
then shoot a fart at it when he's by it so you can get a victory in this 
room without ever having to get your hands dirty.

Loot the boiler room and then exit the basement through the next door. You 
will now be in the lobby area, and Butters will be flinging dog crap at you 
that is set on fire. Use the alien teleportation device above to get on the 
balcony above Butters. Then use the next rope to get down to the lobby area.

Avoid the burning crap. It will light the barricade on fire. Throw a fart at 
it to blow up the barricade and take out some people on the other side. When 
they're defeated, man the catapult and fling it so you light the barricade 
at the southern part on fire. Throw a fart at it to let everyone in. Go 
through the next door.

You have a boss fight with Butters. He has a lot of defense and health, but 
two against one means you'll do just fine.

Go up the stairs and you can engage the enemies as you wish or walk by them 
if you don't want to fight them...I recommend fighting them because you can 
get more friends and other stuff. Loot everything, continue down the hall to 
your left.

Continue looting everything. When you get to the hall between the fifth and 
fourth grade classrooms, do NOT go into the fourth grade classroom yet. Go 
into the fifth grade classroom so that you can befriend Lemmiwinks and also 
loot the place.

Then go into the fourth grade room. You get to now choose who to beat up. You 
can beat up Kyle or Cartman. The battle is straight-forward, but ends in a 
crazy button mashing sequence that you need to do properly in order to 
complete it successfully.

Time for bed again! You can go straight home or you can wander around the town 
until your parents inevitably find you and force you to your room. Again, to 
advance the plot you need to go to your bed and choose to sleep.

You won't get abducted by aliens this time, but the greedy Underpants Gnomes 
will come and start taking your underpants. You then get to battle them, but 
since they are so much smaller than you, you can easily defeat them.

The Underpants Gnomes will then shrink you down to their size, which evens out 
the battlefield, though they are still incredibly weak, especially to fire. 
When you've defeated them, loot their bodies. You'll still be really small, so 
follow them into the mousehole.

To your left, you will see a mousetrap. Walk around it. Shoot the wiring so 
the mouse is electrocuted, and it will run straight into the mouse trap. Use 
the wires on the wall to climb up to the next area, and head to the right to 
see a mouse sticking its head out of the hole.

Climb above this mouse (the broken wire will not hurt you, despite the 
sparks). Shoot the wood so that a piece of insulation falls down and hits 
the broken wires, causing it catch on fire. Now go to the right up here some 
more and break the pipe to impale the rat below.

Fart on the insulation fire to kill the mouse guarding the hole. You should 
now only have one more to fight. Defeat it and then you can continue to the 
air vent. There is a rather...uh, disturbing scene going on inside of your 
parents' bedroom. Watch it in all of its glory, and then continue out of 
there to be on the dresser.

Go to the right to find the Underpants Gnomes. Do battle with them as the 
Warlock flees. When they're defeated, you have to fight the Warlock. He has a 
lot of defense, but spamming electrical attacks seems to work best on him.

There is an extra wrinkle to the Warlock fight. Since you are fighting him 
underneath of your parents having sex, there is naturally some genital related 
QTEs to contend with. As your father's nutsack flings at you, you will have to 
push up on the left stick in order to dodge it, Matrix style. This will happen 
numerous times depending on how long the battle is.

Defeating the Warlock grants you a new ability that you can use called 
Gnome Dust. This allows you to shrink to very small sizes, so it definitely 
comes in handy.

The next day, go to Kyle's backyard to discuss the next move for your team. It 
is decided that new allies need to be won over, starting with making allies 
with the "girls".

You have one girl that already likes you at this point (presumably...if not you
will make her like you by completing a side quest for her pretty quickly now).
It's Annie that can be found outside City Hall. Speak with her, complete her 
quest if necessary, and then she will take you to the hideout of the girls by 

Like some previous quests, there are actually multiple quests WITHIN this one 
quest of "Forging New Alliances". And there's actually multiple quests within 
"Recruit the Girls" as well. Crazy deep Inception (CollegeHumor) stuff.

The girls have the goal of rooting out the person in their group that is a 
"two-faced bitch" that has been spreading rumors about the other girls. Go to 
the playground and meet Monica on the bench. Monica's boyfriend will show up 
after the other girls do, and you have to fight him...though it is a quick 

Go back to Annie and have her take you back to the hideout. The new plan is to 
get into the records of the abortion clinic downtown called Unplanned 
Parenthood because they suspect someone in their group is a "whore". But in 
order to get inside the records room, you need to make sure you look the 

Choose an outfit that matches. You will know when you have an outfit that the 
girls approve of because each different item will have a big pink heart next 
to it in order to indicate this information to you. Once you have a matching 
outfit that the girls approve of, it's time to head on over to the local 
friendly abortion clinic.

Speak to the woman at the front desk and she will let you in the next hall. 
The camera will not let you into the records room because you do not look like 
a doctor. Go to the door to the far right then and open it up to find some 
surgical clothes. Equip all three of the different surgical items and return 
to the door that is blocked by the camera, the records room.

Go inside now. Check the records box that is sitting on the floor. When the 
scene is over, make yourself really small and go through the nearby mousehole 
against the far wall.

While you're moving under the floor here, you can make sounds to alert the 
guard standing above. He will then randomly shoot into the floor, which you 
can utilize to trick him into killing the Nazi Zombie Rats and Nazi Zombie 
Underpants Gnomes. Again, more words that I never thought I'd be typing up 
when writing a video game walkthrough. <___< But there you have it folks, and 
I am thankful for this opportunity.

At the end of this little tunnel you'll be in a room with Randy disguised as a 
woman. What follows is a pretty disturbing QTE segment...when the "abortion" 
is complete, there will be another scene. Exit the room and on the other side 
you will have a new type of enemy to fight, though thankfully Butters will 
join your party.

The new enemies are Nazi Zombie Fetuses (even more words!). The reason that 
it is good that Butters joins you is because his attacks are "Holy" focused, 
which is powerful against the Nazi Zombie enemies.

These first fetuses can be avoided entirely if you do not want to engage them 
as they are busy eating the chests of the agents. You can whack them and 
get into a fight with them, however.

Down the hall a ways you'll see two Nazi Zombie Rats eating on top of a 
shelf. Shoot the air grate that's near them and also shoot the glass on the 
shelf. You can now ascend the shelf this way, though if you do it this way 
you will have to engage the rats directly.

There is indeed an easier way. Walk through the tore open torso of the nearby 
dead soldier. Shoot the plank above and then climb up here into the wall. 
You can then knock down a wooden plank that will kill the rats for you so you 
don't have to fight them if you don't want to.

Make sure you've looted the place thoroughly before going through the next 
grate because there is no going back after you open it up. Move all the way to 
the end and you will drop down automatically. There is some loot to your 
right, so get that first. Then move forward and use the alien teleporter to 
teleport yourself into the wall (you need to be tiny sized).

Go to the red valve and switch it off. Shoot the greande in the soldier's 
hand to blow a hole in the wall, and then go through the wall to find a 
missable Chinpokomon!

Look to the ceiling above the turret and shoot the wires to make the 
ceilling collapse on it and light it on fire. Throw a fart at the turret to 
blow open a new path. A couple of undead fetuses will charge you, so battle 
them quickly.

In the next room, you will do battle with a Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus, the boss 
of this dungeon. Apparently it came from Khloe Kardashian. This fight is a 
little tricky though, so pay attention.

There is an umbilical cord that doesn't really seem like it is a seprate 
enemy, but it is. You need to take it out first because it will just 
constantly refill the health meter of the giant fetus, even if you perfectly 
block its attack.

Once that's dealt with, the actual fetus is really not that hard to take out. 
And once it is defeated, you will get the quest within a quest within a 
quest completed! Exit Unplanned Parenthood and return to Annie.

She will yet again take you to the girls. Talk to them and then return to 
Kyle's backyard and show everyone the note from the girls. Head to the Photo 
Dojo next to get your passport.

Talk to the dude at the front counter to begin the process. Take off the 
articles of clothing that he asks of you, and then you have to fight him. 
The fight is extremely easy as all he does is keeps taking pictures of you. 
Once he's defeated, you will get your passport. Head to Farmer Bill's Ranch 

To the right of the cow pen at Farmer Bill's Ranch is a cluster of rats. You 
have seen these rats throughout the edges of town already, no doubt, and what 
they do is block off the way to the forest. The forest is, most of the time, 
a never ending maze.

However, you know how to get to Canada now so it shouldn't be a problem. Fart 
at the rats (for some reason, you need to use Dragon Shout specifically) and 
then keep going north. Fight or ignore the enemies in the forest at your 

Go north three times (or "up" three screens) and you will get to the man that 
guards the gate to Canada. Talk to him to show him your passport and he will 
let you through. Go down the path and the game gets a little old school.

You explore Canada like a classic top down RPG from the days of the NES and 
the SNES. It is the spitting image of an old Final Fantasy game, actually. 
The world map features the various locations in Canada that you can enter. 
Your first top is Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

In here you can exchange your American money for Canadian money. There's 
really good weapons at the shop here, so if you are in the mood to 
significantly upgrade your arsenal, this is the place. Also smash everything 
in town to find various items you can sell.

The prince of Canada is in the palace at the northern most part of Ottawa. 
Talk to him and he will tell you that he cannot translate the documents and 
you have to go speak to the Earl of Winnipeg to properly translate the 
abortion clinic documents.

For right now, this quest is put on hold and you need to start the next 
quest, O Canada, immediately. Better watch out for those dire wolves!

For more information on the quest "O Canada", please scroll down. When you have
completed "O Canada", you can then return to South Park and take the now 
translated document back to Annie. She will take you to the Girls' Hideout 
blindfolded one last time, but now you are free to enter and leave their 
hideout as you please! Oh, and they've been successfully recruited to boot!

Now just return to Kyle at his backyard and tell him that the Girls have 
joined the cause officially!

Exit the palace through the gift shop. Pick whichever size of pictures that 
you want from your visit with the prince and princess. Now head west to 
Winnipeg to speak with the Earl. Talk to him and he will ask you to rid 
Winnipeg of its Dire Bear problem.

Go to the northeast part of town and you'll find a trio of Dire Bears. Kill 
them in battle and then return to the Earl and report your success. Go back 
to the prince and he will tell you to go kill the Bishop of Banff.

Head to Banff and then to engage the Bishop in a fight, hit him with a melee 
attack. After you defeat the Bishop, you are left with a choice to either kill 
him or take some dire pig balls and use those as evidence instead. If you 
want any chance of getting 100% in the game, spare the dude's life. Sparing 
his life will get him to add you on Facebook.

Anyways, take the balls back to the prince. He will not go through with his 
promise of allowing you to see the Minister of Montreal so that he could 
translate the documents from the abortion clinic. Now head to the only other 
city in Canada that you haven't been to yet (long day, huh?), which is 

Speak with the duke there. He will tell you to go to the southeastern part of 
their town to find the mysterious monks that train there. You'll find a body 
of water there and a dock. Push yourself against the dock and you will 
automatically sail to the dock on the other side.

The cabin of Terrance and Phillip is found down here. They don't believe you 
are worthy of their training, so hit them with a Dragon Shout. Then hit them 
with a Cup-A-Spell, and then finally finish them off with a Sneaky Squeaker.

This will convince them to teach you a new technique called Nagasaki. Nagasaki 
is performed like all the other farts, really. Use the right stick to pull 
back, and then find the correct frequency with the left stick. Then release 
when the right stick icon pops up on the screen. Complete it for the two of 
them and then you can head to the Catacombs of of Quebec to rescue the 
Minister of Montreal.

The Catacombs of Quebec is the cave that is just north of Ottawa. Go inside 
and you will find the Minister of Montreal stuck behind a large rock. When 
using Nagasaki outside of battle, its implementation is slightly different 
than when using it in battle, as is the case with the other fart spells that 
you've learned so far in the game as well.

Anyway, get close to the rock. It has a green glown about it, indicating that 
it can be destroyed with Nagasaki. From now any objects you see that has the 
same glow can similarly be destroyed with Nagasaki. Push up on the right stick 
and start moving the left stick until you find the correct frequency.

You'll know that you found the right frequency because the entire screen (and 
the rock for that matter) will begin to shake violently until the rock is 
destroyed. You have to fight a mess of Dire Wolves, Dire Snakes, and Dire 
Bears on the other side, so I recommend switching to Kyle as your main party 
member if you haven't done so already.

Then in the battle with them, use Kyle's special attack that rains arrows down 
on the enemies, in conjunction with whatever attacks you have at your disposal.
This should be enough to kill them with just two turns, or even less than that 
depending on what level you are.

When they're all dead, you can go into the next room, loot the chest, and 
speak with the Minister of Montreal. He will translate for you and then you 
can return to South Park.

The elves and humans will be united now and you all head over to Clyde's house 
after talking with Kyle about the situation. In Clyde's backyard, use Butters 
to heal Wendy. Then use Nagisaki to destroy the gargoyles on Clyde's gate, 
which will bring down the bridge so that you can get across the moat.

There are a couple of enemies blocking the front gate. Use the alien anal 
probe teleportation device to get on the balcony above them. Then walk over 
to the trashcan sign that is being held up by the post. Smack it to take out 
one of the kids immediately.

If you'd like to fight the other guy, that is your choice. To get to him, 
turn off the generator so that the water he's standing behind is no longer 
electroctued, and then face off against him. Alternatively, you can just 
ignore him and not have to fight him at all if you don't want to battle with 

To do this, go behind the fortress on the right and shrink. There is a hole 
here that gets you underneath the fortress. Have Butters heal the Underpants 
Gnome here, and then that gnome will kill the Nazi Zombie Rat to the north. 
Shoot the stick of gum that is sitting behind the other rat to cause a fire 
and then blast the fire with your farts to kill that rat. Loot them and then 
exit this area by climbing out of it, which will put you on the opposite side 
of the barricade than you would be if you had just gone through the front 
gate after smashing through it.

But let's say that you DID just go through the front gate. Well, there will 
be enemies blasting fireworks down at you from above. This can be avoided by 
standing near the yellow chest that is located underneath them, and what you 
need to do if you took this route is to rush the barricade, smash it, get 
into battle with the other kids down here, and then quickly go to the 
other side to avoid being hit by the fireworks.

Shoot the ladder so it extends downward, climb it, and fight the enemies on 
top. When they're defeated, go to the next ladder and climb it to the next 
floor of the tower to find a room full of Nazi Zombies. Battle the Nazi 
Zombies. You can get rid of at least one if you shoot the nearby open flame 
with a fart.

Loot their bodies when you're done, and then use Nagisaki to destroy the 
platform. This will bring down another ladder that you can use to climb up to 
the next level.

At the top here you will find Ike getting beat up by one of Clyde's dudes. 
Poor Ike. Ike is a MISSABLE FRIEND at this point. To cheer him up after he 
gets beat up, fart on the lighter that he put down and make the flame go to 
the firework. This will take out the bully and also secure Ike as your friend 
on Facebook.

Speaking of missable items, you're going to want to get the "Shoe" Chinpokomon 
here as well. To get Shoe, use the alien teleportation device that is 
attached to the roof and then use it to go up to the top balcony and pick up 

There are two towers here on the left and right, and both have two golden 
wheels that are attached to the gate. Destroy the tower on the right using 
Nagisaki. This will take out the enemy inside as well. Loot him and the 
chest. Then turn the valve to raise the gate partially.

To get to the tower on the left, use the alien teleporter to set yourself 
down on the bridge. If you want to only have to fight the Bully Girl, shoot 
the open flame in the top of the tower with a fart. Anyway, defeat the bully 
and turn this valve and the gate will now be fully open. Head through the 
gate when you're ready.

To make this battle slightly easier (i.e., take away Craig's Nazi Zombie Cows 
with the explosives strapped to their bodies), you can let Stan and Ike into 
the tower. To let Stan in, first smash the glass of the kerosene lamp he 
tosses through the window, and then follow that up with a fart. To let Ike 
in, hug the right side of the area and use Nagisaki to destroy the boards 
blocking him from getting in.

The battle with Craig is one of the tougher battles in the game, in my 
opinion. At first he's fairly easy to fight, though his attacks deal an 
insane amount of damage so if you are bad at blocking, this battle is going to 
be nearly impossible.

Craig will start cloning himself when you almost kill him for the first time. 
The trick to this is to figure out which Craig is the real Craig. As you 
thin out the clones, the real Craig will lose the mystical aura that the 
other clones have on them, so you can figure out who he is pretty quickly 
from that, and then keep hitting him until he regroups and produces more 
clones. Craig is obviously not the black/Asian version of him that pops up 
during this, so ignore that enemy unless they become a nuisance.

Keep yourself and your buddy WELL healed. Craig can do a HELL of a lot of 
damage, so you want to make sure you're at full health or close after each 
turn. As the battle wears on and Craig releases a second batch of clones, 
you will be able to tell which one is Craig easier because Craig will have 
less health than the clones, so that way you can focus 100% on the real Craig 
and not really bother with the clones except when they're collateral damage 
(when the clones are first introduced, there are zero splash damage 

Climb up the ladder and continue to the top of the tower. When the scene is 
over, you can get the secret "ending" by going through the red curtains on the 
left. Or you can do what you're SUPPOSED to do, unfortunately, and make 
yourself turn small using the Underpants Gnome dust, and then go inside of 
Mr. Slave's ass.

The scene inside Mr. Slave's ass is rather horrific. Navigate through his 
intestine by smashing the blobs of semen out of the way. The first obstacle 
you will get to is a battery that is producing electricity. Have Stan as your 
active buddy and command him to piss on the electricity so that you can 
continue further. Use the alien teleportation device when needed, and then 
climb up Mr. Hat to snag yet another friend request.

Destroy the pool ball using Nagisaki. In the next "room" (I really don't 
know what to call this whole situation), you will find an iPhone vibrating 
thanks to a call from Big Gay Al. Quickly answer the call by going up to the 
green button and pressing A. If you fail to do this fast enough, you lose the 
opportunity to have Big Gay Al as your Facebook friend forever and will need 
to reload a checkpoint if you plan on getting the achievement/trophy called 
More Popular than John Lennon, which is for having every possible friend in 
South Park on your Facebook friends list.

Anyway, just beyond Big Gay Al are Nazi Zombie Bacteria. They have the 
tendency to heal themselves, which can get kind of irritating, but they are 
also extremely weak, especially to (you guessed it!) fire attacks.

After defeating the bacteria, loot them for some exclusive weapons. Keep 
going right and you'll find a hidden bag. Then go up the "hill" behind the 
iPhone to find a pile of shit that is leading up to a flashlight. Climb up 
the shit and walk to the end of the flashlight to the next pile of shit that 
is there. Climb down and then head to the right to flip the switch on the 

Climb back up to the top of the flashlight and press the yellow button to 
turn the flashlight on. This will make the bat retreat, revealing a yellow 
chest. Loot the chest after the short scene, and then use the anal beads to 
climb up to the next level of Mr. Slave's rectum.

You'll then be interrupted by the Sparrow Prince, who his flanked by a couple 
of Nazi Zombie Bacteria. Get rid of the bacteria first, then worry about the 
Sparrow Prince. The Sparrow Prince battle is unique because he is one of the 
only enemies in the game that is immune to all of the elemental attacks that 
you can use.

Upon defeating the Sparrow Prince, use the alien teleportation device to zoom 
yourself in front of the button that powers on the vibrator that is lodged 
inside of Mr. Slave. How he got one all the way up there, I have absolutely 
no idea. Anyway, turn on the vibrator and it will destroy the barricade of 
shit that is blocking your next path.

A couple of SWAT team members are up next, guarding the bomb. They are easy to 
beat. Be sure to loot them afterwards. In the next area, where the bomb is 
located, you will have a quick chat with Catafish. Loot the duffel bag here 
and then make Jimmy your active party member. Have him open up the bomb with 
his handicap powers.

Disarming the bomb is identical to the abortion mini-game from earlier. Pull 
the left stick when the needle is in the center of the bomb. Then use the 
suction cups by pushing the left stick in the directions that pop up on the 

When the bomb has been disarmed, proceed to Clyde's throne room. Clyde has 
one more surprise up his sleeve in the form of Nazi Zombie Chef. Nazi Zombie 
Chef will slowly start to remember who he is and he will then stop attacking 
you near the end of the battle.

Before the final boss battle, you have one last chance to stock up on potions 
and other consumables. I HIGHLY recommend you take as many Power Potions with 
you as possible as well as all the healing potions you can carry. Make sure 
you have stuff to refill your mana meter as well, just in case.

Kenny has all the same attacks that he does except they are extra powerful 
and have some added stuff to them. He also has a ridiculous amount of health, 
so you are going to need to spam your absolute best moves against him and 
repeatedly. That's what the Power Potions are for, of course.

Depending on who you have as your active buddy in this boss fight will 
determine what order things happen. When you get Kenny's health all the way 
down (or close to bottom), he will use an ultimate attack that you have to 
counter with whoever you have active. To counter his special attacks, mash on 
whatever button comes up on screen.

You will have to do this with Kyle, Stan, Butters, and Jimmy. Kenny will 
eventually become Nazi Zombie Kenny, and you will keep having to kill him 
over and over again and use the various characters to keep mashing buttons 
and stopping his most powerful attacks.

After you've been through everyone, Cartman will grab Princess Kenny and 
expose his balls. Eat enough food so that your Mana meter is full, and then 
use the Nagisaki fart attack right on Princess Kenny's balls.

Beyond this point, there is one more button input for you. So press the 
button that comes up on the screen when it does. After that, you are free to 
continue exploring the town and try to 100% the game. If you want to get 
even more out of South Park: The Stick of Truth, try finding all of the 
collectables and completing all the side quests that are available.

If you just want to grind for any combat-based achievements that you may have 
missed, you can go to the Lost Woods because packs of wild dogs will spawn 
there on a semi-constant basis, and they are conveninent for grinding because 
they will often summon new dogs into the battle after one of them is defeated.

Anyway, I hope this guide helped you save South Park from Taco Bell.


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3. Side Quests
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The very first side quest in the game can be initiated by picking the daffodil 
in Cartman's backyard at Kupa Keep that is on the far left part of the screen. 
Pick it and then take it to Kenny, who is standing right next to Cartman in 
front of his tent. This will get you Kenny as a Facebook friend as well as 
other benefits.

Besides, Kenny is a princess. He deserves flowers!

There are two ways to start this quest. One, you can go speak to Mr. Slave at 
his home. The second way is to get Mr. Slave's package from the post office, 
which is as simple as going into the back part of the post office and grabbing 
it from the bin.

Take Mr. Slave's Package to him, and then you will be able to use him as a 
Summon Character.

Talk to Father Maxi near City Hall. He can be found sitting on a bench and 
reading. He will tell you to find Jesus. If you listen to the chatter of the 
townspeople, they will tell you that Jesus can be found in church. Duh!

Go to the church. You can hear Jesus snickering. If you check the pews on the 
right side of the church, you will find Jesus hiding there. Talk to Jesus and 
he will go hide again. Report this to Father Maxi and he will tell you to go 
find Jesus one more time.

Return to the church. This puzzle is actually not that difficult. Go to the 
two spotlights that are on the stage. Turn them so they are facing the cross 
on the wall. Switch off the lights using the nearby light switch. This will 
show you Jesus's shadow on the wall.

Jesus can be found behind the podium. Talk to him again and this time he will 
join your party as a potential summon. There is no need to go talk to Priest 
Maxi again because this quest will now complete automatically.

Kevin Stoley, found in the Neighborhood section of the town, is stuck in his 
room until his mom gets home so that he can get permission to go out and 
play. Unfortunately, his iPad is missing and he needs to get it back before 
she gets home...so that's where you come in!

Go to the church. Check behind the big pine tree to the right of the church 
and you will find the iPad. Then simply return the iPad to Kevin to complete 
this quest.

Talk to the kindergartner leader by the basketball hoop at the playground. This
will initiate a city wide game of hide 'n' seek with the kids. Here are the 
locations of all six kindergartners:

Blonde Girl - Hiding behind the trees to the left of Mr. Slave's house
Blonde Girl w/ Pigtails - Hiding behind the lamp post to the right of City Wok
Little Boy - Downtown sewer
Little Boy 2 - Ranch, bottom left corner of the fence
Brunette Girl - Path near Stark's Pond behind a tree
Filmore - Bank, behind the desk

Speak with Filmore back at the playground and then he and the other five 
toddlers that you played the game with will all friend you on Facebook as a 
pretty damn sizable reward.

Speak with Mr. Kim inside the City Wok. He will give you the key to the Tower 
of Peace so that you can go beat up the Mongolians. The Tower of Peace is 
right next door to the City Wok. Go inside and fight the Mongolian children 
in there.

The Mongolian kids have more advanced attacks than you are probably used to 
when you do this side quest early on in the game, and they are also often 
armored. However, you should still be able to beat them without too much of a 
headache at just level 2 or 3.

When the first batch of kids have been taken out, look up at the rope holding 
the stairs. Shoot it so that the stairs fall down, then use the stairs to 
start ascending the tower. On the next floor, fight your way through the kids 
and then make your way up to the floor above that. A Mongolian kid will bust 
his way through the nearby wall, so let him do that and then fight the kids 
here as well.

Go through the hole in the wall and that will in turn allow you to step out 
on the balcony to the right. You will see the missing piece of dragon tail 
that goes to the door puzzle hanging here by a rope. Shoot the dragon tail 
down and pick it up. Carry it back to the door puzzle and put it in place.

Shoot the eyes of the dragons to open the door. Make sure you save before 
going up the stairs because you're in for a...


This boss fight is against the Mongolian Hoard as a single unit. Because of 
their status as a single unit, they are actually not as hard as they would be 
otherwise, but you need to be extremely attentive so that you can block their 
attacks and keep them from doing the maximum amount of damage that they could 
potentially inflict upon you and whoever else is in your party at the time.

I was able to defeat them using just myself and Butters. If you can cause any 
status ailments to them, I recommend doing that immediately, whether that is 
"grossing them out", lighting them on fire, whatever. Use your special 
abilities on them as much as possible to deal the most damage. Butters has 
that hammer throw attack that will bypass their armor, so it is very helpful 
in this battle. Be sure to revive him if he goes down because he can also 
constantly heal you to make it much easier.

Then they've been defeated, the Tower of Peace will start shooting fireworks 
everywhere. Rush back down to the bottom (you will get into a couple of more 
fights along the way with Mongolian children) and then speak with Mr. Kim to 
report your success. Mr. Kim will now be a potential summon in battle...oh, 
and he'll add you on Facebook.

It seems that Skeeter's Bar has a rat infestation in the basement. Talk to 
Skeeter about this to get the key to the cellar, and then go there and start 
killing the mutant rats!

The mutant rats are very easy to kill. They will have some smaller rats with 
them as well. Just kill the four clusters of rats and then report your success 
to Skeeter to receive your rewards.


After completing the first quest of the game, you will unlock the first fast 
travel flag automatically. These are red flags with bicycle horns attached to 
them that you can use to summon Timmy. Timmy will then transport you to the 
different important areas in South Park.

There are 12 flags in total to unlock around South Park. After leaving 
Cartman's house following the first quest, return to your house. Since you 
have weapons now, you can smash things that are in your way, including the 
sign that is blocking the sidewalk preventing you from going "left" to the 
bus stop that is right by your house.

Smash through the sign and then you will come up to the bus stop. This will 
activate the second fast travel flag. Be weary of the snowman here though, as 
a bunch of elves will pop out of it when you go near it and initiate a tough 

Keep going to the left. You will find the third fast travel flag right outside 
of Kevin's house. This one is labeled "Neighborhood". The fourth fast travel 
flag can be found if you keep on going left right outside the school.

Go north a bit and then start moving right on the next street. You will find 
the church first, and there is the fifth fast travel flag. Almost halfway 
there! Then you can get back to other questing, I promise.

Keep going along this way, going "right" now, until you come up to the next 
flag, which will be in Downtown - West. The seventh flag is in Downtown - East.
Both very easy to find.

Now go to the northern most part of South Park, but more specifically the 
northeastern side. Here you will find the U-Store-It building, where the next 
flag is located. Start going left or "west" now, and you will find the next 
flag near Dark Meadows Estates.

Keep going west now until you get to the flag outside of the Tower of Peace, 
right next to the City Wok. Another one can be found outside of Kenny's house. 
That's 11 flags and all that you can find right now without advancing the 
main questline.

The final flag can only be found during the main quest "Gain New Allies", 
which you experience in Day 2 of living in South Park. The flag is located in 
the elven kingdom, which is also known as Kyle's backyard.

The Mayor needs your help. Talk to her in City Hall and she will tell you to 
get rid of the homeless people that are all over town. They are really tough 
in battle, so you may want to make sure you are leveled up a bit first and 
have a good handle on how the game is played.

There are seven homeless "camps" in total. To eradicate a camp of homeless 
people, just beat up the homeless people there. One of the easier ones is 
the homeless guy right outside Kenny's house. He's by himself, so it is 
easier to team up on him and take him out.

Another homeless man that is by himself can be found in the back of the U-Stor-
It truck that is parked right outside the building of the same name. Use the 
boxes behind the truck to get inside, and then you can do battle with the 
homeless man that's there. Be warned that this one will also have rats with 
him, so that makes it slightly more difficult than the previous fight.

A trio of homeless men can be found in a clearing near the bus stop. Just to 
the left of the bus stop, but before you get to Stark's Pond, there is a large 
tree blocking a path. Follow the path behind the tree and you will find these 
guys, after smashing their wooden barricade first of course. Beat all three of 
them and they will leave. I recommend waiting until you are at least level 3 to
tackle this homeless camp.

Finally, the rest of the homeless people are in the sewers, all in very obvious
places and virtually can't be missed. But before you can explore the sewers, 
you need the alien anal probe teleportation device. To get this, you need to 
complete the main quest called "Alien Abduction".

Once you have this device, you can use it to get across the gap in the sewers 
and then explore the sewers and fight the homeless people. If you refer to 
the quest "Dropping Off the Kids", I go into detail about exploring the 
sewer system, and it just so happens that the hobos can be found all on the 
same route that you need to take to find Mr. Hankey's children, more or less.

Keep in mind that the hobos in the sewer often come in pairs and usually have 
rats with them as well, sometimes of the stronger mutant variety. So don't 
take them lightly, but if you've been doing as many side quests as possible 
before doing the main quest and tackling the "Alien Abduction" quest in the 
first place, then you should be ready to take on the homeless people.

Clearing out the sewers will get rid of all the homeless people, so lucky 
you. Go back to Mayor McDaniels at the City Hall to tell her that you have 
solved the town's problem with homeless people and you shall be handsomely 
rewarded for your troubles!

Al Gore can be found hiding behind the movie theater, once again on the lookout
for the elusive creature called ManBearPig. Talk to him and he will give you 
some chores to do in order to help him locate ManBearPig. He wants you to put 
sensors at different parts of the town.

After you complete the quest "Hot Coffee" as a part of the "Call the Banners" 
main quest that Cartman gives you, you have full access to Kenny's garage. So 
go there once you do, and then climb up the wooden shelves at the end of the 

There is a ladder here at the end of this, but the roof is blocking it. Shoot 
the roof and it will crumble like nothing, allowing you to climb to the top of 
the ladder in turn, and then place the sensor on the electrical generator that 
is on the roof of their garage. Be sure to snag the loot that's here too 
before you leave.

The second sensor you need to place needs to be placed on a wind cockerel. You 
can find one of these at the farm that is north. Go to the farm and then climb 
the ladder that is on the side of the barn. This will lead to another ladder, 
which will lead to the roof. Place the sensor on the wind cockerel that is up 

Finally, the third and final sensor needs to be placed on a fire danger meter. 
This is actually the easiest one out of the bunch. Just go to Stark's Pond 
and take the path to the left. Before you reach the border with the rats that 
block the way, there you will find the fire danger meter, so place the sensor 
where it needs to go there.

Return to Al Gore behind the movie theater and confirm to him that all of the 
sensors are properly in place. He will then ask you to meet him at his base, 
which is at the U-Stor-It storage sheds. Gore's is kind of hard to spot, but 
it is the first storage container on your left when you start getting to the 
ones with the golden handle bars.

Enter his hideout and talk to him about the next step. Gore will give you a 
defilibrator to place "underneath" South Park.

You CAN'T continue this quest until you have completed the main quest "Alien 
Abduction". It is at that point that you will be given a special ability 
that allows you to teleport around places, and you need this ability to get 
over the gap in the sewer.

What Gore means is for you to go the sewers. You probably have seen the 
open manhole downtown already. Just return to it and climb down the ladder 
there. Use the anal probe teleportation device to get across the gap in the 
sewer and then just keep going to the right and you will find the generator. 
Place the sensor on the generator as Gore has requested.

At that point, it's just a matter of returning to Gore and telling him of 
your success in these matters.

In the sewers, you can find the humble home of Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo, 
though his wife is kind of a nutcase. Poor guy. She has misplaced their 
darling children, and so you need to search the sewers for the three of them, 
Simon, Cornwallis, and Amber.

The sewers can get kind of confusing, so I am going to do my best to lead you 
to each kid directly. You can find them all easily enough if you just walk 
around everywhere, but here is how you find Mr. Hankey's kids.

Amber is the closest. From Mr. Hankey's house, take a left. Wait for the 
pipe to stop spewing shit everywhere, and then go across the vent. You can 
see her on the ledge. Go up the ladder. Then use the metal grate to get on 
the other side of the shit pipe. Turn the valve to turn the shit off, and 
then climb down the ladder to find Amber. Talk to her, and go back up the 

Now go to the right until you come across another ladder that is going down. 
You're going to want to climb back up it in a second, but you should do this 
anyway just to make sewer exploration easier. Climb down the ladder, go to 
the right, and turn the yellow valve. This will create a platform that rises 
out of the sewer for easy access. Loot the chest here as well while you're 
at it.

Climb back up the ladder that you just climbed down, and go all the way to 
the right. You will find another ladder here going down. Go down this ladder 
to see that Cornwallis is part of a "shit show" with a couple of drunken 
hobos (by the way, you need to defeat them as part of the Homeless Problem 
side quest...so two shit birds with two shit stones, right? Oh god, I am 
starting to sound like Jim Lahey now...).

Fight the Hobos and then you can free Cornwallis. Return to the center 
area, but this time go "RIGHT" from Mr. Hankey's house. Go up the next 
ladder you see, and make your way left. Remember that you need to shoot the 
red valves on the pipes to make the shit only spurt instead of going in a 
constant stream so that you are better able to continue.

Smash through the wall here and then walk along the metal grate to find 
Simon being attacked by rats. Kill the tiny rats with melee attacks, and the 
Mama Rat will attack you in response. Kill her and then Simon will be 
saved as well. So now you have all three kids saved. Do some more exploring 
in the sewers if you want more goodies, but in the meantime, return to 
Mr. Hankey's house.

As it turns out, Al Gore is an annoying idiot. He will constantly spam and 
flood your Facebook account after you complete the ManBearPig side quest for 
him. Go back to his hideout and confront him about this, and that will in 
turn initiate a boss battle against Mr. Gore.

Al Gore is a tough fight, mainly because he constantly heals himself. His 
other attacks are fairly standard. He will try to give you a presentation on 
global climate change that can put you and your partners to sleep, and it is 
different than countering the songs that Jimmy sings to try to put you to sleep
in the main quest. To counter Al Gore's presentation and keep yourself from 
falling asleep, you need to tap A to counter like you would a regular attack. 
The symbol will pop up underneath your feet and everything.

Al Gore will also summon some secret service agents that come to protect him 
because he was the vice president a long time ago and almost the president 
again. These guys need to be taken out immediately. Gore will not summon 
more, and you can barely really do any damage to him because of the sercret 
service agents and his tendency to constantly heal himself during the fight.

Once the secret service agents are out of the picture, Gore becomes easy 
pickings. He has a lot of health, but his attacks are weak and they are 
easily blocked or countered. Taking Gore out will mean that you get to 
unfriend him on Facebook so he quits spamming your account...but don't worry, 
you still get to keep the benefits that you got by getting him to add you as a 
Facebook friend to begin with, so you won't be losing any perks or anything 
like that.

Loot his body after beating him like always and you'll get a key to his secret 
room. If you go to the left in his hideout, you will find the door that this 
key unlocks. I highly recommend visiting this place because Al Gore's secret 
room has a treasure chest inside with some very helpful EPIC LOOTS!!!

Jimmy will join your party and then ask that you get him a better flute. Head 
to the ranch and make sure Jimmy is the active member of your party. This 
will initiate a scene with Rancher Bill, in which you obtain the key to the 

Open the barn door and you will find Nazi Zombie Cows! They will try to 
detonate themselves as soon as it is their turn to fight, so just block their 
attacks if you don't wipe them all out on your first go. Loot what remains of 
their bodies, and then climb the ladder.

Smash the kerosene lamp and then shoot the flames at the hay. This will allow 
you access to the chest in the loft that has the flute that Jimmy wants to 

This quest is specific to Stan, so make sure that he is the active member of 
your party. Go to his house and go to Shelly's room. Shelly is on her period 
and that will actually heal her throughout the battle. She has a ridiculous 
amount of health, but she doesn't do too much damage. She is immune to being 
stunned, so don't even bother with trying to do that.

But with it being two against one, defeating Shelly is not that difficult of a 
task. And doing so successfully will have Stan add you on Facebook!

DogPoo will ask you to destroy the human flags that have been erected all over 
town. Here is the location of all of the banners:

Stark's Pond
Kevin Stoley's House
Mr. Slave's House

To destroy a banner, simply walk up to it and hit it with a melee attack.

Talk to Mr. Mackey in the Community Center and he will ask you to drop off a 
computer monitor at his storage unit at U-Stor-It. Go to his storage locker, 
open it up, and then go to the shelf against the far wall, with the bottom 
shelf being golden. Place the monitor there and then return to Mr. Mackey to 
confirm that the job is done.

Though while you're in his shed, you might as well loot the hell out of it and 
smash some things.

The battle with ManBearPig is a tough one. Make sure you have plenty of 
water balloons, they are extremely helpful and basically required to win the 
battle. And they are basically how to defeat ManBearPig.

ManBearPig's helmet will fall off multiple times in battle. When he grabs the 
helmet again, he will do a chant that will cause his attack to spike as well as
refill his health meter a decent chunk. His health will continue to constantly 
refill while he has the helmet on, UNLESS you take his buffs away from him, 
which can be done by throwing a water balloon at the dude.

This is ESSENTIAL to the battle. It will still be a long one, but as long as 
you can just keep him from constantly healing throughout the entire thing, 
then you will be golden.


After completing the main quest "Defeat the Underpants Gnomes", there will be 
another Underpants Gnome chilling out in your bedroom. Talk to him and he 
will ask you to collect five pairs of underpants.

If you've been heavily exploring the town up until now, then it is extremely 
possible that you have already collected the underpants necessary to complete 
this quest. But if not, here is where you can find them (search the dressers):

Cartman's mom's room
Kevin's room
Stan's room
Stan's parents' room
Kyle's room

Collect all five pairs of underpants and then return them to the gnome in your 

NOTE: After you beat the game, this quest disappears. So you NEED TO TALK TO 

After the Nazi Zombies have invaded South Park, speak with Sergeant Yates at 
the police station. He will give you a quest to go out and kill five of the 
Nazi Zombies that are walking around town and then loot them for the rings 
and return to him.

Here's the location of the zombies:

Next to the church
Police station parking lot
Near movie theater
Roof of building downtown

Buy the hunting guide from Jimbo at his gun store. This will give you a 
variety of exotic animals to fight around South Park and Canada as well. After 
purchasing the guide, you will also automatically get the bait needed to lure 
these animals out of their hiding spots.

First let's fight the Canadian Barking Spider of the Queefing Caverns. To the 
north of the cave system in Canada you will see what is clearly a spider web. 
Stand on top of it and press A to lay the bait. This will attract the spider 
in question. This one is an easy kill, and it is especially weak to fire 
based attacks.

Next let's go to Kenny's house. Near the pile of junk by Kenny's house is a 
small dog bed. Place the Moldy Sausage here to lure the Rabid Junkyard Dog 
out. Like the spider, this enemy is extremely easy to defeat, and also like 
the spider, it is weak to fire.

The third enemy is the toughest of all. Mutant Bacteria. If you've beaten the 
main quest already, then you should be very familiar with such bacteria, and 
it's pretty gross, huh? Anyway, you need to return to the school and make your 
way to the basement. Enter the boiler room once you get to the basement, and 
then examine the dish on the table that is on the southern most part of the 

This will start the battle with the Mutant Bacteria. The Mutant Bacteria will 
channel an attack that will allow it to split up into three separate entities 
which will also regain a significant portion of its health. If you fail to 
interrupt this power, the battle goes on much longer, but there is a secret 
about this side quest that makes it a lot easier!

Even though these are all basically boss fights, you can use summons! What 
this entails is that you can eliminate these creatures right off the bat. 
The Mutant Bacteria is tough enough that you might want to consider doing 
this if things start going south, but you shouldn't have to even consider it 
really when fighting the spider or the dog.

Now let's head to the sewers. Go through the manhole that is near the movie 
theater (assuming you've unlocked it already, if not then you will need to 
go to the sewers and follow the "Emergency Exit" signs until you find the 
caves underneath South Park). You will find a pile of shit that you can place 
the Blood Orange on to find the Bloodsucking Fruit Bat.

The Bloodsucking Fruit Bat is another easy kill, and again, it is especially 
weak against fire. The next creature is also in the sewers, and you probably 
have seen it before. Its eyes glow red from the darkness in the sewers...place 
the bait and then do battle with...the Penis Mouse!

Mr. Garrison's Penis Mouse is extremely easy to kill as well. When it's dead, 
the final animal you need to kill (because if we don't kill animals...they'll 
die) is at Farmer Bill's ranch. Place the cowbell on the rope to summon the 
cow. Smack the Farm Cow once and it will fall over and die.

Return to Jimbo and Ned and tell them about your success against the creatures.
They will add you on Facebook and you'll also get Jimbo's Key. Jimbo's Key 
opens the treasure chest in the rafters that you can access using the alien 
anal probe teleportation device.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
4. Equipment
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
South Park: The Stick of Truth features plenty of equipment in the form of 
both weapons and armor that can be collected over the course of the game by 
looting enemies, defeating special enemies, and finding them in treasure 
chests. There are some that are missable as well, so use this guide to find 
every single piece of equipment in South Park: The Stick of Truth!

These are the pieces of armor and the weapons that you MUST collect during 
your first day of South Park. These are all MISSABLE ITEMS. So please follow 
this guide EXACTLY so you don't miss any of the weapons or armor that are 
available in the game.

Throughout the course of the game, you will want to pay special attention to 
yellow chests. Some of these weapons have to be looted off of enemies or 
obtained by other means, but yellow chests typically have weapons and armor 
inside of them, as well as other goodies.

Location: School
During the quest where you are supposed to break Craig out of detention, you 
will come to a hall with a payphone that you can shoot and a hall monitor 
walking around here.

Defeat the hall monitor in battle. Alternatively, you can shoot the phone to 
make him walk over to the phone, and then knock over the pile of chairs by 
the phone to crush him and avoid ever having to do a traditional battle with 
the dude. At that point, loot his body to get the dodgeball.

Location: School
After defeating the leader of the hall monitors, you can loot his body for a 
key. Be sure to do this BEFORE GOING INTO THE CAFETERIA, because going into 
the cafeteria ends the quest and then you won't be able to get the Mace of 

Anyway, after looting his body, go down the hall a bit, the way that you 
came when you first went through this hall and found that Mr. Mackey had 
locked the door. There is a locker that is locked here (you probably attempted 
to open it during your first trip through the school). The key that was on 
the hallway monitor opens it. Loot his locker to get this weapon.

Location: Inn of the Giggling Donkey
During this section of the game, you have to move through the attic area. To 
do this, have Kenny seduce the elf that is hanging out in the attic. In the 
attic, it is very tempting to just bypass the elf here and continue through 
the hole into Jimmy's room, but DON'T do that.

Instead make sure you loot the elf that is up here. He has the Wood Elf 
Gloves on him.

Location: Jimmy's Room, Inn of the Giggling Donkey
After beating Jimmy, you have to talk to Cartman to leave. Do not talk to him 
just yet. Instead loot the yellow chest that is sitting on his dresser.

Location: Jimmy's Room, Inn of the Giggling Donkey
Loot Jimmy after you defeat him to get this weapon.

Location: Probing Room, Alien Space Ship
To get this helmet, loot the purple chest that is located behind the table 
that Randy is being probed on.

Location: Alien Space Ship
The first aliens you can fight on the ship can be bypassed if you don't want 
to fight them...but believe me, you want to fight them. Defeating them will 
get you this missable weapon.

Location: Alien Space Ship
Loot the purple chest that is to the left of the elevator that you ride down.

Location: Alien Space Ship
In the room that is to the left of the elevator will be aliens to battle. 
Defeat them and loot their bodies. The officer alien will have these on him. 
Do note that the officer alien is the suited alien that is not quite as 
powerful as the Chief of Security alien whom you also fight during this 

Location: Alien Space Ship
There is a ladder located in the center of the room that is located right 
outside the probing room where Randy is getting probed. The ladder will reveal 
itself to you during your second trip through this room, which will be to 
free Randy from the probing machine after you've successfully lowered the 
forcefields by completing the Simon Says style puzzles.

Anyway, climb the ladder to the bottom deck. Go to the right and you can see a 
space hobo hiding in the junk. Confront him and defeat him in battle to get 
this piece of armor.

Location: Alien Space Ship
The purple chest that you have to loot to get this is located to the left of 
the probing room, near the elevator that you have to use in order to get to 
the cockpit and escape the ship.

Your second day in South Park is full of missable items as well, in both the 
weapon and armor categories. Don't miss a single piece of armor or a single 
weapon in the game using this guide. Remember that the weapons and armor 
listed below are listed in the order that you can obtain them. Make plenty of 
saves and be sure that you do not continue past the points listed until you 
have all of the weapons and armor you need.

Location: "Taco Bell" Roof
When you use the alien anal probe teleportation device to get on the roof of 
the "Taco Bell", you will see a yellow chest up here. Loot that chest before 
going through the air vent.

Location: "Taco Bell"
Defeat the Nazi Zombie. There will be two SWAT soldiers that are dead on the 
floor. Loot their bodies as well before leaving.

Location: "Taco Bell"
Loot the dead SWAT members in "Taco Bell" after defeating the first Nazi 
Zombie in the game (not counting the space hobo).

Location: "Taco Bell"
Loot the dead SWAT members that you find in "Taco Bell" after defeating the 
Nazi Zombie. In case you didn't notice, all three of these SWAT items will be 
found on the same dude.

Location: School
During the quest "Attack the School", which is a quest that is full of 
missable everything by the way, go to the right of the cafeteria "IN" and 
"OUT" doors. There will be an unconscious enemy. Loot their body for the 
Basketball ranged weapon.

Location: School
Shortly after the cafeteria section, you come to a hallway. Defeat the 
enemies here and loot them all. Really you should be able to get out with all 
of the missable weapons/armor if you just fight and loot everybody that can 
be found in the school.

Location: Basement, School
In the room where you can access the boiler room, with the green gunk on the 
ground, there will be three Nazi Zombie Gingers. Defeat them and then loot 
them to get the Necromancer Robes.

Location: School
On the second floor of the school, after you go through the basement area, 
you will find your friends being attacked by the enemy team, whether they be 
humans or elves. Fight and defeat them. Loot them.

Location: Bedroom, Your House
When you go to bed on the night of the second day, you will wake up and 
have to battle the Underpants Gnomes. Beat them and then loot the ones that 
remain in your room to get the gloves.

Location: Wall, Your House
After entering the mouse hole in your bedroom, climb the first set of blue 
wires that you see and go all the way to the right. You will find a yellow 
pouch here. Loot the pouch to find the helmet.

Location: Wall, Your House
The Super Bouncy Ball weapon is actually found in the same yellow pouch as 
the Gnome Helmet. No way you can grab the Gnome Helmet and miss the Super 
Bouncy Ball.

Location: Wall, Your House
Move through the vent after you first see your parents having sex. Then go 
to the left and you'll find batteries that are producing dangerous electrical 
charges. Wait for the electricity to die down, and then continue left to 
find the Gnome Clothes in another yellow pouch.

Location: Wall, Your House
The final yellow pouch within your walls can be found after the battles with 
the three rats. Before climbing the final set of wires to reach the dresser, 
the yellow pouch will be in plain sight, to the right of the wires. Loot it to 
get this weapon.

Location: Parents' Dresser, Your House
On your parents' dresser, you get into a fight with more gnomes. Defeat the 
gnomes and loot their bodies before proceeding. One of the dead gnomes will 
have the Underpants "Helmet" armor on his body, ripe for the looting.

The final day of missable equipment for you to collect. Be sure to collect all 
of the following items!

Location: Tower of Peace
You can technically get this in day 1 or day 2. It is missable because you 
can choose to not fight the kids on the second floor of the Tower of Peace 
while doing the side quest "Mongolian Beef" for Mr. Kim. So when doing the 
side quest, just make sure you fight every kid you see and LOOT THEIR BODIES. 
Do not leave the Tower of Peace without this weapon. I recommend doing this 
in day 3 simply because it makes it way easier to defeat the boss battle at 
the top of the tower.

Location: Unplanned Parenthood
During the quest "Recruit the Girls" when you're inside of Unplanned 
Parenthood, loot the dresser in between the records room and the operationg 
room. There you will find the Poison Grenade.

Location: Unplanned Parenthood
At the part of the quest where you have to shrink down and go through the 
mousehole in the Records Room, you will come across some Nazi Zombie Rats and 
Nazi Zombie Gnomes. Just beneath the pile of insulation that the gnomes are 
standing on is the pouch you need to loot for this weapon.

Location: Clyde's Fortress
In the final stretch of the game, smash through the front gates of Clyde's 
Fortress. There is a yellow chest underneath the balcony that the "cyclops" 
kids are standing on.

Location: Clyde's Fortress
Speaking of those Cyclops kids, make sure you defeat and loot them because one 
of them will have this armor on them.

Location: Clyde's Fortress
When you get to Ike being beat up by a Cyclops, defeat the Cyclops kid by 
farting into the lighter next to the firework. Then loot his body to get this 
piece of equipment.

Location: Clyde's Fortress
Upon defeating Craig in Clyde's Fortress, climb up the ladder and then loot 
the yellow chest that is to the left of the stairs you have to climb to go 
face Clyde.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
When you get to the flashlight inside of Mr. Slave's ass, you will have to 
turn it on to wake up a bat. There is a yellow chest in plain view that the 
bat is hanging in front of. Loot it to get the Condom Cap.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
Mr. Slave will get a phone call from Big Gay Al on his iPhone, which, 
naturally, happens to be lodged very deep inside of his ass. Beyond the phone 
is a Nazi Zombie Mutant Bacteria enemy. Defeat it and then loot its remaining 
goo to get the Vibroblade weapon, which is a very powerful weapon that you 
should use in these final parts of the game.

Not all of the weapons and armor can be found out in the world of South Park. 
Some of them have to be purchased from shop owners. All of the shop owners 
are accessible at any point after you've completed the main quest, so you do 
not have to worry about missing any more equipment while you're trying to 
get these achievements/trophies.

However, buying all of these weapons and all of this armor is going to cost 
quite a bit of money. It's a good thing then that you can actually sell the 
weapons and armor that you've obtained so far and they will still count 
toward the achievement. If you want to keep track of which sets of armor and 
weapons you've collected so far, go to the Collectables tab in the profile 
menu and then go over to the "Equipment" tab that is inside of that one.

Shop Owner: Banff Canadian
Bishop Gloves
Bishop Mitre
Bishop Vestments
Dire Scepter (if you chose to kill the Bishop, loot this off his body)
Holy Mossad Knife

Shop Owner: Mr. Mackey
Cheese Costume
Cheese Gloves
Cheese Helmet
Rod of Major Boobage

Shop Owner: Jason
Battle Bow
Elf Blade
Elvish Longbow
Ministrel's Cap
Ministrel Glove
Ministrel Uniform
Monk Cap
Monk Gloves
Monk Robes
Raider's Blade
Recurve Bow
Sword of Endings
Woodsman Armor
Woodsman Cap
Woodsman Gloves

Shop Owner: Red
Fairy Princess Blade
Fairy Princess Bow
Fairy Princess Mittens
Fairy Princess Robes
Fairy Princess Tiara
Knead-ring the Dough Hammer
Leather Armor
Leather Gloves
Leather Hat
Stupid Spoiled Whore Clothes
Stupid Spoiled Whore Gloves
Stupid Spoiled Whore Hat

Shop Owner: Jimbo
Crossbow of Impalement
Gas Mask
Sweet Katana
Warrior's Longsword
Wooden Crossbow

Shop Owner: Craig
Axe of Stopping
Club of Smiting
Clyde's Helmet (can only be purchased after you beat the main quest)
Fatbear's Blade
Fire Sword
Jewish Staff
Khan Armor
Khan Gauntlets
Khan Helmet
KKK Armor
KKK Gloves
KKK Helmet
Kris Dagger
Lightning Wand
Magic Wand
Noob Hammer
Rogue's Dagger
Sickle Sword
Staff of Winter
Warrior's Blade
Warrior's Scimitar

Shop Owner: Ottawa Canadian
Canadian Halberd
Claymore of the Warrior

Shop Owner: Hobo
Du Rag
Goth Cap
Goth Clothes
Goth Gloves
Sweaty Headband
Training Gloves

Shop Owner: Vancouver Canadian
Archmage's Wand

Shop Owner: Winnipeg Canadian
Flamberge Rapier

All of the rest of the equipment can be found by exploring the world of 
South Park. None of this stuff is missable, so don't stress about it... you 
can get any of it at any point in time during the game.

Location: Jimbo's Guns
Complete the side quest "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo". This will get you the 
key to the yellow chest that is found in the rafters of his shop. Use the 
alien anal probe teleportation device to reach that chest. Pop it open to get 
these weapons.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Go to the Duke of Vancouver's house in the north part of Vancouver. If you 
check the left side of his house you will see a giant crack in his northern 
wall. Smash through it and go on through to his backyard area. There is a 
treasure chest here. Loot it to obtain both the Barbarian Armor as well as 
the Barbarian Helmet. Not only that, but you'll also snag yourself one of 
the weapons you need to collect as well, the Serrated Axe of Rending!

Location: Canada
After starting the side quest called "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo", you need to
go to Canada to fight the Canadian Barking Spider. Go to the north part of 
the Canadian overworld map and you will see a spider web in the trees. Stand 
on the web and lay the bait for the spider. Once the spider arrives, kill it. 
Simple as that.

Location: Skeeter's Bar
Complete the side quest "Rats in the Cellar" for Skeeter. He will reward you 
with the Bar Darts weapon.

Location: Token's House
As a part of the main quest, you have to do battle with Token's gate security 
guard. Defeat him in battle to obtain his weapon.

Location: Kupa Keep
When Cartman is teaching you the basics of combat, he gives you this weapon to 
teach you how to use ranged weapons. So basically this weapon is yours 
automatically just by going through the main story and completing the opening 
tutorial of the game.

Location: Evidence Room, Police Station
Go into the Evidence Room using the air ducts on the second floor of the 
police station. The yellow chest can be found in here.

Location: Sewers
During the side quest "The Homeless Problem", you will come across a few 
groups of hobos in the sewers. Loot all of them after you beat them and one 
of them will have the Broken Bottle on them for you to collect.

Location: Sewer Cave
You can reach the caves underneath South Park by following the "Emergency Exit"
signs in the sewers. At the end of the cave you will see a Crab Person pounding
on a drum. You can't reach him until you have the Nagisaki fart attack so 
that you can destroy the boulder that is blocking your way to him.

Loot the yellow chest that he's standing behind. If you've already been 
through the cave and want to know a quick way to get back there, use the 
manhole ladder that is by the movie theater instead of walking all the way 
through the sewers all over again.

Location: Clyde's Fortress
You obtain this just by playing the story.

Location: Banff, Canada
Go to the chapel in Banff. There are two rooms besides the main large room 
in the center area, one to the left and one to the right. First go to the 
room on the left because there is a door blocking access to the room that is 
on the right.

There will be some vases in here. Smash them. In the upper right hand corner 
there will be a switch on the ground. Step on the switch. This will cause the 
door blocking the room on the right to open. Go through and loot the chest 
that is on the other side to obtain this weapon.

Location: Clyde's Garage
Enter Clyde's garage and you will find a ladder that you can shoot down. Shoot 
down the ladder and climb it to the attic area of the garage. You will find a 
little kid up here named Pete that will add you on Facebook if you talk to 
him, but more importantly (well, for this guide at least), you will find a 
yellow treasure chest that can be looted so that you can get yet another new 
piece of equipment. Nice!

Location: Butters's Garage
Simply open the door to Butters's Garage and you will get this chest. If you 
need the key, loot everything in his house.

Location: Stan's Garage
Loot Stan's garage to find the Druid Robes. They will be in a yellow chest, 
like most of the equipment you find.

Location: Basement, Inn of the Giggling Donkey
You get this weapon automatically after winning the battles in the basement 
of the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, also known as Jimmy's house.

Location: Coffee Shop
In the room where Tweek is working, there is a yellow chest just up the nearby 
ladder. After completing the quest where you recruit Tweek for the human 
team, you get the key to that chest as a reward. Loot it to get the Friar 

Location: Kupa Keep
Yellow chest at Kupa Keep.

Location: Kupa Keep
Found in the yellow chest at Kupa Keep.

Location: School
You get this weapon after winning a battle against the Nazi Zombie Gingers 
during the "Attack the School" main quest.

Location: Jimmy's Garage
Jimmy has this item in his garage inside of a yellow chest.

Location: Kenny's Garage Roof
To get on the roof of Kenny's garage, you first have to be inside of Kenny's 
garage. Then climb on the wood shelves on the back wall of the garage. There 
will be a piece of roof here that you can smash out of the way. Then use 
the wooden beams to climb up onto the roof where you will find the yellow 
chest you need to loot in order to get this particular weapon.

Location: Church
You have to fight ManBearPig (aka Al Gore) outside of the church as a part of 
your last quest for Gore. Defeat him and then loot him to get this weapon. 
Don't worry if you leave, Al Gore's body will stay on the ground forever...but 
there's really no reason not to loot him right after you win the battle.

Location: Kevin Stoley's House
Talk to Kevin Stoley in his bedroom at his house to get the quest "Vulcan 
Around". This is a very short and easy quest, you just have to get his iPad 
for him from outside the church. It's located behind the pine tree that is 
to the right of the church.

Anyway, return his iPad to him to complete the quest. As part of your reward, 
you get this weapon.

Location: Sewers
The Rod of Waste is located in the yellow chest that is sitting in one of the 
first areas of the sewers. It's virtually impossible not to do anything in the 
sewers without reaching it one way or another.

Location: Token's Roof
To get on Token's roof, you first need the alien anal probe teleportation 
device. Go to the attic of his garage and then use the teleportation device to 
get onto his roof. Smash his chimney and then loot the treasure chest that is 
found inside of it.

Location: Tom's Rhinoplasty Roof
To get on the roof of Tom's Rhinoplasty, you first need the alien anal probe 
teleportation device. Use it to first get on the roof of the bank, and then 
from there smash the snow pile and use it again to get on the roof of Tom's 
Rhinoplasty where a yellow chest will be awaiting your arrival.

Location: U-Stor-It Roof
You can get on the roof of the storage units by going through the lair of 
Professor Chaos. Climb through the air vent and you will then get roof 
access. Do this once you have the alien anal probe, and then use the probe to 
teleport to the roof that is in the background. The teleportation device will 
be sticking off of a post. Anyway, loot the yellow chest here to get this 
piece of equipment, the Squire Helmet.

Location: Al Gore's Hideout
Complete the quest called "Unfriend Al Gore". Then in his hideout, you will 
be able to open his secret room. Turn on the lights and go to the left side 
of the room to find yet another yellow chest that you can loot for yet 
another weapon. How about that!

Location: Unplanned Parenthood
You are required to pick these up as a part of the main quest, so assuming 
you have done the main quest, then these should already be checked off of 
your list.

Location: Girls' Hideout
There is a yellow chest in plain sight in the Girls' Hideout, to the left of 
the entrance. Loot it to get this full set of the Valkyrie costume.

Location: Kenny's Garage
Loot the yellow chest inside of Kenny's garage.

Location: Jimmy's Backyard
To get into Jimmy's Backyard, you first need the ability to shrink. To the 
left of Jimmy's house is a wooden fence. There is a hole that is in the 
fence. Shrink and move through the hole. Go to the right and you will find 
the chest that contains the Witch Gloves as well as a few other goodies.

Location: Underneath Coffee Shop Bench
Once you have the ability to shrink thanks to the Underpants Gnome, you can 
get under the bench that is sitting outside of the Coffee Shop in town. You 
will find a Chinpokomon here, but you will also find a pouch that you can 
loot. The Witch Hat will be found inside of the pouch.

Location: Log next to school
Go to the school. Then start going to the left. You will see a log sitting 
right by the entrance to the Lost Woods. Shrink to gnome size and go through 
the log. Snag the robes and you're golden.

Location: Inn of the Giggling Donkey
You get this armor automatically after defeating the enemies that are in 
Jimmy's living room during your first day in South Park.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
5. Collectables
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
In South Park: The Stick of Truth, there are friends to add on Facebook and 
30 Chinpokomon to collect. Find them all with this comprehensive guide for 

With friendships come perks, and that rings true in South Park: The Stick of 
Truth just as much as it rings true in anything else. You can gather friends 
in the game by talking to the various citizens, so the citizens will sometimes 
need you to do something for them first or complete a side quest or get more 
friends so that they don't look like losers by being friends with you.

Location: Behind the movie theater
Al Gore will be hiding behind the movie theater. Just go talk to him and you 
will get a side quest as well.

Location: Girls' Hideout
Speak to Allie inside the Girls' Hideout. You gain access to it by doing the 
main quest.

Location: Sewers
Amber is discovered and befriended as a part of the "Dropping Off the Kids" 
side quest that you do for Mr. Hankey. Refer to the side quest guide for 
more information.

Location: Outside of City Hall
When you first find Annie, she will be getting bullied by some older girls 
that are trying to steal her Justin Bieber doll (which vibrates in a really 
disturbing way).

Talk to Annie and this will initiate a fight with the three bullies, though 
they are fairly easy to defeat. Beating the bullies up sufficiently and 
defeating them will win you Annie's heart.

Location: Skeeter's Bar
Complete the side quest "Rats in the Cellar" at Skeeter's Bar to get the 
bartender to like you and add you on Facebook.

Location: Lost Woods
To get to the Woodland Critters, enter the Lost Woods. Then go off the screen 
right, up, right, down, and then right one more time to find their hideout. 
Speak with Beary and choose to accept Satan as your one true savior. "Hail 

Location: Lost Woods
Go right, up, right, down, right in the Lost Woods to find the Woodland 

Location: Girls' Hideout
You gain access to the Girls' Hideout by doing the main quest. Bebe (and Wendy)
will become your friend automatically, but you have to actually go around and 
talk to the other girls to get them to add you on Facebook.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
In the main quest at the end of the game, you travel through Mr. Slave's ass. 
You will come up to an iPhone that is in his ass and Big Gay Al is trying to 
call him. You have to quickly tap A to answer the phone call before it goes to 

Location: School
During the quest "Attack the School", Bill will be on the second floor in the 
middle of a fight. Save him from the fight by hitting his attackers, and then 
winning the battle that follows.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: Banff, Canada
Upon entering Canada as a part of the main story, you are eventually tasked 
with fighting the Bishop of Banff.

After defeating him in battle, you are given a choice. You can choose to 
either kill him or to take dire pig testicles as false evidence to trick the 
Prince of Canada instead. Obviously if you kill the Bishop of Banff, he can't 
add you on Facebook, so you need to spare his life in order to secure him as a 

Location: Behind bush in neighborhood
After you obtain the power to shrink yourself, which you get by completing the 
main quest called "Defeat the Underpants Gnomes", you will be able to get to 
Bradley. You've no doubtedly seen him numerous times, just out of reach behind 
a bush next to a house in the neighborhood. The trick to getting him is to 
shrink down and move through the hole in the bush, and then return to normal 
size on the other side to talk to him.

Location: Sidewalk
Butters is found VERY early on in the game. He's the first recognizable kid 
that you meet, actually. Talk to him and he will kickstart the first quest of 
the game, and simply going through the motions of that first quest will make 
Butters a lock as your friend.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Cartman won't add you on Facebook until you complete the quest "Attack on the 
School". It doesn't matter if you side with Kyle or Cartman during this 
quest, Cartman adds you automatically at this point.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
Catafish is automatically added by playing the main quest of the game.

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right in the Lost Woods. This will get you to the 
Woodland Critters.

Location: N/A
!WARNING! - Chinpokomon Toy Corporation is one of the missable friends
In order to get the Chinpokomon Toy Corporation to add you, you need to find 
all 30 Chinpokomon. The location of every single Chinpokomon in the game is 
detailed below. Please refer to that for more information.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Chris Donnely is the blonde kid that is with Kyle's team. If you talk to him 
before completing the "Attack on the School" quest, he won't trust you. He 
still doesn't really trust you AFTER completing the quest either, but talking 
to him then will get him on your side.

Location: Sewers
Cornwallis is befriended and found by doing the side quest "Dropping Off the 
Kids" for Mr. Hankey. Refer to the side quests guide for more information on 
how to find Cornwallis and complete that particular quest.

Location: Crab People Cave by the Sewers
Go to the sewers and go as far "right" as the sewers will possibly let you 
go, following the "Emergency Exit" signs on the walls for a bit more clarity on
these directions.

This will lead you to a cave system where you will find a large rock that 
glows green. To destroy the rock, you have to have the Nagisaki fart powers. 
Perform the Nagisaki fart on the rock and it will allow you to get access to 
the Crab Person that is living on the other side of it, forever combining the 
worlds of the Crab and the Human.

Location: School
Craig is made a friend automatically by completing the "Detention Sentence" 
portion of the "Call the Banners" main quest.

Location: Your House
Dad won't add you as a Facebook friend until you have at least 50 other 
friends! Ah, the acceptance of a great dad. Once you have 50 other friends, 
go talk to him at home. He can usually be found in the kitchen.

Location: Movie Theater
Damien is the black-haired boy sitting at the back of the movie theater. Just 
go into the movie theater at any time, and then walk behind the farthest back 
seats. Look at the back of his chair and press A to talk to him. As a big 
fan of the show since it first started, I marked out hard for Damien's 

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right. This will get you to where the Woodland 
Critters reside in the Lost Woods.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Complete the side quest "Restoring the Balance" to get DogPoo as your friend.

Location: Outside of Butters's House
Dougie will be found standing on the sidewalk just doing nothing really after 
you start exploring the town with Butters to look for the "Warriors Three". 
All you need to do is talk to the kid.

Location: Second story, downtown building
After beating the main quest called "Alien Abduction", go downtown with your 
new anal probe/teleportation device. You can clearly see that the second 
story of one of the buildings downtown has a broken window, and within that 
window is one of the devices that you can use to teleport yourself places. 
Teleport yourself to the second story of that building to find Douglas hiding 

Location: Vancouver, Canada
The Duke of Vancouver will become your friend automatically during your 
main questing in Canada. Just do the main questline and he will add you after 
you have dealt with him therein.

Location: Winnipeg, Canada
Much like the Duke of Vancouver, the Earl of Winnipeg will join you after you 
have dealt directly with him during the main quest.

Location: News Office
The News Office will be closed when you walk by it initially, so go into the 
Post Office instead. Loot the Post Office, including the PO Boxes, to get 
the key to the News Office.

Now you can go to the News Office. Esther will be in the process of an 
interview about children suffering from narcisstic personality disorder, but 
she doesn't seem to mind.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest called "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: Behind the School
Successfully recruit the Goth kids as a part of "Gain New Allies" to get 
Firkle as your friend.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest called "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: School
During the "Attack on the School" main quest, Fosse will be in a fight with 
some enemies. Hit the enemies with a melee attack so that you can engage them 
in battle instead. Defeat them and Fosse will thank you by joining your team.

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right in the Lost Woods to get to the Woodland 
Critters. Remember to accept Satan as your one true savior!

Location: Outside of Kyle's House
Francis is building a snowman right outside of Kyle's House. Smash his snowman 
to impress him.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
Frog King will add you automatically as a part of completing the main quest of 
the game.

Location: Professor Chaos's Hideout
Located at the storage units at the U-Stor-It building, the hideout of 
Professor Chaos is the last storage unit that you come across. General Disarray
will just be chilling out in there, so talk to him and he will add you.

Location: Girls' Hideout
Talk to Heidi at the Girls' Hideout. You gain access to the Girls' Hideout 
automatically while doing the main quest.

Location: Behind the School
Recruit the Goth Kids as a part of the main quest "Gain New Allies" to get 
Henrietta as your friend.

Location: Clyde's Backyard
!WARNING! - Ike is one of the MISSABLE FRIENDS in the game
To get Ike, you have to be doing the main quest "Beat Up Clyde!" Ike will be 
found near the top of the tower, crying because he just got beat up. To make 
him feel better, fart on the nearby firework to hurt the guy that hurt Ike, 
then talk to him and he will become your friend.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
In the "Gain New Allies" main quest, you will be taken to the elven kingdom 
at some point. This is where you can first meet Jason, the guy that runs the 
shop in Kyle's backyard for the elves. Talk to him and he will befriend you.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest called "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: Girls' Hideout
Talk to Jessie at the Girls' Hideout. You gain access to the Girls' Hideout 
automatically as a part of the main quest.

Location: Outside of Unplanned Parenthood
Jessie will automatically add you while you're doing the main quest called 
"Forging New Alliances", as a part of the "Recruiting the Girls" subquest, 
and actually to go even deeper, there is a quest within that quest as well 
called "Unplanned Parenthood". She will add you on Facebook immediately before 
you enter the abortion clinic.

Location: Church
Complete the quest "Find Jesus" for Priest Maxi and Jesus will become your 
Facebook friend.

Location: Gun Shop
Complete the side quest "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo" to get Jimbo to add you 
as a friend.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Complete the side quest "Magical Songs" with Jimmy and he will add you as a 

Location: Kenny's House
Karen is Kenny's sister. She can be found just sitting on the couch and 
watching TV.

Location: Outside of her house
Kelly will just be standing around outside of her house. Talk to her and she 
will be your friend. For an interesting scene, try opening Kelly's door and 
enjoy the peep show.

Location: Bus Stop
Kelly's kind of a bitch at first, and won't add you as a friend because you are
not popular enough at the beginning. Once you have about 20 friends, Kelly 
will add you to get in on the friend action.

Location: Kupa Keep
To make friends with Princess Kenny, you need to pick the daffodil flower for 
her before you talk to Cartman and start the first battles. Pick the flower, 
which can be found in the left-most part of Cartman's backyard, and then give 
it to Kenny. This will also satisfy the requirements of a side quest.

Location: Kevin Stoley's House
Complete the side quest called "Vulcan Around" to make Kevin Stoley your 

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Kyle will add you at some point during or after the "Attack the School" main 
quest. Don't worry about it, you get him automatically as part of doing the 
main quest.

Location: School - 5th Grade Classroom
Lemmiwinks is a MISSABLE FRIEND. He is located in the 5th grade classroom, 
which can be accessed as a part of the quest called "Attack the School". 
You will come to a point where the final battle is in the 4th grade classroom, 
and the 5th grade one is across the hall. Obviously go into the 5th grade one 
and chat with the little dude for a bit.

Location: News Office Roof
Before you can get to Leroy Mullens, you must first have the ability to shrink,
which the Underpants Gnomes give you as a part of the main quest. Smash the 
vent in here that is right next to the girl being interviewed. Shrink to get 
inside the vent (there is also a Chinpokomon found here), and then climb up 
the pipe like a ladder.

On top of the roof, return to full size and speak with Leroy. To get off the 
roof, return back to small size and go back to the pipe and climb down into 
the News Office.

Location: Post Office
Lola won't be your friend until you have about 40 other friends. She just 
hangs out in the post office all day. Weird kid.

Location: City Hall
Mayor McDaniels just wants South Park to be a better place for everybody. So 
of course this means beating the hell out of all the homeless people in town! 
Complete the side quest "The Homeless Problem" for Mayor McDaniels and she 
will become your friend.

Location: Behind the School
Successfully recruit the Goth Kids as a part of the quest "Gain New Allies" so 
Michael adds you as a friend.

Location: Downtown
Millie is smoking behind the buildings downtown, in plain sight. To the right 
of the building that is to her immediate right is a pile of snow. Smash the 
snow and you will be able to get behind the building and talk to Millie about 
her dirty little smoking secret.

Location: Catacombs of Quebec, Canada
You encounter the Minister of Montreal during your main quest storyline in 
Canada, so don't worry about missing him because he is obtained as a friend on 
Facebook automatically. How I am not sure because I didn't realize that they 
had computers in Canada...

Location: Your House
Upon completing the first quest of the game, you can return to your house to 
talk to your parents. Your mom will become your FB friend, but at this point 
in the game, you simply do not have enough friends to impress your father, the 
cold-hearted bastard.

Location: Playground
During the side-side quest "Pose as Bebe's Boyfriend", you encounter Monica and
her angry boyfriend. Defeat her boyfriend and she will add you. Monica is 
automatically your friend as a part of the main quest so don't worry too much 
about this one.

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right in the Lost Woods. Be sure to accept Satan.

Location: Community Center
Talk to Mr. Adler at the Community Center after you've completed the quest 
within a quest within a quest called "PTA Problem". This is all a part of 
the "Gain New Allies" main questline.

Location: Outside of Kyle's House
At the beginning of the game, Mr. Broflovski can be found shoveling snow. You 
can hilariously smash his snow pile and see his subtle reaction. Talk to him 
and he will accept you on FB.

Location: Community Center
Mr. Garrison can become your friend after you've completed the "PTA Problem" 
portion of the main quest "Gain New Allies". Just talk to him after you've 
given the device to Randy.

Location: Sewers
Mr. Hankey's house can be found in the sewer system, but you can only get to 
his house after completing the main quest "Alien Abduction". Mr. Hankey will 
become your friend after you complete the side quest "Dropping Off the Kids" 
for him.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
Mr. Hat becomes your friend automatically as a part of the main quest. You 
have to climb him like he's a ladder during your time inside of Mr. Slave's 

Location: City Wok
Mr. Kim will not become your friend until you complete the "Mongolian Beef" 
side quest for him. Do so successfully and then he will become your friend as 
well as your summon in battle.

Location: Community Center
Complete Mr. Mackey's side quest entitled "Wasted Cache" and he will add you.

Location: Outside of bar
Mr. McCormick is passed out drunk in the snow by the bar. Talk to him and he 
will thank you for waking him up.

Location: Mr. Slave's House
Mr. Slave will not become your friend until you complete a side quest for him. 
Get his package from the post office and take it to him, and that is basically 
the gist of his side quest. He will then become your friend and you can also 
summon him in battle once a day, but not during boss battles.

Location: Stotch Residence
Mr. Stotch can be found chilling out in his house after you've made friends 
with Butters and actually have access to it. Chat him up and he will apologize 
to you about how terrible his son is. Aw, poor Butters.

Location: Coffee Shop
Purchase the super speed potion from Mr. Tweak (the top item when you go to 
buy from him). This will make him add you as a friend.

Location: Downtown
Mrs. Biggle is sitting on a bench outside of the shops downtown. She is happy 
to add you as a friend...after all, you are in her son's class, aren't you?

Location: Community Center
Talk to Sheila Broflovski after completing the main quest "PTA Problem" which 
is itself a part of the quest "Gain New Allies".

Location: Cartman's House
Mrs. Cartman will simply be sitting in the living room when you first see her. 
Talking to her the first time won't get you anything as Cartman insists that 
she is not part of the game. On your second time through Cartman's house, you 
can talk to her in the kitchen and she will send you a friend request.

Location: Sewers
The alcoholic Mrs. Hankey won't help herself and go to rehab, but you can get 
her to be your friend on Facebook! Just complete the side quest "Dropping Off 
the Kids" for Mr. Hankey in the sewers.

Location: Tom's Rhinoplasty
Stan's mom Sharon Marsh works at Tom's Rhinoplasty. Buy an accessory from her 
(not a nose job...though that David Hasselhoff look is quite charming if I do 
say so myself...and you can get an extra achievement for defeating the final 
boss in the game while looking lik the Hoff!) and then she will add you as a 

Location: Kenny's House
Talk to Mrs. McCormick inside of Kenny's house. She can be found in the 
kitchen, but she won't add you as a friend until at least the second day of 
the game.

Location: Stotch Residence
After becoming friends with Butters, you will have access to his house. Talk 
to Mrs. Stotch there.

Location: Coffee Shop
Purchase a super speed potion from Mr. Tweak at the coffee shop. It costs $15.

Location: Gun Shop
Complete the side quest "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo" and Ned will add you as a
friend along with Jimbo.

Location: Girls' Hideout
Talk to Nelly at the Girls' Hideout. You can get access to the Girls' Hideout 
while doing the main quest of the game.

Location: Downtown
Officer Barbrady is not at his post in the police station, but rather hanging 
out downtown. Talk to him and he will befriend you.

Location: Behind the School
Successfully recruit the Goth kids as a part of the quest "Gain New Allies" 
and Pete will join you.

PETE (2)
Location: Clyde's Garage
There is a ladder inside of Clyde's Garage that can be shot down so that it 
extends to the floor. After doing that, climb the ladder to the top to find 
Pete (there are two kids named "Pete" in South Park apparently) chilling out in
the attic area.

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Phillip is encountered and befriended as a part of the main quest during your 
stay in Canada.

Location: Cartman's Bedroom
Polly Prissypants can be found sitting on Cartman's bed. Have Cartman selected 
as your main buddy and then "talk" to her.

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right. This will get you to the Woodland Critters. 
Hail Satan, etc.

Location: Bench outside City Hall
Complete Priest Maxi's side quest "Find Jesus" and he will become your friend.

Location: Ottawa Palace, Canada
The dickish (though not as big of a dick as Scott, obviously) Prince of 
Canada will not become your FB friend until you advance a certain amount into 
the main quest parts that take place in Canada. He becomes your friend 

Location: Ottawa Palace, Canada
Likewise, the Princess of Canada becomes your friend just by doing the main 

Location: Community Center
Talk to Principal Victoria after doing the "PTA Problem" quest within the 
"Gain New Allies" main quest.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest called "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right. Lost Woods.

Location: Lost Woods
Same as Rabbity and all the other Woodland Critters.

Location: Alien Ship
Randy will automatically become your friend upon completion of the main quest 
called "Alien Abduction".

Location: Girls' Hideout
Red runs the shop at the Girls' Hideout. Have a little chat with her and 
she will befriend you.

Location: Police Station
Go into the police station, and then go to the door on the left on the first 
floor. In here you will find Romper Stomper locked away. Go upstairs now and 
climb onto the shelves to your left. Shoot the plaque shelf so that it falls 
down and creates a ramp for you to continue to the air duct.

Smash the grate on the air duct, and then go inside. This will lead you to the 
locker room. Loot this room to get the key to Romper's cell. Now go back to 
Romper's cell, open it, and speak to him inside.

Location: Playground
Complete the side quest called "Hide 'n' Seek".

Location: Police Station Roof
To get to Santa, you first need to have the alien anal probe teleportation 
power. Then you need to get on the fire escape of the police station, which 
you can access by exploring the station, and then you can knock the ladder 
down on the fire escape for easy access.

Use the teleporter to get on the roof of the police station. Talk with Santa 
up here and will add you.

Location: Kupa Keep
Scott unfortunately has diabetes, which is basically the trait that defines him
to the Grand Wizard Cartman. Scott can be found at the stables in Kupa Keep. 
You should talk to him as soon as you arrive there.

Location: Police Station
Complete the side quest "Nazi Zombie Bounty" for Sergeant Yates to get him to 
join you on Facebook. You cannot get this quest until after the Nazi Zombies 
invade South Park. Then you just need to go to the police station and talk 
with Sergeant Yates about the situation.

Location: Her bedroom in Stan's House
Fight Shelly as a part of the side quest called "The She-Ogre" with Stan, 
which you can do fairly early on in the game. After you've defeated her, return
to her bedroom and talk to her. She will respect that you aren't a wuss and 
will add you on FB.

Location: Sewers
You find and befriend Simon as a part of the side quest "Dropping Off the 
Kids" that you do for Mr. Hankey.

Location: Skeeter's Bar
Get rid of the rat infestation in Skeeter's cellar and he will be your friend. 
This is a side quest called simply "Rats in the Cellar".

Location: Lost Woods
You should know how to get there by now. Remember to accept Satan. All the 
Woodland Critters are added in bulk.

Location: Mr. Slave's Ass
Automatically added as a part of the main quest.

Location: Lost Woods
Woodland Critters. Right, up, right, down, right.

Location: Kyle's Backyard
Complete the side quest "The She-Ogre" with Stan and he will add you on 

Location: Vancouver, Canada
Terrance is encountered automatically as a part of the main quest.

Location: N/A
Livin' a lie! Timmy will be your friend once you complete the side quest 
called "The Timmy Express", which basically entails activating all of the 
fast travel flags around town. You can get the first 11 simply by exploring 
South Park, but the 12th one is in Kyle's backyard which is only accessible 
upon starting the main quest "Gain New Allies".

Location: Token's House
Token will automatically become your friend as part of the main quest called 
"Call the Banners". That quest will get you another quest that is specifically 
for recruiting Token called "Gate Crashers". Complete them and Token will be 
your friend.

Location: Coffee Shop
Tweek needs to be recruited as a part of the main quest called "Call the 
Banners". Starting that quest will get you a Tweek specific quest that is 
all about recruiting Tweek called "Hot Coffee". Complete that quest as well 
and Tweek will join you on FB.

Location: Your Bedroom
Complete the main quest called "Defeat the Underpants Gnomes", which happens 
during your second night staying in South Park. This guy will then be found 
in front of the boarded up mouse hole. Talk to him and then complete his side 
quest called "Phase 1" and he will add you as an FB friend.

Location: Girls' Hideout
Wendy is automatically added to your friends list after you successfully 
recruit the girls during the main quest, along with Bebe.

Location: Lost Woods
Right, up, right, down, right. This is how you to get to the Woodland 
Critters. Accept Satan. Blah blah blah.

Hidden throughout the game are 30 Chinpokomon toys. They are the main 
collectable in South Park: The Stick of Truth. Find them all with this guide!

Location: Tree by your house
Chu-Chu Nezumi will be first seen in plain sight as you follow Butters to 
Kupa Keep for the first time at the very beginning of the game. After you have 
your first ranged weapon, the Bow of Sucking, return to this tree.

You can shoot things in the environment using your ranged weapon. Pull LT to 
bring up the cursor. Then aim at the Chinpokomon doll sitting in the tree and 
shoot it out of the tree. Then you can just run over and pick him up to add 
him to your collection.

Location: Trees by Kyle's House
To the right of Kyle's house are some pine trees. Furrycat is right there 
within the trees.

Location: Tower of Peace
On the second floor of the Tower of Peace, go to the balcony on the right. 
Lambtron will be there, inside of a cage. Shoot him out of the cage to collect 

Location: Butters's Bedroom
Butters will become your buddy and join your party after you complete the first
quest of the game, and he will join you for the subsequent quest and the 
exploration of the town.

Since Butters is your buddy, he will give you a key to his house. Simply go 
into his house, which is right next door to your own and to the left of 
Cartman's house.

Go up the stairs and into his bedroom. Monkay can be found lying on the ground 
against the far right wall.

Location: Cartman's Garage
To get the key to Cartman's garage, you first have to enter his house. The key 
is found in the endtable in the living room close to the front door, along 
with a bunch of other interesting items.

Use the key to unlock his garage. Pengin will be in plain sight inside of the 
garage so just grab him and continue on your way.

Location: Clyde's Backyard
You get to go to Clyde's backyard and raid his fortress in the quest called 
Beat Up Clyde! When you near the top of the fortress, at the part that you 
see Ike, there will be an alien teleportation device sticking out of the 
roof. Use it to get to the level higher and there you will find Shoe.

Location: News Office
Return to the News Office after you have the Underpants Gnome shrinking 
ability. There is a vent next to the girl that is being interviewed. Smash it 
and then shrink using the Underpants Gnome powder. Go inside the vent to find 
this Chinpokomon.

Location: Community Center Basketball Court
You can't get Vamporko until you have the ability to teleport using the alien 
satellite anal probe. After you get that ability (which you get through 
completing the side quest appropriately entitled "Alien Abduction"), you can 
use the alien device on the side of the community center to teleport yourself 
to the other side of the fence at the basketball court, where you can in turn 
pick up Vamporko fairly easily.

Location: Unplanned Parenthood
During the quest within a quest called "Unplanned Parenthood", you can get 
Fetuswami. Just before the part with the automatic turret, you will see a 
dead soldier with a grenade in his hand. Shoot the grenade to cause it to 
explode, removing a portion of the wall.

Go behind the wall and follow it until there is another hole that you can get 
out through. Fetuswami will be right there ripe for the taking.

Location: Sewers
Gerbitoad can be found right outside Mr. Hankey's house after you complete 
the side quest "Dropping Off the Kids" for him.

Location: "Taco Bell"
In the room where you grab the voice recorder as part of the "PTA Problems" 
quest (which is a part of the "Gain New Allies" main quest), you can see 
Gunrilla on top of a storage shelf. Shoot him down to grab him.

Location: Outside of Community Center
After leaving the Community Center upon completing "PTA Problems" and 
talking to Randy, Gophermon will be sitting right outside the front doors of 
the building.

Location: Tree by City Hall
Sna-Kat is kind of hard to spot, but he can be found in the branches of the 
tree that is just outside City Hall. To knock Sna-Kat out of the tree, shoot 
the branch that he is sitting on. Then just pick him up.

Location: Girl's Bathroom
As a part of the main quest, you eventually gain access to the girl's bathroom 
at the playground. Mouse-Tik can be found there just sitting in front of a 

Location: School
During "Attack the School", right after you walk by the cafeteria, you will 
see a vent on the ceiling that is kind of busted up. Shoot that vent and 
the Chinpokomon will fall right out of it.

Location: Professor Chaos's Hideout
Go to the U-Stor-It building. Climb the ladder on the billboard and then climb 
down on the other side to get on the opposite side of the fence. Go into the 
main building there so you can press the button inside to open the gate so 
you don't have to climb the ladders every single time you go here.

Now if you head to the right, you will find an area full of storage units. 
The closest one belongs to Al Gore. The next one belongs to Mr. Mackey, and 
the third one you get to belongs to Professor Chaos!

Go inside and you can clearly see Roo-Stor on the rafters above. Shoot him 
down and snatch him before leaving.

Location: School
In the kitchen during the "Attack the School" quest, you can see Donkeytron 
is inside the oven. Turn the burner on and then throw a fart at the flames. 
The explosion will send Donkeytron flying free from the oven.

Location: Kyle's Garage
Upon gaining access to Kyle's house, loot his parents' dresser to find a key 
to his garage. Stegmata is sitting on the floor of the garage, on the left 
side of it.

Location: Movie Theater
Shoot him down from the top of the ticket booth. That's it.

Location: Mr. Mackey's Storage Unit
In order to gain access to Mr. Mackey's Storage Unit at U-Stor-It, you first 
need to gain access to the Community Center. To do that, you need to start 
the main quest called "Gain New Allies", and you will be led there as a part 
of the main story of the game.

Talk to Mr. Mackey there to start his side quest called "Wasted Cache" and he 
will give you the key to his storage unit. It is the second storage unit 
encountered there. Ferasnarf will be on top of the shelf, so just shoot it 
down and snatch it up.

Location: School
On the second floor of the school during "Attack the School", take a right 
instead of a left like you normally would to complete the story. Over here is a
locker (you should really be looting every single locker anyways). Open it up 
to find Pterdaken inside.

Location: Crab People Cave
If you go all the way to the "right" in the sewers, you will come across the 
Crab People. You have to have the Nagisaki fart attack to gain access to the 
Crab People, because there is a large rock in the way. You learn this ability 
as a part of the main quest, so return to the sewers and then go to the cave 
system after you've learned it...or better yet, use the ladder right near it 
during your first trip to the sewers so that you can just use the manhole by 
the movie theater for super easy access.

Biebersaurus can then just be picked up on your way to talk to the Crab Person.

Location: Outside the Tower of Peace
Just outside the Tower of Peace is a flame that is next to a frozen over 
Chinpokomon, Brocorri. You need to have the Dragon Shout ability before you 
can melt the ice around Brocorri and retrieve him. Upon getting this farting 
magic, go to the flame, stand by it, and then shoot the fart in the direction 
of the flame and Brocorri to melt the ice and get Brocorri.

Location: Outside of Token's House
Velocirapstar is on Token's window sill. Shoot him down to get him. To get 
access to Token's house, you have to complete the quest within a quest called 
"Gate Crashers" first.

Location: Skeeter's Bar
Return to Skeeter's Bar after completing the "Rats in the Cellar" side quest 
for him. Flowerpotamus will just be sitting in the middle of the bar on the 

Location: Alien Space Ship
During the main quest called "Alien Abduction", just before you enter the 
cockpit of the ship, Beetlebot can be seen on the monitors on the right side 
of the room. Knock him loose and grab him and he's yours.

Location: Stark's Pond
After getting the ability to teleport using the alien anal probe satellite 
device, go to Stark's Pond. In the water, you will see an alien device just 
barely sticking out of it. Aim the device at it and fire to teleport into 
the water.

There is a crashed UFO in the water. Teleport inside of it and pick up 
Cosmonewt. Also loot the chest down here while you're at it. When you're 
done, leave Stark's Pond using the same teleportation device.

Location: Police Station - Evidence Room
The Police Station can be entered very early on in the game. Just go to it, 
waltz through the front doors, and then go up the stairs. On the second floor, 
go to the righ to find the Evidence Room. Strangely enough, you can just go 
in there as well without any consequences.

On the shelf of evidence, there is a breakable box on the top shelf. You 
can tell when something is breakable because it will have red glowing cracks 
imbedded in it. Smash the crate to find RabbiTech.

Location: Attic of the Inn of the Giggling Donkey
You come across Roidrat while in the attic of the Inn of the Giggling Donkey, 
which is explored during the main quest called "The Bard", which is very, very 
early on in the game. He is just sitting in plain sight in the middle of the 

Location: Outside of Tweek's Coffee Shop, under the bench
You can't get Terribovine until you've gotten the ability to shrink yourself 
with the Underpants Gnome magic powder. To get this ability, you need to 
complete the main quest called "Defeat the Underpants Gnomes".

Afterwards, go to Tweek's Coffee shop. There is a bench right outside of the 
coffee shop. Use the powder to shrink yourself down, and then walk underneath 
the bench. There is also some loot under here as well as Terribovine.

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8. Characters
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There are four classes in South Park: The Stick of Truth, numerous summons, 
and five party members. Master everything in the game using this guide.

Welcome to the Characters Guide for South Park: The Stick of Truth. Before 
reading any further, you may need a brief of explanation of some of the 
content you will find in this guide and as to how to properly use this guide 
when playing the game.

Each class has its own set of abilities. At the start, you will only have one 
ability. As you level up, you will earn more abilities, and eventually you 
will have five seperate abilities. These abilities each of five tiers of 
level. You earn upgrade points when you level up as well, so each time you 
level up, you can upgrade one of your abilities.

The level cap in the game is level 15. After hitting level 15, you can no 
longer upgrade abilities. So it may be wise to use this guide and look 
ahead to what you're in for so that you can plan out how you're going to level 
up your individual character. Also note that you will have to be a specific 
level in order to purchase upgrades for certain abilities.

In South Park, there are a variety of status effects that you can inflict on 
your opponents. Most of them are self-explanatory, except for the Pissed Off 
status effect. When you inflict this status effect on an enemy, they will 
attack only whoever made them Pissed Off for the entirety of the battle.

Another status effect that is not directly obvious is the Gross Out status 
effect. Unlike Pissed Off, this status effect can apply to you and people in 
your party as well as the enemies you're facing. Grossed Out lowers attack and 
defense, but also makes it so you can't consume any healing or other items 
that can benefit you until you cure yourself of Grossed Out. To do this, drink 
a bottle of water, or as it is known in the game, a "Cure Potion". When a 
character is Grossed Out, it also lowers their attack and defense.

PP is how you know how many points it's going to take to use an ability. This 
is represented by the blue bar found underneath your health. Mana is what 
powers the magic fart attacks, and they are a completely different set of 
powers than the PP abilities.

Those that want to focus on having a lot of health and attacks that do a lot 
of damage over elemental attacks should pick the Fighter Class.

How to perform: Press A to throw ball, and press A to swing bat
Perfect: Additional hits
PP Cost: 6
Lvl 2 - Increased damage
Lvl 3 - Stunned targets take more damage
Lvl 4 - Restore HP with each hit
Lvl 5 - Bleeding damage with each hit

How to perform: Press A each time fist goes down
Perfect: Stuns target
PP Cost: 8
Lvl 2 - Follow up attack that ignores shield and armor
Lvl 3 - Lowers enemy defense
Lvl 4 - Inflicts Grossed Out
Lvl 5 - Inflicts Grossed Out on all enemies

How to perform: Hold A until you see red
Perfect: Halves armor, removes shields, lowers enemy Defense
PP Cost: 10
Lvl 6 - Increases damage
Lvl 7 - Deal more damage based on your Armor
Lvl 8 - Follow up attack that deals bleeding
Lvl 9 - Take another action if you knock out the target

How to perform: Press the button that pops up on screen
Perfect: Strips buffs and makes enemy Pissed Off
PP Cost: 7
Lvl 9 - Removes all enemy buffs
Lvl 10 - Lowers enemy attack and defense
Lvl 11 - Increased attack and ability damage
Lvl 12 - Reduces PP cost

How to perform: Push left stick up and then left stick down at height of jump
Perfect: Deals more damage
PP Cost: 20
Lvl 11 - Cause extra damage based on armor
Lvl 12 - Inflict additional damage
Lvl 13 - All enemies attack down
Lvl 14 - Stun all enemies for one turn

This class is my personal favorite in South Park: The Stick of Truth. The 
reason being is that it is especially easily for the Mage class to inflict 
burning damage on enemies, and your most powerful ability is fantastic because 
not only does it inflict burning damage, but it hits multiple targets.

How to perform: Mash A
Perfect: Burning damage
PP Cost: 6
Lvl 2 - Increases direct damage
Lvl 3 - Inflicts damage to enemies above and below your target
Lvl 4 - Increased Ability Damage after perfect attack
Lvl 5 - Melts through enemy armor with each hit

How to perform: Press A when weapon shines
Perfect: Stunned target
PP Cost: 8
Lvl 2 - Increases damage
Lvl 3 - Defense Down on target and enemies behind them
Lvl 4 - Stuns last one more turn
Lvl 5 - Reduces PP cost

How to perform: Press A when sparks appear
Perfect: Additional damage to enemies
PP Cost: 10
Lvl 6 - Increases damage
Lvl 7 - Lightning hits an additional target
Lvl 8 - Added shield that hurts melee attackers
Lvl 9 - Bounces to a third possible enemy

How to perform: Hold A until you start to lose control of the weapon
Perfect: Slows enemies
PP Cost: 7
Lvl 9 - Lowers enemy attack
Lvl 10 - Lowers enemy defense
Lvl 11 - Fires in cone-shaped pattern
Lvl 12 - Enemies gain additional damage for each positive status effect on them

How to perform: Pull down on left stick to ready lighter, then tap A when 
flame is near each fuse
Perfect: Hits every enemy in combat
PP Cost: 20
Lvl 11 - Increases damage
Lvl 12 - All enemies catch on fire
Lvl 13 - Attack down on any surviving enemies
Lvl 14 - Ignores shields and armor on enemies

The Thief class is useful because you can attack people from behind, meaning 
that enemies that are protected from most attacks except ranged ones are now 
in the clear line of fire from the Thief class.

How to perform: Press A whenever you see the flash
Perfect: Inflicts Bleeding
PP Cost: 6
Lvl 2 - Increases damage
Lvl 3 - Extra damage for every bleeding inflicted
Lvl 4 - Two stacks of bleeding for each successful attack
Lvl 5 - Stunned targets take more damage

How to perform: Press A when you see the flash
Perfect: Stuns target and steals item
PP Cost: 8
Lvl 2 - Increases damage
Lvl 3 - Also removes beneficial buff from opponent
Lvl 4 - Restore HP
Lvl 5 - Increases duration of stun

How to perform: Push stick up to jump in air, then mash on A
Perfect: Removes armor and shield
PP Cost: 10
Lvl 6 - Inflicts more damage
Lvl 7 - Inflicts more damage on Stunned targets
Lvl 8 - Attack Up
Lvl 9 - Have an extra turn if you knock out your opponent

How to perform: Mash on the A button
Perfect: Inflicts Grossed Out, removes beneficial buffs, and hit more times
PP Cost: 7
Lvl 9 - Increases damage
Lvl 10 - Increases number of attacks per turn
Lvl 11 - Foes become Pissed Off
Lvl 12 - Adds finishing blow

How to perform: Press the button that appears on screen
Perfect: Inflicts Bleeding
PP Cost: 20
Lvl 11 - Increases damage
Lvl 12 - Lowers enemy attack
Lvl 13 - Reduces PP cost
Lvl 14 - Restores HP

The Jew class has an achievement attached to it, and it is the only class 
that does, so if you are an avid achievement hunter, you're going to want to 
go through the game at least once with the Jew class.

To get the achievement that requires you to be the Jew class, first choose to 
be a Jew. Then later when you are free to roam South Park, complete the side 
quest about finding Jesus, which you can start by speaking to Priest Maxi on 
his bench right outside City Hall.

Anyway, without further ado...

How to perform: Spin the left stick, then tap A when sling is glowing
Perfect: Deals more damage
PP Cost: 6
Lvl 2 - Increases damage
Lvl 3 - Lowers enemy attack and makes them Pissed Off
Lvl 4 - Sling attacks bounce to a second random target
Lvl 5 - Sling does more damage based on how much damage you've taken

How to perform: Mash A
Perfect: Stuns target
PP Cost: 8
Lvl 2 - Increases damage
Lvl 3 - Jew-Jitsu does more damage based on how much damage you've taken
Lvl 4 - Shielded from next enemy attack after a successful Jew-Jitsu attack
Lvl 5 - If Jew-Jitsu knocks out a target, take anothr turn

How to perform: Press A when weapon flashes
Perfect: Destroys armor and shields and inflicts bleeding damage
PP Cost: 10
Lvl 6 - Increases damage
Lvl 7 - Inflict two stacks of bleeding after a perfect attack
Lvl 8 - Lowers enemy defense
Lvl 9 - Grosses out all other enemies

How to perform: Spin the left stick
Perfect: Hit more enemies, take away beneficial status effects from them
PP Cost: 7
Lvl 9 - Increases damage
Lvl 10 - Attack bounces to more targets
Lvl 11 - All negative status effects are cured after perfect attack
Lvl 12 - Burn damage

How to perform: Push the left stick in any direction when light is on you. 
Different directions will result in different attacks
Perfect: N/A
PP Cost: 20
Lvl 11 - Increases damage
Lvl 12 - Team attack up after using Pestilence or Fiery Hail
Lvl 13 - Team ability up after using Frogs or Flying Insects
Lvl 14 - Perform an additional Plagues of Egypt attack during your turn

South Park: The Stick of Truth features a perk system. You can earn a new perk 
by making new Facebook friends. Since there is a finite number of Facebook 
friends, it is not possible to purchase every perk in the game.

The final column of available perks deal with the magic farting attacks, so 
these perks will not be available to purchase in the game until after you have 
obtained the ability to fart.

Protect My Balls - Take less damage when critically injured
Growing Boy - Maximum health increases by 20%
Let It Slide - Debuffs last one turn less than normal
Necessary Roughness - Inflict more damage to stunned targets

Griefer - Inflict extra damage and take less damage against Pissed Off enemies
All Outta Bubble Gum - Potions give you Attack Up
Sucker Punch - First attack in combat deals extra damage
Mauler - Melee weapons do extra damage

Marksman - Ranged weapons do extra damage
Fight or Flight - Attacks do more damage when critically injured
Brain Food - Gain 2 PP when using a healing item
Apprentice - Maximum PP is increased by 20%

Pyromaniac - Inflict additional damage to and take less damage from burning 
Bloodlust - Inflict additional damage to and take less damage from bleeding 
Dirty Fighting - Inflict additional damage to and take less damage from 
Grossed Out enemies
Second Wind - Revive Potions give full health

Healing Wind - Magic weapon attacks refill HP
Power Bottom - Magic weapon attacks refill PP
Counterfart - Counter enemy attacks with magic
Fart of War - Inflict additional damage with magic weapon attacks

Throughout the course of the game, you will learn four different magical 
fart attacks. These farting attacks can be used in combat as well as to 
interact with the environment, and while in combat they are all used the same 
way, their functionality while exploring the town of South Park is quite 

In combat, to perform any of these magic fart attacks, you first need a 
sufficient amount of mana. Various food that you can find and purchase in the 
game will refill your mana. If you have too much mana, you will literally 
shit your pants in battle. This is good for an achievement, but not much 
else as it will drain your entire mana bar.

After you have enough mana, to perform a fart attack, pull down on the right 
stick (after selecting a target, of course). Then rotate the left stick until 
the controller vibrates. You'll then see a gas cloud appear. Push the right 
stick forward at that point to deal the most damage with the fart attack.

Hits one target, causes stun
Mana Cost: 40

Outside of combat, Dragon Shout has numerous uses. You can use it to fart on 
people and animals to get achievements/trophies, or you can use it to scare 
away the nests of rats that guard the Lost Woods.

When there is an open flame on the ground, you can fart with Dragon Shout to 
create an explosion. To do this successfully, face the flame and then pull 
down on the right stick when you have Dragon Shout equipped. You will fart on 
whatever you are facing before you perform the fart because your character 
will turn around in order to perform the attack.

Ranged attack, makes a target Grossed Out
Mana Cost: 60

Cup-A-Spell is basically the ranged equivalent of Dragon Shout. Outside of 
combat, you can use it to detonate flames that are out of reach. Cup-A-Spell 
is the most accurate of the attacks as you can directly aim it using the 
left stick before firing it at an enemy or flame or whatever you're trying to 
fart on.

Distracts target
Mana Cost: 80

Sneaky Squeaker is mainly useful for story reasons, but if you are trying to 
make enemies move somewhere else in the area, you can use Sneaky Squeaker to 
your advantage.

Pull down on the right stick and then deploy the fart by pressing forward on 
the right stick. Use the left stick to move the fart around. You can see the 
green gas in the center of a clear cloud.

You can tell when an enemy is about to be hit with the Sneaky Squeaker because 
their bodies will glow brown, the same color as someone is when they are 
"Grossed Out" in battle.

Hits all targets, chance of blowing targets out of battle
Mana Cost: 100

The final magic ability that is taught to you comes near the end of the 
game. You can use Nagasaki to destroy objects in the environment that have 
cracks in them, and the cracks are glowing green.

Outside of combat, use Nagasaki by pulling on the right stick. Find the 
right frequency with the left stick like you do usually when using farts in 
battle. However, with Nagasaki, you will be able to tell that it is working 
because the screen will start shaking and the objects you are trying to 
destroy will shake pretty violently as well.

Just keep the right stick held down and the left stick pointed in the 
correct direction. Keep the sticks held this way until the objects have been 
successfully destroyed.

There are six different party members that you get when playing South Park: 
The Stick of Truth. As you play the game, some of them will become temporarily 
unavailable for certain stretches, but after you finish the main quest, you 
will have every party member with you for exploring and cleaning up the side 
quests that are in the game.

Four of these six can be commanded outside of battle to use their specialties 
to help you out and the other characters in the game. To do this, make sure 
you have Buddy Command selected with LB. Then hold LT and aim the arrows at 
the Buddy Command symbol that will be above whatever you're supposed to 
command them to interact with. Then pull RT to make them do what they were 
born to do!

During battle, you can switch between available party members by choosing the 
option at the bottom of the selection wheel when it is your buddy's turn in 
the fight. It does take one turn for them to successfully switch with one of 
the other characters.

Just like you, your party members gain new abilities as you level up in the 
game and earn new abilities yourself.

When you use one of the specialitiest of your party members, that takes up 
their item turn.

The goofy Butters is the very first party member obtained in the game. He is 
found battling on the sidewalk with an elf warrior. Save him from this battle 
and then he joins you on your quest.

Outside of combat, Butters can heal NPCs that are found hurt in the game. 
Butters uses a hammer in combat as his go-to weapon. To use this weapon, 
wait for a spark to appear on the hammer and then press X.

Born Victim: Enemies are twice as likely to attack Butters during combat.
Healing Touch: Heal the New Kid

How to perform: Spin the left stick, then press A when you see the shine
Perfect: Greatly damages armor and enemy becaused Pissed Off 
PP Cost: 7

How to perform: Press A when the lightning hits Butters's hammer
Perfect: Increased damage
PP Cost: 9

How to perform: Press A to stop the wheel on one of the options
Perfect: N/A
PP Cost: 15

Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Kenny is one of the most recognizable characters 
in South Park. Kenny is unlike the other characters though, because he can just
repeatedly die in battle and keep coming back to life without you having to 
bring him back with a revive ta--er, potion. It takes two turns for Kenny to 
come back from the grave.

Kenny, aka Princess Kenny, is able to use his body to seduce enemies and 
distract them. To use Kenny's bow in combat, press A every time you see a 
heart materialize in front of him. This will allow Kenny to hit enemies 
three times instead of just one.

Charm: Distracts enemies

How to perform: Press A when you see the shine
Perfect: Grosses out the target
PP Cost: 5

How to perform: Shake the left stick back and forth until the rats are off
Perfect: Rats damage enemies instead of Kenny
PP Cost: 12

How to perform: Press the three buttons that pop up on the screen
Perfect: Unicorn tramples row of enemies
PP Cost: 14

Stan is loyal to the elves, and Kyle's best friend. In this game, Stan can 
be used to increase puddles of water by having Sparky pee on enemies and 

To use Stan's sword properly in combat, just press A when you see the spark.

Marked for Death: Sparky attacks enemies

How to perform: Spin the left stick and press A when you see the shine
Perfect: Hits multiple targets
PP Cost: 6

How to perform: Mash on A
Perfect: Deal additional damage
PP Cost: 10

How to perform: Hit A whenever you see the shine
Perfect: Deal additional damage
PP Cost: 15

Jimmy was once a part of the infamous CRIPPLE FIGHT!!! but now he spends his 
time as a bard. There are a couple of areas in the game that you encounter as 
a part of the main storyline that can be accessed using Jimmy's specialty of...
being handicapped I guess.

Hit X when Jimmy is about to fire his crossbow to deal the most damage.

Power Chord: PP granted to the party

How to perform: Mash A when Jimmy starts to stutter
Perfect: Weakens enemies and increases party strength
PP Cost: 9

How to perform: Press the buttons when they reach the top of the screen
Perfect: Puts enemies to sleep
PP Cost: 14

How to perform: Mash A
Perfect: Makes enemies shit themselves in battle
PP Cost: 18

Kyle is the leader of the elves. Kyle does not have a buddy command ability.

Tap A when you see the flash for Kyle's golf club/golf ball combination 

Rally: Increases attack for party

How to perform: Hold A until you see the glow
Perfect: Additional damage
PP Cost: 8

How to perform: Hold A until it looks like you are about to lose control
Perfect: Stuns target
PP Cost: 15

How to perform: Press the three buttons that pop up on the screen
Perfect: Deals more damage, hits additional enemies
PP Cost: 16

Cartman does not serve any purpose outside of battle, like Kyle. He is the 
leader of the humans in the game.

To use Cartman's staff, tap A when you see the flash.

Magic Missle: Cartman can deal extra damage during his turn

How to perform: Tap A when you see the shine
Perfect: Hits two targets, causes burn damage
PP Cost: 6

How to perform: Mash on Y
Perfect: Deals burn damage, hits more targets
PP Cost: 10

How to perform: Mash any button
Perfect: Deals more damage
PP Cost: 16

You can collect four different characters to summon in South Park: The Stick 
of Truth. In order to secure these characters to summon, you have to complete 
their respective side quests. Refer to the side quest guide for more 
information about their quests.

To use a summon in battle, simply choose the icon from the selection wheel. 
The summon will clear out the entire battlefield so it like you automatically 
win the battle.

However, the summons come with their own set of rules. For one, you can only 
use each summon once per day. To regain a summon for the next day, you will 
have to go talk to them again wherever you left them last.

Furthermore, summons can't be used for boss battles. You can only use summons 
against regular groups of enemies.

Quest: Find Jesus
Item: Rosary
Location: Church

Quest: Dropping the Kids Off
Item: Poo
Location: Sewers

Quest: Mongolian Beef
Item: Gong
Location: City Wok

Quest: Mr. Slave's Package
Item: Whip
Location: Mr. Slave's House

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7. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you complete South Park: The Stick of Truth for 
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC!

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