How do i beat the three arsenals in rank A?

  1. I dont get this game, most of your battles are with strai's and you may get new items or starting game items... why? But your so called allies ALWAYS betray you. Even the bad guy klondike turns good and joins you and your so called best friend Jonny G who looks up to you betrays you. You will be doing a mission and surprise! Someone, two or three wants to fight for no reason. Why? Because they got missions? Whats that? To annoy the player? Well they sure do and cheat. Who are they even working for? They all take missions from Four. Others include: Zen, Orbital, bullet works, sky union and more. We know nothing of them but you're forced to fight them. Im in Rank A where i have to fight three guys again and it feels impossible, i say they cheat cause they move so fast and so often, one has super speed like that unknown arsenal, but now another guy has it. Ultra damage sponge in effect. I got the best gear and weapons but i cant do much and will just run out of ammo long before i get one down but i still have too more. Ugh! Im so tired of fighting the same guys that have high health & defense. Where are the real bosses? The collolas? Let me fight them Dx
    I mean there are more boss weapons than bosses, are they online? If so thats dumb, we shouldnt have to pay for online battles to get online battle only stuff and battles. And the main game only lets you fight four main bosses. The gunfort, the jet, a boss from SOTC. The drill and the train. Where are other major bosses?

    User Info: Darkwolf068

    Darkwolf068 - 2 months ago
  2. Why was the word "night" registered as inappropriate ?

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    Darkwolf068 - 2 months ago
  3. This would never happen in Armored Core and when you did fight others, they didnt cheat with super powers and damage sponge

    User Info: Darkwolf068

    Darkwolf068 - 2 months ago


  1. Are you stuck on Rank A 'Unarmed Meeting'?

    You don't have to fight; remove all items in the Weapons tab in the Hangar. Right and Left Arm, R & L Pylon, Auxiliary. Now you won't trigger the fight. You can go back after the story is done to get the achievement.

    As for your general complaints, they have some merit. The game relies too much on tricks to draw out battles with NPC mercenaries: far more health than your armor has with the same pieces, mobility you can't attain, un-limited ammo, periods of invincibility.

    The three Terrors *can* be defeated in the normal course of the story, without end-game top gear. But it's true many struggle...

    User Info: red_bailey

    red_bailey - 2 months ago 0   0

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