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Quote List by Proudnerd

Version: 0.5.7 | Updated: 06/12/2020

Fallout Shelter Quotes FAQ
Ver 0.5.7 12/06/20

What is this?

This FAQ is a collection of all of my personally discovered quotes found in
Fallout Shelter.

Quest Banter

These quotes are heard while on quests and not in combat.

Almost there...
And I agreed to do this because...?
And I thought it was depressing OUTSIDE.
By the numbers people!
Come on. Let’s get it done.
Come on gang. Let’s make the Overseer proud!
Come on. Move it or lose it.
Come on, we can do it! Right?
Did I just step in... Oh, gross.
Did you hear screams? I though I heard screams?
Fresh coast of paint, some flowers, this place would look... Okay, never mind.
Geez and I though my quarters back in the Vault needed dusting.
Getting a little tired of questing￾.
Good thing we've got each other...
Here we go again￾.
HATE this place...
Hey if I die I want to be buried in my jumpsuit
How do people actually live out here?
I can feel the dirt and grime seeping into my skin...
I can get though this
I can’t believe I’m not even getting paid for this.
I left the Vault for this?
I can’t wait to get out of here.
I feel like we’re being... watched.
I was promised an adventure. Someone lied.
I'm going to need therapy after this. So much therapy.
I'm never going to wash this stink out of my clothes
I'd really like to sleep in my own bed tonight.
I think they need to fire their maid.
If I die here, I’m going to be so mad.
If we get out of this alive, the Nuka-Cola's on me.
I'm so happy I have a vault to go back to.
Isn't it comforting knowing we'll die together?
It’s not the radiation out there that scares me. It’s the cooties.
Let's show these losers what Vault teamwork looks like.
Life used to so simple. Power Water. Food. Now look at me.
Living out here doesn't seem bad. It seems HORRIBLE.
Must not give in to fear
Now I know why they call it a wasteland.
Oh look a dead rat on the floor. How charming.
Ok I’m about ready to go home now.
One more unto the breach, dear friends!
Ow, my achin￾' feet.
Remember, if one of us goes downm the mission goes on!
Shabooya Role Call!
Smells bad, looks bad, sounds bad...IS bad.
So easy to get turned around in here￾.
Stay Frosty.
Strength in numbers...right?
That chill. I think a ghost just passed though me.
The Overseer had better appreciate this.
The sooner we do this the sooner we get home to the Vault.
The Vault must be Heaven because this place...well...
The Vault really needs a massage therapist. SO much tension in my shoulders.
The Wasteland Survival Guide never prepared me for THIS!
They say the overseer sees all, knows all...
This place gives me the creeps.
This place is giving me Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
This was a bad idea.
To heck with Nuka Cola I need a stiff whisky.
We having fun yet?!
We just have to keep moving forward.
What I wouldn't give for a hot bath.
WHAT is that smell?
What is that smell? Oh of course. Death.
Which of us is in charge? I elect me.
Why are we out here again?
Why did I agree to do this?
Without running water, I wonder how anyone... Oh. Oh, I see.
Would it kill them to dust every now and then?
Wow humans really did screw things up royaly
Wow sometimes it just feels like one room after another￾...
You as completely creeped out as I am?
So when we get back to the Vault... Are we still going to hang out?
You didn't pack any cram did you? Salty, delicious Cram...
You think this place is haunted? I mean... look at it.


with at least two living dwellers conversations may happen on quests

Ever feel like life is just an illusion?
Yeah! Like we're all just pawns in some game...

My body aches all over.
I feel great! You need to hit the gym more.

You smell that?
Yeah its...like blood. And poo.

Did you hear that?
Yeah, ￾and it sounded like its close.

So what do you think of the Wasteland?
Kind of charming right? In it's own horrible way.

So what do you think of the Wasteland?
Not much to think about. 'Cause Wasteland.

I am so not having fun.
Oh come on, its not that bad... well... yeah it is, but...

I am so not having fun.
You're such a buzzkill.

Got any snacks?
I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Did you bring the sandwiches?
You said you were bringing them...

I'm scared.
Me too because we're probably going to die.

So tired.
You need a new bed. Have you considered memory foam?

So tired.
Not me! I'm fueled by Nuka-Cola and Sugar Bombs.

How are you holding up?
Exhausted and generally terrified, but otherwise ok.

How you doing? Holding up?
How do you THINK I'm doing?

What are we doing here again?
Serving the Vault and the Overseer! Hooray!

What are we doing here again?
If you don't know we are in a LOT of trouble.

Im starting to think this was a mistake.
So am I, so am I.

Hey do you think I'd make good Overseer material?
Overseeer? You? Ha ha ha ha ha!

Any thoughts?
Two. No, three. I'll tell you them later.

I get this feeling sometimes. Like I'm being watched.
You are. By me.

Weird place huh?
Don't be a snob.

Do you think the Overseer appreciates us?
You DARE question the Overseers intentions?!

Lone Dweller On Quest

It is possible to send out just one dweller and indeed a few quests only accept

I think I need backup!
If I had a sixth sense it would be going haywire right now.
I’m doing this for the experience right?
It's not the being alone that stinks. It's the soul-crushing loneliness.
It's not the loneliness that gets ya. It's the being alone.
Live alone, die alone How depressing.
Really wish I had some help.
So alone. I hope I don't start talking to myself. Oh... Great.
So now I have to do this alone. Awesome.
Starting to think humans should never come up to the surface. Like, ever.
The sanitary conditions in here are just deplorable
This isn't as bad as I imagined. It’s worse.
This place is a goldmine of bacteria.
What I wouldn’t give for a hot bath.
Wish I had some company. Someone to talk to, share the experience...draw enemy

Finding Items

As you might expect these quotes are heard when an item is found. These dont
happen for Stimpaks or Radaway

Ain’t no waste in the Wasteland!
And it's not even my birthday.
And the Wasteland just keeps on giving...
Awwww yeah!
Can never have too much stuff.
Finders Keepers!
Gimmie Gimmie.
I earned this damn it!
I’ll consider this...hazard pay.
I'll take whatever I can find.
It'll do.
I'll just add this to the pile￾.
Just what I’ve been looking for.
Mines now!
Nice find!
Not bad, not bad.
Oh Baby!
Oh HECK yeah!
Ooooh...Now what do we have here?
Out here you make use of EVERYTHING!
Since it's just lying here...
Some might call this junk. Me, I call them treasures.
I’ll just take this￾.
Should come in handy.
The Overseer’s going to love this!
This ought to be useful.
We may need more storage rooms!
Well Well Well...

Winning Combat

Heard directly after killing enemies.

All for one and one for all!
Don't worry. If you die I’ll tell the overseer you were a total hero.
Don't worry you've got me. And I’m pretty awesome.
Eww. Got something on my shoe.
I need an aspirin.
I think I’ve had enough excitement for one day.
No stopping us now, right?
Stay sharp.
Stay alert.
To the victor go the spoils!
We having fun yet?!
Who's the best? We're the best!

Wrong Way

Thes quotes are heard when your dwellers are headding away from the quest

Definitely off track.
Hmmm. This way just doesn't feel right.
Might want to turn around. This isn't the right way.
This can’t be the right way.

Correct Way

On track to find the objective!

Almost there...
Definitely on the right track.
Definitely this way.
Getting closer...
Gotta be the right way.
Gotta be this way.
Headed in the right direction.
Just have to keep moving forward.
No need to turn around. This is the right way
On the right path. I can feel it.
This feels like the right direction...
This is the way. Totally.
Yeah, this is the right way.
Yup. Going the right way.



These quotes are heard at any time from dwellers walking around or working. A
few of them by working dwellers only.

Another wonderful day in the vault!
Don’t worry, you have ME on the job.
Everybody doing okay?
Everything is just...perfect.
Hmm. Maybe we should all paint the vault a different colour
Hope there’s a chance for overtime!
How does that joke go again? A man and a rabbit walk into a bar...
Knock Knock. Nobody’s home. See what I did there?
I'm just so happy I could burst! But don't worry I won’t.
I’m so happy today! I love the Vault! And my antidepressants!
Looks like I turned my frown upside down permanently!
I think that steam is making me lightheaded.
I feel a sense of...bliss.
I feel like I've been on my feet forever￾.
I really hope everyone is as happy as I am!
I wonder how a Vault Suit would look with cowboy boots.
I wonder how high the vault numbers go.
I wonder what the future will bring...
I’ve got one goal in life. ￾To make this Vault perfect!
I’ve got this song stuck in my head. La la, di di do do￾.
Not a care in the world!
Our vault feels just like a robot's womb! If robots...had mothers...
The lack of sun is getting to me. Time to up my vitamin D dosage.
Thinking of starting a vault baseball team...
The overseer really made a smart move assigning me here.
This really is the perfect job for me.
To think I’ve finally found my dream job.
What a great day!


Sometimes I imagine this room is actually a giant mansion on 50 acres.
Sometimes I imagine im not living with a crazy person.

I don’t want to toot my own horn but rumour has it I’ll be the next Overseer.
The day that happens is the day I wander into the Wasteland.

I hear you've been doing great work lately.
Oh you know I just do the best I can. If it helps the vault it helps us all.

I found a Vault Suit on the floor. What do you think it means?
Isn't it obvious? Someone’s been disintegrated!

Wow. Heck of a day, huh?
Tell me about it. Life in the Vault, huh?

I think for dinner I'll have a big steak. What about you?
Same thing I have ever night. ￾A can of Pork ‘n Beans and an ice cold Nuka-Cola.

Need help with this crossword. Nine letters. Starts with “C" and ends with “D".
Means “A horror you can never escape.

Can you help with my crossword? Six letter word “Lives in the Wasteland.￾
Hmmm￾. “Raider￾"?

If it were safe to leave the Vault and live on the outside, would you ever want
Ha! Like it will ever be safe out there...

Can you help with my crossword? Five letter word, ends with “T" “Often terrible
always uncomfortable￾".
That's easy. Bigot. No, wait, ￾Theft! Yeast?

Have you ever actually seen the Overseer?
No, but I do always get the sense that someone's watching me...

Have you seen my best friend?
But...But... I thought I was your best friend...

Have you seen my best friend?
Yeah, she went that way.

I was wondering... ￾what’s your favouite kind of pizza?
Why the classic of course. ￾Pepperoni.

You heard the one about the football coach and the waitress?
I have! And the waitress says. "Keep the change?  But I'm wearing denim!" Ha ha
ha ha! Love that one...

Oh I don't like to spread rumors. But have you heard about... the thing?
Yes! The others told me! It sounds so... dangerous!

I've been thinking about making a cake for everyone. What flavor would be best?
Raisinberry! Wait... is that even a real fruit?

Who do you think would win in a fight, A lumberjack with tentacle arms, or a
shark riding a unicycle?
Depends. What colour is the unicycle?

I wish I could learn another language. What about you?
I’d love to learn binary code, so I can bargain for my life when the robots
enslave us all.

I wish I could learn another language. What about you?
Ah but I am already fluent in the language...of love.

We’re safe here in the Vault right?
Safer than we’d be outside, that’s for sure!

If we kept expanding down and struck lava what would you do?
Oh thats easy. I'd be a new thermogenerator. Beceause... POWER! (sic)

If we kept expanding down and struck lava what would you do?
Well, I'd burn to death, I'm guessing.

If you could have any type of person come into our Vault, who would it be?
A famous author. They could write my biography: "Dweller: A Profile in

Want to listen to the radio later?
Maybe. So long as you dont start dancing. Its kind of embarrasing.

Knock knock.
Argh! Someones knocking on the Vault door! Its a Radier! He'll kill us all!

Knock knock.
No, NO please no "knock knock" jokes!

The sofa needs repairs. I keep sinking into the cushions.
Maybe there's a new one in the Wasteland. Well, not a new one...

I’ve been working out. Building up my bis, tris, quads, pecs.
Really? I never would have known.

Who would win in a fight? A Radscorpion or a Yao Guai?
Hmmm. Scorpion against bear. Gotta go bear.

I've been reading about the creatures of the wasteland. They sound frightening
I know flies the size of scorpions, scorpions the size of cows, glad I’m not out

I've had too much caffeine I have the jitters!
Me too. I should stop spiking my Nuka Cola with espresso.

Want to play a game later? Checkers or something?
Sure! That sounds like fun!

Want to play cards?
Maybe later.

Stay sharp, the Overseer’s watching us!
You're imagining things.

Somebody stole my sweetroll!
My goodness who would have done such a thing? *burp*

I need a screwdriver for my project do you have one?
I have a hammer, same thing.

Got this song stuck in my head “Baby yeah babbbbyyy! You can light my...￾"
Cigarette! Whoo!

Hey I just wanetd to say... I really appreciate evrything you do for the Vault.
Finally, somebody recognises how invaluable I am!

If Raiders attack, can we count on you in a fight?
Absoliutely. I'll be right there beside you. Well, maybe behind you...

Flirt Quotes

These quotes are heard when two dwellers are flirting/dancing in the living

We make such a cute couple.
Are you swooning or is that the radiation poisoning?
Who cares about the sun? Baby I’m the only light you need.
You're like cholesterol, always messin￾' with my heart.
You’re the apple of my eye.
I’m a licensed vault suit inspector. I’m going to need to hug you VERY closely.
Is there a Yao Guai in the vault? He must be looking for you, honey.
Is there a thief in the vault? ‘Cause you stole my heart.
Do you have a watch? I think it's snuggle time.
You're like a cute, chubby polar bear - always trying to break the ice.
You think maybe I can call you baby?
I don’t know how I'd get by without you.
Is that a Raider setting off explosives or is my heart pounding?
Is it getting warm in here or is it just me?
You have such lovely thighs. Eyes! I meant eyes, but your thighs are nice too.
I'm not a photographer but I can picture me and you together.
If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put I and U together.
I'm glad we got some time together.
So, what are you up to for the rest of your life?
I really want to kiss you right now.
I'd be so lonely here without you.
I love talking to you.
Come here often? I mean, we're all trapped down here, so I assume yes, but
I think Cupid just emptied his quiver...
I get butterflies whenever we're together.
Are you this nice to all the dwellers?
I hope another bomb goes off. I'd duck and cover with you anytime.
Can you get that for me? I dropped my jaw.
You're so sweet I’m getting toothache.
Being here with you makes me feel so...special.
You must be a genie because you're making my dreams come true.
Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.
If I were a cat I'd want to spend all 9 lives with you.
I think we're having an earthquake because I’m falling for you.
Is that love in the air or is the oxygen circulator on the fritz again?
Are you a book in the Vault library? 'Cause I am checking you out.
Did your father sell diamonds? 'Cause you are flawless.
If roses still grew I'd search the wasteland to get you some.
I find myself completely drawn to you.
If I seem drunk its only because you're so intoxicating.
If love was radiation I'd need a box of RadAway.
You're like a broken thermostat. I just can't turn you down.
If I could sing I'd totally write a song about you.
Your lips. They're just so smootchable.
Call the doctor I'm having an Infarction. That's a heart attack becasue you're
so... Oh, never mind.
Are we in a veribird? 'Cause my hearts taking off.
Impressed? You will be.
You're like food poisoning, tying my stomach in knots.
I think about you all the time!
Sorry, I’m all out of raisins but you can have a date.
I could use a good kiss.
Nuka Cola's got nothing on you, sugar.
You're the loveliest person I know.
I saw the doctor. He said my body's deficient in vitamin U.
You make me feel like dancing.
You look really nice.
Like an irradiated post-apocalyptic parasitic organism you are under my skin.
Is that jumpsuit felt? Would you like it to be?
I love talking to you.

Dwellers With Babies

Heard from dwellers of either gender with children who havent grown up yet.

I just love my kid so much￾!
Someday, maybe my kids might live here!
One day my perfect kid will grow into a perfect adult!


From children who havent grown up yet.

Do they play sports in the Wasteland?
I hope we have donuts for breakfast tomorrow.
I wish we had TV in here.
I wish I was old enough to gamble in the casino.
If I snuck outside, would anyone notice?

Successful Rush

Sucessful rush of any room.

We maximised production! Great work!

Failed Rush

Failed rush of any room.

Oh no! Critical production failure!

Low Health

Health below half.

I feel awful.
I feel terrible.
Anyone got a stimpak?
I need a sick day.
I think I need to lie down for an hour or three.

Dead Dweller

A dweller corpse is in the same room as the dweller

Oh a corpse! Isn't that pleasant.
Smells like something died in here. Oh.
Can somebody please get this corpse out of here?
Working next to a dead body. Not great for my productivity...

Radiation Poisoning

More than half the dweller's lifebar is irradiated.

I Feel dizzy...
I feel nauseous
Is my nose bleeding?
I think I’m going to throw up...
Feeling kind of dizzy.
So... weak￾...


Directly after using a stimpak in the vault.

I feel so much better!

Mr Handy Quotes

Heard from Mr Handies.


Now, now I don't do windows. Oh you don't have any! Sorry, robot humour.
So this is where the magic happens... (In barracks).
*sigh* These humans get to have all the fun (In barracks).
Coming! Coming! Ill be with you in two ticks(In Game Room).
Entombed in cold unyielding steel. It's robot Heaven.
What's on the agenda today? Mopping, cooking, dusting, babysitting? Bring it on,
Joke time! What do you get if you put root beer in a square glass? Give up?
Beer! Oh I slay me... 

Wasteland exploration quotes

Heard from dwellers exploring the wasteland and show up on the same ticker that
shows loot and enemies

My kingdom for a bicycle.
Some old department store. No clothes left.
Looks like an old store. Wonder what they sold?
Now I know how Hansel and Gretel felt.
Got a weird feeling. Like I’m being watched.
That hill looks like a good vantage point.
I’d whistle a tune but my mouth is too dry.
On the ground is that dried...blood?
Another looted convenience store.
Oh that's a nice little house. Or at least it was.
Thirsty. Wonder if I can find a Nuka Cola
Gunshots to the south. I guess I’ll go north.
The Overseer made the right choice choosing me for this.
I really hope I can find my way back to the Vault.
If the others could only see how bad it is￾...
Is someone following me?
Oh good, this road slopes downwards. Easier on the legs
That snarling￾. Dogs? Wolves? Worse?
Maybe I’ll head back soon.
Oh look an old baseball diamond. Nobody’s run those bases in a long time.
A fork in the road. Guess I’ll go left.
Those buildings have completely fallen into the street.
Wind's picking up...
Never knew I could sweat so much!
Now that is one big house. Still couldn't stop an atomic bomb.
Am I talking to myself? I think I am. Uh oh.
Guess I'll head south for a bit.
I’ve got to keep moving.
Might as well head down here.
I feel exposed. Time to get into cover.
Ouch! Leg cramp!
I can feel my heart racing.
Getting peckish. Snack time?
This way looks as good as any other.
The longer I’m out here the more danger I’m in.
I’ll cut though this destroyed building.
Your eyes start to play tricks on you out here.
Thought I saw something...
I may be scared senseless, but at least I'm geting some cardio.
Ill just walk over here and OW! Twisted my ankle!
Just being out here gives me an adrenaline rush!
Stumbled across a Sealed Room ina house basement
Hacking a terminal to get the door open.
I found the password. Looks like there's a Workshop inside.

Explorer's journal. New entry. Radio still widely used, remains an effective
means of communication.
Explorer's journal. New entry. Raiders are everywhere. Stealing. Murdering.
Explorer's journal: New Entry. Giant ants are indeed Giant ants.
Explorer's journal. New entry. Most dogs no longer man’s best friend
Explorer's journal. New entry. Power armour still exists, but is rare. Affords
maximum protection.
Explorer's journal. New entry. Squirrel tastes much better than youd think.
Explorer's journal. New entry. So many skeletons. The world is a grave.
Explorer's journal. New entry. Its gone. Its all gone.
Explorer's journal. New entry A Ghoul is an irradiated human. Disfigured.
Explorer's journal. New entry Super Mutants are asexual. Before transformation
some were women.


Each fight has a quote or two for encountering, one for winning and one for
retreating. The second encounter quote eg "the guard dog has my scent now!"
isn't always said. It seems random. The first word used in the first encounter
quote eg "saw" or "identified" is also random.


Saw a repulsive Centaur.
The Centaur is crawling towards me! I don't think it wants a hug!


The Centaur is as dangerous as it is ugly! I'd better run!


Spotted a deadly Deathclaw
How can I possibly survive against this Deathclaw?!


Fighting a Deathclaw? I must have been out of my mind! I’ve got to run!

Enclave Deathclaw

Saw an Enclave Deathclaw
The Enclave Deathclaw is moving in ready to attack.


The Enclave Deathclaw is trained to kill anything in its path! I have to run!

Feral Ghoul Reaver

This Feral Ghoul Reaver will tear me apart if I’m not careful.


It was a nasty fight but the Feral Ghoul Reaver is dead.


The Feral Ghoul Reaver was just way too strong to beat! I barely escaped alive!

Feral Ghoul Roamer

Observed a psychotic Feral Ghoul Roamer.
Uh oh! That Feral Ghoul Roamer is shambling towards me!


That's one Feral Ghoul Roamer who’s roaming days are done.


The Feral Ghoul Roamer attacked in a frenzy!  I had to run!

Fire Ant Warrior

Spotted a Fire Ant Warrior
The Fire Ant Warrior is moving in, ready to attack.


The Fire Ant Warrior burned me pretty badly! Time to run and recover!

Giant Solider Ant

Found a Giant Solider Ant


It was a tough fight, but I managed to kill the Giant Solider Ant.


The Giant Solider Ant wounded me! I'm bleeding...and running!

Giant Radscorpion

The Giant Radscorpion is moving in, ready to attack.
A Giant Radscorpion? as if the normal ones aren't bad enough! This might be the


I’m not quite sure how I managed it but the Giant Radscorpion is dead.


I can't possibly fight this Giant Radscorpion and live! Time to go!

Guard Dog

Observed a Guard Dog, watching the area.


I killed the Guard Dog before it could alert anyone to my presence.


This Guard Dog really doesn't want me to pass! Time to back off!


Found a barnicale encrusted Mirelurk
This Mirelurk is nothing but a crab cake on legs! Time for a snack!


The Mirelurk is armoured everywhere but the face, so I used that to my
advantage. It's dead.


The Mirelurk nearly took my head off with its claws! I'm running!

Mirelurk Hunter

I hope I can handle this Mirelurk Hunter! It’s coming at me fast!


The Mirelurk Hunter became the hunted. It’s dead.


The Mirelurk Hunter was too fast for me! It was run or die!


I don’t know how I’m going to kill this Radscorpion but I have to try!


The Radscorpion almost impaled me with its stinger! Enough of this!

Super Mutant
This Super Mutant sees all humans as weak ￾He’ll try to kill me for sure!


No way I can defeat this Super Mutant! Time to make my escape!

A Super Mutant Master

A Super Mutant Master! This guy's no joke￾, but I'm ready!


Turns out figbting a Super Mutant Master is a pretty stupid idea! Got to run!

Scavenger’s Dog

Observed a Scavenger’s Dog, sniffling for salvage.
I don’t see the Scavenger, but his Dog is circling ready to bite.

The Scavenger’s Dog is too tough! I can’t beat it!

Vicious Dog

Detected a Vicious Dog, ripping apart a corpse.
The Vicious Dog has my scent now! He won't stop until one of us is dead!


It was close, but I killed the Vicious Dog.


The Vicious dog bit me before I could react! I’m hurt and running!


The quote “The wasteland Survival Guide never prepared me for THIS￾" is a
reference to the quest of the same name in Fallout 3.

The quote “Some might call this junk. Me, I call them treasures￾" is a reference
to Skyrim. General goods store shopkeepers say it often.

The flirt “You think maybe I can call you baby?￾" may be a reference to the song
Don’t Call Me Baby, by Madison Avenue.

0.0 22/12/17: Starting FAQ
0.5: 07/06/20 Wow that took a while. First uploaded version. Still many battle
quotes missing but got lots of them.
0.5.7: 12/06/20 Added many more quotes, corrected some of them and alphabetized
the quotes.


Thanks to Bethesda for making a fun game.

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