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Command your troops against fiendish foes in colourful 2D strategy romp, Swords & Soldiers II, on Wii U
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Its battling time, as side-scrolling action and strategy come together in Swords & Soldiers II for Wii U, a sequel to the award-winning WiiWare game.

While ever-hungry Viking chieftain, Redbeard, is locked in combat with his old nemesis, Blackbeard, two fiendish factions arrive to create a fresh twist to the proceedings. Enter the Demons and the Persians! Use real-time tactics to command your troops on a 2D battleground, and save the world from these marauders!

Build structures and create an army to overpower the enemy theres a variety of units to sally forth, each with a different role, but they all start attacking automatically. With touch screen controls, it only takes a tap to turn your tactics into actions: heal your units, cast lightning, and unleash meteor strikes, all with simple touch controls. Once the war proper begins, itll be a riot of flying axes, exploding barrels, and the odd barbecue, all rendered in comedic, cartoon colour.

Get together with a friend for a rowdy one-on-one Skirmish game, where one person plays entirely on the Wii U GamePad, and the other solely on the TV, ensuring battle plans stay secret until the last moment! As well as choosing Redbeard, you can also assume the role of his new adversaries: the brutal Demons overwhelm enemies with strength in numbers, while the Persians combine magic and technology to surprise opponents! Whichever side you choose, youre guaranteed fun, fast-paced strategy, tongue firmly in cheek, and only on Wii U.

-Use brains and brawn to defeat Demons, Persians and your old nemesis, Blackbeard, in this 2D strategy outing
-Command your troops, build structures, and battle enemies all with the Wii U GamePad touch controls
-Take on a mate using just the GamePad or TV, where surprise gives you the upper hand
-Humour and hue meet to create light-hearted, high-octane hijinks

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